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Awakening Lives In Silence And Stillness

In the midst of stillness there is the awakened activity of liberating beings; lovingkindness and politics; becoming Buddha by realizing causation; not being possessive of anything, even the dharma,...

Lovingkindness, Zazen, Cause-and-Effect, Liberation,
Jan 02 2017
No Abode Hermitage

The Pivotal Business of Buddha’s House

Lotus Sutra, Lotus Sutra, Faith, Zazen, Perfect Wisdom, Bell, Samadhi
Jun 11 2016
No Abode Hermitage

A Lotus Sutra Narrative of the Bodhisattva Path

Lotus Sutra, Vow, Gaining Mind, Faith, Dharma Transmission, Zazen, causation,...
May 07 2016
No Abode Hermitage

Following through with the Dung Shoveling

Compassion, Zazen, Priest, Faith, Bodhisattva Vow, Suzuki Roshi, japanese, Intimacy...
May 07 2016
No Abode Hermitage

Zen Meditation as the Bodhisattva Precepts

Compassion, Wisdom, Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Zazen, Sanctuary, Zendo, Observe...
Oct 11 2014
No Abode Hermitage

Zazen Instruction

Serial: BZ-02338


Zazen, Posture, Pure Existence, Discrimination, Five Ranks, Religion, Emotions,...
Dec 02 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

The Work of Going Beyond Buddha

Realization in the body
Going Beyond Buddha
Sept 2013 PM No Abode

Observe, Big Mind, Mill Valley, Describe, Passions, Zazen, Priest, Japan
Sep 21 2013
No Abode Hermitage

Sitting in the Big, Invisible World

Zazen, Priest, Suzuki Roshi, practicing generosity, Continuous, Zendo, Patience...
Jun 22 2013
No Abode Hermitage


Serial: BZ-02313

Review of Zazen, Sesshin

Effort, Zazen, #sesshin, Nirvana, Mindfulness, Practice Period, resistance, Mahayana...
Jun 19 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Six Qualities from the Abhidhamma

Serial: BZ-02289

Tranquility, Agility, Pliancy, Workableness, Proficiency, Saturday Lecture

No-Self, Abhidharma, Zazen, Daily Life, Composure, Nirvana, Hindrances, Attachment,...
Feb 02 2013
Berkeley Zen Center


Subject-and-Object, training, Dharma Transmission, Birth-and-Death, Oneness,...
Jul 30 2012

Family Practice

Serial: BZ-02245

Saturday Lecture

Zazen, Family Practice, Practice Period, Intuition, Observe, Bell, Tassajara,...
Jun 16 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Zazen and the Seven Factors of Enlightenment

Serial: BZ-02227

Beneficial Attachment, One-Day Sitting

Passive and Active Zazen


Shikantaza, Posture, Breath, Zazen, Monkey Mind, Concentration, Big Mind, Mindfulness...
Jan 21 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Stimulating Bodhisattva's courage and entering reality 

Observe, Rinzai, Gratitude, Bodhisattva Vow, Enemies, Japan, Bodhidharma, Religion,...
Oct 15 2011
No Abode Hermitage

The Basic Practice of Stillness and Silence 

Silence, Impermanence, Attachment, Manjushri, lecture, Bodhidharma, American, Evil,...
Feb 12 2011
No Abode Hermitage

Commentary on True Concentration

Serial: BZ-02148

Not Always So, Rohatsu Day 6

Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Mudra, Posture, Concentration, Four Noble Truths, Posture,...
Dec 10 2010
Berkeley Zen Center


Serial: EB-00226

Joining the Tassajara practice period; reminiscences of the first Tassajara practice period; kitchen practice and the Tenzokyokun;

Practice Period, Ordinary Mind, Zendo, Emotions, Priest, Ceremony, Interview, Zazen,...
Nov 02 2010


Serial: EB-00230

Being a child in an orphanage; learning to meditate; sitting with negative tendencies; five fears outlined by Buddha;

Demons, Zendo, Tassajara, Religion, Zazen, Sanctuary, Karma, resistance, Observe,...
Aug 25 2010

Training for the Selfless Heart 

zen meditation, Suzuki Roshi, Zazen, Perfect Wisdom, Patience, Separation, Fox,...
Mar 18 2010
The Yoga Room

We Always Practice Under Restriction

Serial: BZ-02072

Ability and Disability, Rohatsu Day 5

Zazen, confusion, Observe, Funeral, Posture, Instruction, Karma, Forgiveness,...
Dec 10 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

On Enlightenment and Delusion 

Bowing, American, Gratitude, Buddha Nature, Zazen, resistance, confusion, Desire,...
Dec 02 2009
The Yoga Room

