July 13th, 1971, Serial No. 00265

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ah the other day
ha i explained
what are like a piano
oh geez
ah with jeans thoughts of
life and the world
my life and as my wall
according to like was to view point in bonuses
they tried to they tried to set up
a kinds of the air age at the consciousnesses
he ordered to explain
what the human life i was like
hmm the other day and mentioned to the
some more for me
the the a
of consciousness
the consciousnesses are
this is
the ah
the first five
a first by you to the by a sense conceptually
the site consciousness or gianni consciousness smell consciousness a consequence for com
and the
the conscious mind
and the seventh
man of consciousness
and eight a
is ah your consciousness of favour and the a conscious message
ah different after all
the subconscious mind
a subconscious mind
a particularly the a consciousness i a big indiana
i your consciousness
ah if he weren't touching the fundamental consciousness
ah or the far from file that every consciousness
the other day i mentioned
all night
definition or our consciousness
what you called
ah be part of the park on big a leaking out as the park our consciousness he parked consciousness in sir
one of our sub conscious mind when seen when you see in its assets
as producers and as a producer as the producer of he said
i'm human
common human common
when he said
ah from this point
i said
he existed he regarded
he got it as
the results
ah see of beginning the path
who do some five
previous existence
them to produce a fine
the human
a can cry
this is
one on fire different assets of island virginiana a of are far from the seven consciousness
the photo of human life and the team war
the bunkers point i think car and afraid that her
some of you
ha i have a misunderstood
a human right and the single word ah a based on
ah would
nobody thought
what j in it up
ah a trick of a in a drinkable
a thinking body through
they even
the human life and the humor word when seeing it asset
ponies or as a producer on the effect of one the run the comply
ah is not he's not been to on
the the idea of conceptual on five destiny with yeah we are with me i think usually
of it
ha younger of human life the individual individuals are not sir
the human human being
how would you would shaw
ah more than a to a certain lifetime a life time
if a human being are based on you were big on
a club don't need a bit on the a certain way
a big phone
but it if for a human being were
a bids on the
a simple fame would be what
they are more the more themselves to or fucking time
here are
the human
human crime
and human airport
i would have been would have been in vain
no phone monday
will be
without hope
he found the viewpoint of line
ah in the viewpoint of live human life
do to buddhism
human beings for mastery completely free from themselves
he's all the even more of the packers the big nana even a human being
you are big song on the basis all the park are big nana
when i see in it offensive the producer of the effects of the month congrats
ah must be tarped mystic all
you won't be

oh cool i
the morrow
the neutral nature neutral
the without
the a neither good nor bad
he's a good nor bad
he's called the a you call looking in in japanese
it's means when the good or evil
corn for you say i moved from without
the is amazing before neither good nor evil
the neutral vases
did you come wiki
the committee or fall
the human being as the river fear and begun and the desert
i'm wrong
human come cry
what he have listed on look for nature
what did it
cookie possible for them
ah to
read them to let them
to lead
ah have me
them to meaning for meeting me for writing
based on the in conception of freedom
why is this r m
i were
cooking type of by person
what did called cup again
my name
he cut the the conceptual the main path of you imply
to want a person to a thirteen
hi fi
song on me i was when the weather was when i am corn by someone path again and said yes
when among our but i went to work when i am i to by someone i you them please
i have to take down for yes yes am then print
the miss them free the comfort zone then please coming from name of cup guinea
a loaded
to a certain type of them please
so you are mp who long to then sen

on cause it doesn't matter for me know whenever needed for a long whenever a long to are launching and better i doubt news temple while mag
the temple
when you when you say have a v i think you you think i've written typo for copyright
on the baking so from are certain high ball captain
that's fine too lots of my number of pregnancy
when you see when you see person name the company or happy are the enough to grow greens or fucking fat
for the by the quickest says by the cricket team
he i always i always moving to the lived to the left
hey all right
sometimes people are people saying the people why
he for speaker when the people speak on how well on
ah a person named covered me
he he a united in germany the a compliment

