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day and i was thinking
what came up for me just after that stuff and i started thinking about it really for the west while his courage
oh they seem they seem to go together and i haven't heard much talk about courage
in a teachings
but it seems to me that in this in this time of turmoil and uncertainty of danger ah it really takes a lot of courage and as i thought about it just can just continuing with our practice during this time takes a lot of so
strength and courage
so my talk is i'm calling my top cultivating and in body encourage of the role of great face and grade doubt
so the most usual definition of courage is ah
taking action
in the presence of fear or danger
another wave looking at it is making a decision or taking action where risk is involved
the risk or the fear that comes with it could be real or imagined it could be something that comes up in our minds i could be something real
courage really acts
to help us grow
because we turned towards rather than a way we learn how to be with the challenge is that we face face in every day you know we're facing now always always and every minute we're facing a all of these things but we're not always aware of it and right now
there is a kind of heightened awareness a sense of ah
something nothing what how what have when when it just complete a being with that sort of that sort of an environment that's one of as a condition of our lives
so when i looked towards zen practice maybe the true meaning of courage is not really a the absence of fear
but really the ability to be with
and come through fear
so when i talked about face i talked about face as a verb
facing facing our practice and i think courage is also a verb
because your courage ng right your courage in you're engaged encouraging
so you have to practice your bravery and bravery in your courage by encouraging one act at a time so it encourage it really requires us to embrace enter permeate fear with openness and and no expectation no hope just go
bring along a through the fear through the uncertainty
and in doing that we have to or and being in that fear we we really have to do that without without aversion to the fear without aversion to what comes up in the fear the details of the fear
and i'm no attachment to anything being any different which just have to be with that that's the courage of them
so it's more then
courage and extreme risks
it consists really to a greater degree of accept everyday courage
in the face of a kind of common commonly commonly encountered ah
the experiences our way right to to respond to all of the challenging situations and and not really were not really discriminated because the feelings that come up the fear that comes up in these day to day situations it may not be the same degree but it certainly can be and it's
and it is something that we pay attention to up because it can if we don't pay attention to it it turns into anger and it turns into acting in an in-house on how some ways a lot of lot of the things we see now are really coming from fear
lot of actions are coming from fear
and people not able to feel that fear and understand that fear
so i wanted to kind of before i get into ah
the ah
talking about how face and a doubt help us with fear i wanted to just beat be a little bit more granular about
the kind of what what we mean by courage in in a more granular way
so we usually think of physical courage and we think of extreme physical courage like firefighters running into the running into them are woods
ah but what about
what about the physical courage of sitting zazen and expand expand feeling extreme pain and discomfort
and yet a you know got taking a break and then when the clappers clap going back and facing that pain physical pain that takes a kind of courage in
i believe it comes from a underlying a it desire to practice but it takes courage in to do that sometimes it jokes just takes courage in to walk in the door of berkeley sensor if it's a strange alien place it doesn't seem very welcoming
for sometimes courage is joining in but ah
that physical courage can carry us well especially the physical courage and facing of old age sickness and death of that courage of of not being able to do the things we could do or suffering with physical disabilities
we're mental deterioration and still day to day doing our life day to day practicing
so then their social courage
and social courage is also something we don't think about a lot but it's really familiar to us
it's it's a kind of social embarrassment or social shame
and it it it can be
shane coming from your own conditioning
so maybe you're not feeling so good about yourself and so you're you're ashamed of how you are how you look how you how you are in the with other people you might be ashamed or fearful of raising your head and asking a question you might be a for
re you're not going to fit in to a social situations where you hang back so
facing social courage is being able to enter a social situation with other people upright open questioning
and without an end letting go of those feelings of insecurity and shame
another kind of of courage is intellectual courage
that's interesting that's interesting to me
it's so is the willingness to really engage in challenging ideas
the question are thinking not not to try to know everything
i'm being willing to make mistakes every time
we'd get a talk
in some case that takes
it takes intellectual courage and it takes a lot da city you know what do i know we don't really know anything so how am i going to give a talk about something
without knowing where it's going without knowing how it's gonna go without knowing if what i say is is quote on quote correct
oh so
it means for us i would say really really having a big question mark and really listening with an open mind and heart to a teaching laying in something that might be challenging to the way we see things the way we see the world away we've gone around understanding our