Leaving Home and Receiving the Precepts 

Bodhisattva Precepts, Lotus Sutra, Commitment, Karmic Consciousness, Priest, Bell,...
Sep 26 2009
No Abode Hermitage

Hokyo Zammai III

Serial: BZ-02056

100 Circles, Sesshin Day 2

Issan, Zazen, Jewel Mirror Samadhi, Five Ranks, Continuous, Discrimination, Daily...
Sep 07 2009
Part 1 of
Berkeley Zen Center

Joshu's 'Wash your Bowl'

Serial: BZ-02049

Open, unassuming mind, One-Day Sitting,

standing up from zazen

Zazen, Don't Know Mind, Renunciation, Don't Know Mind, Religion, Greed,...
Jul 18 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

Zazen is the true reference point

Serial: BZ-02047

Put your behind on the cushion, Saturday Lecture

Drama of life, Thoughts = dream world


Zazen, Ordinary Mind, Instruction, resistance, Precepts, Interview, confusion,...
Jun 27 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

Zazen Instruction

Serial: BZ-02031


BCR-, Zazen, Posture, Building, Emotions, Beginners, resistance, Religion
May 15 2009
Berkeley Zen Center


Sangha, Forgiveness, Religion, Commitment, Zazen, Silence, Faith
May 12 2009

Causation and Non-Self 

Evil, Attachment, Lineage, Faith, Doubt, Zazen, confusion, Japan, Patience, War...
Mar 26 2009
The Yoga Room

Revealing the Intention of the Buddha

Samdhinirmochana Mahayana Sutra Chapter 1

resistance, Zazen, Demons, Perfect Wisdom, Suzuki Roshi, War, Culture, Enemies,...
Mar 21 2009
No Abode Hermitage

Beginner's Sitting; Serial No. 01163

Serial: BZ-01163

Beginners' Sesshin

Zazen, Monastic Practice, Soto Zen, Religion, Don't Know Mind, Priest, soto,...
Oct 05 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Precepts and Zazen

Serial: BZ-01158

Harmonizing Buddha Nature, Instincts, and Desires, Saturday Lecture

Precepts, Zazen, Desires, Buddha Nature, Precepts, Concentration, Buddha Nature,...
Sep 13 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Zazen Instruction

Serial: BZ-01134


Zazen, Instruction, Posture, Aspects of Practice, Instruction, Ego
May 23 2008
Berkeley Zen Center


Ordinary Mind, Global Warming, Emptiness, Desire, Community, Offering, confusion,...
Feb 10 2008

Zazen, Sanshimopo, and Doshin: Foundations of Practice

Serial: BZ-01112

Shikantaza, Guidance, and Way-Seeking Mind, Saturday Lecture

Shikantaza, Zazen, Way-Seeking Mind, Ego, Continuous, Teacher-and-Student, Gaining...
Feb 02 2008
Berkeley Zen Center


Four Noble Truths, Don't Know Mind, Samsara, Buddha Ancestors, difficulty, Fox,...
Jan 23 2008


Dependent Origination, Zendo, Teacher-and-Student, Ego, Happiness, Demons, Observe,...
Jan 20 2008


Buddha Nature, Heart Sutra, Vows, true dharma, Daily Life, Culture, Subject-and-...
Jan 19 2008

Our Sphere of Practice

Serial: BZ-01103

Nonseparation of Zazen and Worldly Activity, Rohatsu Day 5

Practice, Politics, Zazen, War, SER-12, War, Diversity, Evil, Religion, Building,...
Dec 06 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Illumination of Zazen

Serial: BZ-01099

Absorption in the Treasury of Light, Rohatsu Day 1

Zazen, BCR-, Silent Illumination, Light-and-Darkness, Samadhi, Manjushri, Intuition,...
Dec 02 2007
Berkeley Zen Center


Mill Valley, War, Sutra, Bowing, Zazen, Freedom, Rumi, Passions, Zendo, Building...
Oct 07 2007

Six Factors of Zazen

Serial: BZ-01431

One-Day Sitting

Zazen, Concentration, Birth-and-Death, Daily Life, Emotions, Samadhi, Posture,...
Apr 15 2007
Berkeley Zen Center


Big Mind, Peace, Religion, Vows, resistance, Commitment, Lay, Zazen, Liberation,...
Nov 12 2006

Right Speech

Serial: SF-00037

The eight-fold path and its relationship to the precepts.

Right Speech, Suzuki Roshi, conversation, Heart Sutra, Zazen, Buddha Nature, Precepts...
Sep 16 2006