but do it
if i were a person who is more
himself into a certain time lifetime
the it often very difficult
ha to figure out human
human effort for improvement or product
now however i am
and don't know
cold cup a gay and in the word
life must be going on ahead
this like
he started
whatever kind of a lifetime
a lot of to me
are strictly speaking right for you fell
must must be going on ahead
the seeking even for a moment
nor the
the lead needs a famous as more men chefs name the miyamoto musashi
in japan why
as he was that the bot fighting at the something place
many people number of people game
the what would you call that
holly's man
whitman what role protect him from the evil
coming from the shrine and a buddhist temple
the for or what we got to with
ah he favor
at home concentrating on
are you sure
the thirteen the thirty the circumstances on the place where he worked
he worked but
then he accepted the field
a policeman from number of placement of even by the people
why consider like to
named the fashion
he was willing to accept
when the time came
yeah his house
and with a best to stop the as the slime before he
i went to the plane
where he was five
boing boing with me
then at the time
he burn out he burned out all crazy
thank you have to me
to go to the destiny
we he was by
no the i've gotten us with a human being the all of us are interested in now
what tallied man
or fourteen pairs
he's true
what in charles or eating the inc and found some that from what
if you want if you think interest in
what well what would happen in
and he's all right to the receive
but important point a don't pay don't say where the crazy even for a moment
he'll jumping around the pan for retina when you throw away
any kind of for
a policeman any kind of protection
given by god given by
and then the ha
all he had to do was the you do he says
how long have we are with a base for armed with human being completed as and that when you think the in asset
when users on the effects of human com class
it is very not so the no taping to the an interest in
the searching a of fourteen down
that's all
but if you are
what you have to do
does your theme the policeman
and the same weekend
your i've never been going on a hit
a craftsman to the any kind of thing for the policeman of protecting god's protection of rural poverty that one person
implies to thing
with it
what's it called chair of buddha
who are got
what does then
if you want to do then
it is or why it's already you are with all right that you need oil to it's path to something wrong or then
why you should remember you should keep in mind that
who have to debate
the absolute time for i met when you have to throw away any and certification
romeo your them from god from eating phone my christmas
and as allows only have to do is just to do your best that's all
cork is nice and easy but sir
can i help you can explain
in that way
he's nothing else

the five more than the necessity
what is it

even know
ah even the stupid person
the river the ads that he should keep in mind there is a huge the storehouse
when they can help with leave anything with
this is one this is one the moment when you when eight the be anything any pursue
any time at any time
everything turns into neutral neutral the that neutral morality
completely freaked quickly
you can't delete no amount of a discussion you are stupid you are clever are you are why you are feeding them
you are kept out a task for
you are runaway
you are making or you are me
the moment you are you are stored in the excuse to our have
he dumped me and americans so ever you are
a completely new core
that's one

this is called this a cold voice
in se ri
i like big
why a beginner a capitalistic on the feeling anything we
which you can help
turning into equality
with existing key is active

so from this point the human being
ah right then live in
the so far i have the piano rear
a tunnel help
what's rare
at a reduced to to accept
anybody anything
the equal in quality at peace at last

why we have to what's happened

something is in itself is not stop playing in selfies map that key
a paying half of without in itself a nap p
when you are touch with you for few
hey when you perfume pain the uganda as king conventional k wave attachment
the performing a
moment meet you
come into contact with a certain condition and certain circumstances
the at seed
in i have virginiana is time to work immediately

a concern and relating we made the way
a thin kinds of them on great
devin kinds of
the seven kinds of is the fourth of five six six crisis notice
the seven
kinds of know the code manners cause smith a the root of attachment
what is different to what what's a different of the ten the you your mind with android that sick
the kinds of mine and mine of consciousness
the man of consciousness difference is that man of consciousness is always answer
but whatever you do
wherever you may go
even during baby
like a stream or live
and also i reaching out on is the object on the for clinging
oh the several consciousness crisis

well that's fine
ah with you are confined with for certain current condition and circumstances
the a seat with no particular nature neither good nor bad his father work
neither with several kinds of
what is catalytic bread route all
bombs cleaning

ah that's why it's free high to get rid all but many thoughts
when you thought running through your head even in doesn't
the seventh mountain several customers are always a remind reminder
the to create the many thought

free hot
to get laid off it
no saw the kinds of method
try to and kinds of be attached to it

