October 1971 talk, Serial No. 00044

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ah you may consider
the time will present
having the makings
ah not there
a be a characteristic of the making some weird song
what occupies a wrong pity on of time
anyway you think you may you may consider the present as long period of time anyway
my when are deduced to
ah essentials
day it is
these short very short that
it maybe it very difficult to explain what it is pretty shot
whoop know so the human being and all sentient being exist in the sphere of the this are present
ah which is verified
if you want to know you the yourself yeah if you want to know you who is verified
you have to know a day what the present is want the time will present his
yesterday as a mentioned yesterday
the present is always constantly emptied emptied
ah by
the motion of itself on its own
a passing out of fire existence and producing
chris ponting a new moment which endures endure one moment
so it's pretty hot put a pre quick passing out of existence and produce new moment
a solid did this motion the motion of its on passing out of existence and producing a new moment
ah empty always empty constantly emptied the time of present time will press so it's pretty hard to put to the a certain idea this is present or past or future is
it's pretty hard
so you can to put the any ideas on present
the present itself
always is office amputate emptied by the motion of its on
so nothing complete nothing so automation with yesterday were you when you see when i see someone just see some oh that's all by the sun
this is very simple
i also
and this is present okay you should keep in mind what's kind of for what to what it is presently is presently
so the prison in in this respect the present escs a point just a point just a point which is code nothingness
emptiness this is present
if you want to put the some idea a certain idea on the present
it is called just a point
of nothingness or emptiness because president is always constantly emptied by the demotion of its on pacino out of existence producing new moment
this is present
and also the how how do how do the past and future past and future
exist in the sphere of the present
so past and present and future doesn't exist
in the same situation as the present it's mason yesterday they exist just in the form of the human speculation they exist within the humans speculation just the idea
this is past and future
then we you say golding their bridge
you say oh it's not give you feel sad
some memories some memories they occupy has occupied your brain
then memories compel you to say something all compel you to feel now beautiful you know
just sacked
because you have be sad memories
and then this memory
ah is sort of cause
and they immediately you create something i want to die and to i want to die is to create a sort of future
in you're within your humans speculation
see let's imagine yeah let's imagine the whole scene of the present whole seeing of the present president is moving so fast
i would you cannot put any idea of present or past or future but nevertheless on the otherhand the past and future past and future exist with together
as a human speculation okay
it's sort of for instance
it is suzie
ah you watch the films moving film okay moving film
they are frame each frame of the film is a present present
then phone rang and put put put put not to put up for the protector
when a project to start work film also start to work
then you turn see something
but in terms of the present strictly speaking you can see anything are all just nothing just nothing because on film that is nothing new pictures look destined to fill runnings
but let's imagine to you or can you be your patience
patient can you be or perseverance to see are set to film for a wrong time or your chair
he ordered to enjoy yourself
what do you think nothing there
does running film from is just distronic
it's pretty hot it's very hard
dave from this from this
ah a five phone enjoying yourself far from being denied it in watching this film you feel you feel uneasy i easy
because he can't you can do tunnel bear even for a moment to see you
set you feel
so you're sad memories you experience or your hope as a future you want to you want to get filthy preis something make appearance on film
then you tried to put their draw pictures or each for our frame for present you
primitive for primitive person for him to prison no quality no growth
dust thou loins rhine loin cloth
and then next movement next moment the next to film you tried to r the empire building
in new york
it's very interesting primitive person but primitive process also person but your memory foam your for your a former viewpoint of memory a experience and you hope as a
future their primitive man is a man who lives who lived
i'm civilized to society
and who was who is an educated man see
is in the your hold started to fade or primitive man but actually maze men in terms of the prison strictly speaking my is meant to saw
hello that's enough
but chris it is
the your memory and hope start to create something new
in the sphere of the present
well the quilt primitive mais sur an educated man a poor guy you know so let's take him to the new york in see the empire building
then next to fill you tried to draw pictures
try to take him to the new york to see the empire building
then in the next film you tried to draw pictures riding on the elevator
inside of the aimed entire building
you create your thought your memory and the your experience your education your hope has future you tried to create many things which in every you enjoy yourself you to fun and there are lots of fun that's why you can
drawing office
forgetting for getting how strict how strict how severe
how rigid how resent a deal interests the present is completely you forget then just you follow the your memories in a new experience in new hope the right groin
then at last you enjoy yourself you you are tried it in looking are watching and films
primitive person you will see you see the preemptive prison next moment to do you try to take they came to new york to see the empire building i'm writing right on animators boaters and elevator start to move up very quick
then next moment the day this are primitive prison was a surprise had very big shock
because he he has never experienced before and then at the moment when he alive the top of the empire building he fell down and die
this is whole story is focused

