October 1971 talk, Serial No. 00310

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oh like to
think about
ah reality
hmm with you

think reality is
ah not so simple
is very complicated it's it's pretty hard to understand what the reality is but neither i don't like to explain by reality feel soft guy or psychological
ah found the viewpoint of view point in our own life
write to see at the reality check again am with you


the through
in a buddhist psychology
oh we have the the human mind is divided into nine eats eight
eight consciousnesses
ah in this pet
as you know so well
ah your daily life you can see something with your eyes you can smell you can smell with your nose uk share something with your ears
rusty in our daily life files consciousnesses or six consciousnesses
operate ah and
guide our daily life through going with to did action
the proof is picking i maybe could the human thought human thought
what cool it created by the human blaine
the other words it is it may be caught ah schumann speculations human speculation
but zoom a donaldson always put the emphasis on the self which is vilified
in his daily life
so fifty fine to vivify
right to exist vividly
same zen is he like from months said joe word v lee or to vivify went to exist apparently somebody in there that
but what is put moot by want to remove the self is minified this is very important you know we have to ruin this point
but feels the concession of time
i think it is
the this want to the selfie is very fine the is i think the present president concession the present
the puzzle day passing day
so present
the person is a prison indicates
ah actual fact that we are movie fide we exist we exist vivid like anyway
some pretty speaking it it's it maybe code life for us something like that
life itself
ah this life for us this present
time the time of present
god's plan some some sherman's population anyway
yeah more you realize you you can realize immediately that your heart
building a new brand
in circulating all over your body
before you think i am exist i am i am existent or not
so your brain you admit the rule five six consciousnesses was work
in were organs organs of your body operate
prefer you are real off
to say whether you exist or not
this is i think the time of present time will present
i also let's consider this time present in this present
the when deduced when deduced to essentials
i think present is son or fun moment sort of moment
some present present passes out of the existant
ah for a moment in a moment
it is considered maybe past and the past conception past
so president passes out of the existence in a moment and also produce
chris ponting i new are no movement no moment
but the endures would endure for one moment is called future is called food
so in a moment the present to present the time of prison is very quick to change
when the moment when the moment when the roman to move works
does fry the the present your was ah is expressed by another word word passing day prison is passing day
so let's imagine this person is here to the this movement
so president is
our present is
a to pass out of exist in a moment as a past and produce a moving forward and the future this is present this is present k
a iphone
the present the time of present is complete are completely entirely a sandwich it sounds merchant of the tune the past and future you know
where you say this is present it is already passed and it is already in future this is present
the prison always is sandwiched between the past and future
okay the for universe
the present which is which is sandwich it between the past and future
is the present rate cheese which is emptied by past and future okay
so person don't have a particular idea this is prison know we say this is prison prison only to has gone
what's right in which direction to go and the past as a future
this is present k
for instance
ah here is continually and is sir
a pat his name is pat
they we hear new pact is sit here
in terms of our present that time of present it is very simple you and it's very simple
a cut and cut a gay that's all very simple more trouble getting to pretend to okay
but before you tried to create the trouble
an old tire the pan already exist in terms of their time of pleasant in an earth day the pats the brand the brand with pad versus circulate small it already
before recreate what's bride
what's kind of brad
think that his phase simple very simple so kind of agree and pat this is very simple
the unfortunately human being this is six senses or several senses are eight fences saw mind immediately act two rods to what object they were the what who is packed
who's category
he didn't say on cup game companies
panicking as japanese
then next will have gaze zen priest not to christian father
come again on well again nation was where was he born
while japan maybe so much part of the pay he was born while total new not taught you the count on won't nakano
osaka or yes he he was body asked
but some real reason third to be for you in the past
well come again she was born she was born in tokyo and someone sent normal he was born into a osaka
so two guys fight
no europe you in person
iran and like this is trouble is a spectrum
for ranching is not simple in that way so did
why why is it we have to thinking that way so why why is it we have to have relationship with each other in that way
in some the time of president with simple and simple erasing his ex existant
in playing name in playing what would you call basis in praying basis by a simple pat kentucky that's all
but when you say who is currently
japanese and that time religion is already minutes the complicated than it was such a relation is in the three dimensions in the three dimensions
for instance where you when you go to the golden gate bridge
the relation when you go to the golden gate bridge the relation between you and golden gate bridge is very simple golden gate bridge and you that's all
but so you think well i want to die

