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it's and say tonight
thank you good to see couldn't be with you you do you think a pause and say that we're getting a really big echo here and i think that we should sign out and come back in again and you know it's not coming from to me on more fun
anybody else's hearing but you're you're probably hearing your own from yeah i'm not hearing any occur as long as long as it's only me
it does occur occasionally not all the time but it does come i mean well if it becomes bothersome let's just stop often they can retry but
go on from here okay okay karen europe council time
i started roshi
i can to be
we had a conversation once and you said it's a dog eat dog world yes
and on i understand that biologically but
i think about buddhist practice and whether i have to participate in doggy dog and whether it's okay i mean i think about my circumstances now and i have a house
what we had to bid money for long ago and i had a really good job that i had to compete for and sometimes i feel like would i have came at the on
since took took a wave deprive someone else you know that what i had is a takes and of others and the inequality bothers me but then for survival i feel like can have to do it
so how does one live by ones vowels in a eat dog world but the sufficient for his world
dogs are no longer are allowed to roam around but no fish good fish monger prefer to eat fish will sustain themselves and everything is eating everything else this is a world where every
is eating something and whatever evening i am
sustained soul who income so if nobody eats is nothing needs of nothing we can say goodbye to the world
everything is eating something
so dogs don't really does christmas dog with this and the buddha talked about this he said the big mess is a little fish blue fish is the smaller chris and so forth
that's not good as world as a metaphor for oh
the saha world
the world of the ordinary room and buddha's world
ministers are very careful about with the heat
and please be careful about
the future if you want to your car i heard a new by me by not having your harvest the pool of the st peter under the ad
when you share your house to some you don't just live alone we will share your nose and a you up when you practice the good away
know the room your house is the way to express your practice and that helps people around you knowingly or unknowingly
when we are in model something about the daily activity and to see you in your neighborhood and you see them and you will be talk to them or that time during the day just doing your practice in influences the people around you
the hope
oh we have sympathy for those who have less than we have
and a in a buddhist monks only one meal a day
i mean big macs what we call them
to the big bug has nothing except the robes and the ball
and i beg the meal the moat noonday meal that's the only building it and evening the elevated ah
madison long we'll return that movie hammer
that sessions should the read two meals
breakfast and lunch and then the third meal is ah
oh nelsonville to such a defensive the edge off
so we carefully and mindfully and ah you know with that will rebound we say something usually not a return but ah at some point that they would eat a meal will come
ah acknowledge that were taking the lives of other beings
but you have to do that mean we have to do it mindfully carefully and with compassion
and sometimes we say and this com
other bigs are offering themselves to us
we think they were cake
does in some sense we're accepting and and a various plants
am a foodstuffs are offering themselves to us
and by offering themselves to us
we're we encourage them to grow
the that's very interesting symbiotic relationship that we have with plants
we eat em and ah that makes himself very flashy so that we will go look at up beautiful tomatoes right and so they're offering themselves to us by being so kind so flashes and we eat them so they continue going
that's not know
something like that
so it's a symbiotic relationship that we have with what we eat and what we ah
rip what we relate to
so what if you had a fairer if you have something only you can have it somebody else can have a list to give that to them so i have to accept that
we had this and the next person doesn't have this but they may have a similar one right
the up an avocado they have an avocado but you have your other canada and they don't have the your our
leonardo yes
thank you said you heard of
mike can you say something
i knew it yourself
like can you hear me
is this is her sound
there is sound okay
oh mike yes but will read yes yeah but i don't hear you mike are you a did i ever needed
we're ready
am i needed i mean okay
every speak as a to reopen well include right you shared a little palm with me a few weeks ago
blows through the empty hall moons
i thought about it i've imagined it
and yet often i feel like it's more like the hot wind
blow of
heres through the world and flaming contention
and delusion and disagreements and disharmony
yes that's the other side
i am
i tend to be drawn to figure out what's going on
is that world
as real as the cold wind blows to the empty hall
or not
it's real but let's not substantial
it so much then what what am i spend so much time thinking about it will because it make it makes us hot
so you know
that the that the hot wind
he is always present this just happens to be taken up by various people and agree is times and they use it
the buddhist
and tries to keep a cool mine i call him
empty mine cool in one feet
so the woods is in our feet not in our hill
the the cool breeze blows through the empty hall
ah your composure like a rock
that your dog i'm home that's
the coke
blows you the empty bell your composure great composure
is what keeps you
from going crazy
as anti dote too hot wind
somewhat water ah puts up fire
fire heats up water
when the mind is totally open
the are totally open
i can be destroyed
further are perennial forces in the world one is a he wonders by heat one is a by water what is by earth and when by air
the four elements your to their nature jess yeah so it
people are attracted to the various forces that are always there
and then they ride those horses and take her take their karma
and eventually a very destroyed
but or to mind
there's never destroyed because it's neither burp have neither born nor dies
sounds a little abstract but it's so
he emptied all is your to mind

