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Kshanti (Sanskrit kṣānti) or khanti (Pāli) is patience, forbearance and forgiveness. It is one of the pāramitās in both Theravāda and Mahāyāna Buddhism.

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Practicing with Anger

Serial: TL-00780

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Anger, Patience, Precepts
Feb 04 2024

Embracing and Sustaining All Beings in the Midst of Climate Crisis

A Dharma talk by Tenshin Roshi for a gathering of the No Abode community.


Enthusiasm, Peace, Patience
Dec 02 2023
No Abode Hermitage

Sangha renewal with Practice Period and sesshin

Serial: TL-00798

ADZG Monday Night,
Dharma Talk

Tassajara, Patience, Berkeley Zen Center
May 22 2023

Bodhisattvas’ Four Integrative Dharmas

Serial: TL-00797

ADZG Sesshin Day 3,
Dharma Talk

Patience, Freedom, Harmonizing
May 21 2023

The Buddha Work

Serial: TL-00796

ADZG Sesshin Day 2,
Dharma Talk

Precepts, Patience, Bodhisattva Precepts
May 20 2023

Bodhisattva Inconceivable practice

Serial: TL-00795

ADZG Sesshin Day 1,
Dharma Talk

Lineage, Hate, Patience
May 19 2023

Inconceivably Awakening

Serial: TL-00792

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Patience, Kshanti, Dragons
May 07 2023

Vimalakirti’s skillful Liberative Techniques

Serial: TL-00788

ADZG Monday Night,
Dharma Talk

Patience, Mahayana, realization
Apr 03 2023

Compassion with the Controlling Impulse

Emphasizing compassion and de-emphasizing trying to control. Compassion with the impulse to try to control. Being careful without trying to control. Impartiality towards the outcome; for example,...

Compassion, control, impartiality, non-grasping, loving-kindness, Bodhidharma, Avalokiteshvara,...
Feb 04 2023
No Abode Hermitage

Knowledge as a Liberative Practice

Serial: TL-00774

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Zoom, Paramitas, Faith, Patience
Nov 27 2022

The Practice of Patience and Healing

Serial: TL-00772

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Patience, Separation, Zoom, Building, Zendo
Nov 20 2022

Joan Halifax’s Practical Compassion & GRACE

Serial: TL-00713

ADZG Monday Night,
Dharma Talk

Obstacles, Intention, Patience, Passions, Balance
Oct 11 2021

What Now, I Don't Know

Book of Serenity, Lay Practice, Ordinary Mind, Patience, Chanting
Aug 21 2021

Yoga Room Class - August 3rd, 2021

#YRB-2021-Summer, Happiness, Patience, Nirvana
Aug 03 2021
The Yoga Room

No Abode Dharma Talk - July 31st, 2021

A virtual Dharma talk by Tenshin Roshi for an online gathering of the No Abode community

Happiness, Patience, Fox
Jul 31 2021

Yoga Room Class - July 27th, 2021

#YRB-2021-Summer, resistance, Patience, Nirvana
Jul 27 2021
The Yoga Room

Me Too, The Dharma of Friendship

Constancy, Soto Zen, Patience, Lotus Sutra, Berkeley Zen Center
Jul 17 2021

Six Paramitas

Patience, Heart Sutra, Paramitas, Precepts
Jun 18 2021

The Four Noble Truths

Big Mind, Four Noble Truths, Religion, Precepts, Patience
May 22 2021

The Practice Of Patience

Patience, Bowing, Separation, Buddha Nature, Right Speech
Apr 17 2021

Senior Student Tributes for Sojun Roshi

Berkeley Zen Center, Heart Sutra, Constancy, Gratitude, Don't Know Mind,...
Nov 01 2020


Zoom, Duality, Silence, Forgiveness, Peace, Tassajara, Anger, Priest, Ordination,...
Oct 18 2020

Public Dokusan 10

Composure, Mindfulness, Renunciation, Patience, Ego, Judgement, Gaining Mind, Greed,...
Oct 09 2020

Public Dokusan 9

Equanimity, Two Truths, Karma, Patience, Monastic Practice, Continuous, Buddha Nature...
Sep 24 2020

Things Seem Strong and Contentment Rejected: Poetry by Jane Hirshfield

Serial: TL-00668

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

New Year, Impermanence, Patience
Jun 21 2020

Zazen and Resilience

Serial: TL-00665

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Patience, First Principle, Intuition, Don't Know Mind, Zazen Mind
May 24 2020