xin sen study and practice for a long time that's the only way we can move move on
rather than getting stuck in fixed ideas and fixed thinking mind getting thinking too much
of of itself
and basically the slogan would be
i could be wrong i could be wrong and that's okay the courage to have that not be okay
then there's moral courage
and moral cover current courage beds basically being upright
oh having a sense of ethics and morality
looking into what ethics and morality are like we study the precepts
and study the
karma of cause and effect
we in see we have a set of ethics guidelines
moral courage is really looking at these ethics guidelines and his precepts
and recognizing
where our shortcomings might be or where we are not acting in concert with those in harmony with those precepts
being able to also it means being able to stand forward or step forward when something on wholesome or ah but were unkind is happening when we see precepts being broken
ah being able to step forward not necessarily with judgment but with
with up with an upright dissonant openness note and and compassion for each other
but also reminding ourselves being able to remind ourselves and others
that we do have this set of precepts that that they are part of our practice said that we are
that we actually depend on them in many ways in the
when we don't when we don't want we forget we have situations that everyone's heard about about abbott's who have been alcoholics spores are sexually addicted
for financially ah dishonest
and the tsongas had a hard time
ah and it was a lot of spiritual bypass just that will that bad person who knows all about who's so wise whose so great a teacher will they just have this one little thing
and when that happens and when we don't stand up and we don't have the courage to stand up great harm can happen as it has done in many situations
so then the other another one is a emotional courage
an emotional courage is just knowing how to be with our feelings not being afraid of them
one of the greatest defense mechanisms that most of us uses repression were denial
and when you don't look have the courage to look at those feelings and feel those feelings then
you you don't that nothing changes then you have a storehouse consciousness filled with all of these seeds of suffering from all of these emotions is emotional situations that you haven't actually been with
when you completely feel
all of these feelings all the anxiety all the fears all the all the all all the uncertainties all of the emotional stuff that comes up with that
then you kind of move from certainty about
oh how it is to doubt
about how it is starting to question your own your own picture of things when you start looking deeply into these feelings
the last kind of courage is spiritual coach
and to me spiritual courage is kind of do do we do we grapple with the eternal uncertainty do we grapple with
our our beliefs do we enter the dick the scary parts of spiritual practice to find the deep strength that helps us with all the other kinds of of uncertainty and for needs for courage
for me and in in a practice it means being willing to start off in your in your your a dozen practice start off by
letting go of
fear in zazen and in our holes us and practice is about picking able to be with that fear to be able to go into the darkness of emptiness because in the darkness of emptiness is where wisdom is born so we have to have that spiritual courage to end
enter that space that space of non-duality and dwell and and then return and dwell and then return but looking with curiosity and being strong enough having that courage to stay with it knowing
a knowing some somehow knowing ah that is safe
knowing that we can't be shaken
so that's it
kind of
ah what which i called the kind of a rational way of looking so i wanted to or the other thing about courage is where it is in the body
mostly it's interesting because courage really
courage really is in the heart
you know thus doesn't that that that tells us something it's not in some place or the mind
it is
comes from a place of our of compassion and openness and connectedness
that's how true courage is expressed that's how we that's where we find what we need to be able to be courageous
so i have a great story i found
about our
one of our earliest women ancestor super avana
she was a
one of
buddhists to our chief nuns and his community and we recite her name when we recite the names of the women ancestors here
so one day
one day google avada went out into the wilderness and she wasn't wearing her pre strobes in one story when when version of this she was wearing a floured blouse i'm not sure how anybody got that but
etta it's interesting because she's but she's in the wilderness by herself
and mara
attempted to break her concentration mara appears and tells her she should be afraid of rogues as a beautiful woman sitting in the wilderness
the levada having understood this is morally evil one
replied in verse
the one hundred thousand rogues just like you might come
here i stir not a hair i feel no terror even alone even alone mara i don't fear you i can make myself disappear or can enter inside your belly i can stand between your eyebrows yet you don't catch a glimpse of me
i am master of my own mind the basis of power a well developed i am freed from every bondage therefore i don't fear you friend and then mar the evil one realizing the ducal ivana knows who knows her
become sad and disappointed and disappears
so this sounds like buddha under the bodhi tree with mara peering and tempting with all sorts of things that mara mara is kind of a stand in for our ah for our our own mind or not the mars of our mind
the fears the anxieties the uncertainties ah so one could imagine going out into the wilderness by yourself and meditating and and and fear arising fear taking over
there's another another story i found that i thought i liked
this is a story about a monk a chinese monk bucco
