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Three Different Kinds Of Mind

Ordinary Mind, Doubt, Beginners, Book of Serenity, Non-duality, Non-violence, Duality...
Sep 11 2021


Heart Sutra, Peace, Chanting, Don't Know Mind, Zoom, Beginners, Lotus Sutra,...
May 01 2021

Hai! Here I Am

Zazen Mind, Observe, Instruction, Religion, Politics, Beginners, Patience, Separation...
Feb 20 2021

Not Knowing

Don't Know Mind, Instruction, training, Book of Serenity, Subject-and-Object,...
Jan 23 2021

Kika' s Ordination

Karma, Precepts, Equanimity, Building, Attachment, Zoom, Beginners, Lineage, Observe...
Oct 17 2020

Zazen Refresher

Posture, Instruction, Concentration, Beginners, Bowing, Chanting, American, Building...
Sep 04 2020

Taking Refuge

Impermanence, Heart Sutra, conversation, Four Foundations, resistance, Mindfulness,...
Feb 09 2019


Big Mind, Building, Heart Sutra, Echo, Beginners, Interview, Separation, Posture,...
Nov 25 2017


Mindfulness, Monkey Mind, Current Events, Dragons, Enemies, Culture, Enthusiasm,...
Aug 19 2017

The Point of Zazen

Gaining Mind, Dragons, Demons, Beginners, Peace, Mindfulness, Rinzai, Samadhi,...
Aug 05 2017

Ordinary Mind is the Way

Ordinary Mind, Intuition, conversation, Teacher-and-Student, Non-duality, Beginners,...
Jul 29 2017

Fundamentals of Zazen: Being in Time

Serial: BZ-02514

Rohatsu Day 1


Posture, Big Mind, Bell, Beginners, resistance, Chanting, Discrimination, Offering,...
Dec 04 2016

Master Ma is Unwell

Serial: BZ-02505

Koan Class 2

Attachment, Birth-and-Death, Dragons, Duality, Absolute-and-Relative, Beginners,...
Oct 17 2016

The Bodhisattva Chaplaincy

Lotus Sutra, training, Evil, First Principle, Buddha Nature, Book of Serenity, Lay,...
Aug 27 2016

Karma Bodhisattva Ceremony

Karma, Repentance, Vows, Evil, Bodhisattva Vow, Manjushri, Four Noble Truths, true...
Aug 20 2016

The Great Way Not Difficult Difficult

Separation, Subject-and-Object, Blue Cliff Record, Precious Mirror, Practice Period,...
May 14 2016

Practice of No Self

Practice Period, Monastic Practice, Happiness, Buddha Nature, Attachment, Lay...
May 07 2016

Suzuki Roshi Eko Lectures: 8 Dhyana Jhana

Serial: BZ-02451

 Rohatsu Day 4


Passions, Echo, Concentration, Anger, Karma, Emotions, Nirvana, Beginners, Aspects of...
Dec 02 2015

Friday Zazen Refresher

Posture, Beginners, Concentration, Silent Illumination, true dharma, Happiness,...
Mar 06 2015

Going and Stopping

Composure, Enthusiasm, Daily Life, Patience, Posture, Harmonizing, Impermanence,...
Nov 29 2014

Hyakujo and the Fox

Fox, Karma, Book of Serenity, Separation, causation, Attachment, Beginners,...
Nov 01 2014

Suffering is Not Enough

Oneness, Soto Zen, Impermanence, Global Warming, Book of Serenity, soto, Fundraising...
Sep 27 2014

Upaya Chaplaincy Training

Bodhisattva Vow, Silence, Beginners, Four Noble Truths, Vows, Oneness, training, Non-...
Aug 30 2014

Joshu - The Real Way Is Not Difficult

Serial: BZ-02373

Shuso talk

Practice Period, Dragons, Attachment, Family Practice, Absolute-and-Relative, Don...
Jun 07 2014

Blue Cliff Record Case 2

Serial: BZ-02365

Shuso talk

BCR-2, Attachment, Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Lineage, Daily Life, Practice...
May 17 2014

The Life of Vow

Vows, Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Buddha Mind, Subject-and-Object, Daily...
Nov 02 2013

