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the day
preliminary attitude toward
have to spend is okay
i'm terms of while three boys pay and
i ordered to accomplish
the living in by what kids can help resolve what is the goal of speech your life
animation yesterday a spiritual life means to our willingness of a sharing the compassion with others
but why is and wellness of
i'm friendly with or hey
and this is a he ordered to reach the goal of this spiritual life anyway we have to practice living nearby
the goal is really
vague huge so it's very difficult to know what to go away
but i we if you listen to damn if you listen to buddha's teaching i think you even a dem image of the goal of spiritual life to this is ah
the deceased that the election we should go
so even though we don't know what the goal is we should try to move toward that directions this is living by so living back a's anyway
looking at your life now for wrong run and life of to live not in terms of life
it in terms of this life was that live particular life
a life of the lie
and then i say the three points or first day that the observation of impairment is doesn't have the beijing
of impermanence i taught you the two point a the impermanence in utah sense can be considered as something pensive that pensive or pleasure
oh and then and impermanent should be considered as bay basic nature of existence but you cannot pin down what it is so cold emptiness so i explained yesterday our instant
we all nature of instinct
i instant o j experience with do we have had usually is kind of a desire to be isn't when you have would you act passed through but real instant itself is nothing bad
process in motion passes and that if you pass through this process of the incident itself you don't know what it is all you can do it is just the pass just a pattern so i say when you were kept in the morning
you say i have woken up but this is overrated is act of islam
or a day before you wake ham i think i am i don't wake up yet but this is sleep so called but that's three understanding of the strip is nothing but a result of an instant before you pass through
this process of instant instantly sec
go you understand asleep and you understand awake by this is nothing but a result of instance okay but how can you understand instant a instant in
kitchen or high is like free zazi is that a in talking is talking how can you unless it head
this is real essence emotion from moment to moment a really moving at the superspeed so you don't know what it is but we that we that passing through this root it's of instant i emotion at the boarding at the superspeed
so passing you through this you never experienced anything you never understand and six that the five scanners than yoy experience your enlightenment they said nothing
so everyone should not sure everyone anywhere passes through this one but don't pay attention but we are always interested in without of the moment before you pass rule they were filters i say feared that a
it means the party for the instinctive sack emotions so you don't know what the product of
all just take a field day is gay
so anyway everyone and it passes through the filters but we don't pay attention to it because we don't know what a what is going on there
so we are always interested in a before or act and then finally we come pre tossed away by the one and upset this is of course on saas always just like i'm not in or they want to say
ah how can i say
a parachute in all day but they jump jump her parachute a passion or pass you know from the air rage or hey everyone to putting the jump from the air pregnant with a parachute in the enjoy very much
sometimes spaces and skies a huge so you don't bump each other but mediate million human beings exist simultaneously in a jump from their airprint and there with a parachute what's called what happened can you imagine this is a look at that this groups been settled san francisco
it is kind of for small scale of the universe and then everyone's who jumped from the airplanes to the and dealt with a parachute bump in each other's you know
and then bumping each other five but the bumping each other's claiming and then pumping up with parachute cutting the truth dreams something know that like a helicopter you know
everyone so enjoys riding in the helicopters and the bumping each other's finally far you fried you have fried or the far from the ground and bumping each other and boom in that hurts so much this is said eco open
the more your ego has working a strongly you it means that you can have fries and far from the ground and bumping each other modern never been the bumping each other is fine but when you cast the ground that
really hurt us
so we do all this you know we are really bogged down with the result of the instance before you pass through the filter it and after you have passed through so nobody pay attention to pop prizes so it is
in this out
so this is a problem this is a problem so passing through the the filter is vey vey com nothing so called philosophically we say emptiness sensitive plan is speaking it is a perfect world truth
so anyway day like an impermanent a exactly like this at that time impermanence is not something you can feel or you can experience something more like individual experience this is so called real
significance of emptiness what jade buddha nature that's why go in and says buddha nature is impermanence impermanent is with an age religion written
and then if you really understand second meaning is equal estimates and that time you can really understand second importantly what the biggest the practice of equal essence me
so there is nothing no praise know craze to poke your head into it all you have to do as just passed through ha
everyone do it when you jumping into the ocean and save everyone said how can you swim this is a different job game differences coming up
so ah
third we say as i said the you should take care of yourself and others as a buddha exactly
