Freedom from Everything

Given by Suzuki Roshi at City Center on Wednesday, June 9, 1971
About this talk
Sesshin Lecture, Day 5 Wednesday, June 9, 1971 San Francisco
Audio does not extend to complete transcript. Last two paras not part of audio. Sources: City Center transcript and notes on back of the original tape case. Entered onto disk by Jose Escobar, 1997. Translation of Japanese terms and research assistance by Shohaku Okumura and Miyagawa Keishi-san. Bill Kwong commented on this lecture in a dharma talk at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center entitled “Dying in the Water.” In particular, he clarified the story about Oka Sotan's lineage papers. Transcript checked against tape and made verbatim by Bill Redican (11/30/01). *** File name: 71-06-09: Freedom from Everything Not Always So, p. 12, (Verbatim)