kakashi who was an immigrant from china to japan
at a time when and when he was in
when he was in china they were great wars and malicious and and the yuan soldiers were going around a attacking temples notice was in japan that they were going around attacking temples
and mostly what was happening was all the other priests monks were fleeing to safety they wouldn't stay in their temples
but bucco
stayed in his temple and one day
the soldiers arrived
and he was sitting meditating when they arrived and the soldier came up and pulled out his sword
and bucco just sat there and he recited this
the five scandals are empty there is no ground on which to put a stick
how happy it is to find the subject and object empty
but nothing compares with his as this discovery
great rare case the giant sort of yuan
it is just as if the spring wind is cut off in a flash of lightning
and as in the story with mara
the soldier with a sword was completely emotionally or psychologically disarmed
and physically put down his sword and he became a follower of bucco
so in these in these stories
one of which is more of a a psychological thing in one of one of which is the maybe you think he can more think of as physical courage but they both to pay brought both met these situations with spiritual courage residing in their in their beliefs and stood their ground
mrs how it is i i'm solid and my practice
nothing can nothing can know nothing can shake me
in some teaching of
courage or discussion of courage
courage is interwoven with the three essentials of zen practice
great face great gout and great determination
i don't have time to talk about all of those today i probably can get through great faith and grace down and so i'll call this part one
and then later on when i have another opportunity i'll i'll talk about great determination but since i love face
i'll start with great face
because these these essential practices are what what under gird our courage
so when i talked about faith last time as i said i talked about it as a verb
some of those and teaching is that it it's trust in the three treasures
i think of it more as
practicing the three treasures
practicing with the with the teacher
or we say the buddha but of the teacher
trust and for trusting is also a verb
so practicing with the teacher ah trust into the dharma that we study
trust in the saga as a container and support of our practice
so great trip great faith believes it that without doubt without doubt your were all awake were all able to awaken we all have an awakened part of ourselves already which there we all are already buddha
developing that
comes from practicing
practicing are practicing this at with the three treasures
and as we as we enter the way that it happens is that you know we just keep at it
oh i was
thinking about you when blake said he started practicing and ninety eighty nine i was very humbling as because up because it just seems like i'm still practicing ah and an maybe there's a difference and maybe there's not a
but it i entered
and i just kept on
with the with practicing the three treasures
consistently the thing that changes over time as the consistency
lot of us a lot of of a i i let me just say i ah started off with them
i would say dabbling
going to this lecture hear that lecture they're reading this book here that the bear talking to different teachers
espoo exploring ah i learned a tourist i weren't unlearn to say things about buddhism
i could say them i could say what i heard but it wasn't until ah
there was a commitment made some internal commitment made
to be consistent
and to really enter
and that entering was facing in a and was a based on facing was based on
having a sense getting up seeing little hints you know like the like the ox peeking around for things in the oxford in pictures peeking around
and gradually with consistent sitting
with a small schedule of sitting and then increasing it with trying a session and then entering a deep and then making that a regular part of my practice deepening that experience show practice
that is great face
great faith and doing that regardless of whether it's convenient
regardless of you know whether you have things in your life
that are important it's is making prep in integrating practice in such a way that there is this deeply entering and accepting process and approaching fear that really becomes pump that really becomes part of your dna it because
oh it becomes how it is for you and just making that commitment and doing that consistently
that that is really
and what allows us then
to really
no ourselves
and to develop some confidence about ourselves to notice that we can do these things to notice that we do have the ability to to had to have at least moments of awakening
to to notice that our emotions are kicking us around quite so much
so little by little we we throw ourselves into practice not with really in entering it's just with that sensor bodhicitta the what the desire to awaken than knowing that we can awaken with all beings the knowing that all of us are supporting each other all of us in a song or our teachers are supporting us or song
supporting us the dharma that we study is supporting us
that develops
the courage muscle
the courage muscle
develops because of the faith we have
that no matter what we we have the faith in our
we have the faith in the knowing we have we don't have we don't have a fate really in it we just experience is while where faith in lyrics that very that very ability to hold everything
the good the bad and the ugly that is little by little we develop
a kind of a kind of courageous this of being able to face more and more hold more and more
and also we we develop an understanding or a deep understanding of our own consciousness is how how they work where are we hung up
and only then can we grow
so we we have faith in our awakening or were facing are awakening were faking our oneness or are universal connection interconnectivity were facing that were strong enough to be able to look at away our consciousness works and just be with that and in that transformation
