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good morning
let's going to see everybody
here we're having some worth or how smoke as well interesting
okay so i'm gonna talk about oji
i wrote this book know originally the title i wanted it to be was a top of the highest mountain which is one of the opening verses a fuji but in wisdoms wisdom they decided to call it being time kind of the straight for and title
nice cover the half really really beautiful cover so yeah i wrote this book go for practitioners i wrote a book that i wanted to read which meant that it has lots of footnotes because
as a student of dogan i want to be able to know where that person found the information that they found so i can go and looking at myself so i wanted to do that
i also ah wanted to write a book that try to explain just kind of on an intellectual level what it is that dogan was saying as you know sometimes it's really tough to figure out just what in the world he saying you know from reading the english so
my so what i did was i set it up so that each paragraph and you know dog didn't write in paragraphs a japanese isn't doesn't work that way so the translator decides on the paragraph breaks so i used a translation by what elena be more i did was each paragraph
i explained what i thought based on a reading mostly scholarly books about luigi
ah what what it actually meant and then the last part would be my idea of how we would practice with an information
so that's basically how the books set up
so gucci itself which i didn't realize first time i read this and they might not have either because it's kind of like working your way through the weeds sometimes when you're reading dogan you know really good he being time as what do you mean tsuji as an expert
question of how we practice it's actually quite a steps and stages presentation of tokens understanding of our path of practice so he's talking about what is it how does it function and why is an important that's basically what urges about the text of which he starts out with
with several verses the first two or verses by waste on which are actually i would say his
an expression of his of his expression of his realization a in the first vs so he says are
in old buddha said for the time being the old buddha's wish on so duggan's quoting wage on for the time being i stand astride the highest mountain peak for the time being i move in the deepest depths to the ocean floor
so this expression of voice shines is also on as you go through do realize that this expression as it doesn't often does the very very first few lines or paragraphs of a vasco he's giving you the whole picture so
so while this seems as if this might be of this phrase your might be kind of later opposites do that you stand on the highest mountain that you walk on the the deepest depths of the ocean actually those are what're were called a dharma positions and those dharma positions are not just the particularity of
standing on the highest mountain and walking on the ocean floor but they are also in the context of each particular moment they also encompass all other moments throughout time and space everything completely their the completely present thing through our time and space is happening so is this
way these verses are actually a a complete understanding of dog and text of boogie so the the way that dog in structure this text is that he starts out with these verses by wage on these first two verses and then he adds onto it and then he goes through he starts talking about in is
systematic way about how it is that we practice and at the end of ngugi is a series of cohen's that revolve around wage on waking up to what it is to talk about actually presenting ourselves for our life just as it is and responding to our life
i've just as it is in the context of the totality of everything else that's going on at that moment and how we respond skillfully in that moment so that there's a full circle there at the individuation as a student he saying it i went to show our i couldn't figure out how to add a pract
as he goes to matsuyama to explain to him helps him understand the practice and then as we full circle back around we have way shots vs the opening verse of a text there's kind of the structure of what dog is doing and so
dogan start out talking it and then of course he's talking about his understanding of this and so he says duncan says after the vs he says his summation of the understanding the time being means time just as it is is being and all being is all time they typical dog in right
like what
the time being means time just as it is is being and all being is all time so gee is this particular time is being so it's not a separate time is not separate from being so for example a bird
bird the dorm a position of bird or the dominant position of view were the dominant position of this book or anything that you can name things that are hidden and things that are apparent to us these dormant physicians are not separated like if it's a bird for example there isn't the bird and then there's time so don't say
these are not separate things there is they are simultaneously or the same thing a bird is both a being and a time simultaneously not a bird in time and each being time is all being time at the same time each being time is all be in time
time at the same time that it is just this particular time
so that's how he starts out
ah by saying the time being means time just as it is as being and all being as all time and then doping goes on to say something which i think it's very germane to us as practitioners and really helpful he says on the sixteen foot golden buddha body is time because it is time
it has times glorious golden radiance
you must learn to see this glorious radiance in the twenty four hours of your day the demonic ashore with three heads and eight arms his time because it is time it can have no way be different from the twenty four hours of your day so he saying to us you know these glorious our glorious
