September 11th, 1971, Serial No. 00056

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no the soul songs buddha nature is an infinite obvious
and the sea of dumber is putting less deep
one who is mood of a sinks into darkness
and one who is enlightened of it has bright light to emerge emancipation
there is no other way for complete emancipation than to join buddha soda
this is the way off all buddhists and a good example of complete the ravens
indeed the least no doubt that the best way to be one with the truth is to joy in buddhists order
for to cut off your hair is to cut the root of patients when passing is removed each buddha nature appears
to change your your rob means to be through from entanglements
when the other no entanglements freedom is there
there are no buddhists who attain to put a foot without the form of shoot kit
no buddha attained enlightenment without the form of should get
no patriarch is without the form of shooting
so the utmost in virtue as the virtue of shooting
even though the virtual buildings or stupor adorned by several jars to reach the thirty third the heaven is great it is not so good as even one hundred hundreds incompletion comparison to
the merit of should
nor can any thought of a possible the sky this describe it
as to stupid could be destroyed and once it is destroyed
the farm cannot be seen but the married to shoot j lo increase more and more until it reaches buddhahood
and it's marriage will not be lost
our body mind
we are already children of buddha
we are the most valuable beings in the three worlds and our lives are the best of the lives in the six conditions of live
think carefully now
the change your comic mind and body and appear in eternal a buddha land beyond birth and death
the beginning last comic attachment is instantaneously instantaneously stopped and the in a true nature is manifesto
therefore after you share your head heaven and earth cannot be eternal cover it
you cannot be mixed with the rest of the beings in the six worms
the shaved her head has nothing to cover it and square sleeve drop is the symbol of emancipation
people for see it will have great encouragement and your relatives will have good affinities
you're being is the highest in the few hours and you're virtue is appearance in ten actions
kings are not higher than you your parents are not higher than you if people are not your teachers you shouldn't bowed to them if the anna buddhists and page jokes you should bow to them
therefore we say in the realm of comic life of the three worlds it is not possible to cut off love and affection of from family ties when we go beyond love and passion that is the to way to return
a benefit you'll see
thinking about how big is benefit of your parents without utmost sincerity you should refuse it
thinking about the greatness of the benefit of water and earth you should return to benefit through the true way of returning it
this is the real practice of enunciation the most lofty and highest way to live

the dubarry
the city
you know
the sky
today is the way cgi mine
is a seen my the
the longest day why
still revelation
the line
the least
the variation over
the isa
the reasons



year it's called now only know a a honey all
a wall sheathing all
it yes
i'm here is cool
you are only buddha is are able to cut it off now i will check it out you allow me to do the yes
last year is called lot
one people like he is able to handle up now and watch him up
you allow me to do it

then now is one love when we i am able to hang on
our a work thing out
allow me to do it
not paid for sure
that is able to recall now a lot giving up
long day
ah here is for sure
one of the world is able to pay out how how over
i came up
you allow me to do this


my is or not only only that is able to carry out
now i will check up you allow me to get us
after a school you are
only one that is able to cut it off now i will check the top
you allow me the year
love there is called fewer point where he's heading to it off
now a large heavy pot along to the yes

what is owed to are in
when they do know is even to try on how are located are you allow me to get us lot of curious for buddha you are
one ligula idea is able to it all
now i would shake off
allow me to do this test last year is all he not only a little to on it all
wow a work thing
have you days

he least from my about man
the and father
today the and the

you are buddhist name is jason k ne
are you feeling you have finished the ceiling from a buddhist rob and odot
taking refuge in triple trader
september twelve eleven nineteen seventy one
the our translation g shingles

your buddhist name is sung they you
you have finished receiving
what is wrong and all okay
a taking refuge taking refuge in triple trader outta gum the side
september eleven nineteen seventy one
the the optimization to show you

the buddhist name is
the oh man it's law
you have finished the saving to love and odot are taking refuge in triple trigger buddha dharma sangha
september eleventh in nineteen seventy one the our convention you can do to the

your name is good though pick com
you have finished the sea
what is love and all your t taking refuge triple trigger buddha dharma sangha
september eleven in nineteen seventy one the optimization you can go to the


pages and k a disciple of the buddha receive this new shit done a made according to the buddha's way i will use it and keep protecting the okay so

oh bodhisattva ah site
key signs and new disciple of buddha received as down i made according to the buddha's way i will use it and keep protecting their case the

ah money so far on sophos i am on and start the cycle of the and save this nation not all man according to the causeway i o use it i keep protecting your case are