the outtakes the urge to actor with
to face the hut
when i opened it yourself
ah an opening your to mind empty mind
that has a big influence on the world

the hot wind is very attractive
many people
i find myself drawn to it all types yes road is so ah no we did his thing don't like to the right don't want to the left just go straight
with your open open mind
empty mine
don't get caught
i initially this this is the basis of our regions
is being taught is not getting but not getting hot yes not will hurt by the hat when

stay near cool mind
koblenz got their runner
and don't
lean to one side of the other discounts or them that doesn't wanna said bidding upstream
was cool mine through one three
so we include the awards but it's in our feet in her head

i i tend to have a pretty busy head we all do list
my wife has to hear about it because there's the we also talk to you a lot of the time
well i knew it cause up
what was that call us up yes you don't actually one image of that is of a client had a dog was barking and the park was been fed baxter zoom a dog is barking at his own bark
it made my day
monday kudo was barking and himself
this is caroline chasing your own tail
the world does that
the word yes the world bush and itself
be careful
just constrain
okay thank you you're welcome

allow surgeon hi
well you may have just answered my question but i'll ask it anyway
i recall asking you once before about hum
getting down off the cushion
him about the transition from zaza in into the world man
these days it seems like from time to time i'd be set with very strong emotion
as if my body is just taking control of my life and pulling me in a particular direction whether it's
oh fear or anger or attraction
it doesn't seem to be a mental function it's it's as if that them that the mindspace is completely altered by something that's going on physically
come and
i'm not sure what to do about that it seems it seems to on
incapacitate me
this disorder of i when i sit on the cushion there's this simplicity and and
because because you strip away physical activity and and
and simplify mental activity there's the ability to see things in correspond with things in a more immediate fashioned but
in these moments of heightened emotion
i don't seem to have that ability ah
and sometimes i go take a walk
sometimes i try and sleep on it and let it cool off
comment on that what about what about moments when you're
i'm just overwhelmed with emotion
well at something he said
made it sound like a there's this bodily
i victor these bodily feelings
ah but when didn't think of says and as the battle is feeling
lover and we sit in zazen the whole beings there
the whole being is there the all but bodily sensations are all there
and we make some big effort so that we are totally concentrated in this one act
ah so ah when you're oak were overwhelmed emotionally i would say go to your set find your center
which is what we do have time but always
finding a center
then we have some power to deal with high commotion
or a hard physical feeling is a don't com
and strike this productions we don't get an attraction
so i would say you know just go back to the isn't
we allow ourselves to get moved or
and then we at what should i do so what should i do is where's my center where's where's my a the place where i am perfectly balanced
where is the place where i'm a totally oh a harmonized
so that's what we should look for
you know that often people are they such as an and but they don't and then when push comes to shove they don't stay with that they allow themselves to get out
ah allowed the answer
i would say don't let your up do that
haven't you know
there's the form those in which is sitting at the cushion and then there's zazen a walking disaster
a coming back to yourself over and over again were no matter what you're doing already were
so that's what we do that is as it is keep korea distracted since pull you around and then you realize oh i'm getting pulled around by things or do i do where do i got what you go to your center
he go to your breath
he got do ultimate stillness
and let you realize ah this is the true way

