December 6th, 1972, Serial No. 00358

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the way you simply release and forget boss your body and mind
and throw yourself into the house of buddha
when functioning comes from the direction of buddha the new go in a chord with it then with no strings need it and not sought expended fee from birth and death you become border
then they can be no obstacle in any man my man's mind
did the game
what is
one the mental attitude
ah in life
wait you are confounded with life in the oddity
this is a fundamental attitude
you simply it is and forget what's your body and your mind and throw yourself into the house of boy

first of all
you have to throw yourself into the house of buddha

blog to the
when you are confronted with life in reality
you realize that there are
lots of sufferings
then you are nearly confused what is the housing buddha
how can we plunge into house

ah but soon is speaking
in the previous paragraph
hogan says this president birth and death itself is the life of the buddha
you know so well that everybody can be entitled to living's what ms the body has life
not as common life and buddhist life


bullets a house the buddhists the our lives
browse and death is buddha's birth and death
and saw the buddhist how to is our breadth and depth
there is nothing special nothing special so cold pools house pub for more like
what does house is identical with our birth and death

why is it we have to
we have to the guard our birth and death as a buddha's birth and death
for a time for a period of one thing snaps snap moment
five scandalous appears and disappears at least sixty five times
it's pretty fast
even though you are make a question why why is that we have to regard our president death as a book
it's too late
because your life including the question you make now also disappear and appears at least sixty five times or
so strictly speaking there is no room more no space to discuss what can i do why why what
because five scans kiss and disappears
at least sixty five times in for for appeal one fewer snaps moment
this is it
but we actually we don't know we we we cannot nicole nice this fast flow time
the swine to says i drew that man cannot perceive this moment
and he cannot he cannot allies the way cq mine
it's way he always question why why is it why is it

but if you
you have already wisdom put us my
what do you never you to see into
the deep down nature of won't be
what appears and disappears
for a pity on all when finger snaps moment least sixty five more times
before you are kinds of songs

the moment when you make as when you make our questions why what how
it's indicates that you make a space make a space you make room
between your right your birth and death and buddha's person
other was your birth and death and the moment
i actually can a small space between them birth and death and moment put a sly

so dogan says
there are
ah six billion four thousand million ninety nine thousand
nine hundred and eighty moments while a day passes away
five scandals appear and disappear with these moments
i didn't the men however received nothing from them
this imperfection brings about know the way seeking mine and england so buddha done
he always continue to make question why where is buddha
my life is now to that put us why i love it's very comic life
but as a fundamental attitude in life when you are confronted with life in reality
believe not
you should keep in mind this point was wasn't death is pools person
your birth and death is buddhists house

and when the
when functioning comes from
the or and your go you go in a call with it

them with no strings
needed and no thought expended
phil from birth and death you become bored
ah fook whatever you feel for me a person gets
their first ball
we have to plant into the poorest house
what means which is buddhists life and death
a full function comes from the taxing of the poor
not direction your time with you

the verse if you plan to into your birth and death
with whole hearted ness
you are improved by proof pipe
this boy is
well this boy is
solve a broad broad and bus to feel
where anybody to walk
in the field in this broad and past few
where is not the place where everybody turned stay with stay there
you have to walk

everybody can
depressingly calmly please free walk continually
in this
broad past feel

at that time at a dog in and the and says
when you walk
in the field
enrobed in the midst in a mist
the missed
make your dress moist not truly before you are crisis on

the fight dorgan says the functioning come from that direction buddha
and you go in a cool with it
wait you are conscious of wet
it's pretty hard
for you to make it dry
but the wet from the shower in some
is pretty easy to dry
a wet from the missed when you walk the few in the the missed in a mist
it's not so easy to dry
the export of swore that his life from life or death
what is life from desi so i found this is the praise the praise when were you have to walk on
walk in the field so called life and death
not to stay with nasty
of course in the process of the walking you can see many seeds menaces good and bad
day if you stay with a good even a good
that good is not
buddhist good
in the field birth and death
and any course you have to walk
he knew it means you have to plan to continually into the house of the book
that time
that's parenting continual could you're plunging into the buddha's house make your dress wet

them with strength needed and no thought expended to fear from birth and death you become bored
that time your birth and death is very steady state
not movable
but if you miss this point if you miss this point life and death is always moving
i'm is an uneasy

then they can be no obstacle in any man's mind this is very true
so you should keep in mind this point this is the two fundamental attitude
when you are confronted with your life

ah token dingy says it in the sheboygan door so
the virtue of georgie go get his practice
whatever you say georgie is the practice or birth and death
your life and sometimes the virgin on the virtue of geology is never hidden in the flow of time
one can practice the buddha way awakened in him
the virtue does not manifest itself in time
consequently no one can see here or a proceeded
why should know that the virtue is never concealed although it doesn't appear
for it is not defiled by appearance or disappears emergence or extinction
a virtue of life and death
it's never hidden in the flow of time

even though you plunge into
your person deaths every day
you can see here to see anything that all swaying the compression
what do you mean what do you mean by planting into that motorcyle
because you want to know sick or you want to know you want to see you want to hear you want to perceive something
after practicing after planting into prison there
but actually the dogan says no one can see or hear
or perceived it

