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Zazen Instructions, Part 1

Posture, Instruction, Concentration, Practice Period, Echo, Liberation, confusion,...
May 15 2021

Zazen Instructions, Part 2

Posture, Instruction, Concentration, Practice Period, Echo, Liberation, confusion,...
May 15 2021

Zazen Instructions A

Posture, Instruction, Concentration, Practice Period, Vows, Echo, Liberation,...
May 15 2021

Zazen Instructions B

Posture, Instruction, Concentration, Practice Period, War, Echo, Liberation,...
May 15 2021


Priest, Anger, War, Observe, Offering, Silent Illumination, American, Karma, Lay,...
Mar 06 2021

Sangha Meeting

Heart Sutra, Gratitude, conversation, Practice Position, Funeral, Echo, Priest,...
Jan 09 2021

What Do You Call The World

Book of Serenity, Echo, Mindfulness, Six Realms, New Year, Teacher-and-Student,...
Sep 19 2020

Public Dokusan 4

Composure, Offering, Emotions, Bell, Daily Life, conversation, Building, Zoom,...
Jul 17 2020

Closely Watched 3

Karma, Dependent Origination, Ordinary Mind, Culture, Separation, conversation,...
Jul 14 2020

Practicing with Prayer

Chanting, Peace, Heart Sutra, Continuous, Instruction, Echo, Separation, conversation...
Apr 27 2019

Practice Like A Fool, Like An Idiot, Like A Fool On The Hill

Half-Smile, Culture, Silent Illumination, Echo, Samadhi, resistance, Mahayana,...
Apr 13 2019

Compassion Flexibility the Victims of Paradise

Building, Global Warming, Right Speech, Offering, American, Happiness, Religion, Ego...
Nov 17 2018


Big Mind, Building, Heart Sutra, Echo, Beginners, Interview, Separation, Posture,...
Nov 25 2017

Not Always So

Composure, resistance, Soto Zen, Gratitude, Posture, training, Echo, Dragons,...
Oct 21 2017

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Part 1

Transmission, Echo, Duality, soto, Five Ranks, Dharma Transmission, Teacher-and-...
Sep 02 2017

Dogen's Uji: Time Being Part 2

Continuous, Karma, Karmic Consciousness, Obstacles, Echo, Enemies, Transmission,...
Feb 12 2017

Music of the Spheres

Silence, Ordinary Mind, Lotus Sutra, Dragons, Birth-and-Death, Echo, Composure,...
Jan 14 2017


Serial: BZ-02519

Rohatsu Day 6


Intuition, Discrimination, Building, Emotions, Four Noble Truths, Composure, Buddha...
Dec 09 2016

Beyond Consciousness

Serial: BZ-02517

Rohatsu Day 4


Karma, Intuition, Anger, Composure, Precepts, Religion, Big Mind, Building, Echo,...
Dec 07 2016

Practice is the Details of My Life

Buddha Nature, Humility, Dharma Transmission, Soto Zen, Offering, Echo, Gratitude,...
Aug 13 2016

Suzuki Roshi Eko Lectures: Arhats Powers

Serial: BZ-02732

 Rohatsu Day 6


Karma, Echo, Fox, Obstacles, Don't Know Mind, Heart Sutra, Happiness, American,...
Dec 04 2015

Suzuki Roshi Eko Lectures: 8 Dhyana Jhana

Serial: BZ-02451

 Rohatsu Day 4


Passions, Echo, Concentration, Anger, Karma, Emotions, Nirvana, Beginners, Aspects of...
Dec 02 2015

Zen of Four Seasons

Posture, Echo, Peace, Karma, New Year, Separation, War, Subject-and-Object,...
Aug 29 2015

Song of the Grass Roof Hut

Lineage, Religion, Echo, Instruction, Doubt
Aug 31 2014

The Stone Bridge of Joshu

Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Practice Period, stubbornness, Tassajara,...
May 31 2014

Blue Cliff Record Case 2

Serial: BZ-02365

Shuso talk

BCR-2, Attachment, Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Lineage, Daily Life, Practice...
May 17 2014

Sandokai Lecture Four

Serial: BZ-02281

Couplet 5, Rohatsu Day 4

Bell, Practice Position, Discrimination, Practice Period, Chanting, Subject-and-...
Dec 05 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

A Candle in the Dark

Practice Position, Darkness and Light, Five Ranks, Lotus Sutra, Gratitude, Commitment...
Nov 24 2012

The Boatman Does Not Use a Wooden Goose 

Transmission, Birth-and-Death, Echo, Silence, Teacher-and-Student, Daily Life,...
Dec 17 2011
No Abode Hermitage

Moment By Moment

Serial: BZ-02198

The Most Important Thing, One-Day Sitting

Suzuki Roshi, Boddhisattva, Balance, Posture, Perfect Wisdom, Daily Life, Don't...
Aug 14 2011
Berkeley Zen Center

Embracing the Mahayana: Do You Want to be an Artist? 