days he actually uses twelve hours because in japan and china that time twelve hours indicated the a whole day but the twenty four hours her day is buddha nature the twenty-first or of our day is cameo it is this radiance
it is this beauty it is as all terroristic action of the world completely together with the world in this continuous practice of making the world and we are part of that not separate from that
and that is a very beautiful thing it is the glorious radiance of buddha-nature it's a glorious radiance of the activity of a buddha and then he says in here he says but er en there was demonic three heads eight armed demon is also part of the twenty four hours of
this glorious radiance as practitioners we don't like that you know where likes known on my job is to get rid of the game and my job is to get rid of delusion you know not to not incorporate that into my life not to see that as part of the twenty four hours the twenty four radiant
hours of our buddha nature so uci's about this you know how to we incorporate that how do we understand the nature of our experience how do we not reject things and say that no no no no this can't be a part of my practice i don't want this to be part of my practice
you know when you do something skillful right we will discover stuff
so that's we think oh yeah that's me or gonna fetch muy buena park you know and then we do something that's really stupid illusion or not helpful where does the buddha part though like on work do dumb stuff you know and we say well that that was really screwy where it is the boot apart go and when we're
screw park though like to think like maybe they're both they're simultaneously at the same time and that both of those could be this glorious radiance and twenty four hours of our day
that maybe there's something there is this good bad dichotomy that will we like to get caught in and yet simultaneously and exactly the same time underneath that are concurrent with that are part of that is this glorious radiance so he starts outright the beginning in a kind of challenging
our sense of of what it is exactly that were up to in our practice and then he says on the i think of this is duggan's kind of throwing down the gauntlet here to us in this text he says to as he says since as sentient beings doubts of the many and various things unknown to him or her
her are naturally vague and indefinite the course his or her doubting take will probably not bring them to coincide with the present doubt
so he saying here he says you know we have all these doubts about things said that we don't know about and that's kind of vague and indefinite and he also missed earlier he says you think you know being time but actually you don't know being time
and so he saying here these kinds of doubts the doubts that are kind of vague and indefinite and have no particular focus or the ways in which we are asking the wrong questions are not going to bring us to coincide with what he calls the present our
so what what is that
so this president doubt is this great doubt that brings us to awakening this is this come on about the nature of our experience that brings us to awakening so we can have a kind of downs it's corrosive doubt we can have doubts that undermine our
confidence we can have doubts that
cause us to
lose the way or we can have doubts that are what it called huddling called a great down you know this rinzai notion of it's it's the great firewall can't swallow and i can't in our can't throw it up so there's this real you know on about what is our life what is our life and and unido
odeon calls this danger come on right ganges khan is the immediate manifestation of this life that are corn in a what what is it what is it what is this life that we're living how is it that it can be twenty four hours radiant i sure don't feel like it's twenty four
hours of radiance all the time so how can that be so that's a corn you know that's a way in which dogan and saying hey look over here don't look over here the answers over here so this cancer colon is the immediate manifestation of this life present thing as such this
and it is things just as they are without obstruction
how can we include what we think of as a demonic usher how can we include what we think of as obstruction how can we include that in our life and see that as such lists
how does that work so
gucci as the steep exploration of the nature of being time through the context of a dorm of position so the dorm of position is just as being time of each moment or thing as it presents itself with us and through us it is just this moment because that's the only
place a week and practice that's the only place that we can see the twenty four hour radiance of our day that's the only place that we can manifest and understand can chalk on that's the only place that the mystery of our experiences revealed to us
so we have to enter our life as it is right now within the context of our own experience in concert with the experience of all beings
i dug it says and enjoy going to carry this and forest delusion to allow myriad things to come forth and meet you his realization
to carry ourselves forward is a kind of the selfishness this way in which we are
completely in the center of the circle that we've created of this notion about what our life is no come on necessarily about that so this way in which he says myriad things come forth to meet you how is it that we can let mary things come forth to meet us that crash into us write this
way in which we i thought about you know the mid term elections and
i said a hunger honey and was like christmas but oh my goodness what's gonna happen like any calls are you know what is it gonna be like i felt like the general election you know was like almost ptsd
so that's a way in which in some ways i'd say those myriad things came crashing into me you know so how do i integrate that how how do i stay present from my life how do i find that equanimity how do i actually meet myriad things that push them away not wanted