oh these on mars on vase i g know tacked on a disciple of to the receive these nietzschean done i mean according to the buddha's way
i will use it and g projecting the own geeze ah

gray is nice easy
hey guys
the section aims

on bodies are a as
ages and k a disciple of the buddha received this at the or a row five tribes each made of one long piece in one short days i will read and keep the sacred mean of in

oh so my suppose i'm your man it's the the cycle of know we'd save those who or her own borrow made of seven strips each men of to wrong pieces and one short piece
i aware it and keep the sacred being of it


all bodies on vom mas on those i don't check on a design beloved buddha received as andorra xanga roll a rowboat seven strips each made it too long beach
is and one george bees i will wear it and keep the sacred meaning of it

a guy
the last fifteen days
the the
the the
the the
the know

ah bodhisattva said those aged son caney disciple of the buddha received this serial key made according to the booties way i will use it and keep the sacred
mean the

oh bodhisattva masak vase i his sons and new a disciple of buddha received his own key made according to the buddha's way i will use it and keep this
sacred meaning of it

ah bodhisattva masa vase i nyoman it's thought disciple of the buddha received this oil game made according to the buddha's way i will keep it and keep the sacred meaning of it

all bodhisattva masada as i jugador jack gone to the zeigler the buddha receive in his own yogi men in according to the buddha is way i will use it dang keep the sacred meaning on the


hey guys
the is actually
hey los angeles the

if you want to be free a lakeland in the plug diesel buddhist precepts
we should start with a few of practice of confession
there are two ways and two meanings in the buddhist buddhist way of confession
however we have the way for confession transmitted from buddha
through the patriarchs to me
side after me all the calmer ever created by me
the right
he shares a lot through a read angola and serve the in
what does not begin in born on my body's beach and source
high speeds and
i now make four often confession away
the open
the all the calmer ever created by me
the is a law the through greed anger and self delusion
i will agree and so
why does nor beginning wrong of my body's beach and swords
it's me again
a speech and know i now make four been confessional the ads
and all the com and created by me
the right
in the law as will read on law and sound region
an illusion or yards nor beginning born on body speech and saw
there's no game
no i now make four boom confession of ieds
the pro version

going beyond all the come from our body speech and mind we have completed the poor practice of confession
you got disciples so buddha from now long and even after filing good of word we'll continue this truth for practice
well you got disciple of the buddha from now on and even after acquiring boot of word that you continue this truthful practice this so well you got practice you got disciples of the buddha from now on
and even after filing would of that the you continue this truth for practice known as well

he have now clarified our mind and body if you will receive a triple treasure and the tang way for heavy toll precepts
you are seeing it it's a buddha and you are nearly a child or buddha
i take refuge in the buddha
hey jim
then love you again the mars
i de love you again the sound of
i day my whole heart and love you again the trip bodega buddha dharma sangha
the manager
i de gran again the buddha
in ah day refuge in the dumb arse
ah de grandview again the song loss
the refuge in
a day my whole heart and love you again the treble jager buddha dharma sangha
the i know
ginger nature
day grandview again the buddha
the refuge and
de gran few again the dumb arse
is in the know
ah de graff you again the song
the to in zongo ah day glue my whole heart and refuge in the triple j or buddha dharma sangha
hey my know
is an injured worker a know
does you have already realized the orignal nature to be the farm evil salts from now on the street dish soap name enlightened one whose wisdom is a
omnipresent as your teacher taking the path of the buddha do not be involved in wrong practices that is no other way down his mercy which include all
you got designed to serve the buddha from now on even after wiring buddhahood we'll keep those triple traders as i will you got disciples some buddha
from now on even after filing would would you keep those triple failures us url you got disciples on the buddha from now on even after filing waterford we'll keep those triple traders
it's not i will
thus you have received the trip or trader
now if you receive the trip or three crack to few precepts and town grab for him to precepts you will be seated with the buddha
words purity of heart i played to understand from all evil behavior
the name on
hard i placed to strive towards righteousness
the and i went to right word right is nurses way the ability of a heart i played to strive for the benefit of all living beings
the dry run
all within days
biting information to sleep your precepts for now long and even after filing would of word kneel continuously observe them guess i will biting information a precept from now on an even
love to filing buddhahood real continuously observe them yes i will abiding information for a few precepts from now on an even after filing boulevard where you continuously of the them yes i
next you must receive the ten grand prohibitory precepts
i decided to of the buddha stands from low for taking our lives
the term will will taking advise our disciple the buddha stands from committing robberies
the robbery are disciple the buddha stands from committing on change that
the state including and jews are disciple the buddha stands from telling force force
i belong to the games running telling browsers are designed poor the buddha stands from taking hum folks talk in talks can do drugs
returns and taking on pulling doxygen desired goes all the sidewall the buddha stands from speaking ill of others
madame de vins de niro and others are the sidewalk the buddha stands from exporting the south wales rumbling others
in girl was and many others are the sidewalk the buddha stands from being a malicious in the best for of gauging so mcdaniels
the day the averages and over gg more materials are disciple the buddha stands wrong ha ha hobbling hatred molly's lyell well
i've learned the stage or inquiry hatred malice loyal ali disciple the buddha stands from the announcing that tremble treasure
the stage or financing through the okay
biting into for mentioned ten way from dog presets are now long even after filing vodafone with you continuously observe them yes i rule biting more mentioned ten way from utah with
it's from now on even after filing bulford real continuously observe them
i will abiding information ten gray from to precepts long long even after filing of would you continuously observe them as i well
the way you keep to precepts should be always like this
this precepts you are already it with all the buddhas and patriarchs you are really are tired or buddha
seeding buddhist precepts you are already seated with all the buddhas sand patriarchs you are really our child of buddha
saving buddhist precepts you are already seated with all the buddha sand patriarchs you are really our town or buddha

