October 1971 talk, Serial No. 00045

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i have something to tell you before proceeding father are one thing
this morning i used to the english weren't initiative which i think dampens and says same worse is liam very clumsy
ah so i want to clamped
and destruction
ah go ways simultaneously k
i said their destruction and depression keep in his actively away formed doesn't
anyway the depressing in some a destruction and depression i'll go away simultaneously

ah yesterday impatient
you should watch the film with no picture
i'm afraid it make you piece of so much ah so today i tried to put the some pictures on it
anyway ah something we shouldn't exist in this ward


why use watched film
or even though you draw
you put to some pictures on i eat to frame ah
of a film
our one psycho or two circles freeze the circles that's okay is it means it indicates a know they do presents the human being cut the gay and tom
brunch and song
then when our predictors start to move or you can see some pictures on the wall
but even even though act ah but did this picture
is very simple
the same pictures going off without special movement to same pictures ah the gay standing to standing same practice
and the three circus just three circles you know on a picture

question is so
who who what this picture for what this picture
oh yesterday as i mentioned
the let's imagine what the present is
our president is always working
just before rents
ah each frame each frame old film
ah never stop him from for a moment because this present
ah must be must be must ah
ah keep must keep ah his praise his praise are open for the passing moment and the coming moment
this is present so this is friends you hear one frame or frame of to film
but this frame of the film does never and don't know that does does never stop
the it must move must move
if we it stops even for a moment you cannot put the name is present president is always move
so from the ballistic idea and is called transiently k trans nc it is called transit transit nc is that just time come is going to scorn like put the right product
protect you
i could fill moving film
nobody tongue hundred this even though you want to stop this film you tent
because as long as it is present at is present president must be move must be moved
ah and then also in within this i each frame of fun
ah present film
are there are too kind of times past and future
memory as past a hope as a future k the past memories and our hopes are exist together oh what schemes what
what seems odd to have a similar similar quality as the present but actually the memory and hope are not completely the same as the present bill
cause the past for memory and shoot a hope ah ah
just within the human speculation okay you understand humans patronage
it's they looked like they look like a present but it is not saying
then the in the sphere of our frame of the film ah
it is called present
and past and future exist with together
and then what who watch the this film what this will present what the film or past the memory was the present or a hope what for what is film when tis wait
this is very important
ah anyway the human speculate dish not present
our present there
the present are in which they all of you exist are vividly
just running just running
and also the president is always living vividly
exist vividly which ms human being exist in the present in the present in the present
so if you want to know if we want to know yourself for his vivid with for food is living vividly you have to touch yourself in terms of the present not in terms of a human speculation k
so this is very vivid they vivid are things
i'm also the president cannot to slip out cannot sits a slip out of this movement in this movement present the is always before the lens there
present must be must be placed before the rents he he can it cannot move any place
but unfortunately the only human speculation
any time anywhere slip six out of the film this present strips out on the present day you think wow wonderful or i don't like that something that okay
so if so who what is what is this film
so what the what is film there
ah the only human speculation what is always and this film and also this human speculation know oh why the human speculation what is the film that they completely strip our
out of the present k strip out the present and look
but actually present canon cannot do anything are all in that way in the same way as and human speculation
it cannot simply out of the present
but only human speculation town simple out beyond time and space
let's imagine you're human speculation you can think you can think or primitive man or two hundred and twenty five hundred years ago you can you can think and also you can think the thousand thousand
years radon
this is future you can't think
so the human speculation can slip out of the present bay easily any time anywhere beyond time and space that's why you have a if
the you'll find the lots of fun
you are very delighted in slipping out of the present and think something create something
so day only human speculation what is this film
but actually not for instance ah if you are on the airplane if you are on error-prone
the to tether tools you have to be have to be on the airplane but on the your human speculation just the simple out of the airplane and think of yourself or think of airframe while see then
at that time you say or yep fees beautiful how wonderful i enjoy myself but men next moment they've a au prince the goes down immediately in the airport and then
you scare woman
please don't let me die
so at that time you know what to what you have a fear what you have a scare ah whatever you think you feel former airplane your human speculations bake your ancient slipped out of a airplane and look at airplane and yourself
and that time you will experience lot thanks saying i'm enjoying myself or i scared don't let me die please let me alive more than song
but actually we're all you have to do is you have to be you have to be right on airprint it's not nice you on on the airplane and you have trusting on pilot the stories yourself it's not necessary to think but
on the human speculation office looking awful film but you yourself cannot see what turns what the what the kids and film because you are right on every you
you can see yourself you can see airplane
you have to move with in prison with present with airplane
that time you cannot you cannot see you cannot see the full k l or school is or pirate why don't i don't believe i don't trust and on a such a pilot because his ave on new face
he has for it
what that's tour this for beautiful or k over transfer
that's nonsense new
or whatever you think whatever you think you have to trust on yourself on airplane which means you have to be right on mt
it's ms you are right on stream of the present this okay stream of there
ah stream of to film emotion constantly you have to be there
i think this is it is true it is phase simple
you're right on the airplane
that's very simple but unfortunately of rats of for human rights for knowledge
ah compel you to think something
gather they are
one of my friend
had some travel between down the husband and wife
the one day at the husband
ah suddenly keep silence can strike
straight he he doesn't say anything now just say i know i don't know exactly
then the his wife
ah ah was very patient
dear for one week
she was patience
by even know after one week
ah he he also
ah kept silence
and sometimes and he angry with are now only though his wife and also his paper and children
the she she had she is she had the same experience before
but at that time was she and the
experience she had the same experience just for one one week but this time the more than one week so she was very anxious about to you so i hit her patients ah he don't they have enough
is she found she found the the limitation of for her patients seen day she called me where shall i do
but that time in on day
the suggesting you is ah don't fight don't fight with him
why don't you serve why don't to the serve ah him serve him in same magnitude as usual
when the time when the car when the ah when the time com to eat
honey please come
breakfast is ready christian