this is our story created by the our memories

and the hope
but it's fe interesting way interesting
when we cannot stop in know we cannot stop chasing after no such of lots of fun created by
memories for hopes

suck of money bruder a said all existences something
k all existence existences having this idea conception of something is not the something would you are huge is supposed
the this something is at the this something doesn't make appearance at the level of level of the human speculation okay just the present present
then the strictly speaking at the last at last analysis analysis the all of you have to have to see how to watch film
what there is no pictures look you have to see
have to see
but is a it doesn't satisfy you but you have to see this phone wherever you mingle
what a whatever you do what you do doesn't and you attain lightman you find lots of and wherever you have to see just film you have to continuously what this film
and then that time you feel something wild and you can you can of beer you can be and rebel or present where you have to continuously what the film with no picture
is bay hot
that time you have to find a sort of suffering a sort of uneasiness uneasiness a solo ron dennis you know people ask me always one is strong runs loneliness
do you have to you have to understand ron dennis from this fundamental
the of foundation from this foundation in knife watching the film with no pitch
and then what in how in how situation what the situation human being exist

at that time the as shakyamuni buddha says the only existences something
eight it worse all existence is an easy and easy
i think you understand so well even though you get the lots of money and million near even though you become mayor nir
you know you never you never get the complete and completeness of unhappiness is pretty hard
you always feel uneasy
there is something there is something which doesn't satisfy you ever the money even the enlightenment if an indulgent even delicious seditious japanese dishes man conditions french dishes
nothing completely nothing
so you have to what just kick what the films and then what is what is existant what is existing just moving moisten exist this motion is perpetual motion and puppy
tatchell motion and for which is called trans nc okay transits just transit the exist in front of you can just the distance does transiently perpetual fro and move exist
there is nothing except this transience a perpetual more move and for that's all
and that time you can feel you can feel something and easy would however you tried to escape from you can't pretty through and through you have to get a taste of it
this is suffering this is something mason by chicago important so conceptual something is very different from the idea which you are supposed usually k
the suffering is the conception of suffering is ah
ha existant in the very quiet our entire entirely foundation foundation fundament to be in life k
the fundament environment being in life you have you are situated in nothing's you are always nothing in nothing you are situated in the praise which is always emptied by
the motion passing out of existence producing something producing new moment
so you are always empty you always empty by the motions passing out of existence and producing something new moment
but thought in humans speculation memory as a memory and the hope
in future
they often stick out stick out
fair on the present this is pop
ah so the
and the also the human speculation now unconsciously all consciously tried to attach tried to attach
dire many events which happens in the sphere or present
that time you create troubles you create comfortable k
ah but i don't mean the human memory and hope
ah is something wrong i don't think so
but anyway you have to first for you have to see he have to say into the depths of human life based on nothing no no based on film with no picture with no picture
and then you understand if you understand this level you will understand thought well what your memory is what the past is what future he is

