June 1971 talk, Serial No. 00302

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i have fun
i have had
ah in
to speak
hmm during this session
oh right to explain about
five eyes five kinds of eyes corey to buddhism
the in buddhism a the buddhism
in buddhism
t i is divided into five kinds of those
why is
the physical i
the second is heavenly i
the third his wisdom wisdom i
force dumb my eye
fifths of buddha i
who is
and any coast would like to explain adults five kinds of eyes briefly just outright
move if

the most the most important point
dear when you consider
the five kinds of for i in to buddhism
that even fiscal eyes even a fiscal i exist in buddha i in buddhists i
this is very important point
a for instance i would mean it means
the fiscal eyes
or the i have those who have material body
exist in the buddhist i increase
in peace in the earth the buddhist the physical are even fiscal eyes
the right in the middle of far circle anyway circle

according to the way of far the way i'm thinking in europe
the the other day i mentioned the as i mentioned
the one way or for understanding something in europe
is according to dialectic you where one standing or something

a thesis and diseases and since thesis
according to this will of understanding i think the our arrive
draws the bureau force so cool right car like this you know
not only just one circle
the beautiful said what to call ruthin
are spiral spiral
spy lu i'm all spider spider
you will see that you will see the dem the vastness of the beauty
drawing the spiral sin exists
then data will fought the understanding in dialectic and think it is according to their alternative alternative judgment
you know there
i'm making a choice between to this or that something them
by buddhism
ah it doesn't it doesn't a creators pyro in life
according to the way of understanding embolism
just a one sock big hubris vast new my what we do call us a month taught books
wants to receive
monstrous as in with the

monstrous are so good
the would you cannot understand exactly what it is in you
so even the fiscal i exist and
dust in the middle of the most circles
this is a buddhist way of understanding
so from this point
the the word you you see the word do you can see and consider a concrete or true

ah in what is not
mary the word
that the
your own physical eyes creates

heal the earth it is really impassable
that the just on the the physical i exist
ain't you arrive in life
if the only if on the the fiscal i
existing this word

or without
going are allowing
p any other kind of world
you know aids in password to realize
suffering and prater
for instance
you know frog or frog
if you think if you think there is just only the word you day which your fiscal eyes can see in this word
that's a word is streaks flat look at a small word aware that a frog exist like a well nicole well
so i think for our for of frog
the infamous small well in from a small limitation are the in the limitation which is called a well

it make him it make him happy it makes him enjoy himself to live for his life and
there is no trouble for a raw frog

it'll cut the gay the was born in this world in japan not the in united states
and the certain are certain circumstances
created by my parents
that when i was a time food i always believed
the the station of my tongue he was best in this work is it
disney was very simple
from the entrance reason was that the from i couldn't i couldn't see the train from the entrance because at we have to we have to through the are the tunnel right caetano in the under the ground then
go are going amtrust upstairs and people right right on a train the people count seed the train from the entrance so i grieved i believed the that this patient my tongue was best
every in even the the big stations dick stage and biggest station and big station of kyoto or osaka and tokyo we might the station or my little town is was best for me
it's will try out the frog france word
now even though the now and also i couldn't find any kind of travel for me that this station was pressed it but i break
no trouble
but unfortunately in the i can it is impossible for me to the me
to remain there's the being in the same rebel which is called a child named the category it's impossible
so unfortunately for me i am i am i must i must grow up you
no for unfortunately the for of frog
he may find the he may find the sometimes sir disasters in the heavy gained you so when it the way he has a heavy rain i think his word days spilled over the
with the water rage
and then that they were heavy rain the lip can let him go out of the well small well they did that come here a surprise he is amazing in to find another word what's happened
at is my word it is not my what
at that time he suffers he suffers
so what what is it means that
there is not only the miasma on the the word which the fog himself believes deceased my work
through his physical eyes you

then the buddha says that the in a buddhism it or the the on under there is there another word which is code the heavenly i
heavenly eyes down my eyes and a bonus i
and also in the world realm of the buddhist i
there are full kind of for eyes
name in the heavenly in the heaven i