when the time comes
to get up and in please get up
and see north seen with her feelings his feelings are what he needs you know because she she has lived with him for wrong years so is she she looked the and he and his face or she he needs something so he's hurt
you want to you want to coco cora
something right back in
don't don't turn your attitude don't change your attitude as usual just going on okay keep keep going on
in your piece earpiece
don't break don't break your pace
then serve
when now has been combat welcome back
then she cooked but the his strike
a lasted lasted for one month
in two weeks
ah completely she found she found a complete the that limitation of her patients so far side or the she cried so why don't you going to the going to the raw sanders and to see the in on and to
play to to go on to go the disneyland with the touring why don't you want to go to the desi that it's struts of fun
it's not necessary to turn that your husband or will go it's not an essay
to in after your husband left your home priests you should you should leave for the ross harness to see the you know disney and now with your turn this she stayed on did to couple of day
days and enjoyed herself
then come back but nevertheless he didn't stop keeping silence but they always give suggestions please don't change your attitude please search praise how relationship with it has been in
same monitor k
serve money even though husband angry with you don't only don't fight a preserve sometime why didn't smile
but he never smile but that's okay please smile as usual
they she did see did for one month then at the one my after one month she had they had the chance to go to their full but name of the town anyway it drive for to a
hey he a they go to the husband that the house and the parents are parents' house
with tell that time as the husband still kept silence then to on on on on their way for a while she was them kept silence and it
then day she said she said would you want a cup of cocoa core would you want some cocoa corner and that time he said yes wow
or he said from zero
then she smiled wow
a week
then husband smile reopen
the next time next moment
are you want to a peanut
if you want some spirit he said oh yes then give for some serve the pants on pins and he's smart and she's mad trump who has gone
very simple
if you if you're human speculation start work them to keep the silencing of his fight
of fear for their now it's not easy it's now says but you should keep in mind there is a very simple way to live to live contain the men between men and woman forever
this is practice so it's ms you are right on right on the present were you exist
don't sip loud don't slip out the present if you simply out you have to see you have to see the film so of from the film nothing's satisfy yourself nothing satisfy us because always the same same things
is running you
just circles three circles over there
just the candidates face or there it's nonsense
no speak no no word and just copy dave's face who is he
even though you speak to him he'd say something he doesn't say something
just face
so if you look at look at this film with your humans pages
nothing satisfy yourself
so you have to even though that film that film doesn't satisfy yourself as all right doesn't matter you should be all you have to do is just right on the film present
then simple way to live
when morning comes get up and wash your face and hello breakfast and two thousand
gotta work
but the your speculation look at this routine life why i know like
then sometimes the have to scream help god please help
but they can you can get rid of this present
my master says ice tracked and mean temp because say i didn't satisfy myself my life they just the two mins he exists and small old template
no woman nor ids
no fish no meat just the prayer and mrs soup and rice and pickles or all know all all we have i have to do was just create the temple was in the cause taking grass no studies know study on the bullies
i couldn't have a time or fire doing zazen into because pretty i was completely exhausting
then one day i striped
he kept sleeping there until the ten ten a crock
he lasted to strive to four k one week then they will want you know in a week
the last day last day must come to my room why he came
i covered myself
i didn't like to look at masters
like i know like are you know the story of their day have god do you hope for god come to the n n a park
look for the item
but he couldn't find so got caught where are you way i
the atom hide himself had to part of the and card
why item
so at last he answered he took answer yes i am here
then he got come up to him and say why don't to wait and to or hide yourself because side
i am shame on myself because i found there are not to be nagged that's why i couldn't i couldn't see you
same things myself i couldn't say that my master oversight make the free around me
i want to study buddhism i want to learn something from them my master
office make frame k so then this friend compel me to strike to stay one week then nice day he said he came up to my room said tiny
why don't you get up
when the time when the time ah the time come a time kong when people get up why don't you get up the time comes when a people have a breakfast whether to the breakfast
and then she left
yeah that's very thick brought in
but he didn't score very gentle tiny why don't you get up
the time com when people get up why don't you get it
if you or sickness a few sickness
and get up in ad
we have for energy if you have enough energy to get up and come to the living room kitchen and have breakfast with me i them to come here
that's how name after breakfast if you feel still sick while on to go to bed that's all
this is very good
but i didn't like that
we get up on money wash your face in the makings breakfast and they are performing the morning service and after morning serves have to fix me breakfast
daft breakfast have to go down to the village to perform shows and son
but i couldn't my frame always said i want to study police want to start a practice zazen and some
my spicules always slip route on my present
but i myself enjoy very much
about did the fact that that in on the playing with slipping out on my present and they enjoy because fight i can't i could strike in for one week
it's it's now so easy is nancy is the ran on present but the this is very important this is fame
so you should keep in mind that these very simple way to live whatever happens just going going on just be on the present
get this is
this is our practice this are packed
but actually ah
the question is
the how
ah how to make the human speculation the balance with the this present
in our daily life this is very important we have to always make make them imbalance mix imbalance yeah that was make them make them harm harmonious and live together
with human speculation and this self we is living vividly
on in the present how to bump how to make them balance how to make them harmony harmonious and live together
this is ah this is questions how to how to live in a amman a minute harmony
then this is ah
concrete way of rife
how to live then shakyamuni buddha says it is that means for the attainment of nirvana is the practice of the eight for no pass it wouldn't offer for past
the first war i will lead the anyway the a novel a for noble past
they a noble noble pass
the first to write observation
a like observation right thought right speech right behavior right livelihood right effort right mindfulness and right concentration
the right observation in cruise to thoroughly understand the for for for the nabu tools to believe in the law of cause and effect and not to be deceived by appearances
and desires
ah rice sought
all right sought ms the dissolution not to tell his desire
ah not to be fearful or envy and not to do any harm for deed
the rise speech ms the avoidance of lying worse idol was abusive words and doubled tongues
ah right behavior miss not to destroy any life not to still not to do evil right library for ms to avoid my life that would bring shame to a man
right effort means to be guided by right speech or idea i at
right mindfulness me is to maintain a pure and thoughtful mine right concentration means to keep he mind pew and tranquil setting to realize the minds true essence
ah is
the question is
our question is or what to do what's right what's the meaning of the right right
ah this is very important
in buddhism
right is to go to go in the middle way middle way
ah not to touch to suffering not to touch to ah
the pressure
you have to go
the along
the rod which is called middle way
but middle way
it's not
would you can walk
i between boss side
the middle way you buddhism is
first for to understand the totality of rife of rife and it was buff the something and pressure weight and the earth human speculation and pass future
the human speculation
i didn't make excuses past and future as ah what exist in the sphere of human speculation and present to okay
it's not it's not in this side to get rid of the human speaking it's not necessary to hate humans speculation
you have to understand first for the poor of rife totality of the present k
present itself and also schumann's pages past and future which existed in within their schumann's bakeries king
and then you tried to
tous in which direction to go in which direction to go
it's not the ah it is not just look and it is not to be ah look som du casino
excuse me upside down
the middle way is the to understand through and through clearly the totality of rife
pressure something men and woman and you were into your life human speculation and something beyond human speculation this is present k present and past and future
then you have to choose in what direction to go
this is second but it's not so easy to choose middle way
because the event is not simple
the event not to events ah a right and they consist of very complicated ah quality
so it's pretty hard how to choose a middle way
then if you in order to choose middle way
ah first of wall very important point is
don't put don't put
you are selfish ideas this is first important selfish idea created by human speculation created by the activity
slipping out of the present and praying in the future playing in the past song
and then don't touch don't touch to fix a certain ideas
the first war you have to be emptied because you are exist in the present which is which is always emptied by activity activity passing out of existence producing new
moment this is present if you want to know the self who is living vividly
you have to be emptied anyone first
to be emptied is not to diffuse ah the presence of human being
it's not ignore it's not ignored the presence of of your life
some emptied empty to empty yourself
not to put
extra word extra word into the present you tried to again and again the keep a simple way to live
even though you have lots of complain try try
during the doesn't have for to complain what zahlen is less time i enjoy an item do it and whatever tried to go tried to keep going in the simple way kate
the region comes how are you
please next month
what is said to come our youth or you please go ahead
the border comes money peace
oh yeah to the is don't change your simple way kate your pace food is existing existant in the present for which is vivid living vivid thing
it seems not to it seems not to satisfy yourself but this is very important
then are thus in order to choose a middle way you have to be emptied
first and keep going a simple way the simple way to live
ah at that time you can you can ah dutch you can judge your i've and day others life who exist around you and circumstances you can
judge correct correctly rectory
because they can go you can go in the middle way k
without touching kneeler touching to gather decide nor attaching to the other side
ah then that time the next is you have to ah you have to actually arised you have to up to rise this middleware what do you choose to choose

