The Ten Powers Of A Bodhisattva

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Sunday, August 25, 1968
About this talk
Sunday Morning, August 25, 1968 [This date is probably incorrect. Earlier (July 21, 1968), Suzuki mentioned that he had already explained the ten powers of a bodhisattva. So this lecture was probably given sometime earlier in July of 1968.] San Francisco Description of the ten powers of a bodhisattva. Practicing with the relative world and the absolute - how Rinzai and Soto schools approach this differently. Understanding this practice beyond the intellect.
Source: City Center original tape. Verbatim transcript by Adam Tinkham and Bill Redican (10/18/01). *** File name: 68-08-25: bodhisattva's ten powers (titled by pf) (Verbatim) [Verbatim transcript partially done. (Sound problem.)] Changed "[partial word]" to "[Noiri?-DC]" 3-4-2015 by DC.