June 17th, 1971, Serial No. 00251

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who today
who like to study
we do
who wrote the sue club
hmm hmm him
ah while
i am who qatar

oh lotus sutra
ah is
a one on a when i important supra
for buddhism
a particularly on for bodies school in japan
ah code
meet in
i rely upon the discipline or a brutal
login then you also
express didn't respect to the lotus sutra
aqua too many passages on our lot simpler he ordered to make know
a profound
meaning on body to our korea
our prompt practical a practical side aspect all bodies
a of course
the this who drove
our easy explained
by second movie buddhas
the services of his experience
does sitting under the bodhi tree for six year
ha if so
the this super
he's merely open not too
a particular person
who believe a particular our school or buddhism i wouldn't school
oh so to everybody
who believe in whatever kind of the region
the story
when your girls seeing this as far as seems easy to understand
looks like cartoon tale
our child to pale
ha but i will like
you to understand the meaning or this sutra and a whole
a extended extend into war daily lives
here the ruse what is the viewpoint of line
viewpoint of our life or you what the viewpoint or wall
the story
the easy as it may be
our gifs or with the you to us through each chapter
ah this chapter consists of twenty five twenty
eight top
today from today
i will start of round the chapter five
titled on plants
today are a lot it's thing just the into introduction of this chap
adele upon
lord a grass did i will never love all my heart cause your bar and the other senior great disciples and said well well well well a shopper
you have done very well to proclaim that realm who the old qualities of the to target
they are the real qualities on the to time about a shopper but he has many more innumerable be incalculable the end of a avoid it would be difficult to read even
we're one to continue a new my key then for emitting my will be on
the tongue the chopper is the master of the role the king lord and master of all roles
and whatever law
for any case as been in his as city to institute it
by the ta-da
domains and king
all wrong the sherpa have been
i'm three is instituted by the photometer
in his to town with the wisdom
he has instituted them
in such a manner that all those roles
i'm only lead to the stage of those who know all
that time of the old fool i distinctly know the meaning of all laws
the to turn into the a hat
is he
list of on the faculty of penetrating all laws
there's the on the highest perfection of knowledge
so that he is able to decide to all loans able to display display knowledge of of the all knowing
impact the knowledge of the all knowing and lay down rules on the knowledge of the all roy or noise
this is introduction the introduction of this chapter on plan
on the full going tampered
the khushab
when i have one of the buddha's disciples
the other are people from for our follow and
the buddhist teaching
ah it's blessing
the of fame
ha taking the powerful
this problem
in prize
the limb quality on the human be
which means
the to how it worked me is the own human being not only up
hmm not only human being on all thought
ah inanimate be
human beings inanimate things
this is
the buddha nature in online essence
the rose
the all beings
in here
the make you all
the real quantity oh yeah
the nowadays all without you are crisis
of it or not
then cassandra earned
the all our the disciples of people of hours
i realize
this important point
based on
the whole all beings that is both an related
and it's first the informed confess and contests
there are fee
ready to face
yeah awareness will include civilians in foreign all or money would
then in the beginning of this chapter
shakyamuni buddha says thereupon the road and rest of the venerable maha a sharper
then secondly i said to the mohawk a sharper first of all
are they well built well chopper
you have done very well to for him the real qualities
of the to target
sorry mean allowed
the a shoppers
ah ah allowed him to proclaim
that on human being this
moon agent in online essence
how much check or money more sense
he has many more
he has many more a new memo inconsolable
the end of work it will be difficult to read
able were want to continue in enumerating enumerating them for in major one who you are
even though you make every possible afford to explain
what the buddha nature is for emitting lambo
pity on time
michel roux time
ah it's it's very difficult to reach them
if so
what is the real quantities all the talent
in the world young quantity so poorly
then next paragraph second with water
explain more concrete
we all
it is case the chopper
our senior to that of a great crowd the big with rain coming up in this wide universe over all grasses shrubs or trees are various spices and kind families of
plants have different names rowing on earth
on him or in mountain cave a crowd covering the world the universe to pour down it rain everywhere and at the same time
then the sharper the grasses be shown firms
and one trees in this universe
