October 26th, 1971, Serial No. 00064

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i study
according to
ah the piss poor sugar many buddhists life eight the preschools dawkins life

the deeper i have felt
something i can't explain to me
particularly ah guinea
ah sent g
our tries to
of find
what the to practice are we should follow
ah without
a touch me without attachment to have any idea
indian buddhism or chinese buddhism or clean buddhism or hinayana buddhism or mahayana buddhism
the he really
ah tries hard to get what their true practice we should follow
are particularly ah dogan
i tried to describe
what to practice we should follow
ah using japanese language with dump is feeding dump his family so i think goggins is very japanese of list i think so
ah unfortunately
we we don't have why we don't know fine dire the sheboygan toy in ah
ha translated into english so i'm sorry i do you will not have a chance to lead the shop or ginza
anyway if the someday i hope you will have a chance to read the show to use presume

but i don't mean the list of fonda
of the buddhist school schools which florist in the common kuwait appealed
ah are not fully are fully know i don't think so
they need to then conditioned on there are also downplays but the particularly duncan's r tolkien salieri japanese who tries to follow the company buddhist practice
oh for years to see few
day circulation i
put the they are often emphasis on now what that was a our practices our practice is based on scan cover
the even this step the word skin cover is a created by lily japanese says john is feeding and also using japanese sandwich
oh if you translate
but the buddhism into a from sanskrit to into a japanese or chinese
you will never find such award this can cause i
you can't
today i attended the participated in dr doctor his lecture ah i would i enjoyed very much
ah he explained about the samadhi and prides neon sign
but dogan a the according to dar the technical the skin color
ah he tried to explain what
what is our doesn't what is the doesn't work which we are about to fall
dave from our primitive for our primitive buddhism maybe something is ah samani of doesn't
or maybe f war maybe wisdom and song
the if i translate the come into english i used the very often the wholeheartedness hot mess but even a whole harness i always mentioned you whatever you do priests to with hore hardness
or concentrate on your dancing with her hotness so someone asked me well yes i i won't try i won't try to concentrate on zazzle with or harkness what should i do except the us and out of doesn't
walking walking a street walking something why should i extend to the the are then
extended as they into our daily life
so someone says all i have to do is to just concentrate on walking yes maybe so just the concentrate on walking it is true
but ski is our
not that now concentrate on the
he yourself
a yourself not concentrate concentrate on
oh canada whereas i think concentrate on the working
created by youth by you by your foot
sky is years and saw
a looks like on the as a air for small kids rising up here in the high year too
constantly constantly or smoke is rising up in the air the constantly
but this is i think concentration or can it looks like a concentration or it looks like a whore harness but smoke doesn't ignore their whole existence around it on it does he ignore
they don't wait no when the wind comes smoke is mou exists
when the know there is no wind smoke s just rising up
beer strictly constant
or even though the air that wind comes of cause the wind a smoke is move to like was left maybe so but the doesn't stop rising appreciate ears constant anyway
it means this is not deter not the concentrate on yourself small self small self
the sky is
ah of course to concentrate yourself and also you should keep in mind that you cannot ignore the whole pictures of our soundings
but about you
you cannot ignore completely for you can see you drive you drive a car
of course all you have to do is concentrate on driving a car
but that's emerging is it will it will be password to concentrate on just the yourself ignoring the or circumstances particularly on on the freeway you kid
when it was the law sanders says drove a car in on the on a freeway that time it was the first time for me that it's pretty hard even though i what the carefree all circumstance could
they just for a while i hesitate to get off what at that time the car coming behind me that bad back and then i push it out
i couldn't i i missed i missed the chance to get off
then they all day a
all day i went round the roseanne this
in order to get to the freeway entrance of were freeway it's nonsense but it's true

but in all they will you are dr i think it is important to concentrate on yourself know how to drive how to deal with the hundreds
but at the same time we unconsciously or kaiser say
it is really true that you shouldn't ignore all circumstances
did you concentrate once on yourself and
you perceive you perceive whole pictures whole picture so circumstances around you that's where you can drive you can drive in safety
i think so i think so

