May 8th, 1971, Serial No. 00293

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like to explain
a whale
what does it do
see god he was a computing is function how to set up but i think he ah the window how many times you listen to instruction have said
i think
i will be helpful for you

the he
the our jobs in our practice
all doesn't you
he's called i can cover second time
wow with jase
ah remarkable different point
i've flown in thai school
how would they put the emphasis on
hmm he said that means i
i put the emphasis on labor over the question jane question
he doesn't
the him
sabo school
ah we never neighbor over the go on
in doesn't
so we all we have to do is
just to concentrate on doing nothing at all
it is called this is the then you see doesn't which is called this can cover stump
me i translated i i have translated as come to japanese into english
you didn't word the earn all a hot mess
but the word or poor harkness
easy as it may be understood
he's not the easy to understand what about cold heartedness he is
the seventies scandi first two
hey car
our efforts effort
in buddhism
ah not the according to our general sense
he can be fast to effort
what is called charging in japanese sword jim
the in through the effort
ah has made for found
when termination
a profound meaning
the airport
the surging in japanese and required charging
the top to show he is
i'm sure it is
now well chosen rice
ah which
are you completely completely free
rice all son
the other words and this is the well chosen race or cure rice kimura
ah these nothing to
ah nothing to a doubt for rate
nothing to mixed in it
this is show this a shot
the gym is literally meaning
the two other ones to advance
one step
for father once the fun ones to on from once the once the father this is
due to go i fear
but in buddhism the gym and jin and to go on to advance once the father is not merely to go for forehead want to take once the war
but to not to not to degress not to request this is to enhance one step forward one step father
this is very interesting point what do you have to take into account
so go ahead leave not to marry go ahead blindly boy had is not to with not to requests
this is dee
so gig is not to meatless ah the prevent the meaning of not the the present the state or at the state or
the mind in whatever you practice you follow what i have a kind of from most movement movement in practice you fall
oh so this movement this movement
the know what be
undefined undefined the action or gate
the is nothing to mix to in a in it
the we can with translate we can say it
the undefined the practice undefined a practice or undefined
cause undefined attention and to find a t
usually with translated the in a translated
the as the concentration concentration
so as spent together a to concentrate on loving itself debate
but concentration i don't know exactly what the game with a concentration in english the word concentration the english mean
but anyway constantly you fame group and play on something
ah i think if if i think the it seems to me that the it is their business with their oh and he is done just the business and the but the business that the mind
the only mind the only mind deal with
you know whatever you do
the printing to concentrate concentrate on breathing or kin continued ain't mine mine the concentrate on me the only mind
the breathing or the valley himself
but school or in there in terms of the meaning of the word coming
is not the business is not merely business that the only mind the deal ways
on codes are in on conceded the important in for the mind to concentrate exactly or cure or impurity
but answer same time
in or the you have to adjust or correct you have to the orient the fatal internal or external organs this is important to point to not only not only the business with the mine
and the deal with
a concentrate is not the business that will come on the only mind can deal with
so a chicken is sky is to ah
hard to concentrate on the than itself with mindfulness
they orientate and be correcting the your posture the regulating the breeding
controlling adjusting the fatal minds this is important
so would be
the airport the airport in buddhism
is that we have to
concentrate on and that the mind concentrate on something and at the same time your body external or internal organs
our entire organs an external object or the including the many things circumstances
must be arranged in ah much better condition much better condition
what is the state of mind instead of what is the attitude
what the mind he exactly concentrate on doesn't end at the same time external internal organs an external object
must be arranged in much better condition
this attitude code effort in buddhism or in japanese sodium sodium
chongqing means as mentioned before the
i'm a dad read it an adulterated concentration and a dad later concentration
without the question that vague question that lucas
you see that the imagine that that the top the top of the pin that demanding the state on top what is pinning exactly a completely
i when the top five shows the full function of itself
top with comfort completely
i stay keep staying at the same point
without warming in all directions any objections just stay a just as phase at the same point
and showing expressing expressing full function on oneself
this state or five
tip top
but spinning top is code and that related concentration
concentration and dance waited
anyway an adulterated or undefined company without the question the question so does it to slip pinning the spinning
this is this a sign in the domain wore for complete the spinning complete meaning complete an adulterated our concentration
it is complete it rise in the work be
darth vader concentration
the is nothing to mix the unit mix the just do it
it is no amount of discretion discretion
you know the that imagine there are many cars is a put on the top female the blue top
seven cause red white black blue green something linda
then companies top car to paying you can delete know the clear no month discretion what kind of car
completely many cars comfort the
ah one with each other
the thing is to be said to have all these paid off handsomely with a spinning top in here
this is an adulterated concentration so unadulterated concentration is there
you are the practice few practice defined practice in find the fact the wraith the final fantasy is called in japanese she got she got
the english with translated as just the practice or just the practice
but in needs because she got to your a new have
defined in fun to find defined defined
they find the plan
why then
they find the practice
so be
the a list the airport in buddhism is not the merely conceptual would give you to support support it
so many of very often the you ask them month what is right it reads like
because i think the you already think the i
you always make effort make airport in right way
in the practice of zion in fact some time thing super or whatever you do
but you find that you are you find
the reality you find a b i is is
in that the nothing to gain
nothing to gain
helen's nothing to give from the is lancing to you
blue your airport so you always have some that once the right
for shooting is right effort right so embolism the everyone is not merely conceptual of airport the embodied in the apple a red emperor went to me and don't read concentrate
a group rate the expressing or a full functions with full function all
spinning top evening
thank do it
i believe nothing mixed nuts the remix in it
this is him
doors scan is mentioned before spring is the effort
so i think the you unless i hope you understand we have understood to what the effort is what the stung is
so in the van
of course is very important point
a what
ah in what the situation you mind
mind good on was on
but apple same time
we should remember
how it's to internal organs
and it's child object
gear with
must be dealt with
ah in
at ten to attempt to
ah make them
make them
ah make them be exercised
an ad the right thing
in there
in in their the soreness were and they are aware what isn't breathing
would you know breathing must be going and coming
the as it is and the it is and it goes
your hand your eyes your mouth your town your heart you're in a b testing
no what your spine's you born all thing
all how your all the whole part of your body
must be exercised
as the goals as they go
for this for the
the you have to put them you have to orient the them on in them in run in absent in right
petition and right position in read tradition when right to the elections
if you want to if you want to feel comfortable
i threw the sitting through the poster was sitting on the wound or a chair net one long christian anyway
i think you're think the thing on this porsche in this posting is comfortable
this portrait is how comfortable for you
is it is comfortable for you just the a while but tried to sit like this
make this one hour two hours
you find from tom's
i'm can you can feel comfortable through this portion of your
if you're paying for bad
so the buck buck is bouquets but must be something but must be something
ah something these straitened upright
the spines also you every was the these cookery even a little bit may you find some problem in on your spine
feeling pain
you can build your back to like this
no rent you tried to been like this you feel came
the yours pants pilots must be something something straight and upwards
if you want to feel comfortable you have to all spine spine
ah spine straight straight upright
straightening applied
the same is to be said to all part of your why including breathing including month
so this is come visit cantona
so minded the auditors state of money the important and at the same time the state of entire albums or external objects
are also important
how the are going on
thought you have to crack your parser you have to crack the bad poster
hmm this is scum door
this is scum which means airport or or right airport
based on are based on under way concentration
oh really
the and that's why we need the teacher
some instruction to other them
because each us
the but poster bad habit bad customs
jimmy you it for the past up to now
ha so
the thing
he this me
habits and the customs ah a completely different phone individuals
because in vigorous roles as has gotten
brought up in a different various different a situation or circumstance
so it is a different
how long
how long it take you how long it take you it takes to you it will take you to correct your customs your habit
so i think
the italy old
one men
he can take guy to take so long
it take out all the on man
ah so long time one time to collect
his poster is but have it but customer
but that's okay
step by step try to collect
ah be
the this is our practice it is called is controller
ah next he how to set the is how to set
ha the other day
if you already to set
to do that then
ah first ah
stepping and all our ways
come up to your it
and do gosh show
bow to the students sitting next to
and turn around
make bow again
to the students a sitting in front of you
he got it solved
whether students ah
sitting on our students ah
our present
ah present or absent
should make bar
because spirit all the always students
visible and invisible
helps your practice lately
so that's why we make bow first

