February 1972 talk, Serial No. 00182

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we should know
oh he succumb you buddha's teachings
trout domestic
a two crucial point points
of here
could your points are regarded as or their contents
particularly what do you wait you
ah particularly i'll wait you
expound emptiness or to run nature and song
we have to see carefully
buddhist teachings
by the to crucial points
the insults
ah to the
perpetual flow and move perpetual for one
the in japanese we call our call them we go
why yes the a tooth or perpetual transmigration
the other is
the the tooth of interdependent arising
we should know the buddhist teaching must be understood
from to these two crucial points now it would be one side
if you try to understand the buddhist teaching in terms of just one side perpetual transmigration
you say buddha's teaching he saw so buddhist me so far kiss
i don't think so so you have to see the other aspect of buddha's teaching with cheese are the truth of interdependent arising
her kitchen but the way of understanding
he based on our protect your transmigration
ah is
the state of all sentient being seen
ah see and of from
the aspect
of a flow of time more time in the worse are all sentient beings are in time
the state of time so he says time
the what first day session second days seen so sissy now for states is she this is sixteen says she is in the state of the flow of time
then first this you are you feel good second days issue why it'll be a heart birthday sis you well something happen
it was this issue by today's just middle swim more is that yeah
you see this is the way of understanding
about say he
it's from in terms of the times the flow of time we will understand so well
so from this point the day after day
the your situation the a situation or life situation or doesn't and situation or circumstances always changing
didn't you can you can get out get out
so you have to face moment one day after day and wow a one the next day
then next day get up
the next day will be happy with next day or two more days
many things many things changing
and i also ah