absence rejoice the hours earth trembles and brass and for what is the meaning of such an extraordinarily sign buddha says to them in this word followers of the
buddha's teaching have been listening to a discourse on the body salt was precepts delivered by their juve who had previously received them from his own teacher all the body sagged was being deeply inspired by this
xo dissolve to observe the precepts forever and become buddha therefore the universe manifest such a joyous omen
bodies aren't were upon during this bow to them and say you have now accepted the precepts and by keeping them with the spirits of shakyamuni buddha a great teacher and sage you study and practice is and
accompanied by innumerable bodhisattvas this is due to the
pet epidemiol and time like element of the body sat with precepts
it is my heartfelt desire that you'd be ever mindful of these precepts and woman at the moment manifest them in your everyday lives you do the lightning of this great opportunity
your body now rest in dumbo world you should realize that the whole world is involved in the practice of these precepts
who practice the precepts for whom do you plug this the precepts
to whom do you give its merits
in the pure precepts there is no subjectivity or objectivity and in itself is no merits even
thus our practice continue forever
we should preserve the good roots of these presents and mutually share the true buddha away ways all sentient beings
p g you get going django ay a cherishing enjoy the issue in the know
his own



first of all
oh like to express
the concentration
ah to
for new priest
ah and
like takes place my religious joy
to conduct this ordination priest
for new priest and all of you
hmm it
when i was in japan
i had the chance to discuss
the buddhism at present with
well famous little fence you know famous people who are of for why the boss of a famous companies a big companies in japan
ah at that time each of them expressed
their own rife how difficult how difficult day war they leapt
ah and after that i said to them
a clearly understand and really understand
ah the way of your life how difficult it is because the your life is surrounded by business fraud
what business are competing with
another companies and other business
so i said how difficult to you are
that time one of fame one of pupils said
there is more difficult more difficult things
that which i we a businessman have experienced gatherers your life is more difficult than i
because your life i must be directed to r concentrate on saving a human being and all sentient being you have to always ah spend
a number of countries number of countries kimes
to consider how to save human being
and all sentient beings at that time i couldn't say anything oh yeah that's right
this is the important point
a particularly ah for new priest
awful become a pre will become going panting into please life
ah well have to concentrate on considering how to save
all human beings and all sentient beings this is fay important

whatever kind of with difficulties day a will be confronted with
maybe some time they are vague for they don't have they will not have manny's
but what we what i have i have no money is
not not convenience now convenience
but i don't feel i don't feel
i don't feel i want to more i want to get more monies
what i would i have no money or make me it'll be calm and com uncomfortable uncomfortable this is truth but it is all right it is all right for me because i have to directed to ca
concentrate on consider considering how to say was and being how to save this something know i would die i am confronted with no money's suffering from the no money
i have to save myself from my cell phone this something
that's why dog and and says praised must be a poor priest must be poor
one of one of a priest in japan and tried to experienced ah
the poor man's law alive roar life who are wealthy people are our food food food is working in high labor job hard job
at the report covering the cold calling the ah what to say i many stuff's coming from know all over the world
in japan they all ave poor there was then one for one of our priest in japan think that praised must be done a poor what ploy is
then he tried to experience for three or four months he ordered to run what the poor years
my it is okay to run in that way what the boy is but the suffering from the poor cannot be drowned by such experienced
okay for cannot be by with bot can be bought by the money
by the experience dust of for a few months you can't
you must run what what who is immediately the moment when you are confronted with for
city oh poor
then i said i said to you and saw him for you know you have a tour de i want to run what the four years from you praise praise let me live with you just for a moment
and is pretty difficult to run what poise even though you can't yes understand what for us
but that subject with the idea or poise prisoner