ah don't think like this
yeah like this
the i find i find that a friend who said like this
come to the was having dinner
come to be a epa his feet and which
it shows that your mind is an easy
if your mind you mind is calm
improbable comfort her she was found them first
cashew bark and the show
it was gonna when stand up in for your lung tissue such subjects you asset yards you feel like a happened during the scientists cause this the of for
hey up
a top
none other shop like this nutmeg
also because show
a short is
your a
must you must have the your castro
observing motivation
the in giving way
all you want
now i live
oh arms
the whole
oh on and including the shoulder
well not like this
learning more information in dealing with or finland
and i'm soldier
not like this not kids
not like this
now my incredible
you could be very important
yea come before scanning the source code sure if you can do a show the
the on the basis of observing what racing in game when whole fingers arm shoulder
need code is canada shop
we've called the show in your effort right
we've called the show in a about an adulterated constantly
find but
not like this
you should get the sun
piece on the judge you feel like all the lawyer
let her go
the file
not like this
the rate your it
didn't give up then but during the grill daddy
this is for a day we the ninety
i remember harry reid
then come on
when he did
the that time
don't read along the walls with a long sleeve
or if you were the last with a long stream you have to tackle the best
i don't think like this you know
if you said like this the bottom of your the war is like a baby
new skirt on fire in one arena
but a you
like this
it's pretty hard to war
a your move know quo
no then they found you offer you a phone like this
so ah
please hockey puck came with both hands like this okay a completely and quickly if the exit of the
gotta like this
and then sit
but then i would pick up your this
i'm older one of the bottom of the bottom of the
ah you bet
but with the both hands exactly
and to make the space okay ah
to let a you make your live even to
ah this packing
packing and
kind of many people in of many students and first open your plan
open the form they could be if you count to the dog fun they are all with the first students first opened the front of a new one a week
between say it seems not to be graceful
so i first caught up the bottom
oh wow
you need to way will be you
as ticket stub good okay
ah next rate you are with your left leg
i tried to put on your left thigh
please of the hold up
the rock bottom of the rob on your left side on your left side the little bit like zips then
put your right leg on the left if he be
but if you don't do that when you have been first open your phones are fit and then