regardless of whether you and understand or not all you to do is to take care of yourself nervous as a pool and we will be this is constantly have today this was a small details small human activity a beyond satisfaction or answer it
function this is we have to do every days
that is a pre part a preliminary attitude twat and living in box cake
then next that the today what is a patent so ah
in the dog and the dimensions of practices napped or something
something excited excitement of experience
but the if you expect the excitement of your excuse
a at that time i think the you imagine practice is to to do something fantastic
so called frying in the air or lights coming up of gifts for when we had dinner you can see the past and present the futures clearly and you can lead the from others mind and erm
and you can move the cap without using your hands synthetic eg or you can walk on the fire without any feeling you can die in the fire without the cool with the cool mind or sometimes you say if you practice
spiritual life you can walk on the lake to without anything
just a walk
this is not ready just practice beach or light
so spiritual life is difficult of course in if you go to endear you can find the say to fool while who can move the cup without moving your hands without you can then he yes it is so dogan then we didn't accept and ignore def kind of practice
he says it is put it difficult to move the cap without moving without using a hand but it is the most difficult thing is a link to as do is ah
what's the difficult things were for as is to bring the peace and harmony to your body and mind she did
this is some track
it it was too difficult
bring the peace and harmony to the body and mind you they already you know he
to bother the hopeless explanation of the buddha dhamma i think the you can know already what the body and mind what the body undermining nothing but some five scandal so every moment it's changing their is not litter patton you can
set up you can there is no guaranteed particular guarantee i can take care of my body and mind in yemeni you by their washing the coal waters every day's huge did understand a buddha masons that to the disciples so when the he saw
older people the beijing the cold water he ordered to purify the body and mind you order to be on in the heavens he said do you think the we're basing the betting that your body and mind with the cold water is if the
the to guide you to leach you attempt to let you are their reach and be of born in heaven was so he said the disciples it i don't think so
you cannot do it but i don't think it is wrong to call to based that the with a cold water that is fine but by but basing the code with a cold water and then you can be reborn in in the haven't this
if you think a dualistic away human life there is no peace poaching there is no chance to break the peace and nominee to your body and mind because body and mind all of its changing
from this point i think this morning and yesterday or the the day before yesterday you have already listened the kind of talk the explanations about the dhamma what she's very complex
waited to you to ass again to me too
so that you say it's very complicated
because you tried to get the that teaching while as a technique to read to sound goal
our for religious practice
so you say buddhism is to learn something
the philosophical and metaphysical explanation manila each stages the each stage of the practice he ordered to lead us to stage of spiritual life
and that time it's very difficult so buddha's teaching is not to give buddhist teaching it has no intention of giving their jana meditation or wisdom
like to say a at the recommending recommending that tanking sutra memorizing the sutras and are running the from buddhism philosophy itself
but main purpose of wood and buddhism or a
to accept to see jana wisdom
in terms of bringing peace and harmony to you by the other words do understand he did
your your body and mind isn't i not a peaceful and harmonious she did with it
teaching john and the wisdom
are not peaceful and harmonious because they a separate from you
if you see wisdom on jan and the separate from you i think it is the you can accept them as a technique wives are kind of a means to to means to reach a certain stage of for spiritual life
so at that time you are with your mind your body is ave irritated because you don't feel sad factory or you don't feel happy now that why you want to you the jana you want to use a wisdom to reach the happiness and data center that
five presently presently the person who is dealing with a jam and the wisdom is already in a peaceful
so how can you deal with vagina and wisdom and pasting hammer it's impossible
you know yesterday in discussing dimensions
ah the of them practices very simple but down dead and tibetan buddhism is a very complicated and also you in a sense when a tibetan but made gifts and lots of a information and instruction out to
practice now to understand human life
so you think it is very helpful for the beginners and advanced students etc
but then doesn't do it
so why then doesn't do here this is kind of in a competitive that sense of comparison but it quite a what is nothing to compare the buddhism assembled it's a way that you a dead battery
morrison the question is a person who dare way the tibetan buddhism or zen buddhism
when you dare way that and right now when you read the shop again though and
and they etc while for instance of when you deal with a dozen right now
cuisine is a time and opportunity which you did you are dealing with doesn't from moment to moment
what attitude to you you'd take twice doesn't
so that they you always groping for yesterday i mentioned so we are all its groping for something from observing something from because you feel something and to and satisfactorily that's why you you try to it or if you feel satisfactory you
are groping for that and more and more
if you don't feel sad a factory you also groping for doesn't gain on that game so whatever you go anywhere you are groping for