write them down get rid of them but actually meet them and say what is this what is this how i practice with as how to find my equanimity and part of that finding our equanimity is realizing and and cultivating this senseless believe this faith in the twenty four hours every day as being radiant the two thousand and
verge of her day and by the way
there were that doesn't use uses for a twenty four the radiance his cameo energy which has also the name of a major festival of here so often these questions that you don't understand and dogan if you kind of flip for their shove again so you'll discover up to a whole chapter on than you can read that and figure out what it is that he's talking about
so dog and expresses that that this is a this dorm a position is a particular thing a particular being time a particular situation within the context of the totality of all being time and this is where are practices this being time as the where and
the when of our practice this right now of our practice this is
when we are freed from karma when we are freed from past and future so you know
where is our life is it in the past does the past exist
what does the future exist so don't you think you know he doesn't deny sequential time so he is say yes we have a past as we have memories we have all those things but in actuality what are you experiencing right now so in actuality to the thing that you're experiencing in the
past is actually only completely in the present and the thing that you're projecting into in the future is only right now in the present there is no past and future from that point of view there is just this moment and it is in this moment that we are freed from the past the karmic repercussions of the past bitch
cause it is in this moment that we have free will to decide and to act and do our practice not some other moment not in the future he was a oh oh i'm gonna do this thing in the future so there are some buddha's teaching say well if you have you have enough lifetimes lifetime after lifetime if for lifetime you'll be ready
it somehow to to meet us to to cultivate a certain kind of mindset or buddha nature of practice doesn't say no right now
since this is it right now
the naboo show he says
ah houses go on
if the time arrives is the time right now so if the time arrives is the time right now if you say to yourself well i'm gonna practice if the time is right i'm no apologize for something i did if the time is right you know so he's saying know if the
time is the time right now like this is the time right now that we practice this is the time right now i'm a buddha nature it's not somewhere else is not the future it's this time right now and for it to manifest itself it has to be
within the context of the totality of what's happening right that's that myriad things coming fourth meeting myriad things so in this moment we have this is the moment when we get to choose this is the moment where we can be free this is the moment where we're not trapped
so we take responsibility for our lives we take responsibility for the responses that we make and we are freed them this teaching to do just that so this is a very deliberative teaching this coming in contact with
what is what is it right this moment this particular dorm a position of being time allows us to have that freedom in shoji a dog it says one hundred percent alive one hundred per cent birth wanted a present death of the one hundred percent by the way of stolen from show hawk okamura
then we are one hundred per cent alive in this moment in the storm position
one or percent whatever ideas and that one hundred percent means that we can fully occupy without getting caught and if we are caught that we can wake up to that caithness and then we have free will to do something different
southern and says are
energy he says as the time right now is all there ever is each being time is without exception entire being time
as the time right now is all there ever is
is there some other time are we experiencing some other time
as the time right now is all there ever is each being time is without exception entire being time just kind of hard to get are apprehensive round right each being time without exception entire being time so one of the examples i like to live uses in books at twickenham wrote about the heart sutra and
he points out he says well you know this page of this book if you look at of a page of a piece of paper you know we know that paper paper comes from trees and trees must be nurtured by the sun and all the functions of the earth and make the tree happened and then all the things that that we interact with it and actually
if we could actually do this if we have the capacity to do this we could name and recognized and see everything that had ever existed throughout time and space within the context of this particular piece of paper and that applies to absolutely everything so in this this way everything whether we can see it or not is our be
yeah time right now you know somebody in hong kong is walking down the street
somebody in london is doing something totally different having this thought they are not separate from are being time the end of the same time there is are just our particular and being time of our experience and how is it how do we respond to that what do we respond to in it's right in front of her face
why we understand that everything every being time is also present in vital for the unfolding of our own experience when we understand that we start to integrate everything in our life and also recognize that our particular time and the particularity of others that we
respond in this inclusive and empathic way
so we realize that we're not separate from can you go to the store you're walking down the
in the eye on the store going home depot or something and a site you can like oh yeah there's that other person they there is our job and you'll pay too much attention to them but you know that person and that moment is completely you are being time as you are completely they're being time simultaneously we have the same