i can't cram all the bottom of the cold war first in order and finally the call
packing your life
the accord
the bottom the road or you're left thigh and put your left leg on alexa next
the hold up
the bottom of the road so your like five
if then
the cure to your left leg on the left side
pack out or call again
in fact they gather in front of it
did he said
you're wrong
fuck around off the bottom of your lot
and get better
then worrying worrying
kate worry that's it

feel pump
i'm confident the with your

then next
the in our the thing he will count of the thing you're sober google
ah dogging didn't say serve
duck luckily around a person
the who or a long cooking much luck mustn't occupy the whole park
i a for me
he said elder
of look anywhere i will be hot pepper
it must be planes dive in our big bad form the center of the in i put the pond of five
in fact roof with the already greenlit
i found not worry that therefore are found or to your question comes to be beneath the cross to come close to part of the leg
and the bottom of the fine on the dup lovely the kids the way of doing than and buddha and patriotic on that one must be occupied the old part beneath the fuck us
a poor way the things that ah
and which means
this is the key

open her mouth and that occupy the whole panel tigh i said i
part of five a keyword search your legs
ah the steps effects i put the jennifer get
this topic with this purpose
the get don't sit like this
of whether it's since comfortable but they'd snap
the unstable
unsavory every more price for some reason for one thing that you have filled during the market
so don't sit not wait for it must be
are praised i will bit back from the central the insects or put upon the size of the is very very delicate point you need for presented at the gate
they it must be praise our little bit back from the center of the in steps is pick his victims here the central the insect okay
they for the that for the end of the bathroom
must be must be praised the bill pay back for the center of the basic okay
so for this point it doesn't mean that
please here
it was not than therefore our food or a queer christian comes to be beneath the cause the proud of yours high legs
so the
he caused the part cause the pan youtube
cause pot
ah cause the part of your leg
just the beneath feet beneath
ah the caused a part of your legs
if there that quercus of not long
and the bottom of the spying on the buffet
the assault the if you said like this i think you're poor and vulnerable youth prying are mostly mostly in the central your around the christian
european backward it depends on the size of the lounge kitchen
this is the way of doing nothing and buddha and pick the answer sick
no no no no to do with your site just that i can figure out exactly and different they've got signed with it
they are next
i think when you are
cause leg
the looking than says
the resulting in have cause that putting a poster
and in full cross legged are posted in the full path that sitting for joy i could give up with the light leg upon your left side and the left leg on the life time
the tip for you're told to pull your tall much gold parallel to the outside tie
are you should not cross your legs dp too much
this is also very important don't
put like this you
it's massacre
let you can do you turn to observe anything for as one weeks ashamed that way
it's are
so the tip of your tolls to put your toes
ah must be
ah in the same line
the either the onside have it
outside sat and sat sun
ah so not like this not like this
if you do said
like this your paws
the tip of the tours
ah here
i praise the the inside me
like this it's free hot you feel pain presumed like after the citizens of him
now after starting to do about it so
anyway he has to
i'll put your leg
ah put your leg on your left thigh
i saw that the the tip of the told
and the the outside
keep of the pause ah runs parallel to the outside
sorry if this is ah important point to