Lineage, Echo, Passions, Evil, Separation
Jul 16 2011
No Abode Hermitage

Jhanas and Shikantaza Arhats

Serial: BZ-02189

Shuso ceremony, Sesshin Day 5

Intuition, Shikantaza, Consciousness, Intuition, Karma, Repentance, Birth-and-Death,...
Jun 19 2011
Berkeley Zen Center

Suzuki Roshi's Eko Lecture

Serial: BZ-02186

Encoragement of Practice, Sesshin Day 2

Chanting, Eko, Offering, Echo, Offering, Funeral, Chanting, Religion, Priest,...
Jun 16 2011
Berkeley Zen Center

Zazenshin Class

Intuition, Posture, Gaining Mind, New Year, Discrimination, Describe, Separation,...
May 26 2011


Serial: BZ-02158

Kabimora Daiosho -The Thirteenth Ancestor, Sesshin Day 1

Soto Zen, Transmission of Light, Discrimination, Demons, Echo, Six Realms, Buddha...
Feb 19 2011
Part 2 of 4
Berkeley Zen Center


Birth-and-Death, Intimacy, Echo, Demons, Patience, Samsara, Religion, training,...
Aug 07 2010

Hokyo Zammai Class

Five Ranks, Ego, Transmission, Discrimination, Religion, Samsara, Echo, Beginners,...
Jul 01 2010

Sojun Weitsman Roshi Genjokoan Class 5

Discrimination, Separation, Beginners, Daily Life, conversation, Non-discrimination,...
Jun 17 2010


Balance, causation, Daily Life, Bell, Liberation, Observe, Echo, Sanctuary, Vows,...
Jun 26 2009

Hongzhi's Guidepost for the Hall of Pure Bliss

Serial: BZ-02042

Silent Illumination, Sesshin Day 1

Jijuyu Zanmai, Pain, Silent Illumination, Constancy, Silent Illumination, Continuous...
Jun 17 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

Class 3 And There Was Light

Obstacles, Echo, Anger, Happiness, Instruction, Gratitude, resistance, Passions,...
May 28 2009

Questions and Answers in Buddhism

Religion, Right Speech, Lotus Sutra, Buddha Mind, Vows, Teacher-and-Student, Heart...
Apr 18 2009

Zazen Fukanzazengi

Instruction, Posture, Book of Serenity, Buddha Mind, Dharma Transmission, Echo,...
Mar 01 2009

This Little Light of Mine: Serial No. 01093, Side B

Serial: BZ-01093B

Includes Kid Zendo

Lineage, Continuous, Offering, Funeral, Echo, Gratitude, Equanimity, Transmission,...
Feb 21 2009

This Little Light of Mine

Offering, Lineage, Continuous, Funeral, Echo, Gratitude, Transmission, Discrimination...
Feb 21 2009

Tao Wu's Condolence Call: Blue Cliff Record Case 55: Serial No. 01092

Serial: BZ-01092


Birth-and-Death, Echo, Duality, Offering, Funeral, Silence, Mahayana, Transmission,...
Feb 15 2009

Tao Wu's Condolence Call

Blue Cliff Record, Birth-and-Death, Offering, Echo, Duality, Buddha Nature, Funeral,...
Feb 15 2009

Waking Up From the Dream of Economic Security

Serial: BZ-01090B

Saturday Lecture

Enemies, Happiness, Dream World, Tassajara, Practice Period, Building, Forgiveness,...
Feb 07 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

April 19th, 2008, Serial No. 01126

Karma, Right Speech, Soto Zen, Echo, conversation, Culture, Peace, Cultivation, soto...
Apr 19 2008

March 29th, 2008, Serial No. 01123

Sanctuary, Impermanence, Death-and-Dying, Book of Serenity, Renewal, Anger, Ego,...
Mar 29 2008