find it when when i'm sitting zazen that ability to return as much more available to me
then when than when i'm out in the world and particularly when i'm out in the world and when i'm grabbed by something that's very powerful and very physical and so it's it's i don't feel like i have that
in my toolbox i don't have the ability to be centered i don't have the ability to go back to the brass because i'm so overtaken by
that very strong physical thing and on the just seems to be
there's much it seems like there's much more integration and zaza and there is when i'm not in zazen and it's harder to take that integration and bring it into daily life but if you really practicing there's no time do not as and and
because as it is your life is about
it certainly it's hard noted that to is had we think oh i can't do that but you can do it
view the can do it
and as taking i get to this to thrive and stumbling bug
because you can do it

i know i have been in situations like that
and ah not be able to find where can control myself or do it i still plenty to do
and there were times
ah my life where at my local practice why didn't feel and i can do i can but i somehow every day i said that there though matter what was going on no matter what the world going and
an arrow is somehow
if you do that over and over
and you get that power pop up to
i'm not be cut by things

okay i'll do more thousand
you said not be attracted to her
i'm blake your on
surgeon or if get to see you great seer
in the see arrows
hunting for a climate in trampling all the beautiful grasses at the headwaters various streams this weekend while you are giving your talk on the swastika you know
anyway i found the climb and halfway up the climb i noticed the person that was belaying me ride the person protecting me was doing things incorrectly oh

i'm having some headaches
on various buddhist committees that i'm on
because i know the right way to do things and others dog
how do i be hey how should i behave where do you have advice on how to be in a situation where you problem i
probably know the right way to go
but other people don't seem to want to go that way
do you have any advice
there's something called the discussion
the myself on you

you know
there's no right way or wrong way

okay even though there is a right way and or right way
how do i i want to do the right thing every time
can i do that
well you made your effort
and and the effort
sometimes does works sometimes it doesn't
but the practice is in the effort
what makes you think that you where's the right way
i've seen it that and this way before and it's worked
well who is stopping you
we have to work together right this
i want to as karen said i want to win the bid for my house yeah
i want myself to be protected on the rope the way i want it done because i was a teacher of climbing for years
when on committees for years and this is the way it should be done
but i notice that this is just perhaps creating problems and perhaps the best thing is to something else let it go

well i think you know you might have to prove that you're right
at one time
that can be i don't want it to get messy but i want everybody to be state and i want the job to get dot i'm sorry i'm asking you a hard question or a question as be file with them myself
i'm here to learn the hard question
if it's an easy question who cares
the hard questions that are the most fun
so usually
i'm you do what you feel is right and then because what you're thinking about as in relationship though the people right right
so people notice when you're doing something right according to them or was he doing something that's alright he he had
so when they see that you are doing something right they acknowledge that you don't have to do anything i'd say anything you know you just
this guy's on the right track he had everybody feels that
so the skill is
to not ah
not to an impose what's right or wrong he he but simply to act
according to what's right or wrong
yeah and sometimes people don't see that but mostly they do
you'd be surprise mostly who knew here people see what's right around because we're very close in our practice
and so if it's something that you feel you know what i mean
that's centuries
ah but if you inner we feel each other's pressure and then sweat to where we smelled
you know two things and ah
that always works and people over acknowledge their
so sometimes you have to go on with things that you feel or not you know the best way to do things but when when it's when it's your turn you
i'm do it you feel is right then you'll see whether it's write it up