The Heart Sutra

Heart Sutra, Chanting, Aspects of Practice, Ego, Interdependence, Beginners, Describe...
Oct 19 2013

Blue Cliff Record Case 89

Serial: BZ-02318

Find Out for Yourself, Saturday Lecture

Priest, Avalokiteshvara, BCR-89, Intuition, Instruction, Priest, Daily Life, Precepts...
Jul 06 2013
Berkeley Zen Center


Four Noble Truths, Liberation, Discrimination, training, Heart Sutra, Ego, Beginners...
Jun 29 2013

The Five Aspects of Effort

Culture, Beginners, Aspects of Practice, Greed, Emotions, Ego, Interview,...
Mar 09 2013

Serving Practice

Serial: BZ-02283

Rohatsu Day 6

Pure Existence, Duality, Bowing, Intimacy, Bell, Composure, Practice Period, War,...
Dec 07 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Five Powers of Zen

Renunciation, Mindfulness, Impermanence, Dependent Origination, New Year,...
Dec 01 2012

Our Minor Precepts

Serial: BZ-02275

Saturday Lecture

Precepts, Renunciation, Emotions, Humility, Sangha, conversation, Beginners, Patience...
Nov 17 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Wu Wei - Effortless Effort

Right Effort, Discrimination, Gaining Mind, Non-discrimination, Harmonizing, Daily...
Sep 08 2012

Poems of Miaza Never Despise

Lotus Sutra, Subject-and-Object, Transmission, uchiyama, Beginners, Separation,...
Aug 04 2012


Don't Know Mind, Dragons, Samadhi, Subject-and-Object, Continuous, Buddha Mind,...
Aug 03 2012


Oneness, Attachment, Subject-and-Object, Forgiveness, Intimacy, Non-discrimination,...
Aug 01 2012

Chick and Hen -- Inquiring and Responding 

Chick and Hen -- Inquiring and Responding
Tenshin Reb Anderson
No Abode, July 1, 2012 MORNING

Beginners, Birth-and-Death, Teacher-and-Student, Karmic Consciousness, confusion,...
Jul 01 2012
No Abode Hermitage

Dogen Zenji's Fukanzazengi

Subject-and-Object, Dharma Transmission, Non-duality, Duality, Instruction, Religion...
Mar 10 2012

Being Time

Beginners, Ordination, Mindfulness, Buddha Nature, Priest, Funeral, Gratitude,...
Dec 05 2011

Zazenshin Class

Transmission, Peace, Silence, Beginners, Instruction, Fundraising, Posture, Buddha...
May 12 2011

Case 43 - Tozan's No Heat No Cold

Serial: BZ-02114

Absolute and Relative or Essence and Function, Saturday Lecture

Five Ranks, Birth-and-Death, Suffering, Precepts, Five Ranks, training, Birth-and-...
Jul 10 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Hokyo Zammai Class

Five Ranks, Ego, Transmission, Discrimination, Religion, Samsara, Echo, Beginners,...
Jul 01 2010

Sojun Weitsman Roshi Genjokoan Class 5

Discrimination, Separation, Beginners, Daily Life, conversation, Non-discrimination,...
Jun 17 2010


Serial: EB-00231

Impossible to keep everybody happy with style of teaching; story of coming to Tassajara in 1966; fundraising for the monastery; not hiding negative parts of personality; the...

realization, Practice Period, Delusion, Beginners, New Year, Desire, Lineage, Zendo,...
May 11 2010

Master Ma Is Unwell

Serial: BZ-02092


Moment by moment life, Nothing Special, What is achievement?

Saturday Lecture

Zenki, BCR-3, Composure, Discrimination, Gaining Mind, Non-discrimination, confusion...
Mar 27 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Breath in Zazen

Serial: BZ-02073

Universal Activity, Rohatsu Day 6

confusion, Posture, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Daily Life, Duality, Buddha Nature,...
Dec 11 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

We Always Practice Under Restriction

Serial: BZ-02072

Ability and Disability, Rohatsu Day 5

Zazen, confusion, Observe, Funeral, Posture, Instruction, Karma, Forgiveness,...
Dec 10 2009
Berkeley Zen Center