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The Noble Eightfold Path

Right Effort, Right Speech, Four Noble Truths, Mindfulness, Concentration,...
May 28 2021


Doubt, Right Effort, Commitment, Precepts, Birth-and-Death, Ego, Subject-and-Object,...
Aug 29 2020

Ten Vows, Ten Practices, and Ten Cakes

Discrimination, Nirvana, Practice Period, Blue Cliff Record, Letting Go, Right Effort...
Mar 07 2020
No Abode Hermitage

Effortless Effort

Serial: BZ-02724

 IPHONE recording


Posture, Continuous, Right Effort, Birth-and-Death, Mindfulness, Karma, Enemies,...
Jan 11 2020

Right Effort Joyful Effort Effortless Effort

Right Effort, Cultivation, resistance, Enthusiasm, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Commitment...
Dec 07 2019

Joyful Effort

Right Effort, Conversation, Gaining Mind, Enemies, Karma, Sanctuary, Enthusiasm,...
Oct 19 2019

Magnanimous View

Gaining Mind, Big Mind, Right Effort, Mindfulness, Instruction, Impermanence,...
Sep 15 2018

The Therigata

Right Speech, Right Effort, Ordination, Humility, Mahayana, Discrimination,...
Mar 03 2018

Giving Back Whats Not Yours

Serial: BZ-02588

Day 7


Happiness, Buddha Nature, Birth-and-Death, Anger, Right Effort, Composure, Ego, Big...
Dec 09 2017

Eight Aspects of Enlightened Activity

Eight Aspects, Discrimination, Right Speech, Concentration, Separation, Daily Life,...
Jan 07 2017

Effort: The Book of Serenity and Not Forcing Things

Book of Serenity, Right Effort, American, Gaining Mind, Duality, Posture, Harmonizing...
Jul 09 2016

Universal Spiritual Friendship and Practice of Bravery

Gratitude, Non-violence, training, zen meditation, Buddha Nature, Peace, Right Effort...
Jul 02 2016

More About Difficulty

Practice Period, Absolute-and-Relative, Aspects of Practice, Four Noble Truths,...
May 28 2016

Zazen and Six Qualitative Factors

Gaining Mind, Posture, resistance, Birth-and-Death, stubbornness, Daily Life, Duality...
Mar 19 2016

Shakyamuni Buddha's Parinirvana

Nirvana, Four Foundations, Happiness, Right Effort, Precepts, Lay, Mahayana, Observe...
Feb 13 2016

The Middle Way

Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Right Effort, Posture, Culture, Liberation, Observe...
Feb 08 2014

The Good Friendship of Shitou, Matsu and Yaoshan

Shitou, Mazu, Yaoshan, Koan, Teacher-and-Student, Perfect Wisdom, Manjushri, Faith,...
Feb 01 2014
No Abode Hermitage

Do What You Love To Be Happy

Right Effort, Oneness, Forgiveness, Dharma Transmission, confusion, Mindfulness,...
Jan 11 2014

Sick Day

Bodhisattva Precepts, Right Effort, Evil, Liberation, Conversation, Precepts,...
Jan 26 2013

Wu Wei - Effortless Effort

Right Effort, Discrimination, Gaining Mind, Non-discrimination, Harmonizing, Daily...
Sep 08 2012

Sitting With The Busy Mind

Concentration, Right Effort, Composure, Posture, Impermanence, Mindfulness, Gratitude...
Dec 06 2011

Things I Have Faith In

Right Effort, Blue Cliff Record, Oneness, New Year, Big Mind, Samadhi, resistance,...
Aug 21 2010

Practice Not Practicing

Right Effort, Evil, Anger, Cultivation, confusion, Precepts, Instruction, Doubt,...
Feb 06 2010

Right Speech

Conversation, Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Right Effort, Passions, Describe, Evil...
Jul 11 2009

Perfect Effort, Blind Faith

Serial: BZ-02039

Shuso talk

Right Effort, Practice Period, Conversation, Ordinary Mind, Offering, Instruction,...
Jun 06 2009

Traditional Zen Spirit: Zen Mind Beginner's Mind: Serial No. 01071

Zen Mind Beginner's Mind, Right Effort, Monkey Mind, Posture, Buddha Nature,...
Nov 01 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Traditional Zen Spirit