and hence lot to do it's how you know
we say that we we get to practice through our ports
you know but through association
and ah the ease of military do things and come ah
no confidence that we haven't herself which extends to others
to stay in your position
and just do your best and sometimes others know better his widow
i think so
we're pretty harmonious you actually pretty i'm on his way with it with your the rest of the sangha
the game
i think promoting harmony in the sun hat is the key
thank you for that because those bad very phrase is come up ah
easier said than done
yes that is possible to do
hidden i'll make effort on thank you surgeon and i wanna say i'm even though i didn't hear your lecture i listened to it on the podcast and it was cathartic for me thank you you'd be on the outside as a person of color listening to
to this discussion there was really relevant to are certainly many of the jewish practice nurse practitioners of buddhism it was a brought tears
no last the wanna thank you for that and i wish you peace
you to oh but i don't see you as outside
nor do i see myself as outside in one sense and the greatest sense hey
so let's keep working to the yes yes let's do that attacking you're welcome
ah serratia
thank you
like university
a abiding teacher
many years abiding
i don't know what to deal about on
losing you
you abide in my heart
and on
i want to know how to keep you in my heart know
you know
you don't lose me
i may not be around at some point but you will not lose me
i'm it's impossible to lose me
i got this new year's is card send you and probably everybody did in the sanga at that point i don't know this program
and i'm
your teacher or buys in you and then you transform and transfer him to the rest of us
and this says i'm not going to read the whole thing when you do something with the warm hearted ceiling
mind your three the bodhisattva of wisdom is there and there is the true you
you don't have to wonder where she is or what he is doing when you do things with your warm hearted mind that his actual practice
that is how we take care of things and communicate with kettle grill they had receded
will you sit there and he said that suzuki roshi said that and there's more that this is a encouraging and
so turning into those things to the are encouraging i think as our practice i thoroughly agree
an instrument for cavern when i was saturday director or zendo manager coast and know managers i would i didn't know what i was doing
and i would come to yale i i picked up picked it up that it was just
i think i told her to beginning that i just wanted you to encourage me you know i didn't want criticism i just want an encouragement and you did so i thank you for that that's all i can do
you're welcome
i want to know i started having a vision a weird waking dream
of brocade
dragon fabric of curtain and in a huge outdoor amphitheater was a ceremony and new and hassan were there and i don't know that was the transition or what i don't know what it was that the said it was everybody was sixty two
the spread some sort of ceremony and i knew we were all gonna screw it up but something important was happening so thank you if you have any encouraging words about how to look at transition and passing i would appreciate them thank you
the transition in february all the time right so just enjoy your breath
yeah and transition in our sanga in our apis to death
from can you going going to i spoke to hook
of the foregoing lived perfect and if you let that happen you do happen