you hear not to cross you should not cross legs deeply too much you how ah closed the sitting
the on your left on your left leg is put on your mac time

then ah look and says are prepare for willing dad
rules way
and being of
the smith vehicle mythical may metrical arrangement of the body
ah be for willing the kisser
and the rav losing the income thing
if can thing he says
you could attire you cook it they say say not as you wish you will put a tie york the is entirely means it is rob it is love or thought what
rob hi a little meaning you bet that
so the some fun a students are when the fun students said levin
now you have all of you are with a doesn't pants have been print sufficient pan
then they are completely make your rooms make a ruse
you know
this stream and completely rooms
ruth bader ginsburg
sometimes i go wrong the with joe sacco i can see the badly from the pan
not the night it's not good
it definitely gave to we're with the wrong moves is not to move completely
a month
magneto of mg new york nj
duncan's master
have to duncan
you know the
now belt i think we have a out but the only thing
cuddle go
big little lies only got a
a new hobby
ah he doesn't mean to wounds completely or the
there you have to go if you have heard you are obese
ha firmly
if you you always says
it on the got your gut girl your belt guard your belt
a to make an important to reservation
this is important
so the
i always a good said
white cause on than a six feet
paint name
the long parliament today
the know the within says
q word
the only from firmly
ah it's the naval you are you
to be easier
not bad
q he never he never you to maintain
if the power of energy men can any be constantly without move that
ah which means what mean
ah the to guard the only firmly from be a
not too easy to get the last
not too not too easy to get moves get move your any
not easy to get exhausted because if you if you were the berkeley a hobby for rain
are you feel comfortable the bottom of the bed here
you feel always fine
the arrogance
all right
when you are in it ended his in aren't in the bar with the barry
it shows that
your attitude is in top of your composure
like lifeguard the japanese toy japanese toy or dogma
the japanese trial government if you've tried to push it down where is loading and military family
if we have
if any strong if you have a gravity or the bottom of the barry always
your attitude is always in the powerful component
this is too
white w boil down immediately summer
the inner from our engineers be fired from our entry
they are three kinds of our of for kind of a mostly the kind of power ah made a name mangement in certain base
according to our certain loop
must be the top of our is like com like can you use you will try to use a much like cow powers on the top in the top
and grab me
when the the next the bottom next day next hours in the face of defeat
i've taken the father this power is little bit day
that's a cop on fall
then bottom a the on the bottom you should use completely darkest come on top
the darkest of power that can cause of power and make the make all for whole the situation or forward on in a be base
the alive lie much of it
if you if you use the the darkest dark as the power of flour on the top
the it's looks like the upside down
so the darkest the cow powered a the the gravity gravity of the world of our i made me
so gravity
must be always been no
so in
ah a few why if you find to make the important will be voicing first possibly be belt
does not feel completely ruined your pants
will be packed
that's fine we'll get them says ah the being a be on
a team met with symmetrical and then doing all of the body with the call
well balanced form
a hissy fit important
not to tie kinda if you were a kid i need not too at this if you'd hi ah
if you make a night hiking
exactly we in all you play how far stiffness on your shoulder
things doesn't so don't high don't make a night hike feet
so you should rear of the love of pants
i was shocked shocked also
i don't use a tight fit pants
anyway important point is ah
he everything the body cause
i must be of symmetrical and lending
and then do