it is possible
category roshi said about face right face is not waiting until we understand something and then doing it
phase is to do something even though our consciousness tells us we don't have faith even though we don't have right face right face is to do something because it's exactly the total manifestation of the nate ultimate nature of existence he went on to say we have to get out of this small well even
if it's only once
this means we develop the courage to be fully vulnerable
he also says you cannot discriminate between you and face you and sauce and faced means tranquility and complete tranquility of the source of our existence faith in buddhism is to trust perfect tranquility put her up ability which is to trust something greater than just arkansas
tranquillity comes up just like spring water from the earth we already have it underground regardless of whether we're conscious of it or not so that's very inspiring for me and when
but we can but but just talking about face is one sided
there is no there is no just face and tranquility
we don't discover
if are facing leads us to have courage to face to to be with things
but in order to grow in tool to have our courage grow stronger so that we get to the point where we can act from courage we have to face great down
so that's the other side of the coin there's no great faith without great doubt
in fact
some people say that the root of great faith activates the great ball of doubt
because as your azure opening as you're making yourself vulnerable
as your see more than you confront the and consistencies of yourself and you can consult a new question what you think you know you find you're wrong so many times
you have a conception of something or yourself or a person or situation and then if you're open to being to explore that and in and be opened it out when it comes up
you start to wonder if you start to find great doubt
but they're also there's also great doubt
they just comes up about yourself
this is hard i don't understand it i never will
you doubt yourself eat out whether or not your you really can do this are you strong enough for you smart now for years do you have enough a commitment or were you just or or just feeling that you're caught by your fears you you're feeling doubt in your own ability to be courageous
so it really means be being able to have a questions about that and to take it beyond the fear be on the uncertainty
of doubt
another another kind of analogy is used is so looking bravely at ourselves cracking open the nut of self
sometimes we talk about
peeling away the layers of our ego
that's tough best tough job that's scary that can be scary
oh how do we do that how do we how do we do that does it is a dramatic are we do we have to courage our way through it because it's it's gonna be dramatic or is it just
using really my losing using mindfulness and just noticing
an often just noticing entering in and being with
thanks dissolve
they just don't have the power anymore
just by stepping forward looking it in the eye looking looking that looking at that doubt and fear in the eye
wedding that doubt and fear come in welcoming back down and fear as a natural part of our humanity high doubt and fear your back again
being being one with it letting it be one rather than shoved into some corner of your storehouse consciousness and not wanting to look at it

there's a quote there apparently not only buddhists a christian and meditators and entering contemplation practice have some of the same experiences is a quote by st teresa of avila
of avila once at it is of great importance when we begin to practice contemplation not to let ourselves be frightened by our own thoughts
no matter what they are they are our thoughts they are our minds which means they are us we cannot deal with them as long as we refuse to acknowledge them
can we crest questioned them and are we ready to give up everything we know
it makes me think of them
the tomorrow she's opening the hand of thought
of myself when i have one of the characters sick family characteristic in our family is when you have anxiety you squeeze your hands together you know you and you find all of a sudden
you don't even know you're doing it
that so so a physical feeling of that tightness getting in touch with your body and how the body is responding
oh something's off i don't understand what's off
that that with that understanding and having this image of opening the hand of thought was really a very inspiring for me i've literally
practice opening my hands
and at literal action of opening my hands you could say that scourging right that's that's courage and i i i call my hands tied together from when i was very young to be secure somehow if i if i held on to myself in some way
so opening the hands and letting it an opening widening ah widening the mind
opening the mind wider and wider until it contains everything
and for me the actual act of opening my hands as some people might hold that protectiveness somewhere else in their body tight shoulders are tight neck or something like that and then you just that's where we go to massage right we we we find our our ten spots in
using those as a guide and being with those being in your body being completely and your body and sensing
oh sensing that fear sensing that denial that aversion
to being with whatever you're being with
so this i want to just distinguish that what i'm talking about doubt and it isn't
it isn't intellectual doubt
that's kind of
it's it's a it's not that we most of us don't mind learning something new
or having questions about a quote unquote mental construction or mental formation
it's when we incorporate something into who we are make it part of ourself that's when ah does fast when we get threat we get threatened from what is really part of who we are our worldview someone is breaking up our world or saying something to me that know