i'm sure you're on

pretty name soldier or gleaming hi i i'm so glad to see you
ah i would like to remind you of our conversations we had ah while preparing for my ceremony a few years ago
on where we talked about living with disease
and on the notion of at the time i was under pressure to i'm exhausted and for a cure
or on to use my practice on for something other than practice
and arm i've wondered if that's something that ah as have come up for you or on effects if it's something that arm
it's just on a temptation to overlay your practice with you
you know we don't sit for any special reason for the desert but nevertheless we have secondary
benefits from doesn't
whether or not
recent for some purpose or not something happens
so i always feel better when a citizen
an agent with never for proper physical problems are harmonizing and card number one
because liberals your body together
to deal with to imbalances insiders
to always find in our bones
as a member suzuki roshi will a losing our bell and were falling out of balance every moment can regain your balance every moment
get the word
so how are we maintain our bones
mission doesn't maintained the harmony and balance compare body mind my breath so it certainly will that her youth
ah so you know i said it sometimes
the city doesn't really good for my ailments
and i'm sure is i have no doubt it is very good for you know puts me in balance with my ailments
so come
i know i wouldn't say that that's heretical
just do it if you mind if you want to feel that it helps you physically just do them no problem
have you found cancer to be a teacher and why what have you found cancer to be a teacher or yes madam and cancer everything is my teacher the really is is whispering in my eckert
but you know i've i've found it but i am
the club doesn't mind the know that worrying about myself
that i'm not concerned but i'm not worrying about myself
and come
whatever it is i feel good doing
and by cancer ah
it's verified my practice
petrolatum neither the state team is something that of course it is but it's verify my practice and i that's why i feel good about it
ah i can't believe how will how well i'm doing
it's encouraging to see her well i they have energy you know i wake up in the morning and i have and ocean
i haven't you during the day i found a bit late at night in my new a schedule sometimes twelve thirty
like an oprah eight
then came seven gun and a go about my business and i don't feel any i don't feel sick
what can i do you know
just appreciate my life on a moon
hello have been given this epic journey to ah
enjoy every like moment by moment
there is the sense that it puts things into a clear focus yes
i don't know what will happen next
not knowing what will happen next and now for you to something despair or
a sadness or whatever
i just you know
going on with away it is
but you can't beat that
it surprised me that god dogan that we live so much longer than dogan guy get fifty four he has made of and ziggler as you and sixty seven
yes but they ever to be edgy to let the former editor bit edgy have died a few years ago as a hundred and six but ah
we we we take better care of themselves than people use to that's right
something like that
thank you thank you for sharing with me what you're feeling that the now
they hit again