tonight i will make them from shot
just eat

ah then i'll put your hand
on your thigh
and did are breeding
hold your mouth
ah let the breath in pudding
ah in the bottom of your belly
let's see how the bread bread out
what do you feel like going let let a pressure
several time take the
i'm pinning rotation or to the movement of your muscle of the belly
in and out
hell next
ah i to a move your body right to left are going for large motion who's more
he at that time the first yeah your attention
ah is phrased the bottom of your truck trunk
they await you have bent fully
did you find did you notice
the at that time as much as portfolio parser must be straightened
when me the your attention your attention gradually coming up
the each time with you your movement goes from right moistened too small
hi this is very important ah practice
because a
make your back for fulfill your spine
and calories
the and over carries out of it
how did it says
ah liable to
oh and to form bad shape
the weight you when you sit in the bad portion
the paradise is
if you said if you say like this your privacy is legacy
the purpose
hey the purpose of forms sunlight something they like a triumph
guess if you said they bought forster like this and
right with you
that's why your body lean for this site
he it was
a certain bad posted on an appearance on as fine
will your neck
your hand and you are you sure shoulder to
so this is parties
that you are carrying is
then yeah
then your parser
seems seems to be supported by the it toppled the triumph
the fine
it's free the a created to lean in all directions this way or this way
he this is play play play
ah so first try to guess
and also
this practice
ha make you
i'll make you are
i feel comfortable
the inhalation
ah with
christian and by the barack
so it's no avail
and they stick
oh moved to the line to the left in an attempt to make it to make it does steady he can stay
then this practice make your body stay on the wrong person

then our logan says procure put the like hang on the left leg
and the left hand upon the mud and
the thumbs are made to properly each other
the boss and disposed in that way should keep
i tucked into the belly
the tip of the fans being in contact with each other must be placed facing down very button
so you're like hand put on your
let he
then you're left hand like can't left end but aren't your right path
the time
the he he'll put your
right hand
on the left hand
for that
does second line
second while middle fingers of your left hand
i may put on
but a myth be put on the second line on the middle middle have a middle finger on your right hand
why to or
get together with
it then with which is the same way
he didn't think it may yet
then then fun
i try to make your fans club
he joked
if so have saw your thumb
ah had here in the fence
don't press ahead
in two much like this if you
if you're like hand and left hand and foot for you all right
ah exists you know deeply too much
it's pretty hard
it follows the bomb so feel abundance of your hands of fifth to each other seemingly certainly this
if you cross the returns like this is pretty hard to touch each other
so it follows that your hands not snowy hanging down
so only the early late night you should remember he he'll remember the second i have your middle finger
middle fingers get together
get together
then firms are made to propecia
he saw your move around okay join our is are made nashua
it's not like this know
ah but if you think i if you're femur and a seamless ah so wrong
he tried to adjust
how much how much deep how much dp your hand i thought was
of course
oh it's depends on the length of your hand and your fingers in your hand
and then the both hands i must be tagged to the bottom of the bay always
no all
yeah that time the point
the point
the boss
the couple from tips of the fans
how can each other
is fighting is in the same in the bad koran in the bathroom line with
fairly party to not here
hey not yet
so the very button the indicates the we're these are within center of your body
the bot and bury a
tell you though sindall your body
get the okay join the central the coyote mover a here a good point
forgive point a very important not like this
don't stick out your pants
not like they don't think is too much exist
so yeah fans must be placed just above just about middle finger just about middle
and also the the tip so but tips of both hands must be placed
justin the bad goal
a being a fact the new radical way
very patchy
by if your body if your body is cook was like five what left side and said know your button but very bad removed what this way for
we aren't you a hands-on a simple and he's put on the sense of new bathroom and the bag
the fire your
you have to crack the cooked pasta your body
the and don't then says you should have the right poster to do that them first
do not mean to the left to the left to right forward and backward not mean not then to the left
oh but forward and backward
i sit on flight
and years the important point at that time the year some shoulder three years some photos
ah must be in vertical line and nose and belly button me insane mine
damn straight line
but it's not so easy it's not so easy
here to meet you know isn't the but a very bad news
ah it be in his free state line
because your neck is already like here
your head is hanging floor
or then when the divemaster same straight your head simulated and pull your team exact on
and is and bank for leaning backwards
so he
a straight pure restrict your head
and back for that he knows
and part of very bad moon
the years and shoulders
i may be in saying with straight line it seems very important
so if you if your head hung down
this year
he's not in favor straight line and shot

ha and the known some naval it seems that nine the time should be attached to the inside all the upper job
ah d t some lip
ha d v
la times your towns they should be attached to inside of you a job
he you turn the acer
ah frequently
in your mouth
it shows that your mind days scrutiny over live yeah i'm def
so he always you turn must be attracted to the inside of your average up a job
now the same time
ah lives are put together and t
ah put together
this time
it's been
hey you a grassy