Using At Hand

Sanctuary, Bell, Book of Serenity, Building, Oneness, Separation, Zoom, Patience,...
May 23 2020

Making Refuge

Heart Sutra, Avalokiteshvara, confusion, Conversation, Practice Period, Subject-and-...
May 16 2020

Joyful Effort

Sangha, War, Enthusiasm, Politics, Patience, Silence, Bell, Culture, Lay
Mar 01 2020

Instability, Patience, and Resilience

Serial: TL-00652

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Patience, Impermanence, Bodhisattva Vow, Bell, Building
Feb 09 2020
ADZG Temple

2020, Serial No. 00173, Side C

Money, War, Patience
Mt. Saviour Monastery

The Practice of Patience

Patience, Constancy, Blue Cliff Record, Cultivation, Concentration, Equanimity, Anger...
Nov 02 2019

The Mother Line of Buddhism

Serial: BZ-02709



War, Peace, Teacher-and-Student, Hindrances, Offering, Samsara, Sangha, Patience,...
Oct 20 2019

Stories of Enlightenment

In our class this fall we will contemplate and converse about several stories of Zen practice and enlightenment. Our contemplation and conversations will naturally bring up questions and concerns...

YRB-2019-Fall, Blue Cliff Record, Japan, true dharma, Book of Serenity, Patience,...
Oct 17 2019
The Yoga Room

Give Up Hope

Hsin Hsin Ming, Bell, Lotus Sutra, Impermanence, uchiyama, Tassajara, Practice Period...
Sep 28 2019

Buddha Activity

The work of buddhas — buddha activity — is realizing intimacy and liberation in conversation together with all beings. In this series of meetings we will contemplate what it is to fully engage with...

YRB-2019-Spring, Discrimination, Letting Go, Attachment, Ordinary Mind, Suzuki Roshi...
Apr 09 2019
The Yoga Room

Taking What is Good

Right Speech, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Vows, Offering, Liberation, Precepts, Patience,...
Mar 23 2019

Generating Energy

resistance, Patience, practicing generosity, Enthusiasm, Tassajara, Emotions, Breath...
Mar 09 2019
No Abode Hermitage

Parinirvana Day: Buddha's Death and Life

Serial: TL-00586

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Parinirvana, Nirvana, Samsara, Patience, Nirvana Sutra
Feb 17 2019
ADZG Temple

Being Shuso and Learning to Say Yes

Practice Period, Don't Know Mind, Buddha Nature, training, Lay, Patience, Bowing...
Dec 15 2018

Introduction to Joshu

Ordinary Mind, Passions, Hindrances, Patience, confusion, Culture, Karma, Gratitude,...
Nov 24 2018

Silent Sitting & Social Action

Zen students often ask how our practice of silence and stillness relates to injustice and our environmental crisis. In this class we explore this question and study the intimate interplay of...

YRB-2018-Fall, Intimacy, Silence, Doubt, Addiction, unconscious process, Attachment,...
Nov 20 2018
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The Yoga Room

The Purpose of Just Sitting and the Transcendent Practices

Serial: TL-00543

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Patience, Practice Period, Commitment, Prajna Paramita, Money
Oct 21 2018
ADZG Temple

Zazen Expression: The Point of Just Sitting

Serial: TL-00541

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

resistance, Patience, Liberation, Enthusiasm, Echo
Oct 07 2018
ADZG Temple

Magnanimous View

Gaining Mind, Big Mind, Right Effort, Mindfulness, Instruction, Impermanence,...
Sep 15 2018

Priest Shexian and Fayuan from Eihei Shingi

Intuition, Diversity, Funeral, Commitment, Patience, Enemies, Concentration,...
May 26 2018

Practices for PP Opening Sesshin

Practice Period, Gaining Mind, Monastic Practice, Subject-and-Object, Continuous,...
Apr 28 2018

Maitreya Bodhisattva

Serial: TL-00516

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Lovingkindness, Patience, Mahayana, Aspects of Practice
Apr 22 2018
ADZG Temple

Witness to the Rohingas

Religion, Greed, Liberation, Culture, American, Peace, Fox, Patience, resistance,...
Mar 31 2018

Ten Bodhisattva Practices: Patience and Power, and the power of youth speaking out about violence

Serial: TL-00511

ADZG Monday Night,
Dharma Talk

Silence, Patience, Practice Period, Bodhisattva Vow, Paramitas
Mar 26 2018
ADZG Temple