July 10th, 1971, Serial No. 00259

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even in
the great crowd
a sharper after expanding over the all your universe
a pours out the same water
oh grand slam are some trees
it allows all the gratis lance herbs and police according to their faculty power and strength
something the water and yeah by taking the food development signed to be a car
like manner
chopper is low feature
by the to target them
the earhart
oh one and the same se
that the age to say the essence of it is deliver
the final a being absent person
ration knowledge of the all knowing

ten cool
in this world we have to
the water
as one essence of quality
false a christian faith
many kinds of
basic taking
plants trees themselves

when kind of bar whatever how many how many kinds of
the vegetation
an all sentient beings they are
the and videos and videos must have ten
the food development to assigned to a a kind
yeah lovers in
re her how many
however many kinds of from visiting hours be
the are in his word
individuals must be entitled to live in this work
improbably as the are
he says
the true state or lifan the world
damn song person who are attain a light
walk constantine who has what was constant
it buys them

the what is the war
the in not sutro says the buddha always
moda the person who attained enlightenment
who is a we're off to the of life on the world
ah speaks all
one and the same essence what can save me
in tiny it called jimmy is so intimate means
our one taste a single taste
i saw a single mark single fuck
the concession
ah from sanskrit
but same one and same essence
a translation from chinese
he says a single flavor and single back
will favor and a signal back
iran coast is secondary to book a buddha
will i try to explain
just the one thing one thousand one subject constant
what is
what is given what is open to everybody to all sanctioned be
this is it's a company buddhist teaching
secondly buddha's teaching the person who are attain who is a real of the truth of life in the world
teaches constantly to or see can be
then what is the one and the teaching on what is the key to our
one and the same is
that is to say the essence of a his deliverance
but this is one on point the second point is the final aim being absence of question
a sub point is annihilation knowledge of the all night
i in tiny differs the point is get up because the get that song it that so that age difference or a months patients won't be rethought
get up so the concession from chinese get the details or a translated by a mark or he lived
the second point is corn a mix of
the translation from ten he says
the marco

this enchantment medicine is intentions
the fuck edge
nine oration knowledge of keep or night
the transition from kenny says marco extension malcolm execution
this is the deceased so different a different angle
a different media says that gets punished in our life from the world
the form a different and wrong
the what i what i mentioned before understands a principle of privacy
how offering and a christmas
ah in this case
this who for trying to explain or line human life and the human world
teamed by the different and wrong
another aspect
you point
based the arm convincing something and
the iglesias
by any cost day to tell the truth
ah it in price
what the tours on life and the worm is like
are based on the basis of emptiness or nothingness
under par with sutra know you what you have chanted every day
ah ski sock their coop crew some visit
always talented now attended every day the new parliament

i tonight
i would like to explain

the human life
and humor world
the in off the grind for you point
the current invoice not not the generals i psychological study
the could you find employees
i think the word ally a beginner or an arya
the word the word
buddhism is fave familiar
up for you
think so
i a big no-no is
the consciousness
the consciousness or we are
it's pretty difficult to translate into in the eye is in a
usaid's day
it's a expand infancy i
ace the consciousness
oh on whites what like to human world and the life and human world
is based
the youngest the foundation the basics of life on the world
is called ally
a figure off
i a represented by a fee kinds of quantity y a
you posted in dublin's a jacuzzi
ah with is i have big neon as
heterogeneous effect
produced by heterogeneous cause
what she which has been handed down from generation to generation forms of a previous existence
this is our ally of the yeah which is called it you posted pass me
the a
meaning of different different
i do cook a's ripeness ripeness
the other with that
that why effect degree
the fence or ripeness
so the rifle during the word a based on
something like her
the without our ripeness
and can't see the consequences
he asked
virginia's effects produced by had virginia's coal

it doesn't mean the life and the words
ah for those the created by a thorough the absolute with to call on god or what just call called good or what
captain facts
it doesn't mean that everything a created by a certain thing
accident as substantial the outages back of them
the employee through everything is everything exist already everything has existed on it
what is considered as like that warm nightmare full ripeness
and can see contests
the answer heterogeneous effect produced by heterogeneous coal

this is very important point what do we have to i take into account again and again this is very different very important point of wits would star which is there are different
point between the christianity and buddhism
what if even try to ah tried to see tried to see
the life and the war and the ah
what wikis consider as heterogeneous effect produced by heterogeneous coats
now what it is a tunnel and that i cannot explain
it depends on it depends on how much you get face of yourself your wallet
when you have created
what would you agree it
through your practice through your day
in an empirical in take on
aspect of life
so that's why a what's yourself wake up new rely on for you i watch felt this is important he ordered to in order to get a taste of death of and five
ramapo depths of human life
not only present be a second being of right
past and future
and this is
the i'm from features
whites are a on a inherent in
a cusco
so the cut the game the body the body and mind and body and mind record company is not created by the absolute wiki is control what is controlled by
the awesome
and by a day
at the game is not created is not created by the absolute
what did
are very similar life and the civil war
you important point is that he
the i had the key must
i could be guarded as gonna as heterogeneous effect produced by hit virginia's colts
this is a good
a big cut the a has been handed down
previous witness them
so the president being of my life
two oz
to being on my life
i don't know what any
i cannot explain what it is but it is something woods i can exactly get taste or this point
through its and impetigo in tackle aspects of human life
now only a human being
but also
the the same ways to be said of not the human being that also to have a to the all things on things which exist in this world


