January 30th, 1972, Serial No. 00192

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i've got disease
ah not
has he is
a dog or cat
many other animals is i brought me
by human being or buy something
the our practice is
to the deal
the two major reversal make it
oh yeah
the and in
yourself in yourself
this is our hearts
that's fine logan dingy are call practice
ah good voice
now practices not to to
ah go up go upscale you go the sticks one by one
the first forward to the second floor
the a is our club disease
just to so does to the bill the universal nature
what gets him yelling in the south
ah so gimmicky ability is just sustaining just sustaining the practice sustaining practice forever
this is our plants without expecting anything on all
the duncan says
is not want
one should a to
but what he should be turn to ultimately
and this is our practice
the he is not what wie heute attached to
but what he should return to ultimate me
didn't i
in the says
ah has
no clear cut to viewpoint
for his our for its purpose
when was least something which you have to a month
if you want to practice didn't i
you have to concentrate you have to concentrate
hot on a corn
and then
it's depends on
smith ah
what promise your practice make
depend on
in how many cohen turn pass intimidation
when you have to pass some nathan coin one by one
read fake korea vehicle anyway you have to pass pass the examination cohen
so in this respect and in guys practice
complete effect
upon the practitioner
and first of all i can master the you our first coin move
when you pass the examination cohen move
he he will give your second call they have a wilson and by on
this is a good for beginner
but on the other happen photo then
this thing cuts
there must always says you should do skin color
if you try a the word is contrary to english they mustn't say just sit
new from within the it that makes sense
of course
there is way too
who put me just say that makes sense
but anyway nevertheless duncan
an emphasis on practice defect skunk
what's all the more you practice
hod skin ta-da
the more you realize that
your practice have
completely no effect
a point
no sign that it's no fun your thirty action and no tiny how for effect
miss madden is practice
find out
complete the fact that man in love

never for
these can cover is
if not only have the is
death to practice
zaza would has no effect appointed
nazario the fat foods say on the action
one of fire
student said
to me about real life
your though of may poverty
a poor family
the way you are when he was time for it
he went to die school with these friends
who lived with his neighborhood
what are you
he his old friends all his friends
why also before
what then and that com
he didn't notice that there was some trouble
on the reality of that reality the fact which he is how toy you are
it was no trouble
because everybody poor
then one day we had to move someplace with his parents
then started to go to school that time on
not everybody
was for
some of his students
they reach
then he noticed that work
how why what
when he find some top
when he was he noticed that
he is based on onwards
came up the bottom of his mind
he would be on me with badly than his friend who was from our debts
because always to compare with a leech
keep a cheering
when he tried to he's traveled war getting off the poverty
but there was nothing nothing to do for him to get up
then a in a high school
he realized
he had to he realized that he had to give get sympathy with the people who was poor
because he understood he understood he poor poor i've
he understood how is what the poor what was what or ears
when he tried to he tried to give a good thing he were a people for what for
day he died in some group will try to try to help that poor kid
and he like a doubt in order to make money
turn the country on that his airport
why he made the effort to make money
the more he realized that he was getting for
one say he couldn't
he couldn't help the poor people enough
he couldn't be satisfied with his airport
which he tried to make a help of which he he tried to help the poor people
even the join in the some big group
then of that he became for kitten
he can hit
because he didn't understand what the point
what meet you
you are in the past
why he tried to he tried to he made a pact with effort to be candidates a more
he become he became a poor
so he gave up right they can keep pick
to to be a happy
maybe the word or tahiti
they happen
the world why he wants a very two three mean this one how happy i i want
the inner few a few years
god me he realized
i was it what man he had happened
what's map
when he realize that he lives there was nowhere no nowhere to go no place to that he ordered to get a happy happy face
rather than know rather than a hippy hippie wrong word
ne he's trapped well he's that
the get their last he found vincent
that's very interesting