why don't i don't think i don't wanna die
i don't think i want to die keep but some someone you think i want to die when we can see the goal in a place that formula
so that innovation between you and golden gate bridge is very complicated
that's relationship is only praise the in three dimensions okay from the from the viewpoint in past or ancient k
not only present
sorry we see immediately growing their bridge now on the in turn some time of present but also in terms of the term past and future to this is trouble
the how that's okay in if you run to die if you run to if you think i want to die the room way you see the golden gate bridge that's okay that's of to
but actually it's pretty difficult to die immediately this is trouble to him
so what what what should i do you know going back and forth then sometimes you come back to the zen center and
thinking thinking thinking what should i do what should i do
then next day you go you tried to go into the golden gate bridge again and look at don't look down over the guarding their rules wow
is too high for me so let's go back

then ah
how does conception of past and future
ah is a excuse me how is the concession ah
ah of past and future is possible to exist
your data in the present in the present okay

i think
the past even the past in future the conception of the past and future
kenneth it's can think the conception of the past and future exist in the same situation as the time of present
right can grant the person some of the brad
circulation the brat
warner bros can do you think the concession time time of the past and on the future is completely equal to the conception of the time of the present
i think the they are very different
the situation on fire
the past and future is way different
re to exist in the present
so how how can you how can you read the past and future exist in your daily life
so a fool the president is completely present completely present as mentioned before
it is the killer is raphael no troubles
but what make you would make you arrive complicated
saying i want to die the woman when you see the golden gate bridge
so i think
no immediately was think something you know the youngest give them
because time at the past and future exist in the sphere of human speculation not in the sphere of the present which is movie fide
a human speculation human speculation create past and future
let's find a moment when you see going the bridge you you think i want to die why
if means in past
you got the l experienced vey sad you know
yeah got he had to be sad experience in past
there you have brought some for difficulties from past to present then you have now there's some difficulties
this is passed
and this past is the the close
in which direction to go
do you think that i have a difficult that's fine you think you think i want to die immediate
the cause
the cause
was created in passed in your daily life
and he brought you have brought you can you have carried than such difficulties or cause
wait to make your day life confused
then next moment we see when you see there when you see the golden gate bridge next moment you say i want to die i want to die to die
it is
something were to will happen in future in future okay so you try to you try to visualize visualize endures speculation in your in the sphere of speculation
visualize something
the conception of the death is created by the cause what which was created in impasse bypassed
the cause was in past year there was cause was passed kate
and then the resort is desire is the future roping future

the result is not the present because this design is something which advances advances in thought
so i would like to die i want to die
so in that domain in the sphere of the time of present
the past and future exist not in the same way as the present
they exist
in the from sherman speculation and it was human thought

i'm also as mentioned before present is just here in president is
prison occupies does this know and right now i'm like here can this is present and also in the domain of this present
it is past when you should keep in mind that past and present and future exist in the form of human speculation
it's it's pretty high it's it's quite hard to believe but if you what open your eyes it is very possible
finally you see the know where he says guarding them which some of some rural think our culture game place go to the saw some of you think are a right to die
some you think well that's sounds so beautiful
because most the same got the same bridge
oh we we have mastered the same breach in japan
listen tree
a girl boy girl going of which goes goes through the main a dish is coco small land
the me mainland mainland to cashew
mostly same kind of save
then kind of he says oh it's little so beautiful
i am for sale once british in japan when the bill for by to two years three or for
you say you see you always you are with inboard with the sun and the moon
as i thought the sun the moon
is a very beautiful more them a more beautiful than that when a song in japan
because san francisco the skies is very clear
very beautiful