passeth understanding of the nature of our shared experience we don't think about it that way but it actually happening that way so we respond in this kind of inclusive and empathic and compassion away because that's what our practices right that's our bodies her practice how do we respond in his intel
agent not like a kind of
the way in which is sort of silly compassion but this way in which we are compassion actually you know his myriad things meeting this kind of intelligent response to what's going on and the only way we can do that is to know that we're all in this together to know that we're all in this to have noticed all of us as people but
that bell one the trees and the dolphins in the polar bears and everything else
so ah we want to the result of this is a kind of beneficial action that we engage in
and a to illustrate this i thought i'd actually read something on my book some i'm not really new for the geeky parts
i'm reading in the parts that ah
our for his illustrious of this and this is about the as a time right now as all the river is each meantime time as without exception entire being time so i said on
when we dropped the model of time as sequential all aspects of our path are present in this moment and we are free to respond or set ourselves in a way with a totality of that moment each moment makes up our current experience including all
previous and future experience and of the same time our current experience has its own life separate from past experience are a possible future a concrete example of this is the moon and zen the moon is often used as a metaphor for realization
it is also a good image because the moon's phases happen in a sequential manner coming and going he has the moon is never not for the immediate present dog rights in a sookie the moon round and pointed are not can
discern with a cycle of coming and going the moon is beyond coming and going whether we perceive the moon as full or in a phase the moon itself is just the moon it's true nature is not the view that we see based upon the earth shadow upon it what we see
see is a portion of the moon yet we know that the moon itself does not diminish or grow in each phase of the moon all phases of the moon are always present and yet to r i there is just a phase we see independent of the other views the moon's phases are not a problem they
come and go as the days progress the problem arises when we think sequential time is times totality when we forget that the moon is always full

and then arm
the next thing talking about our repetitions about the experiences that we have is that are even though they have particularity they don't have any fixed particular already any fixed positions or any particular outcome
it in practice we're understanding that each thing must be paid attention to and that know situation or person has a fixed position although it is particular and so in that way we become more flexible and were able to quickly and appropriately research
bond you know i was we have movie night at ocean gave birth last night and we watched a movie called back and you notice a documentary about the guy who is like i guess he'd written and he wasn't the original horse whisperer but that's what he does really interesting man and he key grew up in a foster home and his
his mom foster mom was there as she said this a most amazing thing i really love this she said
blizzard are the flexible for they do not get bent outta shape
is that a grain of that you know we should put that up outside the zendo door
so you know this is this way in which this flexibility is a willingness to be present for your life in a way that is not preconceived as not you know we're not getting all huffy about is a well as yet undecided built what is bent outta shape means usually means we're all huffy about somebody having some
an idea about us are saying something that we didn't particularly like we get all bent outta shape right so i gonna read little section from the book hear about about this to this this part is just about buying things going to the store
as i say in my introduction is but i really think that that these teachings have to be able to apply to to our everyday lives
darwin and righteous the dog and did not write philosophical treatises on the nature of being time yeah this is not a western philosophical treatise on on the nature of of being a time rather nature of this than the other thing he wrote it because he wrote him from practitioners and music about it though it's practitioners a lot of work
young eyes of the monastery you know
like us
ah you know people haven't changed that much so on this is this is for you he wrote these teachings for okay so here's what i wrote a dormice physicians inclusive an exclusive simultaneity expressed as a particular person being or situation
ocean is what dogan is calling the state of dwelling of such illness and moving up and down
this movement must interpenetrate with other dharma positions in order for things to change
the state is also at the being time of as he wrote the dorm hall discord about both having attained such as and not having attained such as the attainment or lack of attainment is the interplay between all of reality arising without obstruction and are relative experience okay so here's example a mundane example of how he
my be the occasion of making a purchase we have in the past learned how to use money and we have the experience that payment will be accepted yet simultaneously we have many ways to pay we might use several different combinations of coinage and bills and we might be able to
barter or swap for something we could use a credit card debit card bitcoins are online accounts we might decide not to purchase the item after we discover the price