so that time you already are not peaceful and harmonious
so that's why zadon and a dozen and wisdom and scripture reading the scripture is net
the reading of great technique order to grow was something important point is time right now how you face the scripture that it
in the realm of science fiction or in the little of net satisfaction
beyond this you all all you have to do is to face the xylene itself in that time it is called bringing peace and harmony to the body and mind then you can really deal with zazi as it is
then dogging than dimensions if you do this your sutra sculpture wisdom doesn't are exactly bringing harmony and peace to your bike so no gap between so well all you have to do is
zad the admissions and set at the chapo ginza is very difficult to understand but from the for many many years i just as face and sit down wind
but this rating is wakeman when i lead the a certain fasco of the film okay the i don't understand the exactly but i don't understand the exact is very helpful for me
very helpful
dogan the dimensions are there one hit the target is due to the hundred myth hitting the subject
because we are honest groping and of finding something so disappointed disappointed even though for a southern thousand years border ancestors medicines or praise or blame the peace and harmony to your body and mind when you deal with anyway
cabbage and the waters and the you crown the exam it's very difficult to do it so immediately we are groping for kinds of the or unconsciously something
so it's very difficult to lead just read
but just it is very important whoever you are beginners or brunch the student this is a universal way you have to do it and aeronautical first grandchild they can do it
so this is a very basic and practice for us
that's why dog in the dimensions that the dido me it's a great way is a to ah to are going to set to met your body and mind
well in a scriptures and thousand the wisdom mindset
your body and mind should be melted away and that doesn't know wisdom
mount meet you really devote yourself for devotions to it
then and at a time you can you really see peace and harmony of mind
ah that this is a our practice continuous practice we have to do it
practice it is right now i have and like now i hear you have to do it
but this is this is not this is a practicing you do it is now personal practice
it seems to be personal but it's not merely person but because within his personal practice you can see the many beads and also moment when you do it is a tunnel at their many beings in eternity
he comes into your moment
a dog and intimations
maybe i mentioned before that everyday mind is everyday mind throughout this word and the other word
the past
ah leaves from this place
from displays maze
everyday mine okay
everyday mind a eight everyday mind throughout throughout this whole of the other word you know what wherever you may go you may go you had your chimney every day mine is everyday mind and then today comes from
that praise yesterday was left yesterday left from that place where you live whole word late signal
when you can
oh or earth cops
then every day mind is opening and shutting at the one moment
ah they excuse me a day the door with gate thousand gates and the ten thousand gates of this everyday mind is opening and shutting at the moment and the one moderator this is called
hey your shin everyday mind
so that is bringing the peace and harmony and to your body and mind that is why it exists is right here
that is go everyday my internship said and then this is the goal of spiritual life he ordered to our with you're living in bar
so go is not the one path you can you could go through
but they gave the goal of a spiritual life so called living in bod is the path is mediate mediate passes extending from and your knee
this is called everyday mind
that's why dog get them says everyday mind is everyday mind throughout this wars and yeah the word
the past the past late left from this place today's comes from that trades when you leave all word leave leave you when you come whole earth comes
because when you bring your peace and harmony there is no gap between the subject cannot do all your today's sit down face the world the shop or denzel and just to when the doesn't comes you just a phase as rv and just said and in harmony without creating yeah
the between the valley and you
and that time there is no comparision with you with that when you see you just you
that you come where you come forward captain
when the whole counsel comes into your life you become very peaceful because no competition
and then this is that their immediate that mediates the immediate media gates of this everyday mind is opening our opening and the sharing at the moment ms the trees birds and and
pebbles all all beings and all beings always opening is tearing opening chatting and a moment when you become a priest wootton chairman
then dogan than dimensions
this is some merit of the continuous practice can take merit of continual practice sustain you and others fishing
the also imagine continually ah
they say
the lead
therefore through the go means our continual practice of the buddhist and the patriarchs
our georgie are continuous practice complete
ah and the we can reach the great way
through our gorgie continuous practice
ah continuous practice the borders and a patriarch complete and they can reach the great way
through our continuous practice the function of this great way is encouraged as a ring so you're kind of wow would say their goatee
the way his spiritual of witness the huge cosmic cosmic right
to ah
read to the goal of spiritual life
but this is a way so called way but away
the buddha away his speech or right speech or like trip
but as the if you live if you'd take away any term maybe the go days the boot away means
go to say the way pass a passage of a manifesting the truth as it really is
universe manifestation of that
the truth as it is