a when the people when the frog find the another world would just call it a heavenly i he suffers he's cancel stars chance to suffer phone in his own word and another word he has found
and also his curiosity compel him to find something else
employing sometimes employing on the modern scientific instrument telescope
and sometimes
ah satirize some time to televisions

but also sometimes he tried to employ employed them
a kind of for instrument which is called the zane
yeah these pests

so through the telescope or as can satirize
on television you can seize things you can see things that you are fiscal eyes have never seen before
and then you can make it the you can make it a beautiful you can make it through than
a romantic a romantic him
you can create you can create beautiful or romantic word
which is called with discord which i don't know there are many words
the hallucinations
well sometimes sir
beautiful says with my happens in the mood

so through the microscope
you can see are the vivid actual activities of who
these solo far
would you go why
for gets worse
ah subtle the term
bacteria that site
you can see are vivid actual activity all for bacteria bacteria
is solo for the crimea some to nana

ah then you are
they enjoyed the delighted really delighted in seeing the world would you have never seen before through the telescopes to through the microscope
through the tantalize

ladies called the heavily heavily eyes you have only worked

the sometimes frog tried to sit the meditation and coming to the vin sarah
since then
expecting something you expect something because he already he he has already suffered
and you to finding due to find another word with to score heavenly word hit when the i
so anyway he want to or dysart what they have won the eyes
then he tried to come to the then zero to set
try to enjoyed tried to join the for the session you know
what data is first time for him to sit
that time r frog now is maybe amazing to find they one word beautiful work
he has never seen before
the including pain you're feeling the p
including the pay including the pressure

sometimes he find a he finds are
a beautiful face beautiful face and for bodies aren't was a metaverse canon body sound was sometime were miserable face of the rook
oh anna had hot
shaving head to willing to shabby shall be rob

then he's i think i believe i believe the through the i can't believe so he believes through does practice of meditation
he finds a beautiful for won't
he has never been be seen before this is true
but unfortunately he ex excuse the have a new war to help me i
heavily word through the heck is on am from the i
dishes hard to find an album of and word with discord their wisdom eyes
with am i
the oig's because oh experience the or experience which he has had
through the practice doesn't is just our new weren't loud

in which
there he can put down the road to peace or rest firmly
the through the hallucination through the seeing the beautiful the beautiful looking for our amitabha so bodhisattvas or something sometimes that wiki score enlightenment wow beautiful you
then next moment he go out of the vendor and go out to of the zen center and he faced the he is confronted with the noisy work
the noisy word the city word make him come back to his do the word or words reward
at that time he can cannot out for being amazing you to find another word
because he believed
the experience through the zan through their religious six three and a life
he believed this is only one word which make him feel a surge of relief
but actually it is not

then at that time which she finds he finds a flop fines or something else
in on the how trans see the don't work experience experience which he has had his

and that damage he finds she finds something else how
how in one day
you know the car

you know there

what work

ah know how he vase
how evasiveness how a business
a it if it
business or on the cash yeah
evasiveness and how he visited evasiveness
and with the word he has believed is

the what you find the you find another word how evasiveness it is
his new word for him with discord western world wisdom were the through the his own wisdom i
ah then you through the the frog that tries to the book read the book
explanation of emptiness wisdom new varner yes i understand
but i'm sorry and for me it is not enough in to understand completely his whole word
in where he can he can put down throws exactly the root or peace or restless list
he has to find another world tooth
when it was to dig the college students as i think as i mentioned before i studied the buddhist psychology
a particularly taking taking up the new particularly asserting their special mind would just call not manners
based on though the the diligence
so i tried to i tried to the i tried to the right to the sears see thesis
he ordered to graduate from the from the college in safety
so day and day out i tried to a flood study hard dating the roots of work in
then the moment when i finish writing the thesis on the subject of manners i got the right to me the wow
i understood completely how wonderful bullies ways
so i was very proud of myself ah you know hunter hammond does it think and they couldn't

