January 26th, 1972, Serial No. 00190

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chicago pulled up
or anybody who
along came
i'll just before when he passed away
he he said
if you want to get
plum quality
okay from who agency
old a peaceful joy
you should keep away
belied you want is
once my
oh well
oh wow
a quiet place
if you want to get punk reggae
oh he from a human agency owned
a peaceful joy
you think keep a web or use once mine it
oh well
a quiet place
a okay
oh we're only going to conway
i didn't go away
meanwhile gonna gain
which is called
duck your in japanese
jacqui aids
the sound of voices
the sounds of voice
i'm not heard
huh decoy your jacket is
the place
when you can hear the sound of voice
where nobody we're gonna is nothing to nobody
with whom implied to speak
this is job
joe a
ha noi you knowing fully knowing flip
knowing free
so jacopo a jacket is stillness or quiet
we're gonna is nothing nobody
we've all replied to pot
when also go easy joe is
two mostly to move me what
know me
the place where there is nobody with home implied to talk
so this is can get your age
you must be attentive to
i think do even to details
which nobody had taken pay attention to you
this is double d c the your then or down
so through and through you have to be attentive to move some quick
so on sunday i a video or i mentioned
about the
the conception know for would have compassion
what of compassion
i must penetrate to
the for also can do and also to intimate permission
the guess emptiness is very important
but when you can handle your friends your your fell for your mother your father gunfire your system from battle new teacher
we are up to jive team to add to be delighted in a criticize
my mother all my money not your mother for me
but the compassion in a compression to emptiness is you had to handle you have to handle yourself rather than sister and caring for
the teachers to overthink and game before you quit your side
it is my for easy but
it is very important
it's pretty hard because if you tried to hang yourself and your brothers and sisters and friends and before you criticize
with compassion compassion is pretty hard because
you dare you not at that your mind that makes noise
he cause your mind with always criticize criticize
acting to the object
before you accept before your facts straight for them
before you handle the your friend your fiat currency brothers and sisters with general
occasion or compassionate atkinson
that's why right too hard for
let you should keep in mind but buddhist compassion
must be to all teaching being and also to emptiness to emptiness is to to be a kinky
a tranquil
to answer
yesterday we had the one day system
what kinda indicate
the start of the cleaning cable
i didn't say anything now all you didn't say and now on to
just get necessity is massa difficult
it's bay is a month the thing with them
the is not easy for us but
when we are parties to will we practice decide to forgo the temple
that don't they know what a little santa was you know so sockets temple in san francisco
sometimes we had the privilege of seen that one basis seen a three days for few families
one day to see the take no trouble not everyone a very quiet
the second day in thirteen if you have the if you have a few days
the day for two and thirty days
you know this everybody notices that that his mind time to make a noise
because mine mine is getting com getting caught
that time you feel
you kill that the you are gradually disappear
you grant him disappear talk through your veins plan what shall i do what dot dot dot disappear
i'm here i'm here but you feel accident
granting decent gear
because be quiet
the body and mind completely sterile gloves and a quiet place
then some and some nuns veins scheme is key
right out the blake
the in the breaking the fit in at in a blake right after the meal or key time
i don't know why did he say in any way you
screams the someone screams the at the dog fan
so far
therapy items once the counter counter people
interesting are interesting

how to quit
the if you want to the rinzai you have to the contemplation one now thinking on loop
games are being you have to shout with ski movie like this
heaven now going to say it it back and eight or ten
they even though whatever use whatever you say screen wall i a crime
it's a also
it was still fall for noise this month make one's mine makes
when the
come color you
skin color that them must always say skin color is just set the defect
the some of them myself loving the purpose of nothing if not to attain magic
just said without it to anything are or anything else anything at all
by practice of nothing
when the beginning
in the beginning of by package
you say of course nothing you very useful they helpful for some that sometimes and must have faith to you yes that the help you should fit
they use that to tap dancing
at that time the you transfer month them master your teacher
we accordance with to me the suggestion his destiny with the second day you noticed that our help but yet
when you're a job
when he leaves no no trouble why you when you fall for plastic vermin
every time your that make you make you happy
but why do you fall for them that way it is not real bargain
it's also it's own for total far noisier
from of noise
then after
i've tended pending many years of passed
in their that them but you notice that to leave nothing to a t
so you start to have a son that what's that it
red sox
he put me in nonsense you with
here at that time your practice you know how to start from this disposal