because the summer and think of a thick kinds of methods
ah affordably result
could use a by
circumstances or conditions so what how what you have brought up
the education
a weather
did just find
and song

ah but the

ah but even though
now it's given the
the seven consciousness method
never human being
wrong the fear
home some far
call me cry

but as i mentioned before
the even the seven kinds of method
and without produce a by human county crime
ah completely against on
no type of financial neither good nor bad
hey this is very important point
he doesn't mean it doesn't mean you should ignore
did you ignored to do anything at the right

rato speaking the human being the lie lie and the social freedom for some freedom
where they are completely bb five we ever be
this is basic and the funding on human life according to buddhism
the you turn in cannot figure out your all right
he was addressing the future
if you if you want more did
if you are a few more it to a certain way

ah i think
you will be
i reduced to stick in the mat
can't figure out what to do

ah and smoke side humor and life is like car
the water with transparent nature
that's why not luck not year
if you put the car on the into the water which is called cup again with the code conceptual daphne with because american when code then buddhism
com christian tanning
what a immediately turn into a certain type of nature white black yellow concerning gleeson confusion
what can you tell up
but strictly speaking let you off human being is completely like of war
with transparent nature
neither good nor bad
you can't a car is like of conditions and circumstances around you
if you come to the center and half hour
the when you are when he was the first farm to visit have how what did you see how did you feel
the guy i think you felt funny
because always students filed for jump leads away
following on the floors what to do
tempting the simply in japanese
eating the japanese food
am when you do it
this is tackles condition
then what you sitting in which he said what are you doing
it's so funny string theorists claim that it means to put third to put the certain type of for car into the water
and they used to get your stick to your stick to the death
because this a zamboni the a japanese food and get a japanese traditional will bow wow the buddha what do you mean by by
constantly you fight used to
a certain type of car
have you won't work them morning from wow
but by even a bar even japanese food even them in every christianity in themselves are based on completely neutral neutral me neither good nor bad
just condition just the condition or circumstance and wiki code a many kind of car
make you create let you create a touch me dang apartment make you suffer
so you yourself you know before you yourself
he doesn't have make you suffer
you yourself and the result
could you through farm your county crime doesn't make you doesn't make the submit of to
mama when you put out a certain kind of color into the water
far from plan human nature
need you all
transparent war
he leads no confession
of its financial white or anything

it's make you suffer it's make you pee it's make you have some doubt it's make you a hesitate to do some
it's make you to do
prevent from doing doing your best
to carry out
puff daddy duty
think so
so he should remember the allies that the human being and all sentient being
i didn't find living biblically
in the the mango juice
the storehouse
where it taffy we have a reduced to a fab anything
rear turn anything into
i've become neutral nature
like a war
that's why exactly you do that and then much affair just picked out expecting any
expectation is like i'm calling from a certain kind of car into your what
as long as human being
big guy and spiteri you are a person and the desire to produce a from you county comply
thanks beginning in this path
that's why you are sometimes the bear collins doing something
it is magic

but the
again and again
the aim would you have to
be direct your focus on
it's directed to
the humor york big were
it is reduced to see anything and turn anything into
transparent nature
good fact
so do zazen
and you find when you thought community
your head
he said always thought the pass through
not the past not pursue

just sit in the background
off huge houses for

that's why somebody buddha shopper
the ceremony borders he expand the case the disappearing
on one end the same lesson that age to pay the essence of had a deliveryman
you even
the deliver them
he's a state of human life
ah who
ah who settle link himself with the men of choose a store how

the final and being absence of passion
so you he'll be careful we should be careful to take a lot of circumstances condition so as not to create news feed news feed
no a new feed with role
ah produce its own
apple create manifestation of thumb through the time
he get circumstances and present condition and freedom is very important or less how you should take off
that's why you often
have questions how can i do what can i
why should they
even find them and then he thought in levin
and give you in confusion and one wish you live
but only have to the a just do that just do your best to do
i'm keeping the war
come spring snake
that morning income car into your own one
this is the final aim being absence of party

the annihilation knowledge to be all moines
on airport we have to do is focus on sit yourself
said to sell on the wrong
what keep going to was
david them
the release waterways from fence
this is born in santa cruz