then smarty samadi doesn't instant smarty doesn't and does it at de will you explain describe what does he is maybe jersey is based on the samadi they wait you transfers money in tune with smart
is tranquillity or concentration or calmness and song
then with calmness the concentrate on and driving
without we in with in mourning mourning circumstances and i don't think so
yeah you always you have to always
be reflected on what would you call not they hope no excuse me whole pictures of circumstances
it is on your mind
what is based on the calmness calmness
so does he is not on not to the based on the only calmness okay yeah that was your daily life is none is not based on just the calmness i can't you can't do
because many things exist around you the wind i don't know where you don't know where from where the when the wind com
from the east from the west from the north you you don't know nobody knows
then calmness these the your life in of course your life must be based on calmness
what can enable you concentrate on your life right now right here this is good the cisco
and and at the same time they come this must perceive perceive whole pictures surrounding okay hope pictures of circumstances lounge
it is wisdom is wisdom wisdom ms the wisdom is the cap cap a bit what would you call the power or and i don't know and unknown no no proper word and you wave power or kalpa v
really then mental capability to court
the function the mind
the wisdom is the function the mind which can accept perceive perceive all whole pictures whole pictures of circumstances
this is can decision
then when you work on the street of course you have to walk on the concentrate on walking is okay
and also you have to know you have to know the circumstances amount
otherwise you your concentration makes walk a works you know
make sense your concentration equipment concentration make sense make sense
if you ignore the whole circumstance all pictures of circumstances your concentration doesn't make sense
wishlists selfishness
for you can see a few the practice in the khazar form for one month of course you were experience what com this is what trunk what is yes i think so
the moment when you come when you go out of the tashard and got to the san francisco do your calmness has gone immediately
the what is comes it's pretty high have to excuse

the tokens that's five dog and doesn't use 's doesn't them my doesn't and my is money
he he doesn't use the word zum my of course he wrote the the he he describe about the samani what's a smart he is
but he want he when you weren't to express what the zazi is
zazi is not to smarty does he is not merely wisdom

the wisdom is the functioning functioning aspect of your mind of your mind smarties money is these tadic aspect of your mind wisdom is very dynamic aspect of your mind kate wisdom
so wisdom is always accept always perceive perceive whole pictures or pictures of circumstance that's why we always tent with all and be were all essential p
the second is not there to concentrate on just your are rife if you want to concentrate concentrate on you arrive
and at the same time to see to see the doll or so all sentient beings
yonder was in zen center that you have to always to see the whole pictures your constant you take care of your life and at the same times you have to see you have to see the others life too
this is can decision
the sky is doesn't is not to escape from on others life was society or no city life and to sit zazen in the quiet phrase in his mask
in his mask
if you want to experience just as samadi yes you should go to the deep mountain and practice for one month uk experience smarty what smarties
but our our practices not on the not based on on this money

because life is always going on going on movie

ah then he used the that can cause up couldn't pass up
school thousand
of course
the your mind must be calm your mind has become whatever you do
because when your mind a smack com it is pretty high to perceive hall total pictures of circumstances
why is and see if you drive with nervous nervousness
you always scared
riker beginners drivers
like begin on some driver and driving driving car
the so is nervous of for driving coun freeway so you can all you you are always miss very important of opportunity to get out what to write on the freeway
is pretty hot
that's why you need a practice of driving kind several times
they are we need we need the calmness
we need a calmness
so sky is scum has two meanings
why is
oh mind why why why is
the mind must be based on communists
and also this mind this calmness the this calmness of the mind the simultaneously perceive the vivid whole total total pictures of circumstances around you

this is come so when you do doesn't
no i think you the it's pretty hard for you to experience just comes is free art because your mind is very busy so that's things coming up
but a few mind is not com it's pretty hard for you to to see to see that total picture silvio thought busy wars
they not nasty you are completely upset what does he is nonsense why you are completely nervous when shall i do
of course it doesn't make you make your mind com this com is not the escape from you are variety of thought running through your head this calmness
is in every you to perceive to see a vivid total pictures of your mind
nevertheless the aroused was ten i do to stay here just driving test drive you just drive
this driving is not they're nuts the certain instruction how to drive how to drive the in terms of was solid gold or rods called point aspect i can't explain we have to
master this point
you have to drive of course the the driving teacher teach you how to drive the you can run how to drive through the book but it's depends on whether or not you can drive with calmness wow
what and carefully or circumstances surrounding the tough to you you have to run this point
there or have to do is just to drive just to be in the car and driving insect this is this is sir
the crucial point all would what you have to do
strictly speaking
if you analyze this the present
being in the car
i say your mind must be calm and then you'll come this simultaneously perceive vivid whole pictures of circumstance i can't explain that but actually what shall i deal with this calmness or
vivid total pictures of circumstances
just do you stay there and drive the top

odds possessing is ah
so during a dozen you are you must
ah make every possible effort to make a mine com
without being passed away by rotten thoughts you tried to come back to the then again and again