there are many possibilities for this or any other situation and for that reason it is completely different from all other situations he had it also contains the history and expectation of previous encounters and it may be the springboard for other events there are many possibilities for creative and skillful response
although each moment includes all the other moments were going to narrow our focus to what is important that moment in the example given what is foremost at the moment of buying something is how to pay for it but just because we have made a choice it does not negate all the other posts
abilities that are rising simultaneously
how we narrow our focus is determined by our understanding of the totality of that moment if we include self and other our actions will be skillful if we are only concerned with our own gain we will probably act unwisely making a purchase is dynamic yet simple
it is one instance it resonates it moves and it is even an enactment of such illness perhaps expressed or not but always abiding also which is not here but later is that this notion of one of the things that we could do while murray making a purchase is to steal
right now we could we could decide that we're going to shoplift so there's a little problem without you know besides the fact that it's breaking precepts
on a deeper level this is not inclusive of the totality of the situation because the shopkeeper is not going to go along with that that you know that's not we don't have that permission to do that so this is it will be shoplift and break precepts we are engaged in an activity that is not inclusive of the totality of
of what's actually rising in that moment so there's an example of where morality and ethics are very very very much a part of this text some people get confused they think they would dogan talks about non-duality he started giving an invitation for a lack of morality but actually non-duality itself is the base
as for morality and ethics and compassion and empathy right so that's always part of of as it's not separated says intercall expression of this and then finally it is one talked about a dharma position as passage like how does one how does one dharma position and pass it
into another often we think about passages sequential we say what this happened and when that happened so again dog is not denying the fact that that for example a corn comes from corn seeds dried flowers come from particular see people are born from particular parents in a particular genetic makeup
but but he is very much interested from our practice point of view about this non sequential passage and in particular how does the door may get transmitted and so passage is often avi refers to this as passage last passage this way in which if in the exam
pull energy doesn't give a springtime but there isn't any fixed time that we can call spring there isn't any time that that
you know
the winter is completely gone and now spring has completely come there's always this way in which there's something going on there some interconnected non dual passage happening from one thing to the next
so ah so this is what he's talking about in the context of of of dharma transmission in particular but energy he says even when the time of their reaching is not yet over the time if they're not reaching has arrived so even in the time that we think that something is over it's always never saw some part of it so
i'm presidency of it has always been present which is always true about about everything so reaching is not coming and not reaching is not yet and this is the how that's how being time is how it moves from one things to the next so this is how we transmit our lives
to each other this is how we transmit the dharma this is how life itself transmits life to itself is this kind of passage that's happening from one thing to the next that is an expression of the complete interconnectedness and permanent symbol in nature of everything and then i'll just read one more short passage from my bump and then i
i'll stop and take your questions so this is from a zoo monkey which is another text by dogan and he talks about a he talks about a how the teachings have been transmitted between at least one particular student and one teacher
this procession of moments is also a the howard our spiritual journey or progress is made up of many many moments each in their turn the passage of the various being times interpenetrating that moment the spiritual journeys and buddhism is epitomized by the phrase transmit
motionless transmission this passage was passage of the dharma how is it that we pass from ignorance to wisdom what elements are necessary for transmission transformation so dogan tells the story of a student's progress and zoe monkey record of which means record of things heard
he prefaces this with a similarly that actually many of a server familiar with an ancient has said associated with a good person is like walking through the mist and do though you will not become drenched gradually your when we come down this means that if you become familiar with a good person you will become good yours
self without being aware of it
in the main story a young man was student master guti the student didn't seem to realize that he was learning are practicing don't in comments a boy who attend master a without noticing when he was learning or when he was practicing realize the way because he served as a personal attendant to the master
who had been practicing for a long time
in the course of attending to master way to he attained realization you know that is you know your i was a
well i think i was your your anja during at tassajara right i watched your shoes will had white or these white plastic and flip flops
your zari sprites that they were black
i did i watched them every day
is that it i thought it was to keep the salt from between the little tabby thing but a tasted mel and i were the same size shoes
so so i was your anja in and a tram along behind member or proceeded haven't made fires of the various things and and the