Right Effort, Monkey Mind, Posture, Buddha Nature, Karma, Practice Period, Teacher-...
Nov 01 2008

Zen Mind Beginner's Mind,: Right Effort; Serial No. 01069

Serial: BZ-01069


Aspects of Practice, Zen Mind Beginner's Mind, Right Effort, Right Effort,...
Oct 19 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

October 27th, 2007, Serial No. 01006

Right Effort, Concentration, Aspects of Practice, Patience, Anger, Bodhisattva...
Oct 27 2007

July 7th, 2007, Serial No. 00984

Concentration, Buddha Nature, Right Effort, Impermanence, Mundane Life, Heart Sutra,...
Jul 07 2007

November 28th, 2006, Serial No. 01402, Side B

Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Teacher-and-Student, Mindfulness, Right Effort,...
Nov 28 2006

August 5th, 2006, Serial No. 01177

zen meditation, Right Effort, Ego, Mindfulness, Beginners, Instruction, Chanting,...
Aug 05 2006

The Paramitas: Meditation

Serial: BZ-01169A

Sesshin Day 3

Samadhi, Composure, Renunciation, Right Effort, Big Mind, Monastic Practice, Peace,...
Jun 16 2006
Berkeley Zen Center

February 25th, 2006, Serial No. 01219

Right Speech, Four Noble Truths, Right Effort, Commitment, Liberation, Happiness,...
Feb 25 2006

July 17th, 2005, Serial No. 01337, Side B

Birth-and-Death, Right Effort, Peace, Practice Period, Offering, Buddha Nature, Zoom...
Jul 17 2005

July 16th, 2005, Serial No. 01336

Concentration, Impermanence, Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Hindrances, Right...
Jul 16 2005

Big Mind

Serial: BZ-00571

Sesshin Day 2

Buddha Mind, Monkey Mind, Big Mind, Concentration, stubbornness, Right Effort, Don...
Feb 21 2005

January 31st, 2005, Serial No. 00567

Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Right Effort, Concentration, Birth-and-Death,...
Jan 31 2005

February 29th, 2004, Serial No. 00581

resistance, Instruction, Monastic Practice, Lay Practice, Offering, Lay, Posture,...
Feb 29 2004

January 3rd, 2004, Serial No. 01378

training, soto, Soto Zen, Priest-and-Lay, Right Effort, New Year, American, Peace,...
Jan 03 2004

August 2nd, 2003, Serial No. 01352, Side A

Peace, Right Effort, Don't Know Mind, War, Happiness, Describe, Daily Life,...
Aug 02 2003

March 13th, 2003, Serial No. 00491

Four Noble Truths, Birth-and-Death, causation, Right Effort, Bell, Emotions, Passions...
Mar 13 2003

Title Unknown

Serial: BZ-00181A

Sesshin Day 1

Nirvana, Attachment, Birth-and-Death, Equanimity, Precepts, Liberation, Happiness,...
Feb 15 2003
Berkeley Zen Center

November 2nd, 2002, Serial No. 00170, Side B

Four Noble Truths, Right Effort, Right Speech, Anger, Dragons, Samadhi, Liberation,...
Nov 02 2002

September 12th, 2002, Serial No. 00454

Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Right Effort, Concentration, Peace, Mahayana, Birth-...
Sep 12 2002

April 4th, 2002, Serial No. 00444

Right Speech, Right Effort, Happiness, Concentration, Four Noble Truths, Mindfulness...
Apr 04 2002


Serial: BZ-00064A

Rohatsu Day 3

Zazen, Concentration, Posture, resistance, Right Effort, Mindfulness, Samadhi,...
Dec 04 2001
Berkeley Zen Center

September 2nd, 2001, Serial No. 00089, Side A

Concentration, Big Mind, Posture, Hindrances, Zazen Mind, Right Effort, Bodhisattva...
Sep 02 2001

June 2nd, 2001, Serial No. 00102, Side B

Right Effort, Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Concentration, Mindfulness,...
Jun 02 2001

May 11th, 2000, Serial No. 00855

Right Effort, Right Speech, Concentration, Silence, Four Noble Truths, Enemies,...
May 11 2000