makes me oh
a feeling uncertain or uncomfortable
so practicing with this
being with it it discouraging
i also found an interesting i just love this
because it shows the rinzai
so in iran's i commentary by e k o show
on the first case of the gate lists gate he says concentrate your whole self with its three hundred and sixty bones and eighty four thousand pours into movie making your whole body a solid lump of doubt
keep digging in in a day and night without pause don't mistake it for nothing to as being or non-being it must be like a red hot iron ball that you swallowed which you will try to vomit out the can't
you must extinguish all the thoughts and feelings that you have cherished until the present after period of such efforts move will bear fruit and inside and out you will naturally become one you will become like a dump a man who has a bad dream
you will know yourself and for yourself only than the understanding will suddenly break open astonish the heavens and shake the earth
well you know i when i read that i i actually did think about
i'm going to toss a horror and sitting tongariro when you go to toss sahara for the first time
you have to spend seven or five gays in the zendo with nothing going nothing no no taught no talks know ah
work period
you can have meals but basically you started four thirty in the morning and you finish at nine at night something like that and you're just there for five days and it seems like you experience every bone every poor
at all and all the thing you get tired more and more tired and all of these all of these visions come in all of these fears common all these emotions mara visits he regularly and somehow
you need a lot of faith and a lot of courage to get through that not everybody does you lot of it there are usually a couple of people and a practice spirit to leave really early right right in the middle of that that's just more than they can take but it takes that it takes for
facing encouraging
thus does the courage of we're talking about
so i wanted to
and by by reading a poem that i wrote and i really can't even believe that i wrote it ninety ninety two i just was really
time what happened to it
oh and it was a i had been having a experiencing is awesome
our sense of falling
i'm the first machine i ever did was some with iraq a random blanche hartman and both of whom are dead now in iraq at evangelist died recently it was a woman sixteen
and on
i sat there and i
literally felt like i was dying i was falling i felt nauseous
i thought i i'm never gonna get through this machine
and i went to talk to a yvonne and she said oh yeah press right but happens sometimes
so but it didn't go away or i i i used to sit in the morning every morning when i couldn't go to when i had my kids and had a hard time getting to morning says and i'd said every morning at home and
i would feel that that not all the time not every time of sad or i never would have made it but i'd feel it and then one morning
something happened so that's what this poem is
it's it i call that another that i really found it it wasn't i couldn't open it in word because it so i had to open it in textedit because it was so old
so i i remembered it but a of clearly hadn't looked at it for a long time
so another visit to the green dragons cave called i am trapped as in an elevator descending into the darkness within the confines of this cage
i'm powerless to alter the course stony moist glistening walls surround me terror grips my heart i descend deeper and deeper in an inexorable progression i'm completely alone in this no other way tears begin to flow more sadness and fear
another pilgrimage into the green dragons cave
is it better to live but one day in the sun or to dwell in eternal moonlight
enveloped in darkness the downward movement ceases
no longer caged i drift into a beckoning warmth
a vision of a female figure hovering just above the water flowing robes the essence of tranquility and bliss
is the choice to remain here to dwell in the cave and quiet meditation weightless afloat and float in the coral see or to choose to come alive again with renewed awareness face this suffering i died to avoid
i was pretty surprised to find that
but it it just fits
going through a great doubt and and going to date great doubt of feeling you're going to die you're just losing it and then somehow i'm staying with it
so cracked soap just the last thing i'm just going to say as yet so practicing the date grout doubt great doubt requires we stepped forward in the face of our fears and well in the reality of the challenges token says one who does not step forward cannot accept the buddha's teaching to set it's just step forward
we have to let go of ego and fixed ideas we have to courageously leave home which means the comfort of a fixed self and all that we carry with it we have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable
jeans and i'm happy to hear your experiences have great faith or great doubt or any questions please everybody feel free and don't let your ah lack of social
summon up your social courage
xanga i invite you to raise your virtual hand you can also type of question in the chair please put the word question and then type the question now try to get him i first like to call upon a peter overturned to lower his blue hand
and ask a question

he's not on might
peter can you on make yourself is i'm going to figure out the game big later yeah don't worry about that
thank you very much for speaking about or
i am showing us all the ways in which show
courage is necessary or invasive just everyday life and i thought that struggling from the beginning of your talk that the m
get the word courage either i can't believe i'm correct about this
that the word courage it's root meaning points to a hurt yeah so i've been really thinking about
oh how showing wholeheartedly with an open heart the actually the doorway to be able to act with courage and openness and trust that you can adapt to whatever shows up whose dads and respond to whatever shows up but that piece of