then when you find this is truth you know your daily life
but if you stick to the truth would you have what you find
ah something compel you to
ah compel you to
in all
make stiff stiffness this is to you know
for instance in on day
many young generation you'll find
they want human being need in our day
so we they said we need peace justice and song or natural way rife and some
then last they believe the tooth which stave realize
then they tried to consciously or unconsciously to spread this idea this tooth to everyone priests dream is peace and justice and natural way of life
otherwise cannot find happiness peace but
the people don't believe that
people don't pay not some months and don't pay much attention to their voice
then the grind of the excited may excite why don't you believe this truth are you crazy
they cried to a his excitement is growing in dang the last he get violent
and he's not a tooth race snap
if you find the truth would just call middle way that's why then you try to you try to ah the allow the human being around others to exist
in peace
food has who who tried to seek them the truth
yonder was you tried to allowed others to exist
in the same attitude as you allow yourself to exist who find for find a tooth decay
then at that time you come back in others hurst
say it's not necessary even though you'll find you attain enlightenment it's not necessary to proud of yourself too much few touch to the enlightenment
if you believe excessive way the truth would just call enlightenment we have to scream
please believe they say light because there is truth
but they don't believe it you have to agree are you crazy stupid
ten the last you have to fight
so if you find if you attain enlightenment this is good then
they enlightenment new man to open his eyes
look at everything with dinner nasty with perseverance
with compression and feeling decision light of so why don't you first for now other's existence with
similarly feeling with perseverance ways is packed fullness
at that time you can live with together
in peace then first show
even though you are not attain not you not that you don't attain enlightenment that's i pod
this is vega our friend of mine always bow to the bus or whites white man full he hate
his honor
he always bow pretty them
good bye

