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Essence of Mind: Daowu Teaches the Essential Gate to Truth

Sesshin Dharma Talk

Dragons, Mindfulness, Perfect Wisdom, Doubt, Faith
Jan 22 2014
Green Gulch Farm

Master Judi's One Finger Zen

true dharma, Perfect Wisdom, Posture, Dragons
Nov 17 2013
Green Gulch Farm

Going for Refuge, Practicing with Fear 

Posture, Community, Mahayana, Precepts, Demons
Jun 15 2008
Green Gulch Farm

Thinking and Not Thinking 

Buddha Mind, Nirvana, Discrimination, Mahayana
May 25 2008
Green Gulch Farm

Bodhisattva Initiation 

Tenshin Reb Anderson
Teachings on Bodhisattva Precepts
Sunday November 11, 2008
Green Gulch Zen Farm
Sunday Dharma Talk with Q & A

Intimacy, Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Commitment
Nov 11 2007
Green Gulch Farm

The Great Vow of Wholeheartedness and Taking Care of Our Stories

Green Gulch Farm Sunday Dharma Talk
October 21, 2007

zen meditation, Rumi, Emotions, Tassajara, Money
Oct 21 2007
Green Gulch Farm


Perfect Wisdom, American, Commitment, Posture, Interdependence
Sep 09 2007
Green Gulch Farm

The Highest Happiness 

Interdependence, Money
Jul 15 2007
Green Gulch Farm

Gracious Attention to Stories 

Observe, Posture, Right Speech, Anger, War
May 27 2007
Green Gulch Farm

Enlightenment is the Silent Bond 

Discrimination, Religion, Desire, difficulty
Apr 01 2007
Green Gulch Farm

Developing Confidence in Buddha Nature

Serial: SF-00074

Sunday talk.
Koan with the wild ducks; story of the king who questioned the Buddha; report on global warming.

Global Warming, Buddha Mind, Hindrances, Delusion, Practice Period, Dragons, Lineage...
Mar 18 2007
Green Gulch Farm

Crisis: A Spiritual Turning Point

Spiritual life exists in crisis, which can be used as a turning point. To the extent that we recognize that where we sit right now is a turning point, we are able to understand the possibility of...

Conversation, Faith, Transmission, Priest, War
Jan 08 2006
Part 1
Green Gulch Farm

Crisis: A Spiritual Turning Point

Spiritual life exists in crisis, which can be used as a turning point. To the extent that we recognize that where we sit right now is a turning point, we are able to understand the possibility of...

Transmission, Intuition, Emotions, Bell, Continuous
Jan 08 2006
Part 2
Green Gulch Farm

Zen Of Business Administration

Serial: SF-00036

Sunday Talk.
Life at Green Gulch in the 1970s; giving, fearlessness; improv; no mistakes; parenting.

Tassajara, practicing generosity, Interview, Suzuki Roshi, Mill Valley, Daily Life,...
Mar 20 2005
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00158

Sunday talk. Children's lecture.
Legend of the blue bonnets; Seijiki, offering food and light; karmic life and emptiness.

Offering, Ceremony, Emptiness, Emotions, Intuition, Practice Period, Precepts, Karma...
Nov 02 2003
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00147

Wednesday night dharma talk

Practice Period, Suzuki Roshi, Fundraising, Daily Life, Impermanence, Monastic...
Mar 03 1999
Green Gulch Farm

The Feeling Of Practice Period

Serial: SF-00148

Wednesday talk; the heart and determination to study - to support and appreciate the practice period.

Practice Period, Impermanence, Mindfulness, Precepts, Zazen Mind, Silence, Big Mind,...
Oct 21 1998
Green Gulch Farm

The Jewel Called The Sangha

Serial: SF-00063

Sunday talk Jan PP; you are blessed by the people who want to practice with you who are not necessarily the people you would choose to practice with.

Interdependence, Lotus Sutra, Separation, causation, Instruction, Intimacy, training...
Jan 11 1998
Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Lotus Sutra, Precepts, Priest, training, Lineage, Lay, Zendo, Rinzai, Fox, Demons...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Priest, Demons, Vinaya, Funeral, Religion, Ceremony, Lay Practice, Six Realms,...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Recollections of Early Zen

Priest, Rinzai, Peace, Ceremony, New Year, Mahayana, Zazen, Diversity, Funeral,...
Feb 08 1997
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Green Gulch Farm

Mindfulness Sutra

Serial: SF-00069

January PP Class; introduction of Mindfulness Sutra; quotes from Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman; Walden and Leaves of Grass.

Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Four Noble Truths, Forgiveness, Concentration, Letting...
Jan 08 1997
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00084

Wednesday talk.

Patience, Suzuki Roshi, Emptiness, Letting Go, confusion, Demons, Absolute-and-...
Sep 11 1996
Green Gulch Farm

Women in Buddhism

Serial: SF-00153


Religion, Discrimination, Priest, Ceremony, Bodhisattva Vow, Buddha Nature, Ego,...
Oct 23 1995
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Green Gulch Farm

Bowing, Sleepiness and Restlessness

Serial: SF-00152

Wednesday dharma talk.

Chanting, Bowing, Heart Sutra, Posture, Ceremony, Zendo, Hindrances, Vows, Suzuki...
Oct 04 1995
Green Gulch Farm

Our Relationship with Form - Speech & Food

Serial: SF-00151

Wednesday dharma talk.

Practice Period, Conversation, Happiness, Ceremony, Silence, Bodhisattva Vow, Funeral...
Sep 06 1995
Green Gulch Farm

To Be Oneself

Serial: SF-00157

Sunday talk; what does that mean - what's that? Finding out what this means is a vast undertaking.

Conversation, Practice Period, Dragons, Lay, New Year, training, Separation, Skandas...
Jan 15 1995
Green Gulch Farm

Tara Rinpoche's Memorial

Heart Sutra, Bell, Lineage, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Happiness, training, Impermanence...
Jun 30 1991
Green Gulch Farm

Mumonkan Case 10

Serial: SF-00046

Seizei lonely and destitute.

Enthusiasm, Priest, Sanctuary, Sangha, Buddha Nature, Faith, soto, Balance, Zazen...
Apr 28 1991
Green Gulch Farm

Buddha's Mother saves Tibet

Peace, Delusion, Balance, Samsara, Liberation, confusion, Freedom, Concentration, Don...
Apr 14 1991
Green Gulch Farm

Receiving the Precepts

Serial: SF-00061

One day sitting

Precepts, Triple Treasure, Repentance, Offering, Duality, Karma, Hindrances, Teacher-...
Aug 21 1990
Green Gulch Farm


Serial: SF-00049

Sunday lecture

Suzuki Roshi, Religion, Emptiness, Observe, Heart Sutra, Liberation, Vows, Zendo,...
May 07 1989
Green Gulch Farm

Blue Cliff Record Class

Serial: SF-00070

Cases 14 and 15

Suzuki Roshi, First Principle, Oneness, Lotus Sutra, Karma, Transmission, Dragons,...
Nov 27 1987
Green Gulch Farm


Mantra, Buddha Nature, Lotus Sutra, Soto Zen, Zazen, Bowing, soto, Chanting, Posture...
May 03 1987
Green Gulch Farm

The Bodhisattva Archetype

Serial: SF-00002

Sunday Lecture

Manjushri, Nirvana, Vows, Non-duality, Perfect Wisdom, training, Daily Life, Passions...
Aug 03 1986
Green Gulch Farm