this is so was my first thing led to

but unfortunately

i had to find her
the new things
however in my enlightenment was
how he evasiveness you
because in or even why understand what the emptiness is through my intellectual census yes and as fan you know
well on diane in out to daily life i couldn't click your on my life
completely always there's something make me made me always confuse
the moment when i when i was confronted with a busy work running the cause which is called kamikaze cholera epidemic
is say it was sir worse was worse than the experience of the frog
if you've if you tried if you tried to pour the water and only the frog the frog just exists but that's all but for me is is now
what happened and they make me headache
and they make me confused
i couldn't control my life
so under time i had to or i had to a camera out to finding none other words
asking to to myself there is another another word with discord the truth
which is called a wonderful word
which make me peace were in in which in which i can safely i can safely put down the route of the peace or just just a the epistle rest

then it is called that dumber dumb my i don't want food for them i

you know at that time
the you have to you have to realize
what the buddhism is what emptiness is what wisdom is
are extending into your daily life how to do how to deal with the things or events
as you can see into in can contact with you

so and then says it is not it is difficult it's difficult to harmonize the mind as it comes into contact with
events or things
yes it's pretty difficult
as soon as when when i was come from the festive
i came across
requests runnings of the car which is called a kamikaze car
and that time i couldn't go i couldn't completely control my mind
and left me left me in bewilderment what shall i do on
damn i always the while in the tokyo they
a went out my house going to go the shopping something like that you
i always such a headache i had always headache
and when i come back to my room i couldn't stay i couldn't sit in front of my desk and study can i couldn't study with calmness
always so my mind is of
flatline my mind was always friendly like a butterfly
by it took me it's or sarong to make my mind com
so that that i may a i might study i might concentrate and mind to devote myself to study the buddhism just infant my desk with pretty hot

so i think the at that time you can you can realize he can't realize that buddhism is not intellectual understanding anyway
the buddhism is
the understanding the actual a villas phases
understanding the way off the dealing with
the actual are various phases of human life
yeah every time when you when you come into contact with things or events

my experience turn their first day of this session very funny
i said here
you know to tell the truth don't believe me know
kentucky since they got the enlightenment no i don't think so i always create doosan in my grave
the first day of my since seeing this issue a founder
z phase strong thorough growth
upsurge answer an angler
the many times they often the student asked me what can i do because i found this i found that the to sergio for sergio for anger in doesn't
that time don't pursue i said don't pursue don't we pass to fit it to set
in my case when i
i said to miss it to fit don't pursue don't pass to sick but couldn't deny i couldn't deny actual fact
what is upsurge of anger or is bubbling up from the bottom of my mind i couldn't control
hope we shall i do
so at that time i felt or i may not deserve i may not deserve to be a cord cutter decency
she'll i felt
i made deserve to be called student
monk that's good

you know every time every time you come into contact with any kinds of both things or events
important point is how to deal with it how to deal with
composure with comes
this is the dumbo wired through a you can see something through the dumb my i

then the zen master says even though you don't understand what doesn't is de fit to set
where you can control when you cannot when you cannot control your mind
where you when you realize how difficult to control your mind
you experience something like the subtle was get many of the small enlightenment with discourse some times in today's based on the emptiness or sometimes or have to
the deal with my life day-in and day-out fifth column's
then that time that must says just set even though you don't understand yes i should
then you can you turn plant into their does does a word the the practice of zazen
without any doubt
because you realize how difficult to control to deal with
your mind your body
now as they come into contact with a event offense

they you try hard to set meditation new

but it unfortunately you have to find another one more another word this is called the buddhist i bought us want through the bull's eye
some i ask you what instance someone ask what does he years
how useful zaza years
i wonder if friend how many people they are saying just say
with calm confidence
i think the question is that the question with other
a brings bring up in front of you
lives me lives you are in big men what to do

delivers you are completely at the ross what the measure to be kicking
and in a the people ask what thousand years
well i don't know

then the people sometimes people ask you are as q are the way off taking care of
a concrete the aspect of human life when
ah she is
he is in difficulty he he forced into the difficulties

