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Samādhi (Pali and Sanskrit: समाधि), in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and yogic schools, is a state of meditative consciousness. In Buddhism, it is the last of the eight elements of the Noble Eightfold Path. In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, it is the eighth and final limb identified in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

In the oldest Buddhist sutras, on which several contemporary western Theravada teachers rely, it refers to the development of an investigative and luminous mind which is equanimous and mindful. In the yogic traditions, and the Buddhist commentarial tradition on which the Burmese Vipassana movement and the Thai Forest tradition rely, it is interpreted as a meditative absorption or trance, attained by the practice of dhyāna.

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Fukanzazengi, Part 2

Dragons, Instruction, soto, Rinzai, Concentration, Nirvana Sutra, Platform Sutra,...
May 15 2021

Sojun And JiJuYu Zanmai

Death-and-Dying, Practice Period, Monkey Mind, Tassajara, Ego, Silence, Heart Sutra,...
Mar 13 2021

Yogacara Deconstructs Whiteness

cognitive process, Subject-and-Object, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Precepts, training,...
Nov 28 2020

Public Dokusan 13

Birth-and-Death, Discrimination, Big Mind, Buddha Nature, Harmonizing, Vows, Samadhi...
Nov 20 2020

Dead Or Alive

Birth-and-Death, Duality, Oneness, Teacher-and-Student, Samadhi, Funeral, Precepts,...
Nov 07 2020

Dongshan Class 2

Five Ranks, Describe, Duality, Global Warming, Zazen Mind, Light-and-Darkness,...
Sep 01 2020

The World-Honored One Ascends the Seat

Darkness and Light, Precious Mirror, Book of Serenity, Manjushri, Branching Streams,...
May 18 2019
No Abode Hermitage

Practice Like A Fool, Like An Idiot, Like A Fool On The Hill

Half-Smile, Culture, Silent Illumination, Echo, Samadhi, resistance, Mahayana,...
Apr 13 2019

Drifting Thoughts, Stepping Back - Temporal and Eternal Mind

Big Mind, Ego, Karma, Gratitude, Discrimination, Samadhi, Renewal, Rinzai, Interview...
Jan 19 2019


Precepts, Karma, Anger, Monastic Practice, Samadhi, Birth-and-Death, Sangha,...
Dec 01 2018

Whole-Hearted Practice

Buddha Mind, Dharma Transmission, Samadhi, Birth-and-Death, Rinzai, soto, Chanting,...
Mar 17 2018

Mind Waves

Serial: BZ-02584

Day 1


Big Mind, Samadhi, Duality, Composure, Patience, Non-duality, Religion, Five Ranks,...
Dec 03 2017

Seven Factors of Enlightenment

Mindfulness, Equanimity, Concentration, Ego, Samadhi, Enthusiasm, Happiness,...
Nov 11 2017

The Point of Zazen

Gaining Mind, Dragons, Demons, Beginners, Peace, Mindfulness, Rinzai, Samadhi,...
Aug 05 2017

Duality as a Cause of Suffering

Lotus Sutra, Duality, Greed, War, Peace, Evil, Non-duality, Nirvana, Samadhi, Hate...
Jul 22 2017

Heart Sutra

Serial: BZ-02552

Sesshin Day 1


Perfect Wisdom, Heart Sutra, Samadhi, Duality, Avalokiteshvara, Non-duality,...
Jun 07 2017


Serial: BZ-02519

Rohatsu Day 6


Intuition, Discrimination, Building, Emotions, Four Noble Truths, Composure, Buddha...
Dec 09 2016

Practice is the Details of My Life

Buddha Nature, Humility, Dharma Transmission, Soto Zen, Offering, Echo, Gratitude,...
Aug 13 2016

The Pivotal Business of Buddha’s House

Lotus Sutra, Lotus Sutra, Faith, Zazen, Perfect Wisdom, Bell, Samadhi
Jun 11 2016
No Abode Hermitage

Breaking the Mirror

Bodhisattva Precepts, Precious Mirror, Interview, Samadhi, Transmission
Apr 09 2016
No Abode Hermitage


Samadhi, Impermanence, Vows, Fasting, Intention, lecture, difficulty
Aug 22 2015


true dharma, Concentration, Posture, Teacher-and-Student, Samadhi, Daily Life, zen,...
Aug 21 2015


Manjushri, Subject-and-Object, Impermanence, Offering, Dragons, difficulty, Vows,...
Aug 20 2015