soldiers hum young and tender folks weeks leaves and foliage
and sancho to have middle sized towns and freed slaves and boy oh boy
and suggests have the same fully developed
oh those losses chance firms and while the trees more and greater are the trees will each according to its faculty and power
fuck the human humid element roam the water and it emitted to by that make crowd and but the water with on one lessons has been abundantly power of poor
down by the pound there will be according to its journey
acquire a little development go the shooting up and victims
and so they won't produce route blossom and blue
and well the thing he similarly their names
looted in one hand the same foil all those families of plants and germs are grinch and be defined by water or one essence who are
he wanted want just see for
superman would add says
the nature of tooth
has remained
i'm changing unchangeable
regardless of whether or not i was born i was born in this world
yellow rose
nugent the to exist
have existed already before on human being was born in this world
hey if so i think you will have a sound question
if it is true
that make you the truth
have remained and changeable
the gardens on with a warner chappell secondly water was born in this world
why that that to check for many water
has made every possible effort to teach
the of his life based on the to and discipline of the to

in common sense
it made me they're not sure that we have some doubt it is not necessary to explain
it's not necessary to put a strong emphasis on the truth
by the mirror the shakyamuni buddha's enlightenment
why did we have to pay with respect to secondly world who has
then i can fool has realized who has a thing being like under the bodhi tree
the in trouble then go
the long time for named and then your corn
what did to them master was after by one of months he's months
in one
a very hot days
when the monk
that to his
milestones room quoted dangerous lou
he saw these master
using the fun like this
then the death smog after of and market
the buddhism say buddha says
the net you all the wing make you are when
remains unchangeable
why did he have to use the fun
the yearns found this point what this story of with the emphasis on
a nature of the wind donated true quality of the wind
exist over
on the world in the universe in
and so way that you have to wait would you have to dumb fun
the only to realize the nature of the week
when wanted then he said
a probably you man the fan
that's the nature of the wind the man fun tangible in a universe in the universe
but you don't know exactly
after know what it means
then this long as that in what is
what is the nature on the week
what's the main from change the world constantly always
whatever happened in his world
when already exist
what a
meant you on we
what is the real quantities all wing
then what is benji
just a demo free
the using the future what then is a few to find like it
ha a little quantity on the lunar mantle or
and young find me on when
this all of the world
in the universe to be gone on the government's are with you are kinds of of it or not
this is true
what point is
i think quite a
how much i
when one company and fan of buy-sell absolutely clear
in in my daily life
i know so well when will company through the me by the thought running through my neck yeah i know a am move on cabinetry
when from down
when as to myself are you sure you understand you felt dreary or us would be a completely
to understand my song query or and through be a to be a for myself it was my profit with it
when point i am always confronted and my be
but every time every time when i pay
the lie of of the difficulty
i am completely thing more than
do with demo
when when i realized oh i am always been clinging to the lives to the left to forward and backward
this way one you
that time every time when i say
a for a variety of the difficulty
if he never met me to turn a paddle myself not all my life
little bit
library said my second one by one oh this is capillary it is real
before that
i couldn't be
i am not i am nothing being done
i'm not completely things to the life to the left whatever kind of from what i be a dream with
because i fuck is wrong time twenty years ago and twenty five years
what the ivy is completely opposite
to my thought
so important point is i have
of course i possess will remain so
a do you have
why i am why did they have to practice
the then they even day out getting up early warning
some curse
he knows sometimes
a cow believe
now only me by also you
colonel believe why
you must been loving
what they worry
what a practice
what is practically you are not completely familiar with a woody woody
i'm not completely familiar with the woody thing since my since my birth
you pull my bird
what you are when you in the boonies who is not for me me
the phone from many different angles you tried to see yourself
who is practicing them would fluffy
it's pretty hard
to believe yourself who is practicing the other way from
whatever kind of far greater visit me
according going to die
a lot of the or anything
have you put them into the practices in your daily life