you may say you may say to him decide to try to the practice zazen
without the ignore the ignoring the so ignoring
they concrete way off
the taking care of the actual fact
oxo difficulties

earth in or day
you have to realize that how difficult to save people to guide people others to teach others according to buddhism according to your experience
you believe that a is only the practice
only the practices that make you
settle in peace
or happens
so morning the
various phases of human life
they are doubt you just sit meditation doesn't doesn't doesn't

but it is all right to to devote yourself to practising is
not something wrong that's all cake
by important put his doesn't exist in the buddhist world in yellow rose doesn't exist doesn't lies in
your own daily life
universe doesn't would you would you invasions would you invasion
lies in the were written of transit see

so even though you try hard practice
you will realize how difficult to teach to guide others to save people

ah this is the buddhist with discords buddhist i would buddhist words through a you can see something through the buddhist i

so according tools
the place or circumstances and place and time
second buddha teach people what bodies me is reich
of just fit to
him to his
tabu with which he is confident it

the buddha
the take care of good take your love
the everything would happens were happen
in your daily life whatever they are
so buddha's i
the buddhist i
is the full kinds of eyes
in munira a enumerated above existing in the buddhist body this is very interesting very important point
so buddhists i buddhist world that is not a special word
which as almighty
the mode from
the human passions and
because bull of i exist
in for kinds of i physical i
the heavenly i wisdom i done my eye
so from this point the word you can see and consider the complete or real or two
is also
in the world all buddha

the other words
you know day
let's imagine there're
two kinds of gourd a true pure gold and grit
guilt guilt
pure god and guilt
why you are believe
there is just all new one word
you can see through your physical eyes
you have to always make a choice this is guilt this is cure god
so at that time it forces you to choice between to this one that

not according to the bull's eye
is not merely goat
what did you have you have hate it

they even get is
a puddle buddhists eyes boulos world
i'm good to pure one to two

there how to how to deal with the boss know
those things into your daily life this is very important
you always compare with the something with another one with another then you get rewards on one from another this is guilt the guilt is is not
it's a good good body is good
the while your choice when the your choice between two in that way
it means that you unconsciously believe the lease just only one word
that you can see the through the fiscal i i wrong
ignoring the list of others which is called heavenly eyes
a wisma
and so on

i think the purpose of life is not to make a choice to choice of the between two
the purpose of life he is how to live our lives with people in peace putting down the route of the peace or rest in the world standing upright or your foot on earth
whatever happens
from the in this respect the purpose in life is not to choice not to choice
not to choice between two
the purpose of the life it is how to come near how to come near me how to come into contact
close with the truth
vastness of the truth anyway
was booed buddhist i bought his word
yonder was how to live our lives in peace
not in the individual word
in order they encourage all human beings

if for
in one day


in or the we have to
do best your best
to bring yourself
near to the truth
to their piece or to there
the vastness of rest or piece fullness or happiness
he ordered to bring yourself near to it it
we have to do our best
so to do one's best is not to do you once best with has in terms of your own way based on selfishness and song

emma village
the was sir there was served as the old you ready
ah was crazy to go crazy

she always the she she always take the bass
just before
her family started to have dinner
take the bus took the bus
and then she stayed or see state or
a being in the bathtub
until their families of finish the having the dinner
and then she said after the people of finisterre having the dinner she said hey fox
hey boys and girls
i'll bring your ball and top thick and pale my plates
ah to my the bathtub
i want to i want to wash your boss and plays and the top was thick with that this a hot water
what do you think about
then the the boys and girls so brought brought their own the boss on the top states from the plates to the past and that she watched
after she washed though her family was the the them again p where the pure water
she over said hey for to bring the your boys on top states and the plates and to my bastide because
a because it is she said because it is whisked for to throw away the this hot water now
say she wanted she wanted to use that the whole war i cannot cause
the full for a full of hot water in a bathtub
so she said a hick mike

