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What Now, I Don't Know

Book of Serenity, Lay Practice, Zoom, Ordinary Mind, War, Patience, Silence,...
Aug 21 2021

The Mind Of A Sentient Being Is Difficult To Change

Lotus Sutra, Oneness, Buddha Nature, true dharma, Four Foundations, Mahayana,...
Jul 24 2021

June 19th, 2021, Serial No. 02864

American, Vinaya, Sangha, Ordination, Building, Religion, Forgiveness, Culture, Dana...
Jun 19 2021

Three Refuges

Sangha, Platform Sutra, Berkeley Zen Center, Precepts, Teacher-and-Student,...
May 14 2021

Remembering Sojun, Part 1

Berkeley Zen Center, Enthusiasm, Dragons, Bell, Tassajara, Sangha, Bowing, Heart...
Jan 15 2021

Courage, Part 2

Doubt, Buddha Ancestors, Attachment, Renunciation, Sangha, Continuous, Hate,...
Oct 31 2020

New Members Meeting

Offering, Berkeley Zen Center, Obstacles, Sangha, Aspects of Practice, Zoom, Practice...
Sep 14 2020

Public Dokusan 6

Six Realms, Teacher-and-Student, Nirvana, Politics, Zoom, Doubt, War, Sangha, Dragons...
Aug 14 2020

Public Dokusan

Zoom, Practice Period, Silence, Discrimination, Daily Life, War, Emotions, Sangha,...
May 29 2020

Ten Vows, Ten Practices, and Ten Cakes

Discrimination, Nirvana, Practice Period, Blue Cliff Record, Letting Go, Right Effort...
Mar 07 2020
No Abode Hermitage

Joyful Effort

Sangha, War, Enthusiasm, Politics, Patience, Silence, Bell, Culture, Lay
Mar 01 2020

Does Big Mind Care

Big Mind, Offering, Anger, Sangha, Observe, Vows, Lay
Jan 18 2020

The Mother Line of Buddhism

Serial: BZ-02709



War, Peace, Teacher-and-Student, Hindrances, Offering, Samsara, Sangha, Patience,...
Oct 20 2019

Three Treasures: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Bodhisattva Ceremony, Precepts, Sangha, Chanting, Greed, Non-violence,...
Feb 23 2019


Precepts, Karma, Anger, Monastic Practice, Samadhi, Birth-and-Death, Sangha,...
Dec 01 2018


Blue Cliff Record, Building, Book of Serenity, Emotions, Lineage, Sangha, Gratitude,...

Paramitas: Dana

Dana Paramita, Attachment, Branching Streams, Offering, Right Speech, Precepts, Greed...
Nov 18 2017

Not Always So

Religion, Priest, Gratitude, Ordination, Teacher-and-Student, Enemies, Culture,...
Mar 18 2017

Buddha's Birthday

Buddha's Birthday, Sangha
Apr 02 2016


Heart Sutra, Subject-and-Object, training, Lay, Chanting, Impermanence, Nirvana Sutra...
Aug 18 2015


Precepts, Lay, Vinaya, Meditation, Samsara, Intention, lecture, Sangha, Anger,...
Aug 17 2015

Friday Zazen Refresher

Posture, Beginners, Concentration, Silent Illumination, true dharma, Happiness,...
Mar 06 2015

Hearing the Cries of the World

Dharma Transmission, Transmission, Peace, Sangha, Constancy, Priest-and-Lay,...
Jan 31 2015

Zen Meditation as the Bodhisattva Precepts

Bodhisattva, Karmic Consciousness, Generosity, Precepts, zen meditation, Bodhisattva...
Oct 11 2014
No Abode Hermitage

Differences in Zen and Psychotherapy

Big Mind, Commitment, conversation, Buddha Ancestors, Vows, Sangha, Discrimination,...
Jul 05 2014

Precepts Following Our Way of Life

Precepts, Observe, Ego, Duality, Oneness, Non-duality, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Sangha,...
Jun 14 2014

Taking Refuge In the Three Bodies of Buddha

Peace, Big Mind, Religion, Buddha Nature, Mandala, Heart Sutra, Demons, Sangha,...
Mar 08 2014

Berkeley Zen Center in 2013

Serial: BZ-02344

Saturday Lecture

Work, Practice Period, New Year, Tassajara, Family Practice, Ego, Continuous,...
Dec 14 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Shelterless Shelter

Triple Treasure, Sangha, Gratitude, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Practice Period, Vows,...
Oct 12 2013