what it will be difficult to for you to understand the real priority of human life
on the basis of
why the of happiness justice or p
have you understand
the all things you hear this
make it i'm lying isn't the important point is how to realize how to pour it into the pub is how to expand its pen and into that area
how'd you feel how to get case of a monitor through your whole body and one
universe how to
how to live to that
have you know that you won't be you know full well
the air exists here now
why the thought running through it he can be found so well
but how what make you understand clearly the existence of the in in dismal
the existence of the air never used to be alive right now like here
no words never to leave
that's why you understand you'll get into the arms existence a presence from the if you move
heavenly you understand clearly
we need you on the ear in this room
who you are a hit
he's not enough to understand
how to fun he threatened to of here
here are
to leave to live our crew
that you are alive
the reality of the gravy like now like here
and never you
to be comfortably in rest
the gotten us all whether you are kind all present a new existence
this is real quality of the be arriving
we are the a realization you have used to be completely in rest in peace
going beyond the thought running through your head
how from this point the making all the here is
the great fact that you are alive
now that words you are reading now
this is make you answered little on the air
i didn't finds with
the weight fast or reading
making you're making new be our making new or not
this is major on here
thing then at that time he said yes i understand and threatened the we're
the fire was then he you just have fun
like this
what is the major on certain capital and their youth and the fun and making on the left and custody
what what is the whatever dingle dangle that every time when a are confronted with the difficulties a twelve
the to little quantity of the company is how much how much how much i get to for myself
in asia
this is a major real quantity of for company
wherever you criticize me
don't understand clearly what have you a like i know so well myself
the president is
how realize how put some the new quantity of the tiber into the practice
how to extend into our daily life this is great question the big question
what do we are always crazy
thought said the buddha as the second level have said
he's by the water or one se
all kinds of for family of the plan mean
our plan
a rowing on the earth
do the same for
how the growth indignant
ha which means i news
a your variety of so inhuman be
a small size
what big size
japanese or and
i'm any other kind racy
are all races on human being
how thin road
same with me
in the same thought
hiring a human as essence all the water
hang down on big cow
cobbling oh really
this misprint
we have to do
consider develop careful are continually care
jaime care of yourself and others and all races some fuel be
nani may be off
this is making important
twelve hello while the nine me to watch anime be
we might be considered it
first ball
at any cost
this is bursting
oh and then end
senco conceptually than send right here
compare you to distinguish where you are japanese i am have made them so i don't understand clearly what buddhism it
what is me as right girl
this tears
the studios
ah miss years sir
ah things
what is me like a magician
ha ha
wherever know you thought do you think in that way
important point of a in very important point is to make a repast with afford to take care of yourself and all think again
imported in it for in quality
you know they
when i when i came to the united states
one day i went shopping
to by too high and to our board ah snap snap
ah first the ball i was looking for
where snap was
yeah that time out the alderley make many said to me the i help you
then new media just said no
then he heard he asked me
you from the thing
he needs to be he's right to cool right
i am completely shame though myself
cause i said nope
he tried to pick
hey all
they go for you want to we may i help you
now maybe i'm missing
i'm just looking at
looking for and that's know
if i sit of the time i was in to fifty
why i'm looking for a snap
maybe he was so willing to ah
help me
to do something with cooperation with you
he settled for being angry with me but at that time i said no she was a new with me a shame
it was right nor implies to distinguish been to get laid off to get laid off computer it
a treatment confederate treatment for for treatment to me i don't want the good side
when he said shaman
he was like
this morning we discussed about the how to pick your own destiny for is looking at watching as the vendor in bad have been know what you are doing the people
will the curiosity
someone said are we should refuse
get away with it
well important point is
whatever kind of feeding he has
important point is small we have the t v all
at the same level
of the peace or happiness what does this anyway
grime on the same folder
if so you still save me i help you
this is very good this is ready