of course in neutral sense
you can see some result
you can see some effect from reorder
bresson death
but you to the sometimes
one for some of for some bizarre these good of result are not good
wherever you see or you hear a good and bad at the desired
some can do you enjoy so much but most of case in the most of case
that those result good and but make you confused
creating new troubles came on again
if so what is no he thought
real effect to effect
then token said that his virtue virtue of birth and death virtue is pronounced as i could go in doubt knees
the this virtue is not the something you can get you can get in your hand you can you can see what you did here you can perceive it
but there is something is called verge
after practice after plunging into

this virtue is you can it is not explained it expanded
buy anything or or anything
in a word
you can't explain
but there is there is virtue
so from this point the virtue is
very identical with
the deep down natural pure be
whatever you say it is moment
we're a sport
this expanse of a huge immense expanse moment
what our universe
moving whooping power of for a moment rabies
what energy movement
it is
they all are not
adequate to explain
this perch
because this virtue is fay broad and past
what you can do is just to walk in the field of fudge at all
you cannot stay with the virtue
a continually you have to walk
the feel the verge
it looks like a lot of our bodies from
drones beautiful from
coming from dust dust
muddy water
one of japanese biologist fun
not to see a lot to see
which was vey old two thousand years ago
come he tried to plant in
it's promise
and the clothes you from
two thousand years ago

until the roads farm brooms
his own beautiful flower
how long how long does it practice
in the mighty war
but that beautiful flower doesn't say doesn't say i practiced the i practice the in the money water for all year
now all he has to do is just to let
the bill flow lifeforce prove that all
there at that time the from the beautiful flower
naturally always self
ah delicate fragrance
eric freeman dad that you on eyes for from
but and they you realize that this is role of from they i ask you while what is what
they you expand on what was for our terms over by ora di stadio by homage
why it is not to explanation or exponential that a true explanation or whole lot of flour you feel
more than there is something something else there is something else more than your explanation in word
that is that is
a virtue of road from
the in describable
something more beauty war them beauty you tried to explain
but there is something more than that
the a virtue
what not flower possesses in itself why
from where does this but you comes from
this virtue is accumulate has been accumulated for wrong years for wrong pto
by practicing in the money war without making complain without
showing up without having sure
even the nobody attention to it
lots from that just continue to do
then after practice he proved
our practices like this birth and death is like this
what is buddhist person death what it is that now person death awkward
this buddha all cause beth is virtue
wait the burden your birth and death possesses in itself
in itself
that's why dorgan says just the plunge into the house of the boot of first
what's happened after planting into the buddhists house
what happens after planting into the house of the person death
yeah the as a result you realized there are suffering
do you can't be
because you want to get some merits was some something good
what do you can grasp in your head
this is pre-dinner to nature human be
i don't mean it is something wrong it's all cape but you should think what is
but the true meaning will be solved true what is the pool where is the buddha of life rifle refunds
the buddha's buddha means the verge but ms virtue from were from watch
from your birth and death wait you plan to into person there
without having the show off without making in
that is the beginning beginning in the very beginning step beginner beginner steps and last step
this is beginning and also last
five dorgan says a virtual goji is never hidden in the floor time you can't you cannot see it you and it but virtue is it but to is within your present death
when you the moment when your candy into the house of person that
whatever you feel brought them back
one can practice the bulldog way
awaken the a him
that's why woman after moment you can practice camp dislike the from
even though you plucked it doesn't
the virtual 's in doesn't manifest itself
he's very true
but we have that's fine you can practice and he helped
that time hey derek feagles comes from your all right from death
and then everybody duke a show respect you
hayes take practice is bursting cup
now ballistic prompts a human practice

a consequently no one can see a year or perceive it when should know that the virtue is never concealed to although it doesn't appear this
even though it doesn't appear the virtue is never concealed virtue is always with you we have present
then why we can't
at every meal time
have meal can't
the money
a we exist the muddy water we bought to be
how do you have to bow to boot right now
we exist body war
you exist mighty wanted so called birth and death
some song
i'm game to him
it doesn't mean you sure you show them you should live your life at random
any time you can plant into birth debt any time you can find into good and bad everything why you have to
be careful to take care of your life
that's why to incense their base practice
that's why you can practice you can human a one term practice a bull away
awakened in him awakened him