so continued by continuous practice in a universal cosmic rocket is moving again by your practice by your continuous practice then universal include rocket is running anyway could you do to her
so this is our practice because this is a bringing peace and harmony she to your body and mind this is a practice was so wrong the beginning to end whoever you are even though you attain enlightenment all you have to do is to this continually package and
so wait you are first grade town when you beginners you have you you can still practice this one rejected but it it is very difficult to do that why we need our help
we need up to the encouragement the finally logan than dimensions let's try to practice together then finally we can get them visible and for encouragement from others from the sentient beings
nevertheless our practices of is going up and down up and down saw a in than says your body and mind is exactly bot download containers
from from the beginning from the beginning your body and mind is covered him but the damn container at regarded as a result of great practice what you have debt what you have done in the past serving the mediate mediate borders offering
the cold infant from defecting anyway and the past the but you forget completely while you are born in this world
but it is really to how can you know if that that's why the burrus at this there's a damn opportunity for medicines always he ordered to remind you of what it you of your past life we the border has to contain
the recursive that is a listening reporters teaching and also setting that then and in harmony right now without gloating for anything that all but it's really bought appalling
because boring is your consciousness consciousness feel war warrior that's it
or whatever you feel all sentient james they exist and supporting if you do it that practice really support you and others
so that is a we have to do every day
we call continuous practice survey naturally this practice is your practice but simultaneously is others practice survey naturally it's connected it's going in circles the body body kit us practice of bodhicitta is nuts
a separate from enlightenment somebody kicked them is exactly connected with enlightenment new balance because you do it this is a piece in the herman if so all sh and beings become the contents of your life so very only can the immediate
the mediate beings appearing as a contents of your life support your life so that's why you can learn many things where you do that then
so just sitting in peace and harmony is something difficult to understand something difficult to explain but even though you try not explain
you cannot you can understand no no intention of
no intention of explaining
your lowers that they is difficult to understand button it's office talking about him
even though you're done you try to ignore you tried to have a doubt of a dozen but you can't pin down what the that is about them
but as a whole you can feel something you are really impressed by us so this is a cold and kind of a pig of the mountains you can see you can do you can see if you see is given the dip image of the peak of the mountains everyone is intra
posted it in doing
climb the mountains
but don't get the dimension spiritually find a pig that his mom you're trying to talk about but that the surface parking
you try to have a dust but
but you don't pin down you can pin down with them that eggs
so finally are is because doesn't becomes very big but it's exactly they're kind of a pig so you are really drawn he buys us who
so this is a charm
charming observance
regarded as a peak of the mountain
it's pretty vague but it is a very true if you do that then exactly done when i when when it was an edge monastery i didn't have any idea of zazen
but i did i i had a practice zazen of for a couple of months a before i met the i listened to the has not the right use case your game about or them
so you mason savior do that then you become immediately border even for a moment
i was there surprise business
so i immediately it kept my hive so but i don't understand what it is
but it is very charming if you do for me and it's icon of stopping do so under all circumstances that timing of them timing as a peak of the mounting all that
poor me taking me to do us any
so this is a living you by and you were living in power and constantly that's why it's moving toward that iridescence moment you're moving toward that goal
but go is not clear but if you see if the dem image of the go let's go let's go that you get the direction put your boy in the right toward the nations this is your direction to go
so you always put your direction into tuatha de gaulle of your speech or like
this is not something fantastic and a big a big deal with everyday you have to do it
but it's very difficult that's why we've tried to explain a buddha's teaching etc but most people are completely bogged down with an explanation moves that the to do if you are bogged down with the explanation of the zion and teaching etc you're not wrong now
on the you are noronha peaceful and harmonious in your life
so all you to do it anyway listen to pull off staging letting your mind play freely in the emptiness that isn't this to the buddhist dharma put a stingier
i think
the time

the ever christian yeah
with it
you mentioned of
he said you have the right attitude presiding
that it can become a very boring and this is because your ordinary consciousness is more manageable is this you something merch
is this something changes later or if you just nausea i'm all for yeah i always think of attention to malawi lord always boring because the you attached to the boring that well boring is all this boring
if you let a golf ball and chain immediate
so you have some understanding of what you consider exciting whom has some standard in war it was long as you have those standards loaned exhausted or i could follow the war you know if you attach to the bali if you see something boring or not boring ne immediately you are tied to turn so boring it's off its existing
as effects fix the beings so continually boring ruptures and getting bigger just a gov monster