a soldier with siya get a while
yeah i feel compelled to say can you hear me can you hear me that i can hear with it's alone hear me it's like the way i can hear you that it's a little faint
okay that's better okay good
that's good
i am cure well it's really good to see you and i also want to thank ross and gary because even though i had this in my calendar and i had an alarm and didn't know what the alarm was four so i didn't pay attention to it so thanks to the on for giving me alone nudge ah
some curious about questions
i feel that in the past number of years
questions have even though i i
the seem to have a lot of on their night i don't know if there is important or they've taken a different role they
sorta have turned into something that doesn't really need an answer just they're just things i need needed live in or with or through
i don't know if with this said
you know this isolation whether that's had an impact on questions in there is a sort of sort of like lack of importance i mean they're not all unimportant if i asked you where bathroom as that's really important i want to know where the bathroom is but there some there's so much
they either become unimportant or i realized maybe what the answer is so i'm curious if
questions are
more like
feelings and it's the nature of being human that we're always gonna have feelings and does that mean questions or something that we're always gonna have or have questions are more along the lines of
a reaction and with
more practice and more time if questions will just eventually be fewer and it really doesn't
i don't think it really matters to me one way or the other whether you know what way they they go or whether they're already but it's been very curious to me that
there's sort of these things that pop in my head and then it's psycho yeah well so what did it's not so what it said i recognize it but they don't
an hour seem to need to do anything with 'em will so what is what a question or statement
i think it's a statement is sorta like
it's almost like they're not useful
no you said the beginning that them somewhere in the booth verbum
ah just have the question you don't need to have the answer
right is a rope that the through the good our dog just keep answering the question because the question is something that's always coming up every moment is the question what do i do know in what what what what what it is lives what is that the what is what
with one
so that's really good question the question that has always lead you on and has never really finally answered and words the understand
but meaning of the question the
ah is always there
so the question though is there is what is it
the answer the question
this is it is it right
so i guess
questions will
we'll be there and i'll just keep have an omen they'll just keep me in whatever they are and maybe there's an answer maybe there's not and maybe it's now
yeah you know sometimes we have a question and the room we try to answer it the further way it goes
ah answer every simply hold the question
no longer put the question in your pocket
looks like an old handkerchief
but it works on you inside a welder what you know you swallow the question
and then he died works and said review i subconsciously
then one day boom good oh my god get to that griffin
but that
collins or like that you know if you give somebody go on some time
the wonder be able to answer read where did you know
i have to it to them but it doesn't work that way
the coin is a ball hog a bot that you swallow
it stays there and it just kind of you know
is like a piece of sand getting into a clam
an oyster assuming
like is of sand at some point turns into a pearl
slow and the oysters
ah protects that piece of sand and it's the kettle you know it's an irritant
the but and but the oyster keeps
pay attention to it finally becomes a bro
that's really nice when they weren't like that
it's the question
and gonna
sure to it and sometimes the question just
becomes nothing because and it doesn't matter that it was me i mean it it's kind of like you put something that has a shape in your pocket and months later this thing has no shape and gone it's gone yes it is really good
if you answer your own question
that's the best that is the best
when you have a question and you know
you know
ah able to deal with it at the moment but it's there and oh
ah it will surprise you
because i'm getting getting the answer from other people with not for good because it's not your answer
what about if the question just becomes it's not that it becomes unimportant but it just becomes
just when you're was buried it just becomes ordinary and so does that mean that if i had the question that i was may be trying to grab at something and then when it becomes ordinary it sorta like i just let go of it
my regret that we ordinary question is the word
what is that's the good cause that's the question of questions what is it
thank you soldier notion that works for me
thank you for asking
i saw john o'shea i or you
well well here i am you know sitting have lotus the mature i love the bear he looks very nice
i came up a name for if you don't mind sajjan one can all be
oh the good yeah
i'm so question is on healing right this what is what does your take on healing
for me at least it's sort of it's getting into way toward healing so one of the what's gonna look at that the world healing you know healing this and healing yourself hitting the world killing the planet killing the i mean illegal covert nineteen
just being tossed around quite a bed so i don't know which one of the ceo take on that well we get tired of words sometimes rhoda
you know if his album bruno was a kid and i would say over as a bread bread bread bread bread winner bread is right
i think bread bread bread bread over and over pretty soon it was as many yeah just became a sound bread bread bread bread bread bread bread bread so when it becomes just the sound we just like open
then don't worry about healing
but healing heal itself
the i think about you sometimes and as
when i see
all the suffering that goes on the middle east and in afghanistan where your brown right yes and how the people actually survive it's like unbelievable
it is really unbelievable
and i think about your trauma and hung out of actually do that how you deal with that
i knew the route affect you or one
an and how we can help you
but i would like as to be them i think just bow
the prison and revealing your so an hello
not only allowed to have been i think to you need
so don't hold back
you're dealing with the a
right now thank you
i'm just
i i just don't know what to say what to thank you the community
while i'll be sharing some of them with with the community on the third of august a building called we have i'll have a basic in mind talk during the on i'm not gonna there but this community and and my family dharma i can tell
well ah
as the saying of course dharma is truly the medicine that yeah no absolutely no i remember meeting your son so handsome i'll thank you can use thank you yeah he's getting taller than
yeah and so sweet
yeah thank you
so yeah
oh they can kill them
thank you again thank you
i'm mary beth for my gas question
certain roshi
i tend to get lost an absolute i think not that i'm saying i'm always on this high playing bit i tend to panic around the world of the relative like am i gonna have enough money to retire
i am i going to have a place to live when i retire am i taking care of my health well enough when there's things i don't do am i taking care of the conflicts in my life and my working enough for social justice am i taking care of my computer because it's got problems all these things drive me crazy
easy and i'll think i'll go to bed at night say just it's okay these things are gonna change they'll be whatever they are and then i'll feel okay but then i'm like am i just self medicating and not really facing things because i feel like if the i asked the question what do i do now
now i'm like thought
though you know go and move it into little told us well yes just this
but what if i do not just this and i avoid everything else will we have to and you can't you have to avoid a really else and is doing some justice you can only do
five things it went down the
can only do one thing editor and then everything else has to be in the background and you have to let that happen
because otherwise you have all these monkeys but you're carrying around in your back and that each one is they do me to be to me to me
the and then you have to have your whip illegal when the back back on your stores
get back a new stove while i'm doing this
and it really works out
if you let all those lions tigers and monkeys control you
i'm very unhappy life
so even know that their the each one has to take his place in the right order
things will never get accomplished
you know as as you are accomplishing things the list is getting longer
and then how to is getting that i might have to rescue myself from the list
the things that have to get them
so whatever doing is just this right now and then the next thing is justice an experience instance you may not get everything done
we live the is in this this is the future or lives nowadays
gets additives more and more crucial
more and bolster the more information we know the bar mind is captivating
so be careful about information this you know we think that information is gonna save us
but you know information is really nice and is important but
but it also
ah it's a taskmaster
and we get overwhelmed
so it's it's the conundrum of my life
too much too much too much too much
so how do we simplify our life so that we can actually make it work
without eliminating information
and doing be able to put our intention to one thing without becoming anxious about the next thing
i would waste a lot of time being anxious
really wish to gun
one one thing well-done leads the next the welder lives the next thing leads to the next thing will them
one thing
dumb with lot my anxiety needs to the extend his lead suspects mobile to anxiety leads to the next moment magazine
it's common for creating called time
then ah
it takes over our lives