bringing your whole hard to the situation in front of you he asked the on is really crucial so thank you language for the hadn't and be happy to give you the economist
well yes i mean it it isn't it was interesting to me as i said it was interesting to me because when you know ah
i was thinking better
the the tin man who needed who needed a harder whatever but i'm yeah
openness has to come from a place from that place where compassion dwells
and we have to really get that on
in a in order to be skillful and responding i think we have to be open to the interconnectedness of people and the the the conditioned way that people the people app can be sipped sympathetic without an empathetic with that ah and
when we act from the heart there's a there's korea we can act courageously but with a certain with with with it doesn't feel like a harsh response feels like a loving response
and at least in my worldview angry responses or angry courage doesn't always do it and certainly from the zen perspective the kinds of things we have to encounter ourselves that
open hearted way of coming forward stepping forward in the face of
various kinds of challenges is really critical thank you
i'd like to invite kelsey burn churlish to ask the question
anne hi jerry thanks so much for your talk and
i am noticed while you are talking that i was feeling very encouraged
and i was just curious if you have any thoughts or kind of dug into sort of that
like transitional properties of courage and by seeing others courage how we sort of feel encouraged ourselves yeah absolutely i think that's that's like up we're talking about our faith in the saga you know great faith in the saga thus that the
that is possible you know that that other p other people oh and you're with other people and and and your supported by them and you see change and people you know you get to know people very intimately and the song especially when we sit in the zendo day after day and do the launched machines you you don't even
have to ask you don't have to ask them too much you start to get to know them and see everybody
sit and watch everybody develop even just ain't within a session but also ah just going forward in life saved you start to see people have that strength that that's that spiritual strength spiritual courage
particularly ah but it manifests in the other other forms of courage to but yeah think that's very inspirational in support of to have to have people around you hoard who are in the same container i would think of a system noah's ark together somehow surviving the waves and not knowing where we're going to land
ah but we can do it out with each other support
like to invite hago to unmute himself in ask a question
thank you a jerry i wanted to revisit the very last line of your palm
it seemed to have more meaning in my mind
and the line if you could look at it said something like the things i've guide to avoid the hundred died trying to avoid and and my it seemed to meet a encapsulate
the freedom they'll begin by corroding into the things that we avoid but if you could read that again please
i'll just read the last of the last verse i guess is it is the choice to remain here to dwell in the temple cave and quiet meditation weightless and a float in the colorless see or to choose to come alive again with renewed awareness faced the suffering i
have died to avoid
right so in avoiding suffering it suggests that we die
and if that was your point and it even if it wasn't a yes i'm gonna do it was the
so if you could talk a little bit more about what dying and how we save ourselves in that moment well we don't we don't save ourselves because when we die it means that we give up we give up ah
we we we didn't we we become selfless and that feeling of selfless feels like dying
everything we hold on
to every way we identify we identify our self and ourself is gone we expect when we experienced the walls and that the barriers falling away in any feels it's physically feels like dying or worse were dropping down into nothingness and it ended it's it's the
that ah
it's that state of being an emptiness without a self without a with with a self this just
part of the big picture but not the self that we've that we hold onto it's not the ego self at all
that's a powerful thing and that really is a death it's a kind of does not so it does dying to life and i was a strike by dying to the geth of my own mind covering yeah the mind covering his death of its own and the dropping of that
that is a life of its own so we've gone through where and i suppose we're still dropping
cherry except i mean it's funny as they said it's as real to me now as it was then it was the biggest i think brett anderson said i've a service every he is to say that such science tells us that we only are aware of five percent of our subconscious and if you practice for thirty years
at the time he was practicing her i think i have now i understand seven point five per cent of my from i still catch the
south there's all kinds of stuff there this us that we may not even see
that the wind don't have a clue about so the the surprises and the letting go is endless
as or last question that could question a quick answer karen sondheim and i invite you to i meet yourself and ask a quick question
i'm not carrying sent from dnc sue but i'm who at the moment ah thank you so much jerry on you've actually car encouraged and there are encouraging me to ask a question unusually one doesn't have mera usually visits me regularly
whichever of applied not only time the honorable but i'm i really to get what you said so deeply that i decided to raise my hand so something
well gray yeah my hat mouth is about a in addition to coaching and facing how does right effort also fit into what you've been speaking about today well it it speaks it very much so and in fact that's like the next talk
