Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Thursday, August 18, 1966 -- (B)
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Thursday, August 18, 1966 SESSHIN LECTURE: Thursday, 1:00 pm, Lecture B Sokoji, San Francisco
The tape resumed, after the comment by the operator, with the following lecture fragment. It is presumed to be the end of lecture SR-66-08-18-B for the following reasons: (a) it directly followed the operator's comments; (b) it ends with “Thank you very much,” and (c)Suzuki states in the fragment that it is the fourth day of the sesshin, which would mean Thursday was the day the fragment of the lecture was given. Source: Original City Center tape. Verbatim transcript by Adam Tinkham and Bill Redican (8/2/01). . *** File name: 66-08-18-B: Shōbōgenzō (Verbatim) with above Changed "its relationship is vein" to "its relationship is vine" 12-2-2015; "discussion you make" to "decision you make" 12-16-2015, dc.