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Serial: EB-00231

Impossible to keep everybody happy with style of teaching; story of coming to Tassajara in 1966; fundraising for the monastery; not hiding negative parts of personality; the...

realization, Practice Period, Delusion, Beginners, New Year, Desire, Lineage, Zendo,...
May 11 2010


Serial: EB-00235

Dogen's Genjo Koan; dealing with delusion, enlightenment and suffering; mastery is not getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts; story of Montana smoke-jumper.

realization, Delusion, Birth-and-Death, Four Noble Truths, Soto Zen, Nirvana, Daily...
Aug 12 2009


Precepts, Daily Life, Priest, realization, Lay, Silence, Mindfulness, Emotions...
Oct 26 2008


Desire, Intuition, Interview, Emotions, Intimacy, training, realization
Sep 27 2008


Don't Know Mind, Letting Go, Ceremony, conversation, Freedom, realization,...
Apr 15 2007


Intimacy, Sangha, realization, Culture, Wisdom, Faith
Mar 26 2007

Zen Of Business Administration

Serial: SF-00036

Sunday Talk.
Life at Green Gulch in the 1970s; giving, fearlessness; improv; no mistakes; parenting.

Tassajara, practicing generosity, Interview, Suzuki Roshi, Mill Valley, Daily Life,...
Mar 20 2005
Green Gulch Farm


Ceremony, Desire, Peace, Big Mind, Freedom, Observe, realization, Diversity, Zendo,...
Nov 07 2004


Ceremony, Desire, Peace, Big Mind, Freedom, Observe, realization, Diversity, Zendo...
Nov 07 2004


Serial: SF-00077

Relationship with the rules while training.

training, Practice Period, Vinaya, Emotions, Don't Know Mind, Mindfulness,...
Oct 20 2004


Ordinary Mind, Mill Valley, Monks, Practice Period, Zazen, Observe, realization,...
May 04 2004


Intimacy, Commitment, Priest, Ceremony, conversation, training, realization, Bell,...
May 03 2004

Dogen - Being Familiar With The Entire Body

Serial: SF-00039

Sunday talk.
Practice, realization, expression; Dogen's letters to nun Ryugen

realization, Buddha Ancestors, Delusion, Precepts, true dharma, Lotus Sutra, Oneness...
May 18 2003


Freedom, War, Liberation, realization, Peace, Tassajara, Community, Priest, Culture,...
Dec 24 2002


Interview, training, Enemies, Offering, Freedom, War, Concentration, realization,...
Jul 18 2001


Passions, Enthusiasm, Delusion, Observe, Demons, resistance, realization, Wisdom,...
Jan 13 2001

Women Ancestors

Lineage, Transmission, Soto Zen, realization, Priest-and-Lay, Emptiness, Ceremony,...
May 13 2000