it's never you to experience the old to quit
new in within the deal with tranquillity the least nobody with whom you try to speak you try to talk
nah but nothing
then that time important point is you must be attempting to twinkling
it's means all you have to do is just to continue to the prevent
this is a job
you want to if you want to get that decade-old tranquil
i'm free from came from human agencies human agency he formed human agency he found human agency a dam which is not create
how whatever you feel from darwin
where will you feel your yourself
how stupid you are or how wonderful and you are
but in faith what you call do it
what can call voices
when you are why you are you are derided and now looking at yourself saying how one who i am
it's means that the you are is the person who for completely for for yourself
what he has completely
her next moment you you realize you've yeah you know to start the different aspects you can affect the woods you have experience so far
they say how stupid there
you can't do our eyes
like is alive
that doesn't stay at the same page even for a woman
hey sometimes you are completely discouraged from stupid that
because they have no doubt it just i just read in gets word no doubt no topic
teacher says you should do yes sir
that's all
miss something
i have nothing particular
whatever you say i'm stupid or i own great it's salad
what it take
he said
it is it comes from human agency you might easily
then we should keep if you want to a peaceful joy if you want to kiss with joy
if you want to get the peaceful joy you should keep away from a you once my mates and
at a quiet place
keep the web from human agency
crime or read mine
coming from my human agency
a wonderful how stupid houses how to help
how ah pizza hut can see why are
when all you have it just keep going on
being attentive to the country
defeats the purpose of practice
the so a plane did speaking how should we use all i like how should we use our life

a human being are very clever
how do you use a kitchen and how to do that kicking
how do you the egg
how to handle that a chicken
so you put many the chicken
the small pox
the all day you are the my time all day he only to get the egg
the human being not asleep you see into
how many eggs give chicken has
always content from it man
it's a lifelong
in order to
get that looked back
how can you how to use your life
where do you use way you handled chicken in that way get it some purpose well as we have we have to eat the egg
how do you how do you how should you use your life
where you do that then he tried to think of this point
how she do you how should you handle your life
he ordered to a right move
you have to you have to practice clothing or not
he then put it in
we say
day after day is beautiful
day after day is your virginity correct code
niti niti is day after day
it's called a good or good or night get in day
then i translated day after day is here
this is purpose of life
and everything can get disciplined day after day is bill
he appeared as long as you're human being
when we went from being hit you when when you bump your head against the wall you feel key yes this is true
but nevertheless there is something that is something where you turn left at the quiet place in absolute sense
this is day of day is bill