this is bodhisattvas real rife crazy simple way way simple way to live
what is just right on the your present your prisoner others present okay don't look at to fill on the war
there is no room no room to watch now film on war
april for a moment if you have us if you have a time to watch to slip out of your present and watch film
that time your life that make that work in proper way
it's make you if you make you create troubles
so if you if my friends
look at the film which is called bus in on which the form a man for he hate you
he is on he
instead of cashel is trouble that's trouble
that trouble
it is very simple to stick out your town that's okay
but this the sticking out your tongue create trouble again and again like a snowball rolling top of the hill to the bottom of the hill pecan deal
so but a shot this is vega
ah because even a middle way even a truth is right on the president came right on the present it is not the special things
what to exist far away on your wife kay
even a middle way even in right to me even poorer
can slip out of the present k
the present is based on transparency freaking fitting movement okay so middle way if you'll find a middleware this what is true which is too
add this more in this moment maybe saw it is true but next moment that middle ways maybe not maybe not true
because circumstances change vague quick
as whereas you teach k the everything teach pay quit this moment i understand i tried to understand whole situation including me others then choose middleweight in what to the reaction to go yes this
is right and then i
optimized middle way in our in my daily life
this is true and people say you're right this okay but next moment
next moment it may not be true because
circumstances and me and you including circumstances including all circumstances change
kate change including middle way important truth
then next moment you have to think again okay you have to understand again total to tie of your life including others circumstance then choose middle way
that's why it is cold too dull to his middle door is dull pass the pass is in buddhism out to actualized optimise to practice in our data
did you understand
pick your back