the final you say i don't like it
but if you really go bowling changes ten you see immediate and the same to for exciting so that's true
that's why face directory medical that's pretty odd she said
you know how about say of this way out
it ordered to be able to sit zazen you have to be able to sit with boredom
no i don't think so
whoa there is no particular pattern so cold calling well is took city hang on boring
well you if you if i says as it is boring was total need a thorough traditional practices and practice makes your body immediately you create a certain that state of the existence of based on a boiling it
that it's a problem actually no warning
no one would say if i say boring july from his in with the balling know that problem already
so did go
peter quill
an error jennifer from argument
dots volume and a good where have you let go when you find yourself holding on a continually over and over and yeah that's good man good question you know if you tried to read go you cannot make go
okay because already kinds of images appears cool has a strong desire to it go that's why you desire becomes a bigger and bigger and monsters and finally your bunker down that that desire so finally nor of the record
in america
so if you want to let it go i think
forget it all you to do is devoid for your body you should devote you fully to doesn't accept fewer and then you can never completely
well for instance you see the imagination you have a vigil visual it a thing for visualization of our metal stage or about tissue on as ropes and the beautiful buddha him on his face and needs alvin and bawling and
many things okay
and that time you try to let it go let it go but you can really go don't you think so it because it's already there
something what to exist the right in front of you is nothing you tried to reading cotton you tried to remove your covering won't be too so it's all in there because it adds some reason to exist beyond your expectations so what
yeah but on that and there's something which exists right now right here is of is tenting way you don't attached to it some constantly change
it's all you to do a feel something see that in my a visualization and then let it go you order to let it go or you can do is you have to devote yourself to right now ratio
to protect
and then you might imagine if a moment its disappear
yeah we got you know like your yet been his retirement yes imagination itself drops out that's why they'll get them to make needs as zandi as think of the
how the i don't know exactly the translation butter
many theologians and sized dropped off by them families
are you saying the imagination is
oh yes imagination your kind of a date or geographic
but you are not exactly my neck and be cut and the diligence because sometimes helps you
but if you feel if you feel it and they are helpful for you then the people are attached to the imagination then simultaneous my niche and becomes doji
so imagination in order to use their imagination as they really are i think we are you there is no room to touch
to attach
i could practice and ah
just ordinary day mine mom that try to effort
make the as
so whatever you said this moment is a moment a all come to you aren't i do understand very well what i mean but to crack with that day every day
yeah i feel that way and couldn't handle endured and haven't job i need some help me the age and i pin and might have been doing here on he flatly observing the impermanent and frame if this is a
my last day
ah that yes and it somehow healthy fact it is that
it just it to me is if i died tomorrow this is exactly the way i spent today and that is it from in somehow makes that they more vital legal but is that about you're not an actor
yes that's why we wish them the border major a the contents of buddha's teachings are based on the wisdom of compassion gate
not the but if you extend the wisdom compassion and into extra explanatory state of existence day it becomes an ageing eighteen thousand script since sep came to then that teaching anyway duties as to see deep
re enter the human existence and then finally but their award is anthony's can impermanent so you really deeply understand it that is called wisdom okay issues but wisdom it is still
you know where is bay i've changeable in issue is because wisdom is still one of their on the part of the conscious state and my b-cell shit to me is it wasn't in maybe wisdom arrive in between my individual
state of consciousness you but if so bearing embedded yes that's why wisdom if yeah for if you see human warmth with your wisdom next you have to have a face
car of the faith watch it it makes your life stable
other words from the day today's you can continually believe it believe in it when you are good as way right in the middle of buddhist way okay but valuable you can't believe in the movie doesn't
it's not you can be a you don't be yes that's why that's why i'd say living nearby living in wow is doing simply small things smaller things every days with peaceful mind to
that's all we can do
so but the but it is very difficult to maintain cabinet small things every day's that's why we need a wisdom we have to understand the human beings we have wisdom and next with the part of face really are
to maintain your wisdom continuing
so that's why faces important question
he's a donkey
now they're out can you know the power of faith in what your makes wisdom contain of teacher of a kid so your wisdom on and on that his practice and cracks
what are you say live in wow
reflection is an example of it well in which i might live ah dick if you forgot there
the i thought i told you in
police in south
i experience a lot is anyway
i miss i hoped one day i i let me episode talked about then at the
bethel college know what jesus clinton university vessel courage to
the first time when i went there the many people backing on me
what watching them grow larger and larger and better
so i was very confused second time the park that but the teacher tried to up
