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Sojun And JiJuYu Zanmai

Samadhi, uchiyama, Ego, Blue Cliff Record, Tassajara
Mar 13 2021

The Whole Earth Is Medicine

Manjushri, Blue Cliff Record, Heart Sutra, Hindrances, Perfect Wisdom, Describe,...
Oct 17 2020

Give Up Hope

Hsin Hsin Ming, Bell, Lotus Sutra, Impermanence, uchiyama, Tassajara, Practice Period...
Sep 28 2019

Choices and Preferences

Passions, Eka, Heart Sutra, uchiyama, Attachment, Bodhidharma, confusion, Describe,...
Sep 21 2019

Four Focuses

Emotions, Gaining Mind, Mindfulness, Hindrances, Anger, Attachment, Buddha Ancestors...
Mar 30 2019

Magnanimous View

Gaining Mind, Big Mind, Right Effort, Mindfulness, Instruction, Impermanence,...
Sep 15 2018

Ten Years and the Practice Rhythm of Communion and Response

Serial: TL-00449

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

resistance, Patience, Commitment, Practice Period, uchiyama
Feb 05 2017
ADZG Temple

Zen of Four Seasons

Transmission, Silence, Culture, uchiyama, Fundraising, Precepts, Building,...
Aug 29 2015

Studying the Self with Intimacy and Kindness

Serial: TL-00305

ADZG Monday Night,
Dharma Talk

Pain, Intimacy, Letting Go, uchiyama
Jul 29 2013
ADZG Temple

The Self Settling the Self on the Self

Birth-and-Death, Aspects of Practice, Chanting, Posture, Teacher-and-Student,...
Nov 10 2012

Poems of Miaza Never Despise

Lotus Sutra, Subject-and-Object, Transmission, uchiyama, Beginners, Separation,...
Aug 04 2012

Generosity Practice and Giving Up Self

Serial: TL-00259

ADZG Three Day Sesshin,
Dharma Talk

Letting Go, Patience, Perfect Wisdom, Building, uchiyama
May 25 2012
ADZG Temple

Baoche's Fanning

Platform Sutra, Birth-and-Death, Soto Zen, soto, Heart Sutra, Passions, uchiyama,...
Mar 24 2012

Tao Wu's Condolence Call

Serial: BZ-02062

Shuso talk

Blue Cliff Record, Continuous, Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, true dharma,...
Oct 24 2009

Other Power and Self Power

Serial: TL-00191

ADZG Sunday Morning,
Dharma Talk

Chanting, Buddha Mind, uchiyama, Lay Ordination, Dharma Transmission
Jun 21 2009
ADZG Temple


Heart Sutra, Sutra, Buddha Nature, Bodhidharma, uchiyama
Jun 16 2009

Platform Sutra: Non Attachment within Attachment: Serial No. 01451

Serial: BZ-01451

Rohatsu, Day 5, side A

Attachment, Discrimination, Samadhi, Composure, Manjushri, Offering, Non-attachment,...
Dec 11 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Platform Sutra of 6th Ancestor Hui Neng

Serial: BZ-02008

Non-attachment Within Attachment, Rohatsu Day 5

Hui Neng, Attachment, Discrimination, Non-attachment, Composure, Offering, Platform...
Dec 11 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

February 23rd, 2008, Serial No. 01117

Interdependence, Passions, uchiyama, Describe
Feb 23 2008

April 21st, 2007, Serial No. 01432, Side B

Global Warming, Four Noble Truths, Dependent Origination, Intuition, uchiyama,...
Apr 21 2007

September 23rd, 2006, Serial No. 01387

Transmission, New Year, Lay, Lineage, Buddha Mind, Chanting, Discrimination, uchiyama...
Sep 23 2006


Serial: SF-01100

Sesshin Lecture: just sitting with no technique or theme; monk: what about when not carrying anything? Zhaozhou: put it down; Shakyamuni holding up the flower; zazen in...

uchiyama, Zazen, Freedom, Duality, Impermanence, Practice Period, Tassajara, Delusion...
Apr 02 2006
Green Gulch

September 25th, 2005, Serial No. 01190

Lineage, Chanting, Rinzai, Lay Practice, Dharma Transmission, Teacher-and-Student,...
Sep 25 2005

February 20th, 2005, Serial No. 01315

Lotus Sutra, Separation, Five Ranks, Evil, Tassajara, uchiyama, Politics, Intimacy,...
Feb 20 2005

October 23rd, 2004, Serial No. 01285

Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Gaining Mind, Passions, Transmission, uchiyama...
Oct 23 2004

Flop Dog

Serial: SF-01103

One-day sitting lecture: not accomplishing anything.

Suzuki Roshi, Study Period, Zazen, resistance, Nirvana, uchiyama, Letting Go, Posture...
Jul 17 2004
Green Gulch

April 18th, 2004, Serial No. 01045

Passions, Buddha Nature, Four Noble Truths, Addiction, Suzuki Roshi, Ego, Zazen,...
Apr 18 2004

June 22nd, 2003, Serial No. 01347

Ego, Separation, Heart Sutra, Emotions, Attachment, Soto Zen, Passions, uchiyama,...
Jun 22 2003

February 9th, 2002, Serial No. 00062, Side B

uchiyama, Peace, Blue Cliff Record, Zazen Mind, Book of Serenity, soto, Dragons,...
Feb 09 2002

August 18th, 2001, Serial No. 03921

Soto Zen, Suzuki Roshi, Subject-and-Object, Lineage, soto, Bowing, Silence, Duality,...
Aug 18 2001
City Center

August 12th, 2001, Serial No. 00091

Ceremony, Intimacy, Balance, Concentration, uchiyama
Aug 12 2001

Sesshin Lecture

Suzuki Roshi, Practice Period, Zazen, Monkey Mind, Chanting, Tassajara, uchiyama,...
Apr 10 2000
Green Gulch

April 18th, 1998, Serial No. 00347, Side A

Practice Period, Concentration, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Offering, Posture, Commitment...
Apr 18 1998

Spring Sesshin

Serial: SF-02728


Emptiness, Zazen, uchiyama, Letting Go, Anger, Suzuki Roshi, Instruction
Mar 26 1998

November 9th, 1997, Serial No. 00151

uchiyama, Religion, Faith, Money, Six Realms
Nov 09 1997

August 17th, 1996, Serial No. 00795, Side B

Posture, Doubt, Hindrances, uchiyama, Obstacles, Anger, Mahayana, Culture,...
Aug 17 1996

December 4th, 1994, Serial No. 00953, Side A

uchiyama, Lotus Sutra, Samadhi, Vows, Posture, Mahayana, Instruction, Equanimity,...
Dec 04 1994

May 4th, 1991, Serial No. 00701, Side B

Ordination, Bowing, Bell, Heart Sutra, Lineage, uchiyama, Priest, Chanting,...
May 04 1991

April 28th, 1990, Serial No. 00507, Side A

Monastic Practice, Family Practice, Offering, Soto Zen, soto, uchiyama, Daily Life,...
Apr 28 1990

Tenzo Kyokun Pt.I

Serial: BZ-01525A

Rohatsu Day 1

Tenzo Kyokun, uchiyama, Hindrances, Posture, American, Lay
Dec 01 1986
Berkeley Zen Center

February 6th, 1975, Serial No. 00545

Posture, Priest, uchiyama, Ceremony, Money
Feb 06 1975

September 16th, 1972, Serial No. 00479

uchiyama, Priest, Dream World, Building, Continuous
Sep 16 1972

Unknown Date, Serial 04343

Describe, Balance, uchiyama, Faith, Tassajara