then when i see
when i see the sun when i see the moon all have to do is just to see the sun just to see them know how beautiful it is that's enough
but media to write my speculations come to work what
the sign in san francisco the mooney in san francisco is more beautiful than that king pair well with to to is valuable
with to two years five
it is possible to make christian in that way
the some some fuel song so got the getting so many interesting stories
nat stories maybe someone someone asked day in the same way you wrote of to in the world or son is more valuable
what what what do you think the movies five were valuable or the signs more valuable
the someone says well sized nice valuable
because size of a shining when we don't need
the moines more violent than the sand because the murray's always changing over last
what are we need
maybe so
movie so
but this story it this is very interesting story but the
if you're if you if the same events happens in your daily life it is very big problem is frayed from
it's make you confuse and confuse again and again
does big problem
that's fine when you say the golden gate bridge i want to die
my golden gate bridge doesn't think please go ahead
just calling them which is gardening the police you know eventually between you and eyes and you and the golden gate bridge bridges phase simple
just their the golden gate bridge exist in the sphere of the present at all
but the moment when the past and future insert into your present

at that time decision is not simple relation is
russian division is formed by
the three dimensions three dimension
so if so
why we did this is some reality this is reality okay reality is that the present the i did a consists of the present and past and future and also press pass the shooter exist consider as
human speculation not as the limit vivid mean pivot feel like present
and also this past and present exist in the sphere of this stacked with this call present k which is called prison it seems gay impossible but it is possible if you open your eyes
and what carefree your present it has passed

ah if this past and future the concession of past and future
cake the trouble
independent are indifferent indifferent to
are more life what is vilified with does verified
you have to we have to anyway
you have to
you don't have to you don't have to attach to it key

it should you should make every possible effort to have renovation with you and something
in innisfail on just present just present this is practice this is practice
mtn empty in the conception
our time conception of future
which exist
in the form of human speculation in your brain kate
they create of its total during travel to you office in the domain of the present
if so we have to at any cost empty those empty sharon speculation
that's why get them says further way through away
anything any i do good and bad gal it seem as in what is good and how the consent how does confession of bed and but exist in the sphere of present
the confessional good and bad exist in the same way as the present as you arrive for which is very were vilified i didn't think so
the good and bad are completely existant
as human speculation
this is true don't you think so
not no fits me on things
there's something with the advances in thought
innisfail of the present
solid organ says throwaway kate
throw away those things good and bad whatever you think
was too far away is not to to ignore okay don't misunderstand
to throw away is not to igloo order not to
what did you call
not to let them disappear
ah so way is to empty to empty
to empty your human speculation to empty your speculation to empty the function of your speculation
to emptied the function of us speculation is meant to a girl or the function of your speculation okay because she's very important
because the infamous speculation exist
in the sphere of the prison
in the fall in this in the framework
the ideas in the form idea which advances in thought okay not they are not something with ts it's hugging vilified
you're saying or don't i don't think so that they are completely ripping vivify vividly
i don't think so on

so to empty it to empty to empty yourself to empty yourself to empty your of the function of your speculation this is very important and then try to and relation between a riff
a present as present k
but this present is not merely present this present is the present
ah when watching cruise with to enclose past and future past the food
but this past and future exist
as the phone of human speculation
because prefer you think for i am

you are exist you are in you are existant
this is present
and so did to empty or to throw to throw away the function of schumann's speculation
is what
i mentioned before to throw away is not to a brewer the presence of human speculation
r m pretty soon the to for way is code
a picture in sanskrit the picture
how the meaning d
today's very interesting meaning of this word to picture with pepsi is to throw away
are there are five minutes five meetings as follows
the one is
why is
to scare at to stay and carefree
and firmly
come with
before you give up before you give up
this is fun meaning to throw away his to stare at carefree and calmly before you give up
this is one million the second is
two peers to peers k to throw away his to peers
yeah it was to say into to say into through and through
it's it isn't isn't very indistinct
yeah so they must says and dublin then says throw away good and bad weather is good and bad i don't how i can find a good and bad when they have to throw away you can't but the all those finding taking after what valleys were good
in bad ah with because dog the says why is throw away so i have to throw away anyway
so you have is chasing after well as good with is bad
please please go away but he cannot find one