there any anyway ah
in all day
this this belt
you never escape from the feeling of uneasiness wherever you make all k
l saw you think
ah you will give up
ah taken kill off your life but i don't think so
i don't think it is necessary to give up your life
ah you will find you will find something's stability
ah stability or trump quantity beyond such uneasiness
i'd sink
the lease are one of fire famous semi paint some paintings are some paint
drawn by situ
ah fool lived at the fifteenth century or song
he ah
tully's one of my favorite picture painting this painting the present the big oceans and bay vic ocean
then the ocean
and small fishing port
and us small
what would you call i
ah day a man's for food is on a small bot
fishing many fishermen
the he's concentrating on fishing
let's imagine key very thick ocean and small bot small but it is not the more than skydome for modern style fish and numbers ship
none to predict what no credit for not selling pot no water no more than just fishing bot you do kind in in contrast contrast to the big scale for huge expanse of ocean let's imagine house
more your ex see they'll also human be man is right on the small but and concentrate on fishing with emerging
i love it i love this picture
they had do
it's very interesting you
small but very small fishing boat
this small fishing bot is any time any fear in the surface of fear of ocean
turn over pretty easy turnover pre is including meant including fishing man two
he even third way is because no water no for pretty bored like a modern bot
but nevertheless this man this man concentrates on fishing fishing with
ah with
with a nut
ah not know with no liqun a deer realization of the fact what to do you know what to do just sit there just fishing see
and from this picture and feel very stability in my trunk waiting
now let's see madame the circumstances the ocean and bot and men
me is always the existant
in the circumstances
we're many a variety of our danger
in a crops up immediately
and it recommends you to turnover is pretty easy
it looks like us watching the film with no pictures there is no help no help in a in a big ocean there is no hope no hope nor helper
just water even though you grasp a water know
it's doesn't make sense
even though you scream help help that's no help
it looks like a watching tinder films know with no pictures
and men also ah will feel pensive an easy
but as a man he has to do something
he has to do something you have to do something
not out of out of for out of this present out of the ocean out of for both you have to do something over there then the issue draw man and bot
and let him fishing fishing with nothingness with no expectation and swayed to stay
just delays nothing but to concentrate on fishing nets are so
this is very important
you can get rid of it is in his
but you have to be right on right on a bot right on the ocean
right on
the concentrating on fishing that's all than it's nothing more and nothing else
to do for you
the top
the and dingy are in sheboygan kindle
about this point
the you know the story them monks amongst discussed discussed about the frog now frog frog frog
are our being waving
ah in the air
monks gathered in discuss
ah someone says not there there's someone asked the they discussed about what have to
lap flag or wind
make a sound make a sound young earth universe wait to to bell or stick make a sound they discussed about this then that time now famous zen master pass by them
then what are you doing what are you discussing a bot
the monks said he he says so we were flag flag make a sound
the bell make a sound you know it is it is whatever cape bell make a sound but the other guy said no a stick make a sound
the other guy said know the to space be tinder bell and stick make a son
what is right they must have says your mind make a sound
you might make a sound then the dog in dingy describe your what about as to what do your mind is making sound
the anyway dogan explain
but trunk way stillness
a stillness is to study to learn through and through what buddhism is what the buddha's teaching years anyway
or what wisdom is what a nightmare is
and then a stillness
oh tranquility ah expressed by another word another word samadi
what it is tunis or samadhi
it means that

a when stillness exist
ah in the seville of
ah a single subject
when you come into contact with
everything is everything is still imposing it is still

if to blow
if it is are still if it is a still too
ah no
excuse me


or if the wind would if the wind which is blowing is still
the bell the bell which is making sound is also still
it is because all things are still all things are based on the stillness

the mind which is making noise
is not to say what though is not to say what the wind mix mix sand

the mind the mind which is making noise is not what the to say what the bell is making sand
you soon realize that that the mind but is making sound is not the mind which is making sound
and then next as sentences he is very important
in the terms of
are considered it compression it research for the tooth

there is nothing bad
are there is nothing but
nothing but to exist
the fact watch the wind mix sand
employing met sand blowing medicine
and sound mix sand case sound makes a sound the song
i mean