this is our this is one
the aspect of understanding and life
in ten solve the of time in terms of the tooth of perpetual transmigration time
and also we have to understand that you're alive tons of other aspect which is called interdependent arising it is called it is that reputation with
is many things donation with many things in horizontal call isn't
you quit on
so time itself doesn't exist along
only time why is it time exist
time itself that the exist by itself
well what to say what time exist is to say what does peace
exist that time you town decolonize yes time exist
so the time proceed precede the space or space creases time i don't know which is fast and on know anyway what you say time we exist i am i exist in time in the flow of time
it means you exist
in the expanse you know
speak it's pounds feet of space
so you can you cannot ignore those existence of space
if you ignore existence of space you have you can read guess work
you disappear like car man from disappear suddenly buyer
atomic bomb
you can't
so if you say i exist it includes the existence of time and space
universe you can ignore the duration with your friends with cut again with time with your friends with the buddha statue or with the creek
inquiries and this is important that the relationship in horizontal
you can't ignore you cannot ignore this
but you to the we think we think of ourselves just see in terms of the time flow of time so you concentrate on yourself you are set you growing realization with others i don't care is and on cares carnegie
age i don't care as both a long kids and want and song
does concentrate taking kill out for myself day it is called in individualism individual i don't i don't think that it is not individually it is not the principal or we individualism it is principle of selfishness
because you ignore the presence of yourself in space
ignoring relating with others with or say should be
so the other words if you live here the fourth day she
what's this is here
then you have to relate with the students at us this is relation which is going on in horizontal since then where you live where are you just in in at the intersection then in that
section between a time and space this is your place your praise in which you exist in peace in pit
this is our right since your life
so interdependent though so this point your life is based on the truth of troops of perpetual transmigration changing day after day a moment out the moment came and at the same
time simultaneously you have to duration you have to relation with all sentient being moment after moment day after day
it is in the truth of independent arising
from this point
i think the principle of individualism is not on the to take care of yourself
wait to take care of yourself is to take care of others simultaneously
so the buddhist practice is to practice you practice the to say what do you practice is identical with to save others to practice with others game that's why we chant
verse with on sentient beings
strictly speaking it is very truth
i bow save to save all sentient be they you don't understand why
but this is real truth
ah so in principle of individualism is to take care of itself and at the same time you shouldn't ignore a relation with others parents your friends
mothers and fathers teachers and fence in some
but now the united states must see if you go out grow out
then children leaves at carriage house so one a young mother is very anxious about herself ensuite
now that he has she has are they important responsibility
for taking care of her children's because children as basement but when she always in visions visions when turin growth then next to and weeks
for me
this time we shall i do
maybe i will
i will feel alarm branding
the get will be nothing to move
see this is problem
for for us now only the american people of all human beings in disord even independent
because they and individualism the principle of individualism is understood by then
what did themselves they must take care of themselves that's how
damn cares parents after leaving it until current whatever happens
that's pretty good idea but something something missing you
way that's why the people feels so wrong be so lonely
wherever you may go if you grow up and leave the parents' home that's good because you are you you must you must independent
okay you must leave by yourself this is good
but the to be independent to be independent
doesn't mean to ignore other's existence the presence of others k you have to relate you have to relate to wish parents or friends or
and anything else in many ways many ways
i don't mean you should the relate with your friends or your parents on purpose
giving them money was given of sending some food and song or given the country at companies
or wonderful day a greeting more how are your mother
and fun giving the sweet candy it's not necessary but you shouldn't forget the originally the individual individual cannot escape can escape relation with others
for instance this is very close example for me okay
i leave i left at zen center
and left the zen center
cake though i don't know what kind of reason
many thing many people thought why gotta give left sincere
so i kept sites
because it's too late
i always gave for design it get to the ten side
then but at that time i didn't have for noise any idea to state
not know it
no elvis there's something someone like men me why and to to go to the minneapolis well let's go thing i i went to them minneapolis or three nights
everywhere were everywhere i i go is a wonderful place because it was first experience for me with on one foot well it sleep
the next morning
circumstances completely take dictate wow
so he'll i see
the cancer or what i couldn't believe
please please don't go away but to me
circumstances time is going on
many things changing in the long time
i i couldn't stop it
there anyway i always gave retirement to the thin sarah so i leap
but there is no reason i have to leave sense then it is okay it okay to the state stage and center because zen center students ave kind human being and pay lucky
please state tuned as much as thank you
but anyway a act
but to leave since anime
is doesn't mean for me
to ignore the presence of zen center key
i want to am i i have been thinking new i have been thinking of the rating
with zen zero or tassajara in many way as much as possible
this the cooperation is very important this corporation is variable
regardless of whether or whether you like or dislike
didn't by lil little by little
as your circumstances allow committed
you try to relate with others
don't imitate others
who did date with their parents very closely
staying with parent it doesn't matter i don't mean i don't mean to stay with your parents i don't mean that
as as long as your circumstances admit it
make every pass effort to live
with or was he should be this corporation this effort with copulation copulation
marks the beginning of all us compression
this comparison is it's important
this effort with the effort with this corporation the marks marks developing developing or educating yourself and there are circumstances where to be would be wrong you belong
otherwise organization is not developed
just commute could not ready to serve group organization
group i don't know how do you feel the commune i don't understand you know don't
the the true meaning of community but anyway the our group organization is religious group
if it is really just group
we have to do battle develop the yourself and at the same time group
with with compassion
if you want to get the buddhist compression he have to make every possible effort to relate with others
this is very important
because the others other
others or not though
you know of devotee something which is objectified k
the object the animals
what seemingly is objectified
it's not something object but it apart a paddle
my life
my that's why are the our santa cruz sutra of authentic are sutra is why is all always one one in all all eight one why is not something objectified
opposite the for day contrast contrast
contrast it with contrast of
anyway opposite to
the ten nie what can more than twenty
why is why is kate kate is what
but this is true
if you understand this point you understand
completely the principle of individuals
then at that time you can take you can take the best care of yourself and simultaneously alex
because your life life is relating with others quit
so the time because the philosophically speaking you can stand so well
our life is based on the floor time
a up to date changing it is your own life and at the same time your life of your on cannot ignore the islands life spike
well then
ah noticed the
what you are woods line
ah in time
life changes very quickly very quickly
ah it's pretty hard it's pretty hard for us to arrest to my best
for use those
ah we use a way of the word moment after moment what is moment where it's moment
want month
so moment is something like this you know
but in the buddhism
his moment fingers snap snip
who was nothing
king snuck
completely equal to sixty moments sixty month peak sixty one
can a festival
you can resting
and also
in each moment
nine hundred prisons
ah born and die
the nine nine hundred cousins
in each moment
so one snap in each one snap wow
five thousand four hundred prisons are birth and die ah chee
we're quick tap tap tap tap picnic
and duncan says also a day consists of six billion
four hundred millions
ninety nine thousand
eight hundred and one moment
i don't know what's wrong way comes anywhere dorgan says a chocolate again
six villians six billion four hundred millions ninety nine thousand eight hundred one mom
this is a day one day one this is training for hours
can you count this woman make quick he
they you born and die you born on a by up and down
creep past
and also in each moment in each moment you have you cannot ignore you cannot ignore relation with others how can you get out how can you get up how can you get out the relation with others which is
they up killing or disappear in each moment you can't
this is a too
and also in his pace there are many things numbers countries be exist
vid the war in this
they're also in each moment you candace you change each moment may quickly
i'm also rate with all sentient being or beings visible or invisible
peak word
this is just gets intersection
the praise the points pinpoints just a points
which is at the intersection between time space
the changes in each moment and simultaneously relating simultaneously
the rating rating with own beads
this is
this is nuts
sis know
this is known as what is none this is called known as when gaudy is actualized cozy is actualized what is george race skills you can catch you georgie you can catch your
right force life was i use august two technical words lifeforce life was is here just here and also this life was changing very quickly and at the same time it with nonetheless countries or
beads how can you count how many all beams they are or how many times more minutes is going on you can't when you tried to decide year his passport to research but before you go
get the desert how many woman's they are how many how many how many are all beans the i in this world have to die
because he can you can rest you can you can rest a life force could just hear in
because in each moment
one snap finger snap
a quart
the sixty moments
your life forces or exits cure ebook
in each finger snap sixty moments here
it is your life life force
and also many
it eighteen with many kinks with
because you exist in the flow of time
how can you rest dislike for us
you can't
that's fine dorgan d-n says it is called known as it is called known as when georgie is actualized georgie is i always saying good is right for itself they die for us which is functioning in die
dynamic situation deceased wife was not conception of life for us k
when the life was is actualized in dynamic situation it is called good
and it is it is called notice when this georgie is actualized

