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Three Different Kinds Of Mind

Ordinary Mind, Doubt, Beginners, Book of Serenity, Non-duality, Non-violence, Duality...
Sep 11 2021

Practicing With Emptiness

Heart Sutra, Silence, Hindrances, confusion, Nirvana, Separation, Avalokiteshvara,...
Feb 27 2021

Dead Or Alive

Birth-and-Death, Duality, Oneness, Teacher-and-Student, Samadhi, Funeral, Precepts,...
Nov 07 2020

Public Dokusan 12

Continuous, Lay Practice, Instruction, Karma, Politics, Gratitude, Non-duality,...
Nov 06 2020


true dharma, Doubt, Confession-and-Repentance, Vows, Evil, Karma, Hindrances,...
May 30 2020

The Three Natures

Buddha Nature, Birth-and-Death, War, Bodhisattva Way, Precepts, Dharma Transmission,...
Apr 25 2020

The Meaning of Shakymuni Buddha's Enlightenment, Part 1: Hsin Hsin Ming

Passions, confusion, Hate, Sanctuary, Diversity, Composure, Dragons, Non-duality,...
Dec 02 2019

The Non-Duality of Silence and Language

Silence, Transmission, Perfect Wisdom, Non-duality, Balance, Duality, Observe, Heart...
Nov 23 2019
No Abode Hermitage

Beat Zen Square Zen and Zen

Monastic Practice, Duality, Non-duality, Birth-and-Death, true dharma, American, Lay...
Jul 13 2019

Shoji Part 2

Serial: BZ-02678

PP Class

Birth-and-Death, Death-and-Dying, War, Subject-and-Object, Posture, Peace, Commitment...
May 23 2019

Being Time

Buddha Nature, Sixth Patriarch, Doubt, Equanimity, Transmission, Dharma Transmission...
Nov 10 2018

Enlightenment Zazen Comfort True Comfort

Thoroughness, Four Noble Truths, Practice Period, Attachment, Composure, Buddha...
May 05 2018

Nirvana and Sunyata

Serial: BZ-02599

 Study Sesshin Day 2 Lecture 4


Happiness, Duality, Nirvana, Liberation, Samsara, Birth-and-Death, Non-duality, Ego,...
Feb 18 2018

Mind Waves

Serial: BZ-02584

Day 1


Big Mind, Samadhi, Duality, Composure, Patience, Non-duality, Religion, Five Ranks,...
Dec 03 2017

Non-Duality: Freedom from Extremes

Intuition, Emotions, Non-duality, Duality, Buddha Nature, Anger, Ego, Funeral,...
Sep 16 2017

Ordinary Mind is the Way

Ordinary Mind, Intuition, Conversation, Teacher-and-Student, Non-duality, Beginners,...
Jul 29 2017

Duality as a Cause of Suffering

Lotus Sutra, Duality, Greed, War, Peace, Evil, Non-duality, Nirvana, Samadhi, Hate...
Jul 22 2017

Heart Sutra

Serial: BZ-02552

Sesshin Day 1


Perfect Wisdom, Heart Sutra, Samadhi, Duality, Avalokiteshvara, Non-duality,...
Jun 07 2017

Dogen's Uji: Time Being Part 3

Duality, Buddha Nature, training, Nirvana, Rinzai, Obstacles, Lotus Sutra, Culture,...
Feb 12 2017

Master Ma is Unwell

Serial: BZ-02505

Koan Class 2

Attachment, Birth-and-Death, Dragons, Duality, Absolute-and-Relative, Beginners,...
Oct 17 2016

Hsin Hsin Ming

Serial: BZ-02479

Class 3 PP


Duality, Oneness, Nirvana, Non-duality, Samsara, Ego, Karmic Consciousness, Big Mind...
May 19 2016

The Way of Tenderness

Oneness, Diversity, Duality, Four Noble Truths, Non-duality, Anger, Dharma...
Apr 23 2016

Yunmen's Jewel

Serial: BZ-02463

Koan Class Blue Cliff Record Case 62


BCR-62, Book of Serenity, Buddha Mind, Duality, Subject-and-Object, Soto Zen, Blue...
Mar 07 2016

Women's Roles and Attitudes in the 21st Century

Priest, training, Lay, Discrimination, Politics, Ego, Non-duality, Vows, Culture,...
Mar 06 2016


Serial: BZ-02448

Rohatsu Day 1


Posture, Mindfulness, Instruction, Non-duality, Hindrances, Conversation, Duality,...
Nov 29 2015

Zen of Four Seasons

Transmission, Silence, Culture, uchiyama, Fundraising, Precepts, Building,...
Aug 29 2015