without chasing after world the policy war
because if you are chasing after the thought you were driving is so your your chi's are going zig zag
the you are completely miss very important point to get up
of to freeway
so at any cost
the than is just one point what you have to do it is just do it to stay dense can tell when and translate scant as i is just do it just
to stay very simple but they're just do it is not to stay in the severe of yourself based on selfishness okay your selfishness must be a perceive perceive the portal pictures of your circumstances
is what's going on
and that fight organ didn't use the word scum sky is as if the smoke is rising appears
when the wind comes maybe whose swale move slowly but he doesn't smoke doesn't give up rising appears constant
our it means sky is must be always vivid living in the present not in the past not in the future
ah diseases as in to see says in
so do in tr
ah is very tentative to or everything with whatever whatever he do he does he's very tentative to everything
so if you need to chop organs or delays so one for tuft and name the send your send your is saw
how to what to do what to do
how to take your love for know what to do when you use the bathroom
we use the bathroom
the according to the dog and try to explain
what to do in the bathrooms
because someone says someone tried to translate the central emptying this she says she thought why it's fun our farm
so he he gave up translated
but for me is now far out because i did before and near his monastery i did it's not fun out but the for
well maybe it is for around for you wisdom capable

because see

a dog in didn't use it
small bore small the kray ball clay bar
grey boss
every time when you use the bathroom
it's more
have we explained decimate a bit
maybe you think or it's for
the create clue what they're about above this been sad about the about the size of the been you tried to make the small clay bar
the this great didn't it is now clay maybe cray can be so i did it
the disc you have to
to the kray you have to find the clay not black clay in the year yellowish cray little bit to read the radish radish
and the makers small bore and the put put put it on your left hand
the port do you have to first like this you make a darryl
and then put in here and water little bit here and then you should make it melt with your head with your themes excess and then wash wish
front and back buff

every time
then after that you tried to wash hand with cray also nexus and then wrap your hand with a small rock access this is rock this parade
a print play ball and then pour the water and wash the your hand like this
maybe it's far off
then i explained what the more i did in their head according to die did they master named ashmore rice the he said are you crazy

it doesn't matter their how how it is far out in old the
the it doesn't matter but token didn't to try to
try to be intimate with second many buddhism practice
in in his daily life wherever he do
kiss the his practice must be in the sphere or buddhist life always
whatever situation he may be
the outside
the inside
he's very tentative he's very considering to everything
ha i think he's really japanese literature
so if you if you are if you lead the the if you were out for
ah tends to lead the show burgundy english think you will
you will not to like a doubt nice will products
because says pay to my sensitive
to everything whatever you do you have to have his show before you do
and tend to reverse
no wait you than a when you step in burns bathroom you have to first bar
then you get you can get getting and then when you in dampness bathroom is very different from a western style they you step on the bathroom
he ought to be
three time
featured at six they you start to do


i thought

the of pressure

not like this

oh it wisdom is the built-in you receive the what's happening all the circumstances and moment
then i'm in practice don't intensity every circumstance seems to be very early formalized so that one does not reacting poorly circumstances moment every situation as if crease that primal pattern
oh how do you reconcile that the
how to well on hot isn't there contradiction there between yeah picked and circumstances of the moment each moment instead of situation and circumstances as fresh and practice and some very formal almost a ritual practice
and stopping them she outlines

i stroke his picking
the order to
ah experience a order to make the wisdom or words the unconsciously in your daily life they have to need the practice of
are taking a kenaf
the everything's i'm facing right now right here
that's off the top
it's korea of nan how sure how to how to accept it you know how to accept the whole circumstances you know with your sense with the incense


the a sink in a daily life the first ball we have to arrange
their fiscal situation
for years and see if you want to r
feel flesh the fresh
ah you tried to take a bath to clean your body
and green the were unaware green dress
then tried to ah land your circumstances
this is who all what we have to do this is practice
it's his practice
then through this practice you can experience you can experience mental calmness meant to western speech or wisdom spiritual communists
then was shall i was was should do what should you perceive the or whole circumstances when you while you are driving the car is pretty hard to explain
then you must first boy you must set to you know with calmness with calmness anyway you have to sit right on the middle of the see teeth
then crack to presto right in the middle and front in front of the handles then called handle v
look at the street
opening the eyes
the way simples

the then the immediate is something happen you can catch it
may if you sleep if you close the i and driving a kid

that's why is or then mean doesn't play straight your posture work
let's it simple