Zen Is Not Something To Talk About, And Also It Is Something To Talk About

Given by Suzuki Roshi on Saturday, April 19, 1969
About this talk
Shunryu Suzuki (with Ryogen Yoshimura) Afternoon Sesshin Lecture Sunday, April 19, 1969 Audio includes Yoshimura at beginning.
Source: City Center transcript entered onto disk by Jose Escobar, 1997. Transcript checked against tape and made verbatim by Diana Bartle (7/21/00) and Bill Redican. *** File name: 69-04-19: Zen is not something to talk [about], and also it is something to talk [about] (titled by pf) (Verbatim) suzuki comes in at 20 after Yoshimura? Removed "Yoshimura: Good afternoon. Are you very tired in sesshin? --" 1-31-2015.