Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Engage Wisdom! 
Once you have explored, please give your feedback via the survey link at the bottom of the page. Thank you very much!
Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I search for a specific talk?
Enter any combination of keywords, location and date, and click “Search."
Can I just browse through the whole archive?
Yes! All publicly released talks are listed here and you can scroll through the list with or without using the filters at the top.
Are the most recent talks available here?
Not yet. This site is only a small sample of the talks that we are in the process of digitizing. If you would like to see the rest of the Zen Center archive and more recent talks available here, please consider donating to the fundraiser (LINK) to help finance this process.
How can I sort the list of results?
You can sort the list by clicking “Date” or “Talk” at the top of the page. Clicking once will sort from one direction (ie, A to Z) and clicking again will sort the other direction (ie, Z to A).
I am looking for a talk given at a location that isn’t in the Location drop-down list, how do I find it? 
If you do not see the location listed in the menu, either we do not have any talks from that location or the location information is not in our system yet. If you know the date the talk was given you may be able to find it that way, and if you find it feel free to add the location and any other information to the talk page.  Would you like to see more audio archive content available?  Please let us know in the survey.
I was searching for a talk and now I want to browse. How can I see the full list of talks again?
Delete the search criteria (keywords, date, location) and click "Search." The full list of talks will then be displayed. Alternatively you can click on the Engage Wisdom logo in the top left of the page.
When listening, how can I skip ahead or back?
Clicking anywhere on the progress bar while audio is playing will allow you to navigate to various parts of the talk. 
In what format will the files download?
Currently, audio is available in mp3 format, compressed for the web.
Will I be able to share a link to a specific talk?
Yes. Just copy the URL and share it anywhere.
Can I share my login and password with my friends so they can check out Engage Wisdom?
Please keep your login & password secret.  Instead, send your friends to visit the site where they can request their own account.  
How can I give you feedback? Wasn't there some kind of survey?
Yes! We would love your feedback and very much appreciate you taking the survey. Click this link or the one at the bottom of the page.
How to edit Talk information:
 If you are logged in and have permission to edit talks, simply navigate to the Talk you wish to edit and press the "Edit" button. There you will see many fields to add to, which you may find by either listening to the talk or by examining the photographs of the tape. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!
None of these are what I am curious about!
If your question was not answered in this FAQ, feel free to email us at