so i think you know i learned many things from here despite being in your presence and washing missouri's thank you
to continue the story by focusing on the activity of helping master green tae every day the student was not aware he was being trained he probably spend his time making the masters bed and fetching t yeah those activities in accord with master avoid instruction created his passage from student mass
mr this transformation was due to the confluence of all the activities all the before and afters in the independent moments for the student's life with the master
his interactions with master who tae resulted in his total immersion in practice realization transformation was always present and yet there was a particular moment of its recognition when master avoid t wait i acknowledged his passage into spiritual matters much maturity
so this way in which the master recognized his student so there is that particular moment of this thing of say yes this has happened yes this is it and yet how we get to that moment is maybe not so player so in practice you know we
we can do all those things you know we can just bow perfectly at the door and we can sit zazen for hours on end and we can you know learn how to be the perfect sofa or whatever it is and yet and yet and yet you know their sister this time
when were rife and it is so much about of our ability to coordinate and function with the totality of the things that are happening simultaneously thank you
i don't know how much i to understand ten or so pay bring me your questions comments please yes
die and
came on that
the right
due to this cause
a particular word experiences
were you personally
found this teaching a time

oh that's a good question i think a i think one of the things that i find really helpful about this is what i was talking about just to the very beginning this way of looking at our life when we're having trouble and real problems and we say to herself boy your
it sure an idiot
you know that that we can have this deep face that really we aren't part of the twenty four hour radiance of our day that that we are buddha nature
that's a principle why don't you know i can't think of anything you know some particular thing that i've done recently that's deeply embarrassed me you know but i can say that i have certainly had those experiences and just knowing that you know i'm kind of an intellect
or person
so yeah
that's very who said that
didn't we all kinda practice in different ways and that's how i come to practice and it actually is helpful to me so for me and i might actually sit down and deconstruct something you know i'm having a difficult time and i'll sit down and say oh yeah you're not say yea you really made this mistake but it's really all workable
all and you really are a part of this thing and you don't quite understand how it works but i'm going to have faith that it works because actually what else is there to do that's not very intellectual that's like oh my god what else is there to do well bodies are from practice that's that's what it is so i can't i can't think of anything like right off the bat to tell you
i feel like remembering that i am
the same and in this empathic relationship with others means that if i'm having conflict i'll give you an example here's an example i don't know i went to san francisco zen center the other data to do something and there was a woman who was probably home listen she had like a wheelchair
air that was right in the middle of the only parking place in christendom i mean it was like in san francisco there it was right behind the building the parking place of my dreams
and there's this woman with a wheelchair in the parking place
so i stopped my car jumped down and i said ah
why are you know can i help you move your wheelchair
but we had this great interaction with each other anything you know it's because this teaching about how we are all in this together this is not like a an adversarial relationship that i'm having this woman about her wheelchair in the parking space i got out of the car with the expectation that we could work this
sound i should have my parking space and she could do what she was doing and it wasn't going to be a problem and you know what it worked out that it wasn't we actually had a really lovely conversation with each other
now that you know i can't say that i said to myself up okay now we're going to do this thing but the fact that this teaching opens us up to the possibility of unobstructed action by seeing that we are all human beings in this place together
so i got another car with the expectation that she and i were not different from each other that are that are actual goals were not separate and i think that it and she also in her part you know was very reciprocal we had a really nice conversation and at one point she said thank you for being so nice because most people really a
i mean with me right and and like i know paragons of bohemian an impatient and this or that in a really critical but the thing about it is is a
sometimes you know we do this practice and it all works out grade so i don't know that's that's the best like come up with right this minute his her

are you still recording this
some ah i decided to use waddell an arby's translation because there is recognized as being good translators and because they are doing a word
a word by word translation so that it means that sometimes some people translate dogan if there's a difficult part they are translated liberally are in a way that is not a word by word translation it's like they want to give you the meaning of it but they don't but they'd consider
maybe somehow it's too difficult to translate in some way that would be meaningful to you and so i interpret
what it is reading so that's important to me i wanna try as much as possible to read window the red road
yeah whatever or what elena be the literal translations the ones that are being put out mother so tissue on translation which were used to be honest website with stanford or literal translations and by the way about three years they're going to have that translation and begins around