oh the second is to throw away that to throw away his to peers
a third is
this is fay problem this is a big problem for america
the sun is
to late
that is to read
strong perseverance
with spheres that's big profit for you know
because that i think american people are
ron funky than the damn place where you feel happy wow like says
but champions don't don't show immediately
not that this is common sense nieto since the age of says japanese of us to does
the just smile little bit to smacks i am happy yes
but the movies i will happen with mip in alexis
let's dance go go in

but then karaite to throw away his to rate
with perseverance this is very difficult
i said to a one for students please wait for a great opportunity which will come up to you she said you always said we when the
i can't wait

intro but do you have to wait
if you want to a doubt if you ruined to be about you have to wait
we have to rock step by step if you want to build the house you have to wait
making foundation first then setting the pole
and making a roof
hey making a wrong
the then setting fighters
making a window
the spreading the carpenters

name can they appear
the anterior live there you have to wait
and to rate to read for great opportunity which you will be able to live is to work step by step you from the foundation to wrong to roof
you have to wait
then issue should throw away any ideas i want to leave military in a minute
they you press the carpenter to build to for as soon as possible he what would smile
you are very so in the building to house
then the company says it's impossible to build for two days let's see much
then the company says it's impossible to build for two days let's imagine you know how difficult words they are we have to do lots of faith
nearly impossible to build the group has just for two days it's impossible but your ideas us bakeries and think i want to rape media it because i have no hope no house
ten you to enjoy a speculation pressure carpenter to do fast
den and last you fight with carpenter
so company says i don't want work with you on okay go ahead
i want to get i want to get know a good carpet
but first wrong you should throw away any ideas k and wait wait

then the third is to wait
our with
to wait for opportunity with perseverance
then fourth is
ah to be generous to be generous to time to toddlers
okay difference also a photo for waiting for the opportunity
you know doesn't the immediately you find the care will you
so you think i am not codified to be deserved and tend to be there good dental students so you will give up doing thousand
but i not for good if you follow your life in that way
and nothing can be for fade sycophantic
however you may care for it
then you tried to feed your life
a friend of a sincere birth to death okay
no for wrong peel and of your life
since your birth to the death they had tried to see the totality of your life
the best wrong period of your life many things happens like this kate
then when you know rather than you think or am not for good good enough good students zen student is here
the next moment you feel so good from the and wealth i maybe probably i may attain enlightenment thought i should continue to the same more this is rated
for rolling
ah completely you are upset because that is nothing to give you any for destiny how wonderful zaza years here
then you discourage many things happen
but important point it is please wait for the opportunity and you should be generous arm seen understanding your life don't understand understanding disappoint okay
what is kicking out
to a from the surface of rural life program like fifth
the the law can the china and fruitful was that emperor in tyner a compose the poem
he said that the first verse of this poem he said
oh what


excuse me
well anyway what does what does snake
what does some dispute about with your horn
it can u k mounting a snake
snake exists snake as the to form cons
was snake answer snail is what does what does snail dispute about whether your home to horns
he tried to tragic the thrill
immediately draws his homework
from see way then
but spirit of them student
maybe i attained enlightenment
true or i'll destroy control it
that's all you have
they have to the this he have to you have to be generous of see and understand it seen
dealing with this many home a variety of horns what is always coming us picking up sticking up wars ticking down like this

so was is to be generous or seeing you arrive
fifth is to froth to from okay the last name is to trump the prefer you throw away something you have to do four things for athletes came to stare at
can't be and calmly
and second s two pairs to say into the depths of your life kate
to say into the reality what happens
and turn is to rate for great opportunity with perseverance it when it doesn't mean you you do are you do nothing okay
you have to do you have to do you have to create the opportunity moment after moment k young earth you have to de valle wish their with
prison is opportunity okay
and then
after making every possible effort
after doing your best to do something and then wait for a great opportunity with spirits
them for is to make generous to bit collins cake and then please throw away
this is the throw away
to throw away is not married for way simply cape
you have to do four things prefer you throw away
isn't to vain to stuff
ah it is very good
he is there's a nip in practice all things all things what one i mentioned tournament's customers
and to watch carefree when i am airports
then just set
all we have to take is to spin flip