then every guest the one to the want to get in
ha maybe she seemed for proper way he he may he married immediately
if you say don't know what
get up
how do how can you hear
have this attitude
that's more detail as it may be
and if very important
when i would do you love
you only to realize the real point you all however we're warming
we're always sent me i help you so you don't feel longfield fuck for what how important this in it
may i you is very hot
in the guest see him
are we have faced and rubs and towns difficult
he went the or fun
taking care on variety of a guest
shot came for desk
the guest of who has your temper
when my ideal characteristics you
whatever kind of for difficulties you you are confronted with
important point is that we shouldn't forget to say the item
you have
to have fought for consider it a thinking
the people guest
student or to yourself
his autumn statement me i help
why because
everybody grows everybody grow
he ordered to think
peace happiness
hello everybody
is qualified to
how great fitness
a great growth
according to
he's ako ti
hey kath listing
according to
he's making
oh small fine so a big fight human being
wherever you are
hey if you are if you are
i new promise an uber looming
the sites and ward
nobody attention to me
are you completely free from dish
are you
you are
beautiful powers
which is called like for us
where you can grip days of people
bring up being for me
him so
and yours
have a week right to accept
he will find hill fatality
the water on one essence
wherever you are
have sold twelve hours
what you have to make effort
to por
the well over illegal
henry was a hit
he got this of how much he accept
this is first the important things for you to do immediately
huh and then
the individual
must make every possible effort to show
he hates on life for
amen they are this is
the parties with individual
what continue to do
continued to fall
the others
can you plant
the constant v
he shows
it's all for us
he ordered to lead to the beautiful flowers room
the human essence of water
oh one guesses
coming down
big cow good crowd
constantly poor down
although all kinds of fun
not only did i new plant
that's why this tiny plant
why am i the time for right next to accept
the water the humid essence or what i want it
i feel you grow the airport
showing the life for you all right
wrecking the bro beautiful flowers room
it's the password to accept a human essence water se
we always
pair when with another
then you are always
ah reluctant to show you all right floor
yeah it was you don't want that the beautiful former blue
in compiling with them it
you are always competing one with another
it's a difficult to settle on yourself
the same yourself your is too
to have the time for ripeness
what is qualified to wits with what you are qualified to upset
real quality of the water of oneness
hum down the universe
this is individual practice what he has to fall
when you face added
always was how considerably and walk on walls all seem to be
must be concealed
so thought
he that fine
the rotten food says they will the whoa he going to a girl require a regular development
shooting up and different
and so they will produce what blooms blossom
and roof
and while to see the cinema cinema
the your name
whew did in one and the same for all those families of plans and germs are drink it and vivify
one is is who threw out
we must be vilified
by water on one se
he in
he always says
the back
regulate your breath
ha is very important
hey cutie pies
that's what can you have to do right now right here
while in one attitude what attitude you are here
he doesn't was your questions in small wrong
what you are the what are you do
he was attitude you are
have you have
it is true it is to that authentic video that is more nature
when you never you
to be kept away and p in happiness in rest
we have to show
moment as moment young woman at the moment a
when you said
are you alarmed person
all you have to the as to show
yourself in what attitude you must be you are
how much you settle on yourself
how much you are comfortably in west in peace in west a new happens
that's why dawkins and sense from away all things
even the good even bat
even though you get the enlightenment through doesn't
throwing check for way you lie to me
the words as the whole doesn't do use the farm
in order to be on to
acquired the thing of cool
does using the fields of the fun to use the fun
we read component
this is individual parties
if you ignore this individual practice it's pretty hard to be continually have fought for towards what was a section v
harris wall
why we need the club
live it that
when you sit
at least when you sit on your kitchen
the hilt with oh have less
said being on yourself wherever you are good but
it make more different
whether you are good were bad
what those although
well did you a good little bad
have been
growing in the same foil
is what
hacking the water or oneness
fucking love
woman at moment
this is your purpose
oh with
ah the old practice revealing
we'll quality of therapy
who on it which all seem to be in place to live