the difficulty explaining but anyway i am i tried to explain

biases are this code is wrong
can't fall i think
i thought of
kind of how which is called a young
i think
the this materials
come to my hat
come to my hand
and as soil
ralph forty small
think it's material a i was produced in absolutely company
that a certain not a yacht or but yeah no of cotton
i think got ten yard or acting a thousand yard
southern yards of cut
what produce the aim at certain in a companies by human airport
by numbers and countries countries fuming apple
you a roar huge huge roar from the tail
cut him
a song
thanks to our city in the country to all of the world
then i went to the make to the south and boy gets murkier
this material a just a paddle from part of a huge love for yeah yeah
warum for cry on is wrong for a car
now when i when i went to went to the went to the shop and bought it
and he get the part of a huge lot of crap
then i look at this one this is a good car keys for the bloody thought by a bot
all someone bought
and that time i felt
why that way that only this paddle and shoes gonna cry
came to my hand
him too much why

maybe you try to explain know why
why do you why did you come to my
aunt go with i tried to ask always to this matthew
why did you come to my hands
the only to in order to make a law
strictly speaking is nomad for explanation why
that but there is something with kids left behind me wiki code
the sort of with destiny or fate fate
what's this paddle or huge market this part of car
it found a theory here
universe i tried to ask you to myself why why this
you are code leaving cut again
it's pretty hard to answer to this question
maybe you can i can explain yes i have appearance mother my father my mother called made by the name of the panic
and my father name is named tahiti and thought
then i was born between honey and package father and my mother
but nevertheless you can eat something more something
more days something more than that
what did so what is left to achieve a song for doubt
left behind me why why did you are cold cut again
just thinking that it's not meant to be expanded
because i tell me how the arriving you're writing a song destiny or fate
which i named ribbon cut the game is inherent in
considered regarded as heterogeneous effect produced by heterogeneous cause from like this

then if you ask we if you asked me why you accord why why why did why did you upload your cold cut a game
tamil help
i cannot answer to his question to death
when i call me cut a gay the name of cutting has lots of things many feet many things the third of destiny is sort of fate which i myself
are you getting in
ah in in this track timber in just tucked what is indestructible
our which is and ah
it's treatable

so i think know the
nobody answered nobody nobody knows
nobody knows why it's pat
his paddled cross and a huge bar of cause
ap my hand right now at fifty
nobody can expand by this point
the call it it itself
it in itself
it always itself
a killing in a sort of destiny or fate
what is indescribable
maybe tomorrow
in extricable
in this
this comfortable
because it he
it is the material gigantic as heterogeneous effect it had to in that the two is effect for use by a heterogeneous coal
coming from a previous life me a fly

from this point no explanation then we shall i go just upset and then when i accepted really affected i can get teased off
the existence the presence of this material
which is based on unfathomable depths of it's like coming found the past to flew the present to kitchen

this is not the material which is created clear define the absolute
which is on par
so that's why after you are
try to ask why you know why did you come the why i you i have you been in my hand

no answer to this

a less than a huge lot of car
may come to to be a maybe in and others are in others hands

he ordered to make a beautiful crown dress
if give to emails suits

the an example is the
a similar example
get a day are a student the told me a very interesting story the as to her grandfather
i listened to add this story
not hardly
i am i
i have been taking a interested in this story
and by he stood it
about her backpack
the discount on a random the hotel in the united states
i think in day
the united states
the and female
i must take off by
the his hat
yeah when when he a inside inside of the house were in elevators and elevator war wherever your makeup
if you go to the house made on that you are with you was happening the house you have to take off your hat
the things some manner
ah this is a and good cast ninety states
but this the gunfire
never never take off for his hat on it
he keeps the kids so his hat on all day
right before he in the beaches bet
took it to carve his head his hat and put their put the the head to the bed
maman twenty can get up morning
put on the kids here and he affirmed that she had on rainy day
the boy he changes his dress
then he went to the bathroom
the with job
and he stay there for two outs the data
with two outs
keeping his head on and headed through the magic rings thing
when they he kept his head on with the piano before hitting the dress and he sat to sat in a bad path and but not asked a bit tired
and leading the same management
he he didn't get up early morning
he got up
trevor crap
several cup team was a new a month and morning for you
and then to twelve
i'm sitting on pins and hi
leading the managing are taking it can happen
wearing a pedometer
the way to stay

that he doesn't get any coffee comes from more bad it
from this point one wanting the hat what is a hat
reset you say had or yes you should he should take up the hat when you step in the house with have a good man you take your currency
when you see we can see a hat
see a hat
the from this of whatever kind of material and if had a made by
you see i've been getting day this is had when you take off
take it off
the woman were you respecting the house if it had conception of over
from common sense signal from com
but what is a hat he informed good guy
what is what do you think warnings that the confessional the a hat
team from the gunfire
tire wear pretty random attired passed
in an elevator
the theater movie the same the more watching the tv what i'm seeing a movie
the oven keeps a hat on
and spend two hours in the time
maybe the cardamom

so what is ahead one that
you tried after a while that why get cold or hat
what did use the by good guy

the families idea of from his idea
now have you know hat
acer sort of address a part of druggie stress

a wiki his body is decorated beautifully

i think you know

even though you try to ask the guess had the why it's called a sudden name hat
would you use by this guy
that it's no answer that it's moines
well this is also hat
this is also have but they don't know why
maybe have says i don't know

even though this had which is used by this guy a coat hat it is also a hat also he he had with can use the by ever the guy
who'll behavior would be behave good in good manner
according to the rest of my
is also corn hat

but when you ask when you have some down why
why is have cut is in this grandfather's hands
it's impossible to its this point
think today
leave something left behind it has gone sort of destiny or fate

what j in its

he goes this have a
sort of existence got it as heck
ah heterogeneous effect
produced by its own it virginia's coats
it's not wiki map created fine
conception of he answered with this offer
pass the war something here something exists kid
and then you have to watch it with open your eyes
this is faster step of understanding life and work