do you understand your rifles which is existing here
if you understand this point this point you realize
how numberless how number is all sentient beings support your life porch
it is called enlightenment person
your eyes is completely open wow
you can rest your life but you can't understand you can't understand fundamental grounds in life
how shoots expanse of your life the rating others
that time it is cold person is called buddha
he is caught
i'm philosophically speaking it is called numbness when the goatee is actualized
then yesterday i said the dog and and a red
one must carefully know that interdependent are rising is good came into dependent arising is good
you live your life life was is in time
it's means your life is in space which means which indicates that tooth of interdependent arising on earth you have to you cannot ignore duration with others
then he says you're right
like force then we your life force is actualize it is called george is called coach then into dependent arising his goods
relation with others which is function in your daily life is called
but goji is not acted on by that interdependent are rising
so right for us is not act it
by the others rife keep others saif you are you can you are you but nevertheless nevertheless you did eight others okay means you are you means you must settle on yourself
on on the other hand you must delayed with others it's means you must you must you must act arise yourself you must manifest yourself as good as goods with delays
ten relating with others this is movement is smooth
movement to yourself movement to others this is practice so bow you bow priests par with whole heartedly
it's okay if you don't understand ashore
the show show bob and top
you can't explain
it's this pile has a profound soft combat
emptiness also has been profound philosophical background
but there must have dying explain that
because it's debut is did you
one confusion to another see because individual degree of norris is completely different
i don't want it was
just sick
don't move sit
if you try to explain the soft guy you can do
that's why we need study we need study zen always says don't care leading the sutra don't care studying the book i don't think so
the a policeman through the book and damn forget you you don't forget you don't throw away that's probably
if you study buddhism through the book through and through can
throw away
there you can sit
he can settle with good
so you are the jodi is cody is not acted on by that into dependent arising
dependent arising
it's your life force is not acted on by circumstances or unsigned just so in tampa bay game
like a big mt this is the figure or doesn't
two job to send that's why i said straight you back
right advising me in the sky like a huge building they want poorer than empire building