very important question is what do we we each of us save himself from the something
save a something from poor or prayer and song
you can learn you cannot run the what poor is just to for period
few months you can't
so you have to run the poor what what it is the moment when you are confronted with in your daily life this is the way the best way of running what for us
the same way is to be said to save yourself save or since you're being found the selfie
first of all you have to save yourself first
from surfing
the those for become priest
must have any caused concentrate on saving themselves first and consider the consider again and again the way how to save all sentient be
like a businessman businessmen of his businessmen and thinking always how to develop his business competing with other business

going through the crowd and people
among the business fraud

so as one of file a as the this man said
the priests life priest is more difficult than the business men
you must love patience
you must allow clave going ahead
without blinking
without being surprised at new news all the news
whatever happens in your daily life
dogan done says sink and kinda cool singing are singing ton japanese the okay engineering team game miss the source of human mind
absolutely still
and the source of fire schumer world is absolute tree
abis the deep
you have to run this point
the source of human mind is based on the stillness trunk quality
the so far
the suffering tie your life something has something has turned your life your lives feel feel
but since you become priest
you have to first find stillness
on what's your mind is based
then stillness absolute stillness turn your lives heal
our stillness is not merely stillness
stillness is not merely still what you usually thought you'd be a supposed
the stillness the stillness in cruise
and satisfaction or satisfaction what happens what crops up in our daily life
the and satisfaction sulfur and satisfaction has turn your life feel so far
what satisfaction has turned your life so far
but from now on
the stillness on wits boss satisfaction and satisfaction are beast must turn the all i feel
at that time you can accept both satisfaction or and satisfaction with comparator
with composure
so stillness is not mirrors terrorists
how to run does this to illness
the best way is just to sit
throwing away the any kind of idea of good or bad
the world's spinning let yourself they just life spinning through and through
there is no other way
nor the way to acquire the stillness on whites your life is based
than to let your lives spinning through and through that's all

the try dog and and says sink and ten japanese still okay engine nanny the source of human mind is absolutely still
the source of the human war is absolutely deep
the one who is the of it
well have to
at the rude himself for ever
if you can understand this stillness
now only the domain of the practicing zen
but also a h that the men in the domain of each activity
what crop up in your day life walking smiling laughing crying eating setting
we have to settle on yourself right in the middle of the stillness
how can you manifest how can you reveal it
that's five they master says when you go ashore when you do a show you should do gosh always component
right now right here
before you think how
how is it gus your is of avail
or not
while you are standing on mars
you have to settle on yourself standing over earth
with composure otherwise you can lead your life

so you must you must first first war you have to find you have to get taste of the stillness trunk quality composure right big mountain
who's building rising tours sky more than empire building
and please look at your life again
who experience for experience the boss satisfaction or and satisfaction

sorry function or curves has a curse your alive when you are when you are confronted with satisfaction so far
and satisfaction has occurred your life whole rife with you are come when you come into contact with and satisfaction sulfur
but from now on you have to see bus satisfaction or and satisfaction from a different angle
saying it is called tranquillity or a stillness at that time you can accept
box satisfaction or unsatisfied
the practising his side of the ah


i've got to worse
of stillness or trunk way
what whatever you do a show bow eating meal
the walking
a greeting each other
are you have to manifest crystallization of stillness
come play
and that time
you must
you must you must be a you you can enlighten you can be enlightened by
trunk worry by a stillness
immediately made it
before you think
this is
priest rife
like to express great connotation of for for new priest or with all of you
because they will have to concentrate on saving themselves
and all sentient being
a shelling something pressure or with or cgb
before you think
before you put yourself
the world we are
that's fi the priest rot priest must love patience priest missouri love
rafe going ahead
accepting lots some criticise
lots of and illuminations

congratulation for for new priest with all of you