a it is not defiled defined by appearance or disappearance or emergence or extinctions extinct
now but it is not defined by appearance or disappearance or extinction
you can't
you know so well there you also me how valuable
the paint drawn by a famous painter is
when you see it
you are completely captured
i dropped him by his pictures painted
spring one it
some ask me what is billy
is beauty
what is good breezy explain
kent when it's pretty hard to explain what the lease
great volume for things themes
what an explanation you work
there is virtue the painting faces it's meant that i a virtue what paint or contestants because painter has practiced for a long time without making anything making me ah
complains of course in the process for human life times you are confronted with something you never you may complain
but at the last whatever you make wherever you make complain at last all you have to do is just to do just to do just to continue to do
that's all right even though you hate your life
we have to all you have to do is to be your life
that his last answer
this is practice last answer is practice that's why plunge into punt into the house
login always says last and pure essence of the attitude in life
then this practice
emit virtue
what do you know who we are in be
i'm impressed by and pay deep respect to
at that time that's why painting great painting is great
even though you cannot explain red painter painting is a pity
a wonder there is some mug complain
even though you
play his picture
if the ten people see
the pigs the same picture
in different way
ah at last
after discussing long discussing discussing
i think they say anyway this picture is great
when what's great why can't but wait there
because that is bridge which painting itself as you see yourself painter has practiced long years years without up show off we'll all miss shaw
hey i am practicing thousand i practice as in two years and five years ten years
it looks like they're half filled bottle with war
half bottle
bottom half filled bottles with water is one is making a noise he got i have was some magical tool for some idea of where emptiness or nothing visit him
i got the enlightenment through doesn't you should do that
we're always do that


the last paragraph of duggan says that is an cheap extremely easy way to become buddha framing from all evils not clinging to person death walking in deep compassion for
all sentient beings respecting those over you and pitying those below you without any did testing or desiring wally lamentation this is what is called poorer
do not sure to be on the
what's the best way i'll become it is very simple basic
please be considerate to all cgp
be careful to what your life
making a choice of your circumstances what to do
what did you should be careful to see or is good it's bad
hey soup is
gouda has also can't gripe
arsenal's right
buddha has also come right has come gripe means you have can require to
buddha is what i is you
the then how to take care of this and the ensemble hundred
this is bodhisattvas practice
body son was not diluted man's practice
the rooted man's practice is
the comic crime scene from my diligence comic grime you understand
comic life is poorest county
that time you can practice as a body bodyside i suppose
comic wife is poison
so heart with practice is
can you in
four long years
i thought to live media
you have to plunging into your person death
for mediate right from life after life
take refugee in the border that's enough take refuge in the pool
continually for me life after life
not practices a importantly why when you do assure you should do gosh you're when you choose us and just two thousand is compound
scum cover is not to stay with screw-top
cantata is to continue to walk in the field pots are saying that having a shawl without making complaints
it means that you're planting to the same panting to person death
he's come out
then sometimes is congress your
congress scum washing your face
scum reading
span tempting suit
now practices we now practice is
ah creating the virtue
on your breath
this virtue you cannot see this virtue can here this work you cannot perceive this bridge but but us with you office
and that's why buddha says no south know so
some i ask god
ha one five students ask clinton
don't want this
the are too primitive for isn't put an emphasis on yourself
but what is no sound
he is very confused and one is
no selfies of course i understand he understand what no selfies
negative aspect of human life
don't touch
there is nothing
everything is not within you everything is not yours
is no so
but this you think that this still something there is called true south to south
not no self true self
then don't condescend no no cell
no no cell
no to south knox out his books up
completely yourself from the beginning to the last more self
there is no true self
if you can get that some something like a true so ah this is true self is called whatever you say enlightenment this is good to a for to good merits
a good conversation between the my father food died twenty five years ago i get a wonderful conversation you
it is not to sell
because that to self is already in your hand
there's something in your hand is vey a puddle for transit see okay to present changing
no for a repeal of fire long finger snaps at least sixty five times
way that to dr congo says north-south
yes no so
it also is virtue virtue
you can't really explain what the true self what to the tooth you can't
but you can't practice you can feel how through the product bodhisattvas practice without me having the shawl without making shove we done making complaints just do it contain is six power meter
of six meter i'm giving gibbons
patience efforts
transit and tranquility wisdom
and then after that what happens
after after becoming the patience what what can you get with your head
i don't think so
i don't think you can get something in your in even though after becoming patience
let's imagine your doesn't say she
think one of you are making become a patience before the sand after that once what can you get show me that
that's only came
wouldn't it be

but it's say is i say
but you grow so much i went we see you know you grow but you don't know but i know i know
i was over
no i mean the zen center all students
who practice for our years
a time the this entry i i can't censor and see them
he agreed he agree
the grow so much
but they don't realize how much they called the a practice goal
i know why i don't want to tell him
if i tell you if i tell you your practices great
only i got
it is not to sell it is now bodies hunt packs body sat practices just to taken refuge in the broader way you take a it when you tend to take a measured when you do that and boy have to place just do something
that time for to their right to bear
this point poorest the practice is to cow crew
code to be cultivate or accumulate key accumulate virtue
what is the practices to accumulate virtue k not to get not to get something that's why i said to just to continue to walk and field doesn't it's kind of town
that times can cause i make your dress wet i nose over your dress wet but you don't know because unfortunately your com com comrades big your he was big
by eagles vader comic gripe it's favor
will your comic crime priests can in two thousand
the into person death plunge into hunting people absolutely
that time very delicate thinkers comes from your whole body
that time everybody with respect
because your life show manifest as moment as poor as immense expanse of moment
even though you don't know men six pants moment is with you with practice whatever
is our promise
if you don't understand is what does person depth
peace encourage yourself pounds
so then
take care of your daily life