can bet that i said i didn't have time for today but yes very much it comes out of their nearly how to we when we kind of on when we have a deeper understanding and were acting in a more interconnected way with the ego not leap not dragging us around and as an ends
then an an an openness that openness to see possibility so does to find him were
appropriate response the more skillful response
because we have more information of a deeper understanding so the the the action that's necessary comes out of first of all the immersion and not knowing
and then the openness of the field of possibility
so the field opens in them we we kind of fun we kind of intuitively start to be able to respond
oh in that way
is that is up so that's so definitely right effort is just born of a greater wisdom
the wisdom that comes from this effort
and the set also includes like dropping the south in that moment upset well yes i mean to you know if you're doing selfless effort than that's if it feels selfless know you're coming from a place that is including
everything and everyone
and so you are separate separateness is not what's what's leading you it's your interconnectedness is leaving you can it actually feels very good to be able to do
play when you there a couple people who are raising their hands that don't always raise their hands and how would like to give them a chance if that's okay
that is okay with me it's less do that okay they give voice from nowhere on so philip urge sure she large gerard please on meet yourself and ask a question
does that work and my own mood it
okay i'm a jury i want to thank you very much for your talk or i tried to this talk about farm in the docusign yesterday with sojourn about self doubt and hit you try to get me to address it in terms of understanding how
much i quote could have accomplished in my life and lifetime and zealand's in practice but it really did address it and what you've addressed in terms of
finding courage i find very very helpful ah and is another tool that i can use in terms of understanding myself but the that he wouldn't do with arm
the transition from
delusion and self doubt i'm trying to navigate that yeah it's it's sam is difficult i can't really give a handle on it you've didn't be some tools and i thank you very much for your talk okay well i just tell you you don't you
hi i'm glad that you feel that you have a patios some things are are fit things to do but really getting used to but the real the real challenge is ah just really really being with that
really really being with that ah you know as a doctor you are trained you were trained to or
know everything
know that patients ask you you're not going to say gee i don't know it's kind of empty and
i really don't know there's no real answer now you couldn't live like that so your train your trained yourself to be competent to appear competent to come forward is competent and i'll and and to have a belief in yourself the that's part of the training so what that is they don't i always say my training was to learn not to be a you know
in certain ways you have to unlearn that
you know you're not the authority you're not the one who knows and that's a that's a humbling thing and it's also essential so i'm really glad you're oh you're there right now it's a great place to be
very much appreciate
their life
i thank you for they think if your car for me or very relevant and timely one thing that i've been struggling with myself i would my practice has been where the accepting and what i mean by accepting his i will
i'm sitting what i'm having pain and my legs a little even at what concentration has been shipped to accept danger they are
and for you talk today on would actually welcome to get this morning i woke up with quite on from the challenge that and people with attractive and one of them thought that i had my head is that we alive but today i would one day older and chums with my physical body and also my thoughts ah well the way
day older on how forever looking on the other side yard to realize that ah
that old net or that that that experience with my body on my part and spirit filled also a part of new thought that bullets at birth of new felt he had fallen much spirit so it helped me sort of plan
see the other side of the coin in terms of understanding the life and death and from me my challenge has been accepting that or accepting the daily that or the daily on
that ip i struggle a lot because i try to seek and craver glide for report to your top of the a very relevant and how in helping and depend on
much more clearly ah why why it's important to set that and all as white as well as love as he could please share little bit about ah
the accepted that and a you alluded to in their little bit earlier wanted the shadow leader by around them
yeah i think we we think about the the quote unquote great death rate the final death and we don't know what happens after that but their death but death death comes in a way death comes over and over right that's what you're finding that that we arises that you know we we we are a sir
been but it's not a fixed being so that being
that we were
you can maybe you can remember it but now i'm being open an unquestioning and growing because of the courage to face all of that you actually grow into another being
and then that being ah runs into runs into a wall
so it's not a it's not a of one time it's this this feeling of of the the you know it's it's a feeling of input impermanence is basically birth and death and every moment right so we say that but
how do we live it how do we live it day to day how do we live in month to month and that's what you're talking about grappling with and the thing to do with that as courage it you know just okay
this is what's going on today
i'm feeling like that person that i was
ah is being challenged
that person i thought it was
but it was just delusion so now i see something else
that's just is the way that we practice going going forward with our lives
we birth and death all the time