The Dharma of Money

Serial: BZ-02329

History of BZC Finances, Saturday Lecture

Money, Building, Fundraising, Priest, Sangha, Patience, Chanting, Observe, training...
Sep 28 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Paul Tanzillo Memorial

Serial: BZ-02733

 Heart Sutra, Dai Hi Shin Dharani


Sangha, Chanting, confusion, War, Priest
Jul 10 2013

Don't Slam the Door

Precepts, Buddha Ancestors, Gratitude, Teacher-and-Student, Bell, Vows, Attachment,...
Mar 02 2013

The Virtue of the Bodhisattva's Delayed Gratification 

Birth-and-Death, Sangha, New Year, Faith, Buddha Ancestors, Bowing, difficulty,...
Dec 15 2012
No Abode Hermitage

Our Minor Precepts

Serial: BZ-02275

Saturday Lecture

Precepts, Renunciation, Emotions, Humility, Sangha, conversation, Beginners, Patience...
Nov 17 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Bodhisattva Precepts Guided by the Teaching of Mind Only 

Bodhisattva Precepts Guided by the Teaching of Mind Only AM
Tenshin Reb Anderson
No Abode 10/6/2012

Karmic Consciousness, Bodhisattva Precepts, Sangha, Rinzai, Enthusiasm, Duality,...
Oct 06 2012
No Abode Hermitage

Fundraising at BZC

Serial: BZ-02266

History of BZC, Saturday Lecture

balance, Practice Positions, Volunteer and Hired Labor, Adaptations of Zen in America


Sangha, Fundraising, Practice Position, American, Building, training, Enthusiasm,...
Sep 22 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Ryokan's Waka Poems

Offering, Attachment, Lay, Greed, Precepts, Repentance, Sangha, Discrimination,...
Aug 04 2012


Sangha, Precepts, Repentance, Vows, Samsara, Heart Sutra, Meditation, Posture,...
Jul 29 2012

Bodhisattva Ceremony

Serial: BZ-02252

3 Pure Precepts, Saturday Lecture

Boddhisattva, Repentance, Vows, Repentance, Evil, Precepts, Karma, Vows, Four Noble...
Jul 07 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Sangha Practice

Berkeley Zen Center, Four Noble Truths, Sangha, Liberation, Bodhisattva Precepts,...
Mar 31 2012

Dharma Kaleidescope

Serial: BZ-02225

Bodhisattva Ceremony, Saturday Lecture

Peace, Lay Practice, Platform Sutra, Evil, Evil, Karma, New Year, Platform Sutra,...
Jan 07 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Our Approach To Practice Period

Serial: BZ-02174

Peaceful and Harmonious Abiding, One-Day Sitting

Sangha, Ango, Practice Period, Practice Period, Continuous, Commitment, Forgiveness,...
May 07 2011
Berkeley Zen Center

You Can't Make a Date with Enlightenment

Serial: BZ-02149

Not Always So, Rohatsu Day 7

Sangha, Duality, Intuition, Composure, Buddha Nature, Humility, Continuous, Daily...
Dec 11 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Direct Experience of Reality

Serial: BZ-02146

Suzuki Roshi, Rohatsu Day 4

Idealistic and Realistic Zen


First Principle, Bell, Continuous, Birth-and-Death, Judgement, Repentance, Sangha,...
Dec 08 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Building and Maintenance History of the Berkeley Zen Center

Serial: BZ-02125

Sangha, Saturday Lecture

Monastic Practice, Berkeley Zen Center, Sangha
Sep 11 2010
Berkeley Zen Center


Precepts, Meditation, training, Sangha, Monastic Practice, Vows, Mindfulness, Samadhi...
Aug 07 2010

Loving Speech

Right Speech, Patience, Four Foundations, Offering, Precepts, Lay Ordination, Karma,...
Jul 31 2010

On the Eve of Going for Refuge in the Triple Treasure 

Confession-and-Repentance, Commitment, Repentance, Nirvana, Separation, Complete...
Apr 17 2010
No Abode Hermitage

On the Eve of Going for Refuge in the Triple Treasure 

Bodhisattva Precepts, Triple Treasure, Evil, Commitment, Mahayana, Sangha, War, Soto...
Apr 17 2010
No Abode Hermitage

Berkeley Zendo and Money

Serial: BZ-02094

Mandalas, Saturday Lecture

Sojun's early practice, Sangha, Supporting Practice


Samsara, Sangha, Samsara, Building, Enemies, Nirvana, Practice Position, Culture,...
Apr 17 2010
Berkeley Zen Center