the tell them don't bark at me even though yeah with some arguments please become gentle how humphreys to the guest speakers said and but anyway people constantly party namby the third time
herbert the i become immune to have that
first time i don't kids
but anyway
and then one for person as mia
can't you are they can you believe how many american people how being converted into for by your effort of the ticking buddhism
i'm very surprised
how many people he asked me how many people have you have you convert into the buddhism
so i say i don't care
if i count all this you know how can i know how can it teach
you know whether it since i can't came to the united states i always care what the buddhists me a english in the between can you imagine how much people understand what
the wait and you can kinda
the first time my damn vectors the in san francisco with a good clan be fine since it and he took me to the place and to get with talk and that prepared a prepared day and days and then finally i wrote it down to then i read it
just stand up and read physical
ben feel relief after that radome myself
and then add after that i had to ask the video quant for to to understand you want to say
the other countries
i pretty feel he doesn't we're going down the hill
but from the high sky a crisis
and seven
and then the couple the last year's i went to the never run to talk about them and then no one had personally asked me currently do you believe you can contact communicate with american through your talk
do you believe you are perfectly hundred percent communicate with american people your the through your top
they say no i don't believe this
so i said i asked him do you can do communicate completely with people through your language native ram said going
he say
it's pretty difficult
much this how can i contact completely moot whatever so from many asked if i look up myself where is the encouragement for me to live in a foreign country and to teach
good isn't there is no expectations we exact but i can do the is you always put me a certain positions so-called rossi so there is no way to escape from so much as i do just to put myself wrote in the middle traditional talk
can i can i expect somebody is there any particular pattern so call this is a way to live which makes my life happen no wish me
but all i have to do is just continue like this because i always see myself right being read in a petition
the petition makes me do some effect
but this is living in bob
don't you think so
just do it
but i think there is some hope always there is a whole
i don't i don't give up even though you're diamond's understand the buddhism but still and i do my best to to teach about buddhism in a poor english or in the pit and england in of getting it doesn't matter because we all have to do is just talk
with you know he's normally hope you
london based on a living you by
you're working so living in wow that is no inspectors not education isn't just bring my son bring the peace and harmony to my body and mind right now right here that that's all you know
there is a scam that
the right tv

but don't just do it please do your best air for you
after make effort it
because many beings comes into your life support
so you have to appreciate you have to anyway you have to respond you have to respond to those beings look who have come into your life as a contents of your life get to know jesus
you speak of hope i will look that strikes me is rather more do something else that feels like intention
you can sound shores
to put yourself in normal hope but sometimes it's up your the whole intention
but their immediate intention them disappear in hopped off is pretty vague
you think so because what is a hope i'm all for my life i don't know what is a hope of my life in the media please in or more to speaking i can't pin down what the whole pairs
do you understand what is your hope being your lyra
but you if you even though you say i don't know what it what hope he is but still you have something to consider looking at the future and to think so
so that the routine at the future is pretty nice you know it's made but it's made me so you don't pick a book only one in the universe gp so they vagueness is pretty with for you
because you catch shoes vagueness of it the vastness the resistance densitometry your hands
but crisis in to try to always to pick up the and this is a kind seasons but an intuition your intuition isn't she's really functioning in a broad perspective universal perspective so immediate when your command to this old immediately your intuition your wisdom
and reattach whole situation of this version of never happened
that's pretty good for us
so even though you don't know what hope is that fine but hope and appears good taste sometimes
sometimes encouragement goes on
sometimes airports sometimes disappointed your point
parents to ask me when i study music
i i can hear my teacher trick and then i can read try to repeat the sounding and nine and nowadays to try to duplicate over
if i studied dance as as a teacher and i somehow tied no duplicate that and and i want to know what goes on in your mind with sit when you face pages we
when you are in he is to let go and buy some numbers of doesn't match what using my minor minor your mind you've been a dupe duplicate to imitate oh immediately handsome jack and non-jewish yesterday she conceived
moving can imitate in some way that kindness and which went in sitting and meditate
for me have way to learn by yeah what you do put it a when you are duplicating the teaches music all you can do as torah you have to devote yourself to the duplicate exactly and then a dupe idea of duplication disappeared
but why you think you you can while you can see that even the dem mp to do publication that time you say immediate your life here is already go this way that we do application what i said that is a machine or article
neural activity motion you know so there is no million more no meetings video you say so numb the is our criminal creativity