this afternoon
he had a long teaching at that time will be discussed a bath or something
more than business model
love teaching medium many things happened
about your life
what about american society
by japanese about them way to move out than keeping many things up with really just the with
that time i thought
how happy how happy more the people in our days ah
got the an many choice when choice to get
many taking the open to you
britain could family need for easy to wear em buddhism
me too
some people
and the something else would stay mrs miss armstrong
oh man i'm not going to criticize her that's okay if you want to go keep for
am i i'm going to explain how happy you are
good mood can make a toy he were to be absent to go how happy you
i wouldn't get home i thought
i have to give one get sympathy with the successive pp open the bullet because he didn't know anything at all else except the event
just stop it
were you can you are sitting there now but never met you want
when thinking about
looking at the many toys
the i thought how how lucky you offer
gain the meeting we discussed about the therapy or for three primary crime
therapy of time with clean water and my right
i have never heard of it
canopy of primal scream
now we'll discuss what is it science is somebody says he
you are given
two three weeks
sirius during the three with for three weeks you are completely free
and the psychiatrist to give you our crimean move
it's not need a man and completely your free not eating
the louise like completely empty
so you and nobody nobody
fourteen to do something
you are completely
what every piece to at you like
making get up wanting a kick
for three weeks
then if you want to if you weren't to see them a doctor any time you can keep it up
the pilot screen
the someone says this therapy it never meant to thank
the human something
thanks to human something
then her but you have to you have to do you have to eat something by yourself nobody cares the fruit to women though you stay all day at your room
they have to go out to eat they quote when he didn't
then adopt through my thought
why you have to go why they did you have to go sector place
set a particular place
we could derive
i think it's not necessary to go effect of particular faith
thing and day out the we have experience same way of thinking
mickey mantle you
by oh well
by her determination the third time making
have you have been in qatar and tax
what's pompous what purpose of coming down to tough out
you say all of course i want to practice buddhism and want to cut the when
some whatever happens you have to practice the then you
but one day or two day that's okay you are be happy to practice neither one had equal
one month and two months
you start to make a complaint
i want to think more
hit human being and many many eagle
even though you you write that them doing my that fine you can be
then i give qatar give a big turn to tap
the before you can we make a fine print get up before theme for three fantasy
and they will on t v or of that and before the morning sun
that's nice
then we france set up the plan schedule then please go ahead
the sick
you write you want to practice observing that's where you come here
then we make of every possible effort to set up that to make the plan and schedule
the owner to encourage your practice
but why is it the third continue and why did you have to make a complaint
after one month or two months
what it's fame surface very says
made modesty
i know it the one on fire lit ready for really pay the tab paid in respect to the able to the a monastery a key temple
so he came
the he she loved she loved so much the fantasy or then one day i said to her tonight we don't have the then she said wow happy with how wonderful
it's purpose that purpose of coming today he'd eat
if you put the man
and as such in in a certain place
in certain face
because he he liked he loves
that's why you put somebody in second place
given something what he i
one day to day in one day or today no trouble one month to month
some problem
then you he tried to even try to solve the crime was created
i don't like to thank you
at today
wow i would like to
pour dire with a and pacific grove from into san francisco to see the thing that
he even though you you you don't go to you don't want to the set a particular place you
in your daily life you have extensive same face
some would say they laugh i like the much brown rice you then none
faith yeah here provides you with the planet becomes herself

hey i out a fight
if a services if you serve the wrong right everyday how do you feel
the fact no thank you

the beginning when you say i like i like very much
that's why someone give a fan great chance to eat to me and to me that that rights but that
some from
then anyway according to the therapy or fire screen primers cleaning
don't go
the bacon room
where there is nothing
just don't bet
you are not let to do anything at all
and one day what today a think you will be very happy
but to month and to with
out to with
he was tied to
fear was hunting leads me to read way to you could get it's nothing just begun then you are not necessary to do a gal
he is me to that should hear something you should feel alone morning
hey if you are hated the than that i said if i and i said please stay bit
you love so much they speaking
one day what to there no problem
prince the thing in your bed for one week then was made please stay in bed for one more week
thank you
so you have to the something compare you compare your get up and eat dinner in a dining room
at the day off
it's pretty hard to stay you bet he got to them stay off
of her life you know
have to go
they get up
to eat one condition together coughlin can be facing tabby a phenomenon
but you weren't you weren't asleep fleet war that's fine we try to give a ten keep people well why did he have to make a complaint
the same think why did you have to go to the doctor
maybe doctor says
i don't i will not give you anything at all i will not force you to do anything at all
but i don't think so
dr get doctor will give you something
please don't do anything now all this is this is also terms conditions
what do you have to be there
this is also conditioning given by dr more others
please don't do anything our dreams to lead them please don't watch the movie please don't want the tv please don't listen to the radio
please don't read the newspaper
the failure or like
but you have to go to the go out to eat your meal this is a trick fifth trip you
because the district
why don't the caribbean food to the patient
my eight the dump were not the target carry the food to you
you are complete you will be completely crazy
you are completely crazy
then that time
chris is is completely a manner of beyond the doctors control
did you come quick
we got
and to see the people would consider three to fever shop into the house
can see the beautiful reddit faith
sometimes listen to the bird
this is kick
but let's imagine the practice of berlin
zaza is completely nothing to give me
that's why your mind is
always wondering about
it it's way to live bait
please sit by simple please sit
we're on the cookie
don't do anything out and do any it's not a necessary to give easy particularly during the session it's not letter sent to do in thick
that's nice
now also i didn't matter says don't think anything of
come on the
don't think i want
please throw away any idea good and bad
route to sit
what you say you have for some doubt why they must a way that the master for me to have a right posture
typist take your work internet or your mouth
that's the problem for me center
the nutmeg if he said wang like this
relax in fitting sitting in completely lacks makes this
encourage you so much
to create to produce
the rudy's
harry is completely sane
as a therapy or family screen
they are that you have to
that it's too late too late
he are not to you all night to create
the them
greg to your boss
the top
hence it
then without thinking anything we bet it's petty me then that they need not a princess observing is not to attain enlightenment
the purpose of valley is just to practice the then
which is
what is
nothing to do
what you can do nothing nothing
at all
it is our tax
this is all what do you have to be a thought
just thing is over what you have to do at all
maybe get that in you bump your head against the many place
man for hallucination
beautiful body fat once i had
your girlfriend or boyfriend
you're carrying from the system from brother from the teachers
the time the sandal scream as scream
they are arrest where she to book this igor
all you have to do is at last to realize that the need some butter your the hop
yeah that time you realize there is no place to go to go out
to move to the right to the left want to for what to backward i also it even to state
well it's not please
never let them are you asked the much for said i do
the much says pre fit
how'd you feel
i'm pretty far up
you can bear you cannot bid this situation
wait quit tell me something
we should criticize me criticize me he said give me something he worked to direct him to walk
even the prince sad play screen that don't get three say something to eat but the much says to sit top
do you feel
new women's the mean time good exists you should keep in mind the much said you should keep in mind yet exist complete our complete tranquility in an absolute sense
hate it