Subject-and-Object, Duality, Samadhi, New Year, Mindfulness, Meditation, Family...
Aug 19 2015

Ummon's Every Day Is A Good Day

Blue Cliff Record, Buddha Nature, Practice Period, Zazen Mind, Silence, Posture,...
May 16 2015

Every Day Is a Good Day

Big Mind, First Principle, Continuous, Evil, Buddha Mind, Composure, Aspects of...
Nov 08 2014

Case 16 of Denkoroku

Priest, Absolute-and-Relative, Mindfulness, Heart Sutra, American, Lay, Conversation...
Apr 13 2014

Zen and Psychotherapy

Monastic Practice, Buddha Nature, Samadhi, Mindfulness, War, Priest, Dragons, Aspects...
Aug 03 2013

The Bodhisattva's Three-fold Ethics and Three-fold Samadhi 

Discrimination, resistance, Bodhisattva Precepts, Samadhi, Letting Go, Non-...
Jun 22 2013
No Abode Hermitage


Serial: BZ-02304

Shikantaza, Saturday Lecture

Samadhi, Suzuki Roshi, Vairochana Buddha, Precious Mirror, Darkness and Light, Silent...
Apr 20 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Samdhinirmocana Sutra

Posture, Oneness, Duality, Subject-and-Object, Mahayana, Non-violence, Heart Sutra,...
Apr 14 2013

A Special Transmission Outside the Scriptures

A Special Transmission Outside the Scriptures
Tenshin Reb Anderson
No Abode 2013-02-02 AM

Transmission, Buddha Mind, Bodhisattva Vow, Buddha Ancestors, Bodhisattva Precepts,...
Feb 02 2013
No Abode Hermitage

Mindfulness and Mindlessness

Mindfulness, Hindrances, Patience, Four Foundations, Posture, Hate, Aspects of...
Jan 19 2013

Five Powers of Zen

Renunciation, Mindfulness, Impermanence, Dependent Origination, New Year,...
Dec 01 2012

A Candle in the Dark

Practice Position, Darkness and Light, Five Ranks, Lotus Sutra, Gratitude, Commitment...
Nov 24 2012

Introduction to Bendowa

Aspects of Practice, true dharma, Transmission, Ordinary Mind, Dharma Transmission,...
Oct 14 2012


Don't Know Mind, Dragons, Samadhi, Subject-and-Object, Continuous, Buddha Mind,...
Aug 03 2012


Greed, Subject-and-Object, Posture, Dragons, difficulty, Addiction, Commitment,...
Jul 31 2012


Subject-and-Object, training, Dharma Transmission, Birth-and-Death, Oneness,...
Jul 30 2012


Serial: BZ-02235

The Backward Step, One-Day Sitting

Samadhi, Non-thinking, Dragons, Dharma Transmission, Lotus Sutra, Intuition, Lineage...
Mar 17 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Householder Bodhisattvas, What is Your Aspiration for this New Year? 

New Year, Complete Perfect Enlightenment, Perfect Wisdom, Priest, Patience, Lay,...
Jan 02 2012
No Abode Hermitage

Sitting With The Busy Mind

Concentration, Right Effort, Composure, Posture, Impermanence, Mindfulness, Gratitude...
Dec 06 2011

Denkoroku Class - Bashyashita Daiosho

Karma, Transmission, Daily Life, Conversation, Duality, Funeral, Dragons, Non-duality...
Feb 20 2011

My Way As A Teacher

Serial: BZ-02129

Berkeley Zen Center - A garden that is cultivated, Saturday Lecture

Eihei Shingi, Way-Seeking Mind, Teacher-and-Student, Lotus Sutra, Bell, training,...
Oct 02 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Things I Have Faith In

Right Effort, Blue Cliff Record, Oneness, New Year, Big Mind, Samadhi, resistance,...
Aug 21 2010


Precepts, Meditation, training, Sangha, Monastic Practice, Vows, Mindfulness, Samadhi...
Aug 07 2010

Practicing Stillness in Motion

Serial: BZ-02102

Shuso talk

Subject-and-Object, Samadhi, Practice Period, Five Ranks, Absolute-and-Relative,...
May 29 2010

Training for the Selfless Heart 

Patience, Addiction, Bodhidharma, difficulty, Enthusiasm, Don't Know Mind,...
Apr 15 2010
The Yoga Room

Shikantaza Basic Zen Practice: Serial No. 01094

Continuous, Pure Existence, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Hindrances, Happiness, Birth-...
Feb 28 2009