the dog and and sense
in indoor
the bullet florida
all have one for means which is it's sound and fee from human agency one minute meeting the wondrous dumbo from one to another without alternation and the rising to play
lean and complete awakening
that it is only transmitted without
deviation from buddha to buddha is due to that
did you you samadhi what is it's touch tom
to dysport one failed pity in this samadi the right include a proper was sitting in the van
this done my is amply present in every person but and that one practices it is not money to spend less than his realization it is not the thing
this tranquil
while we're yeah the oddity
what the day after day is beautiful
is free presently prevented in everyone
but unless one practice one practices is nothing like manifesto
when this point
the individual practices beyond a month of the month of the amount of criticism
the other words individual right writing
absolutely beyond the amount of criticism
whatever style of life in while follow
like well i feel your life
is based on
how would you say
hey all right
in for revelation
the leaves no amount of criticism
is called like for
needs call for
if so
we think that
we may not may not be we may not practice
seriously or hot
because life itself a space on
one song guy in full regulation
the lace would get a small amount into criticism
please call which is called
by for
why that we have to pass
why you
when you try to learn
now have to see
in the i can live the lake
no never
it is to it is true that everyone can see
this is near real reality
what to kelly's more month and criticism
hello everyone can see
never make
but a woman went and done for you to the ocean line to the lake not to start your body is something what
when you have you have a to some that what
what is what is why is something walk
say you safely remediate you want
with water you something like
the society now of society something wrong
no when my friends something one might carry something like
the need something wrong on the parents are yourself run the water and the awesome
the awesome itself one itself
eighth always willing to invite you
as a master of singer
but the moment when you dump into the ocean you notice that your body is thinking then you say what
truth is that water let you throw at suffolk
this is too
like for must be blue
any time anywhere
what do you say
i can't
i'm not qualified to be this world
i'm not qualified to be
ah to be asked to didn't have them
hey real nonsense as long as you are human being we ultimately
maybe rama warren
listen ah
how can this rom and one woman one anyway listening ah famous
favorite veselin people person faith
and then a minor
man is manor who dig up
kevin's man must be a minor
hi everyone everyone must be a minor
before you scream before you shout
i can't
a tooth
what you can sleep in the ocean is plainly speaking universal sense universal conception
universal level in human being
universal reality
the thing
contents of which is called america
hey lookie america
maybe is universal confession
what did open to everybody
now only two american by also to dabney to china to russian lesson to everyone
the conception of america a completely reversal
you say i ever made
the universal confession
must be developed
by concrete aspect in life
who isn't
even though you put the strong emphasis defend america
america is to the presence of america a completely to
are we really not
how can we show how can you show the with universal truth
what the gold medal
individual it of knew how to show how to show
from the effect of america
through individual flu the counter of individual
at that time universal conception is absolutely alive
to shop
the tribe and then says
a damn
if amply present in every one
but nest one practices
a not manuscript
as a weapon can see the an awesome in make why this is to if if universal truth
we ordered to show living with of truth we have to show you how to sew it flew the capital of your individual on the individual
a standard into your daily life
completely speaking
what had to move let your hand with your wearing
start to move
but don't move your hand your body and london we have to run something and have a teacher
whoa universal the bulletin is
integration of universal truth and individual

what is integration of universal true an individual from
individual practice in the video card and personality
i am currently this is cliff everyone at all all masada i am company
this is a universal truth in a sense
if so even though i put the emphasis i am cut the gate i am cut again
without doing anything
you know showing anything it's real man says it's looks like it looks like jumping into the ocean without doing
like a slump like walk
oh you have to get to thinking to the bottom of nose top
an cup copy gave him
i am gonna get aids in thirty to i have to show completely
what a a universal truth through capital of individual which is called
this is where it gets his practice

then the five talking when it says that this time when it's empty
present in every one but next one practices it is not money for statement
unless the the realization that it's not a t
if you can't dwell on a quiet place
where are you can so intense shock completely what you are who you are
what it seems that you try to practice in the old how to see
you have to realize an item you can everyone term him not
we have to the i
i mean everyone can live in peace
yeah yeah i see
anyone can be attentive to clunky
a one can handle yourself
your brother your sisters
when all things in be wave would have compassion before you quit inside
he says principle of
emptiness the fifth practice of clunker
this practice a realizing the arising of baptists and the arising the impertinence the are making a clunker
with keep mind try to andrew your friend myself
with compassion

training peel is
take you in japanese
say yes group
q is
to hit mark
hit the mark at at the room
at i would say is rupe
whoop whoop eighth something whites
you something he never meant to be right probably right one
this is role in buddhism
no was a rule is never man dwell at the quiet place
and show the only id and based on day up to date is bill
who says say to you
war in buddhism is not them
subtle of constitution
he never men tied up
when you never made cannot move by the inch inch be it's not all
who exist within yourself his is quick
who is fleet play from human agency

during training
our practice
the practice need us to dwell on to quiet place
all season be can make peace
this is a practice with you have to do again training