goji realized in action
and then
so go g realized inaction is that which one is doing moment after mom k did you say i hope you understand this point
goji actualized in action is that which you are you are doing moment after moment
woman afternoon
in time in space
in what co inc horizontals
that's why we need order
your life you take care of you act by yourself with in tom brady and the same time we have to connect with others means you need some order
life life force request order
so that's why we need the rules
numbness in georgie known as in it does not involve something white jays are the generally inherent in the south so numbness in geology so i said known as in it is moment he
each moment in your life force
in your life force
not in or something which is originale in gallant in the south
known as this truth and the woman woman doesn't exist does the exist in your mind
dem must says please take care of your life mormon after moms or what a me
it's moment since you always concentrate with face tongue rigid taisen
without miss any chance
damn and blast you completely exhausted
because woman is a existing are hit wanted margaret moment so moment is bigger and bigger your mind and then last moment is explore
could be
mom is not something there that moment is why you why you are actualized when you manifest yourself
thing yourself in time in space
nor that which is leaving or returning or going and coming in the south quay it is face till
notice is not going is now leaving it's now returning is now going in not coming k numbness is always here so right for forces always here
that's fine that's why even though you are they use are confirmed with the difficulties
buddha says treats stage stay there and continually practice
it seems it seems that
it's some they throw in movement
then slowly move
but this roy and movement is very important
so i said always i i see as i i will write to ah
say that right face a wrong distance runner
said wrong distance runner
i'm distance i am i was i used to peter
long distance runner
i was very weak in a short distance runner
i couldn't
wrong distance runner
hey good
based so
in saying barnes piece i can run
a cold being a cold with my breast
that's good
my short temper
person who has been shot tuber
ram quickly
it's pretty fast see me but is pretty fast to get to exhaust
so you should issue
you should work long distance run

so long distance runner is
doesn't mean you should become doubt key you should become lazy man
hey you have to do you have to do something when you have to be in a hurry you have to do k
so when you got to them honesty sim muslim do something very quickly very quick and when a disciple the act in thrall
so hurry up are you doing
when you have to be in holly should do k
the moment moment you have to be face insect this
that's notes that's the life was which is functioning at numbness and moment

the truth of this known as does not to proceed more nor final judge
this numbness fully eyes full realize this moment to realize you know sometimes you ask him who practice full practice who realize in right to i don't know
maybe it
who realize lightman who are cool
forgive sundays vacation to you you ought to become a night to attain right
so the truth of the numbness does not proceed or nor followed the georgie of course you do something you do that in zazen does
you are doing just doesn't tell you the fact that you are doing zazen i don't think so
or use you tell yourself that you are doing something
i don't think so
if you if there is even size this room
even strike this site's woman to put a certain ideas yes you are doing this i think it is not known as
it's not
of course nowadays it is called known as when georgie is actualized optimize
georgie is they
heavy fight mom after moment
nobody nobody proved fool who give in a as
certificate of your enlightenment
nevertheless now miss his numbers arrive once he is right for us you have to know this point
that's why if you need them but where are you come from where you do you can did you come
the must always ask
actually don't know from where you come

even though numbers explanation no nonetheless even numbers on explanation camera hit the mark
from where you come
by full of who attain enlightenment for practices in you can if you understand in that way your jersey is completely dead
and at last chris
that's all

ha through the practice if you are continue to pump says in
it is very true is gary sure that you will come to realize
lifeforce which is functioning or nuns
that time is called person and it's called you
it is the you which is called border
because pick the can live in huge expanse of life
relating with or seem to be
and changing perpetual transmuting nation
you are not acted on by to catch or transmit ways just they're just they're just here yeah now
i'm also not the morning
to date with dance this completely the huge expanse of generosity
which i shunned by buddhist compass
known as a life was which is functioning at known as a woman is not subtle for rock cone rock cold winter
oh wait
i don't think so it's pre war
says purim worse condition