so all you have to do is using your consciousness and the perfectly and duplicate exactly duplicated
well pleased as jumping into the ocean i miss all this that
but the same is it's the pattern you have learned from the teachers from the book take them
and they have to contrary do protect and they say but wait you exactly devote yourself to a farm or first swimming okay to me
there is no room to pay attention to the form of swimming you are duplicated in do so by by sitting a certain way that murdered my journey into the ocean yesterday's ruling energy
my boat ramp yes the during now i can your yes to swim but a mind is they buy rating on my nutria listen the other day my new tree by mind is vibrated concentrate
so they pick where break in the middle of process of dancing you still picking you
how we how i love how am i how is of my dancing is putting a dancing right in the middle of doesn't he said wow pretty good hamilton and or read in the middle of direction you are disappointed
or sometimes you exactly they have a
the perfect activities so-called purity and impurity and not in the what is pure pure gate but still you can see it or am with your preference
is so much is very pretty constantly moving
so you order to be free from that minute by of consciousness it's very difficult to be free from that that's where yesterday amazing the string of the guitar if you touch a guitar even slightly if you touch the guitar it's a vibrating
but my new tree vibrating not that time you can hear the sound with your naked year you cannot see anything from you with your naked eye but it is widely
so how can you participate in that minute finest vibration of the mind no way so all you have to be stop it because through your naked eyes negative years it's just a stop
the example i mentioned yesterday example and nations should i go this way should i go that way i don't have money but i i have one i want to have a business but item
why don't you give it up but i want to have but i don't have a money's how can i do so all was during this way down with this with sensitivity finally who helps children's zen teaching help soup richard boot i absolutely do know
kata get have said no so it can be opposite no way ancient
binary what have to do is you have no project


the become quite
and have some guilt
well when you first with a hitch
a profession motor ocean city
you just sit zazen for an instant than you developments gym
and you will be good for then
that's still stays with
that that is at the keeps my in or the the thing wow
on a lot that has something to do with those question of what what is is that
here so that has something new those guys you know you talk about living in vow what is now some some vague image and be buddha is is somewhere in there and that living south
by it's very difficult to say image
imagination but
i see some some bread read on a child before some resin yeah some some something term for for me i can't say anything i don't know what it is but the media did it touched me and it's big town for for me
you are handled
so that's why i am always crime with a mountain top that chump for pig even though it is deep into maria
that is some poeple me when i say you know the words

i felt quite foolish answer
that was still resonating me
he urged his ground control such as to what now
does one live with about survive
well she told me about the know that he lived
after you figure it
what's why go for lease than so your everyday life you can see at smaller things so the would say woodgate which seems to be exact same months living wow
kind of motivation of a your life constantly for you can see if you see somebody you don't know who he is or she is but the you are really moved by this person so you don't see you don't know what it is but the
the deleasa something comforting him or her
they even though you try to keep away but complete beyond your consciousness you all this have some communications
get instead
that is a small as things happens in you every did

how do you work with ah
negative or the office things that come up for instance you say oh to yourself ok i'm just going to flip my whole body and mind into this second and pretty soon you just find yourself dreaming about yesterday are thinking about what you're gonna do tomorrow and are you say okay am
going to be very careful and notice how i walk you know increasing you're stumbling along the stripping
you know how hard you worked with all these opposite things and come up here frank that's why masons as a dozen didn't mention this one kid completely blows eyes is due to the one hundred ms hitting the bullseye
hundreds miss eating
so that is really good for us
so even though stumble over it is nuts wrong because on a went while you are touching to it it's all with becoming it's become in devil say or big monsters are gradually okay but a few if you in any go as
and do move toward future thereby days staveley i seen you know it's naturally it's drops off in the you can learn something new from that stubb me off
so it's not sure it's the miss hitting becomes are naturally added miss hitting nurture your life in the future
it's not easy but the within the wiki never saw j encouragement that's why don't he didn't mention let's do practice serve with together because even though we have a set to wisdom and phase and then let's carry our life when the base
the on a living in bar but it's very difficult that's why it's do something with a practice wait together but even though we do a practice together still there we can see individual life up and down up and now that's why and next he says individual
life is result off in great practice what you have done in the past serving the mediate mediate burrus and ancestors your past this is a present result of your present by
the container he said your body and mind is damn container
so how can you maintain this damn a container that's why hitting on visiting both merchant you like brutal
oh deborah were in designer yoga or teachers