then dog and then fence
a transaction of the way with concentrating
airport i know teach i now teach makes mediate douglas exist in your eye vision
and by transcending realization practices a total reality
when you go over the barrier body casting of all been davis
you are not affected by such segmented distinction
her that some of the way this is our pumped for they climbed up some of the way
with concentrated effort moment at the moment
in the rhythm in the little or no tie off
expectation no fight off the word
you have to continue to go on and to to show a transaction with the way we concentrated effort
it makes media dumbells exist in july this
nonetheless that must have says what should i do if you ask was child
check when you bought our kids in front of me and say please sit here
but i can't sit
because many thought coming up with should i do
continue to set
golf in the realm of setting
the late
there is great the rg with mince mediate dummies everything all season the your life exist realisation that was me get exist list compete plan presidency in not
conklin stillness
empower them
right here
by transcending realization practices are all reality
where you go to the of casting casting off all bonding if you are not affected by such as segment
that distinction
what transcending the legalization
ah is cold shiver in japanese
the means
as long as
are you remain within the organization
the after transcending the world of difference in a different situation
a completely liberation is achieved
is nothing to get
imola you want to scream
no practice cleaning is not to scream loudly
you complete the time was claiming is complete silence key
if you realize that driver is cleaning and exist in the bottom of your mind
complete the stillness still
you can show it
why are you can you are a while gimme some move even much as room to solve the creamy not really worth
set the spring we've not primary snap are lucky
the origins cream the complete stillness and the cancer it why isn't save you
conference with
the countless completely you can you can that you can cry you can't cry
now at last he had to you laugh
after supper as something
again again
harassed you laugh instead of kind
this is this is a brief
primary crime prime minister you can't cry
if you experience living cry as some concrete cry the camp crack
the if you want to as time as cleaning you can quit screen
just said
because you don't know you don't know what to do
if there is something is giving someone to show this map to scream it's not that
it's not real screaming it it's not new to realize which you are
what the no screaming ease
it is also it is also worth one can attach to
but it is not what
you should return to
intimate at the
it is not what you can be turn to the south and the fair return to the surface south
the to flat fee is you have to return to yourself
intimately completely absolutely and that can you deride live completely nothing to do
nowhere to go with nothing to go
you don't know what to do you don't know how to show the screen or crime or lucky
then you have to realize the bit
absolute quit

the other of the you remains written the realization of transcending sending the world of differentiation completely revelation is achieved there is no liberation
when you are confronted with nowhere to go
nothing to know nothing to know how to show what sub nashville something more and trigger screaming or five
that can be very deprivation
that's why the my says don't move don't move peach state
but usually at that time many people
scott to wonder about then why do we like give a touch of nothing
i liked the transcendental meditation let's go after training to yeah
neither like eating
maybe you want to that so want to so want to know what to do you to go playing the key
so you sit go east
he got east
in japan new that that is mainstream shrines were
ah where the fox
do the foxes divine what's the guy
the big fox the winning
the object the object of worship
many people to play with them through the factory depends