Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara on Friday, September 8, 1967 -- (A)
About this talk
SR 014 - On this tape: lectures A and B and also first part of D. This is to be known as the A-B lecture tape or #1 ZMC (has been transcribed) Roshi's Lecture D - copied; SR 015 - On this tape is Lecture C and last part of Lecture D. This tape is known as the C lecture tape or as #2 - Track 1 - and end of D - copied Friday, September 8, 1967 (Audio Problem Set)- newly uploaded version = very clear CM's 2nd pass - see JG's 1st pass: http://cuke.com/Cucumber%20Project/lectures/transcripts-new-2012/srl-67-09-08A-wip.html
Original Transcript Source: 67-09-08A digital audio archive from DC. Problem set. Thanks to audio work by Angus Atwell, transcribed March 2012 by Judy Gilbert. Work in progress. Further preparation to post by DC. More editing and transcription by CM beginning of October 2012 using the enhanced audio. Only slightly worsens temporarily around the last fourth. 90-95% is clear, bad audio or muddledness is usually only single words or short phrases, and the talk is straightforward. Around six minutes from the end of the recording a voice announces that the tape was turned.