help us
and represented with the from
address the spiritual path went to her announce that one of the major problems with having technique that you stop
it was the technique be no progress to wrapped up
if you take on it he knew something was august thirty two the caught into it now has a role of a teacher perhaps tend to say of day
ryan heifer github uses a technique now what i had walked into it
worried you are not i i see that this is a good
really and is that are functional i made in europe
while questing needs and person who use using tried to use a technique needs the in front of each technique you bring your piece and to a separation
that's all you have to by that time technique gates nor on the technique
but if you don't pulling the peace and harmony to your body and mind taking it because becomes a monster for you because you're bogged down with and technique because human beings are it's express mediate media aspect of human life you know so you need immediate immediate techniques
interested in you need
any state that's why the a taco masons this morning a day about her unconscious were and stages that were unconscious war drilling the bay depth of the unconscious word how many stages
number that matters one i eighties
hundred million stages them
so i feel really can't take up a one technique wow or it's done and then they really do you think why eighty eight is are left
how can you do it so if you pick up one anyway i'm ready in front of the now did one technique and anywhere you have to be yeah to bring your peace and them and to your body and mind just like or read book
yeah and worth preserving peace and harmony techniques and ah yes it is
this kind of police and zaza numbers breathing of the pretty brilliant ones as and area it's everyone can do the breathing in care us use a technique i've got inclination have not with and values tend to delay
the to bring the peace and harmony to you right in front of a innovation
the yes your goodness
yeah and that's the get there are videos or does an example what of that
one fundamental piece mermaid
i'm sorry
and were checked me
and how to briefly
after years of can talk about using a technique to get through
an unconscious attachment level or some time
think me like the road techniques if you said technique i for me technique is a kind of a one bar of the rather
and to fix up
ba want to call run the run run like the lama had launch her a star you are getting the arctic and antarctic debt stuff national test and to that round here
convert hundred percent
the internet troll
it's so technique is cell for me kindly a few years at technique immediate to we believe we have a a certain preconception as a one step they mean a you expect the second step okay that is really unstable
so i each step as i think each step was a really strong on deep meaning there
so if you face a one step one step i think i have to do is definite get if you dip in the one step you can be free from us once they are naturally free free freedom all for one step it takes to you to second sticked
okay pm est yeah
go has requested to come comments him after that i
rolling to
well the set up to
took over us going through
teaching or who how to meditate
you on your person

the contain the exact
on time to be passion

for the people we live in the brilliant to environmental very busy journalism
we couldn't sit the home
result who driving many hours to join to people
right after you jump out from
if your car and joint to people what do you do at that time
it takes a very long time to harmonize the your like dynamic with other people
that's the kitchen i think group to play through discovery or many teachings how to prepare ourself group going to deeper harmonious soon maybe
bip so books or
peaceful experience totally based on
we have a tendency of many kind to attach to who strongly only really beautiful things
they do
we have the middle
enormously program norbu hunger because a blue
he did the society we bump and kentucky roaches they will bump into each other a good
that brings out to ah
even we have a compassionate mind we get angry because all those crushing create the other two
and the
and where i do separating from the people who whom you love
yeah in such condition
you bring yourself to ah
go through the gate or rule oh teaching gay told you know
soma be and then escape pitching from the
president who lie who surrounding us
seems so lou lou dirtiness
the flu
grey napkin north or something like that three how that kind of the move
i'm breath helpless feeling about to
oh sense of purity
while we are deeply stained so much

a neighbor who to meditate if the condition we saw party effecting to our life
for those people
these teaching exist
counting breathing that the inside togo teaching and free you from
free construct
a impurity
that is another thing to pay he we have a from you
rammed him about to move
compassionate mind while

note the wife's can look to hero mothers were feeding
toward the children i have never
thread the through my impressed with china thought and no way to experience it
yeah gym
and yet there
by seeing the mother heeding exact the experience you can achieve planned
yeah mine the it's hurry
experiencing the one who
feed the children they have
such kind of all compassionate mind
probate through
impossible condition with joy can experience
even saw to break an experienced staff
i think that the moon teaching is so we shouldn't take of on perniciously experience of other
teachers a prolonged ancient time
i do vegetarian
do not take so rightly about the
teaching i think it through when hello rupiah has no of those since as hard as we asked the voting through this practice
one thousand
we we don't need to thank you for there is no necessary to speak but the we share our experience
so who have no
the moment from teaching should appear
refreshing represented to go over the hill so we should break now and have our time
we get a house fast graduating in perfect around it was your major