Compassion, Attachment, Subject-and-Object, Non-duality, Non-discrimination, Breath,...
Aug 21 2015


Duality, Subject-and-Object, Non-duality, Lineage, soto, Describe, Rinzai, Silence,...
Aug 20 2015


Duality, Offering, Non-duality, Silence, Manjushri, Lay, Monastic Practice, Family...
Aug 17 2015

Upaya Chaplaincy Training

Bodhisattva Vow, Silence, Beginners, Four Noble Truths, Vows, Oneness, training, Non-...
Aug 30 2014

Teaching for the Tenzo

Separation, Family Practice, Ego, Five Ranks, Daily Life, Duality, Patience,...
Jun 21 2014

Joshu's Way Is Not Difficult

Serial: BZ-02378

Shuso talk

Attachment, Non-duality, Ordinary Mind, Duality, Don't Know Mind, Subject-and-...
Jun 20 2014

Precepts Following Our Way of Life

Precepts, Observe, Ego, Duality, Oneness, Non-duality, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Sangha,...
Jun 14 2014

Dogen's Zenki: Undivided Activity

Birth-and-Death, Anger, Continuous, Lotus Sutra, Don't Know Mind, Discrimination...
Feb 22 2014

Bumblebees Can't Fly

training, Practice Position, Duality, Separation, Attachment, Heart Sutra,...
Feb 09 2013

The Wholehearted Way - Self Receiving and Employing Samadhi

Practice Period, Instruction, Non-duality, resistance, Priest, Transmission, Posture...
Oct 20 2012

Buddhas and Sentient Beings

Silence, Evil, Buddha Nature, Book of Serenity, Five Ranks, Bodhisattva Ceremony,...
Oct 06 2012

A Lotus Flower Blossoms on Each Thought 

A Lotus Flower Blooms on Every Thought
Tenshin Reb Anderson
No Abode August 11, 2012 Late afternoon

Non-duality, Duality, Don't Know Mind, Composure, Transmission, Doubt
Aug 11 2012
No Abode Hermitage

Genjo Koan - Section 10B-Part-2

Serial: BZ-02249

Nishiari Bokusan commentary, Sesshin Day 4

Point of non-duality, Zazen-discrete moments in time, Time as Discontinuous


Bodhidharma, Non-duality, Time, Birth-and-Death, Karma, Discrimination, Non-duality,...
Jun 23 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Genjo Koan - Section 9

Serial: BZ-02247

No Gaining Idea, Sesshin Day 2, All dharmas are without self

Subject-and-Object, Duality, Non-duality, Precious Mirror, Impermanence, Heart Sutra...
Jun 21 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

A Family Style for Realizing the Oneness of All Families 

Aspects of Practice, Non-duality
Mar 10 2012
No Abode Hermitage

Dogen Zenji's Fukanzazengi

Subject-and-Object, Dharma Transmission, Non-duality, Duality, Instruction, Religion...
Mar 10 2012

Zazenshin Class

Transmission, Discrimination, Culture, Book of Serenity, Fundraising, Instruction,...
Jun 02 2011

Zazenshin Class

Dragons, Buddha Ancestors, Teacher-and-Student, First Principle, Non-duality, Lineage...
May 19 2011

Denkoroku Class - Bashyashita Daiosho

Karma, Transmission, Daily Life, Conversation, Duality, Funeral, Dragons, Non-duality...
Feb 20 2011

The Unique Breeze of Reality and the Wondrous Function of Non-Dual Wisdom 

Faith, Separation, Lotus Sutra, Bodhisattva Precepts, Non-duality, Desire, Perfect...
Aug 14 2010
No Abode Hermitage

Avalokiteshvara's Questions for the Buddha 

Tenshin Reb Anderson
Samdhinirmonchana Sutra Chapter Nine
No Abode Saturday July 17, 2010, A.M.

causation, Attachment, Enthusiasm, Duality, Intimacy, Buddha Mind, Perfect Wisdom,...
Jul 17 2010
No Abode Hermitage

End of Genjokoan - Duality and Non-duality

Serial: BZ-02109

One dharma, one action, Sesshin Day 3

Discrimination, Intuition, Doubt, Non-duality, Passions, Religion, Demons, Patience,...
Jun 25 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Genjokoan Class

Birth-and-Death, Cultivation, true dharma, Observe, Duality, Non-duality, Big Mind,...
May 20 2010

Who is That One?

Serial: BZ-02028

Shakyamuni and Maitreya are servants of That One, One-Day Sitting

Non-duality, Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, Nirmanakaya, MM-45, Big Mind, Practice Period...
May 09 2009
Berkeley Zen Center