oh yeah so that that sir i think go heat and chemists really the translator

i call myself

knowledge and i didn't know
those houses
about the movie
the surface i recognize all the man
that together from them
and what i took some medicine
guy was a situation
i've worked with that

he said

the love of access
yeah you know it's interesting you say dorgan said something kind of a kinda that and blue show he says which means buddha nature he says that on
in shock and mooney's room the sixth patriarch was also present and what the sixth patriarch new also informed but chalky mooney buddha knows now this is like really not on my part i'm really paraphrasing this but basically what he say
thing is that from the the buddha nature that shakyamuni buddha that the sixth patriarch understood is the same buddha nature that shocking when a buddha understood and in that way the sixth patriarch was present in the room was shocking money buddha the buddha simultaneously in the rails
asian of what that is that makes sense to you and there's this way in which that it it's like this to me as a kind of i can explain it intellectually but there's it's just real intuitive hit to me that this makes sense this room to it of heart connection you know what you're saying is that you'd
take apart the the intricate carpentry and joinery of the building in that joinery teaches you so that person who put that together in the first place is completely present teaching you in the in that moment even though they are not present right and simultaneously all those people who
learned that technique can pass it onto each other are completely present in that moment in you in the wood in that moment of realization of how it works right and so it's all they're happening at the same time it's kinda cool
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actually is from the those source for and with so she has the horsemen of the spoke with any passengers are on like quickly fly toward i and and then leave and
sandra gets off the urge
and the horsemen and musashi quickly pushed the vote away from the water and so she says to see my posts for school
i want it now jump to the elections choice
a itself
attacked by trying to engage the sky directly he of what he went away from him and saved the entire boat
so sometimes that the service of a question of how can we how do we know when the impeachment as possible and skillful and don't we could spend our time trying to fix the person in the white house or we could quickly find people that we think exclusively for our country
i think the it yeah i think the come on it sounds like
okay sorry
let's hope not asking about our
aspect of live we know what is the skillful action like can we fully engagement as first immersive pointed right horns were solstice right so so here's what's right or water
it is sometimes moving away from something more benefits were on while the who are former partner helping yeah well not just not they have and yet but you know
this is why we practice so that we can understand in each situation what the appropriate responses so all of those things made me the appropriate response but the but that's why i'm you can't say you can't have there's no fixed answer to
to our questions right we can just to ask ourselves what is the most efficacious thing to do in this situation how can i include everything that i can understand about the nature of the situation in a way that is respectful of each person is involved are each being or each thing as
look at that from that point of view and also look at ourselves in my angry and might like a not in this moment and at my feeling equanimity you know what so it there's no
there's there's no there's no right answer because what we have to do is day by day by day by day do the practice and we keep during the practice so that when these situations arise we have a much better chance of doing the right thing
so we develop those muscles and that's why we have to do or practice with small things we have to be patient with small things we have to have equanimity was small thing so that when the big things happen we've got the muscles to respond otherwise we're not gonna be able to meet the moma
hunt so we have to we have to really do our practice each day each moment moment by moment by moment

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is possible

as far as my
is or something
oh yeah
i think so
you know it's like it's nothing can be grasped
so that this listen
the soon as we are onto something i mean you know this stuff already as soon as we hold on to something it's like we've fixed it were trying to make it into a certain thing and it just
can't be that way because everything is in you know this constant state of interconnected flexing you know how does the expression go before the the horse arrives there before they don't leave the horse arise so you know there's this way in which there's nothing to hold onto
two and yet simultaneously we do have ideas about things right and we do have these practices that we do and we do have these guidelines that we have so it's like a we take everything we know when we apply it that situation and then we let go
so if it's not it's not helpful is not working we let it go and so is this what you're talking about peter he announced like with
yeah and the only way that we can do that is to maybe it's like the other category roshi stove superspy speeder
she did not like hold on let go a whole lot like a home and like you know back and forth back and forth and always be willing to just say in okay what what is it what is it what is it and of course the answer to what is it is what is it
i'm getting the signal here i get the like the strikers way up now
it's pretty seriously seemingly moving in on me with the era bom bom bom shut up shut up
guess i was done
but what do we do next i put my think i show a new go okay