well i feel like i can go along for a while just saying just this and i'll be perfectly happy and find doing that until something comes up and i'm like oh i've ignored that for a long time that is what enough i've enjoyed that for a long time and we were and i'm continuing
the to ignore it

okay everything is calling for our attention vying for our intention everything is behind for attention and if we allow ourselves and oh
we can just get a opened the floodgate
oh ah what did he care
everything wants to the girl you bought me
the everybody wants you you'd take care of it
there was an old woman lived in the shoe
shares of any division didn't know what to do

so your shoe is really tight

the since up a break
yeah take responsibility for you
take a vacation
i am
big a deal so
lot of you just when

okay thank you modem
an excuse me okay so lets everybody and there's about two minutes left
if someone as a soldier monster cake and another for question
just let me know surgeon uk or or we could do to chat and finish up one more question be okay
well i could i could ask a question new puppy good
it's actually not a question but it's a commuter question if i can tell a story
said to her weird
okay i'm gonna read it because
i didn't want to mess it up here
ah as a boy
a young boy i decided i wanted the good at basketball media
i would walk
my streak up the hill
down the hill to the basketball court it didn't matter the snip the season could be snowing whenever i would shuffle the cards and i would do
ah drills if know there are a pickup games
and i would do this through all the seasons
and then one day
when i was summoning the hill
a little old man appeared
he wore a suit and tie
and a fedora had and had a big cigar
here is about four foot eleven
and he would stop every months in a while and take a few puffs and say it's a beautiful day isn't it a in
and this this would go out this went on for a long time i've begun to the basketball court and he'd come by and we're kind of meet at the summit
and to me it was an early message that i never god that
you know there's
you always say there's a effortless effort
and i was always good at the effort part but not good at the effortless part
so that's a story and i guess the only question i may have or have around it is
is there something else
well it's you know
japanese art roof
you shoot the target
the thousand million times and it's never perfect until one day it is
and that's effortless make the effort to do that but then when you
when you visit the over and over and over again like that
i'm at some point it becomes effortless
and always hit the target
because your efforts not sending the way we are ever

you're letting things happen instead of better things
i've gotten better at it you have
i appreciate your practice took a long time yes yes it takes forever
that's one of those questions that you don't want answered
it will that it will happen by itself if you persist said there's one thing about your practice
it said we really persistent very stubborn
thanks for all your help
have a good man of the next are clues me the next chanson docusign is the thirtieth and if anybody wants to just email me before the announcement comes out just do that now a on a list and it thanks everybody
i wanna say something okay no is a are sometimes and although this question is also got already been asked in or something like that it's okay to ask the same questions because you always get a different response
no problem
so don't take all my answer is canon still a as two bedrooms and had the more stupid question the better this