the in terms of the present
when seeing it
at these ah last analysis
there is no amount of discussion
whether virar the bell
or there are
there there exists a bell or stick or mind
because you have to see now filled with more pictures
and then there is there is just nothing but to watch to what the film with no picture what team is you have to see just emotions just motion
which ms perpetual move in the fall
yeah earth just movement just activities
then you hear the sun you hear the bell ringing poor exists
the strictly speaking in terms of the present
add to level where would you have what the film no picture with no picture
all you have to do is just listen the bell some the song
the list no bell know you nor conception of you know conception or bell no conception of the person for hit the bell
there is nothing but that does sound the only sound
to exist the only sound k which ms no pictures no catch
what do to fill with no capture to son
does son is just motioned to smarten
based on and freighting fitting basis in all sentient being in life
of human being of all session bill
the can't stand this point

ah the all activity
a what is getting on in the present in the present k in the time of the present
is completely transparent transparent
looks like as if you try to serve
the snows
on the silver ball super ball case you tried to the serve
snow on the zero void bar
the them master says
the president is
is as if
it's turns
in the world cupboard
with snow
as they've swung white swan stance
at ground covered with snow where is
it's pre a pretty difficult to find to realize where is where is the white snow white swan and also what it's pretty hard to discriminate
what is swung what is snow
the activity our practice and the present in the present must be so must be so
if you hit to their the bell has caused us then okay i think you will listen you will have heard you will hear a doesn't making sound cave
sometimes all that sometimes good as enlightenment sorry that i don't put extra word extra thought extra memories extra hope into this enlightenment
k just missing
next moment you hit to the doesn't
he was make to make a sound
consider as delusion thoughts
just listen
there is nothing but the only sound
you have to continue or see what to film with no pictures no pictures
but as long as it's known as we have formally as a past
hope as future
you cannot get rid of it that's why you have to you can't help listening sound a certain son sometimes enlightenment sometimes the diligence some time i don't want
i want to give up the doesn't want to go back to home
and sleep
because it is okay it's okay for you can escape from it
now all you have to do is just to listen just to listen just sound
saying i want to go back home and sleep okay
now all you have to do is to set kate just listen just less next moment wow beautiful you know if beautiful as a beautiful world everything all right completely are
so i give up going home so i stay a sign
ah so piss taking good kill off your memory and hope
as a past as a future but please keep in mind if no hope if memory
rise lie in
sufferers all present what is in perpetual move and frog as if you watched film with no picture okay
but if you stick to it even for a moment you create trouble and suffering
it means that you impose and necessarily and this is sized trained
a poem you upon the present what is
in perpetual fro and move and subject
this is suffering with you are suppose usually
but second does something was mentioned by shakyamuni buddha
a points out to the fundamental
on which human be live for human being and all sentient being a based
as if you watch film with no picture
kate this is it is called uneasiness i easy
you have to see first this rebel
if we understand this uneasiness you can settle yourself on the south whatever you do
wherever you may go you may be the ocean and the on the bot you can concentrate on fishing with the greedy with trunk waiting
this is something
and second of the second of the four noble truth is a cause of suffering
cause of something is england's england's is
the human memories and hope but let you attach that to try to touch something touched something
waste to bonus with bigotry k beauty
so ah
if you attach to something with stubbornness bigotry
it is called england's the way you ah realize when you ah realize through and through what bigotry once to bonus is
you are tried to touch
what compelled you to attach
it is called no insurance okay
so england's itself doesn't have a particular ground on which it exist
basis ah the basis that place where england's exist is within your daily life okay woman of the moment pumps pump
access key
now how to deal with your england's you thought your memory your hope this is corn for you kate
that's why we have to practice
ah dense or his third of the for nobu truth is
our extinctions extinction he sings
a nirvana it's a realm fee from suffering okay
it can find you can realize the realm of feel from something it is the absolute place where the fishermen concentrate on fishing
on the bot right being on the boat what jays which is situated in ocean
this is in fun says new one