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Enlightenment Zazen Comfort True Comfort

Thoroughness, Four Noble Truths, Practice Period, Attachment, Composure, Buddha...
May 05 2018

Practices for PP Opening Sesshin

Practice Period, Gaining Mind, Monastic Practice, Subject-and-Object, Continuous,...
Apr 28 2018

Going and Stopping

Composure, Enthusiasm, Daily Life, Patience, Posture, Harmonizing, Impermanence,...
Nov 29 2014

The Metaphor and Practice of Home Leaving

Gratitude, Bodhisattva Way, Family Practice, Culture, Monastic Practice, Thoroughness...
Mar 23 2013

On Enlightenment and Delusion 

Intimacy, Politics, War, Silence, American, Birth-and-Death, Desire, Buddha Mind,...
Dec 17 2009
The Yoga Room

"Cooking Your Life" (Uchiyama and Dogen)

Serial: BZ-00992

Meeting the Source, Teaching Retreat

Tenzo Kyokun, Practice Position, Practice Position, Intuition, Discrimination,...
Sep 01 2007
Part 1 of 2
Berkeley Zen Center

Enlightenment as Everyday Life; "Nothing Special"

Serial: BZ-01421

Koun Ejô and Suzuki-roshi commentaries, Sesshin Day 3

Enlightenment, Koun Ejô, Samadhi, Daily Life, Thoroughness, Continuous, Gaining Mind...
Feb 19 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

The Paramitas

Serial: BZ-01166

Patience and Enthusiastic Effort, Sesshin Day 1

Paramitas, Effort, Patience, Virya, Enthusiasm, Practice Position, Composure,...
Jun 14 2006
Berkeley Zen Center


Serial: BZ-00065A

Rohatsu Day 7

Enlightenment, Ordinary Mind, Discrimination, Daily Life, Instruction, Thoroughness,...
Dec 08 2001
Berkeley Zen Center

Sun-face Buddha, Moon-face Buddha

Serial: BZ-00123B

Saturday Lecture


Buddha, Koan, Buddha Nature, Blue Cliff Record, Thoroughness, Priest, Ordinary Mind,...
Nov 18 2000
Berkeley Zen Center

June 25th, 1999, Serial No. 00165, Side A

Birth-and-Death, Liberation, Thoroughness, Continuous, Impermanence, Buddha Nature,...
Jun 25 1999

Genjokoan Commentary (Pt. 3/8)

Serial: BZ-00753A

Sesshin Day 3

Genjokoan, Birth-and-Death, Liberation, Thoroughness, Impermanence, Continuous,...
Jun 25 1999
Berkeley Zen Center

Correct Attitudes For Practice Period

Serial: BZ-00441B

Saturday Lecture

Practice Period, Mindfulness, Daily Life, Practice Period, Composure, Aspects of...
Oct 25 1998
Berkeley Zen Center

How We Practice: Dogen's "Thoroughness"

Serial: BZ-00314A

Sesshin Day 2

Practice, Dogen, Big Mind, Buddha Nature, Thoroughness, Bowing, Duality, Non-...
Jun 19 1997
Berkeley Zen Center

Title Unknown

Serial: BZ-00816A

Rohatsu Day 4

Thoroughness, Buddha Nature, Ego, resistance, Posture, Religion, Repentance, Enemies...
Dec 06 1995
Berkeley Zen Center

November 25th, 1995, Serial No. 00818, Side B

Bodhidharma, Monastic Practice, Peace, Hate, Ego, Silence, Happiness, Thoroughness,...
Nov 25 1995

Dogen's Five Points

Serial: BZ-00827B

Saturday Lecture

Four Methods of Guidance, Instruction, Thoroughness, Hindrances, Absolute-and-...
Aug 12 1995
Berkeley Zen Center


Serial: BZ-00828B

Saturday Lecture

Daily Life, Thoroughness, Teacher-and-Student, Silence, conversation, training,...
Jul 29 1995
Berkeley Zen Center

Heart Sutra

Serial: BZ-00951A

Rohatsu Day 5

Heart Sutra, Birth-and-Death, Big Mind, Duality, Soto Zen, Building, Happiness,...
Dec 08 1994
Berkeley Zen Center

Genjokoan: Seeing Forms with the Whole Body and Mind

Serial: BZ-00727B

No Gap, Flexibility, Pain, Sesshin Day 4

Separation, Thoroughness, Discrimination, Ego
Jun 27 1992
Berkeley Zen Center

May 23rd, 1991, Serial No. 00277

Birth-and-Death, Buddha Nature, Thoroughness, Religion, Separation, Obstacles, Lay,...
May 23 1991

Unknown Date, Serial 00529, Side A

Mindfulness, Daily Life, Practice Period, Composure, Aspects of Practice, Posture,...