the canaday i heard that some pit day i had a very interesting follies
are based on the what the one of a japanese ready it was fired by the make their families and that time was she was working as a whole house what housework housework
washing the dishes watching the crisis syriana
the deaths of the japanese are ready was that the cross the dishes every day
the she she thought the war stir does the cross something were unaware
the along with third washing machine
why's that the dollar
clean cloth wiping the balls and the top steak from the plate
cleaning cloth would cleaning cloth with her hand
so they are making the a maker merck on the lady said
or it's nonsense why don't you dare washington the craning cross with the and pants
and where's
because so it is very fast him
it is effective
i think it is effective
the i found it i meant the survey interesting the the same way interesting series
the american people loved so much cat and dark
and cat and dogs come in into the the house and dining room want on the bed
the sometimes so the cats that the worked on a mad
mad and he made it a comeback when share he come back to the house and and get in into the house
that time american lady found the to dirty foot the immediate issue she took the the green green cross cleaning cloth and wipe third cat did dirty in one day fix
foot and put it back in the same place and later she was wipe the board of a chick
what do you think the i don't mean at that i criticize the way more than four more of a western live for oriental life
the it is up to you
what what is right or is wrong that is up to you that's up to you
but what i want to tell you is dirty things is that he thinks
yes you feel dirty things done he thinks he is dirty and you should feel

of course say or there when you put the the during cross and cleaning cross in and the pants or unawares together into the lyceum the sin was you mustn't doesn't care whatever kind of closed you put into
and grander is so was in soap doesn't care what they are what kind of for growth you put of course so soap and wash you mustn't make a we pass where effort to create dollars a

by important point is when you face dolly things how do you feel and how do you take care of this

the important point is you must feel dirty when you see a dirty things
of course but unfortunately voids marry you have a very different type of five more than a moral lives wisdom life or in terms of for individual viewpoint
and also it said
dinner very different understanding
understanding even tooth a wonder if that way of taking care of dirty things or korean thing cleaning cloth
because you have for customs
for sometimes you make a mistake in

but important point is
you must the you monster
one of human beings one human beings for has
common sense
make you feel dirty will you see the dirty things

so so we you see the dirty things you have to take care of the dirty thing as it is this is too
he in japanese were at the way out for a special the sort of the old saying
how missile some ways chinese soup
the combination or dung and missile
dang and the canal for dang and missile the a same
so you put the many things in comfort together
you can do that don't think so


so when you say the keyboard how do you feel
pure gold is to god guilt his guilt
the question is how to how to bring yourself near to the truth

as one of human being is

i think the gourds to god make you feel so well you know
and also
the you feel the pew board
did you too
bring yourself and bring near
word but the men of the tooth you
in what not only you but also everybody all human being
settle on themselves in peace in happiness
in rescue this

if so
even though you're even daughter
the to put the does so many things dirty things that green things
together into the was you see is your custom
you should arrange you should to manage to elaine your daily life in terms of the boot of i put i not the fiscal i
not your selfish ideas this is my constant this is a western custom this is or inter-caste

if you realize if you realize that good to what make you feel so well in comparision with the guilt
on the ground on the ground that why the it to make it reads a human being all human being to come into to bring near to the two men have the tools
in which all sentient being
live in peace or happens
we managed we have to managed to arrange our life
and do our best
he ordered to
come closer come closer to the mainland the tools
this is our practice this is our practice
the we're making the doctor issue and okay so according to the traditional way
the people are i agree with all all view amazing to see it why
why making a case and with hand

ah question is not the discussion of for choices the between two
what is good which is bad
the purpose of life is just one
this one is to guide all human being to come near to the domain of the tools
if you find something
which make you would guide you to come close closer to that domain want the tools
her first of all you arrange your daily life and
do your best to follow it this is tools
even though you don't understand
the martha says just sit even though you don't understand what does it is
elise while you are you when you're sitting your daily life a near sitting on you allow the christian
i bet you
absolutely completely put down the route to rest in peace right now right here
this is the practice zazen
it is that doesn't is
the way of doing our best
he ordered to enable he ordered to nam for human being to come closer to the domain of the tools
in where in which now on the individual but also all human being
animate being in anime beans
given their life in peace in others
this is so a practice to save the proposals for making a case and rugs