December 6th, 1971, Serial No. 00290

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your expectations
in the worse
the other day i mentioned life in itself it supports us k you are right me is life itself
life itself
the takes of your idea fixed idea or thoughts
without deserve without be served
oliver's by life in itself is lifeforce like was
jason whatever you whatever kind of for occupation and follow
the patient a petition in itself takes off
your thoughts or fix the idea
moment afternoon that time you roan something from perdition in itself or life in itself
that's five don't didn't first we have to receive this life itself life in itself or producing in itself the task in itself
wait takes of human thought or fixed idea
because this life force always sustain your life he ordered to lead
ah to live your life and under better conditions
then they'll get give first tried to receive his life in his cell war condition in itself or occupation in itself
because day
teach you something teach you something
ah then logically speaking or philosophical speaking that's twice have come when you put our our teachers
ah about the teachers this point using the philosophical worse technical words nothingness or root of no biting norway
so regardless of whether or not you love your life
the root of law abiding without the deserve takes off woman after woman your site
why is this your doesn't you are doing something new you feel king this is way up to
aspect of your life will feel king of afternoon and that time you say wow
a cat that's more than i can't bear it
you know i'm pretty healthy
but this is to your conservative thought so compare you to say hates hates sushi
it's it's a and six
but because of your fucked pain
going on
hello earth
let's imagine the death itself
debt itself is like this you know
you can explain and describe or what death is because you are alive you believe what i am not die
i am not die that's why you can described in on deep die death what deaf ears
but if you come from a few are confronted with and death completely and there is no room to escape
what do you think that death
the same is to present your pain which you have experience in the us and key why you that's why buddha or patriarchs dogan says life is like a dream
fatima doing this a statement life is like a dream why
why why is it we have to make an effort
the effort whatever you do everything is dream
help please help
i always feel i feel always wow
def what picnic
why i ask yourself to yourself why why do you why i use doing so are you doing in the then
the jerseys buddha says that he is a dream
key his dream
that's really more than i can bear in you compare
he should current consider this point again and again
through your practice through your pain that's why the must say stay with p stay with a p
don't escape please stay with the pain as much as that you can
this is very important
wow a wow you know
the nor
you are thought
compare you to say wow
just thought
but king is here pay here
they you can you try to get some ideas it it's okay to go out of the gender and take a exercise on wanted to escape
then i said not the state
yes think so
yes she'll stay here
because a problem of birth and death is same things same things as the experience of pain why you are doing this something
same things
wherever you think wow
you know the truth of law abiding takes off immediate to your wow
this moment things here in next move me your fan say wow but paint here
the root of know abiding takes off your wild help kids off then it's more pace here
they will vary via you can escape there is completely no room to escape
you have to everybody everybody must confront the face this aspect the okay the open
real key is based on the route of know abiding
in the sphere of the good of no abiding that is completely normal to put that certain idea whatever you say how wonderful is that these or wow til how tell whatever you say nothing
just dunes us in just few pins
and also you can't escape for me stay there
this and also this p
k your life sustained by know abiding know abiding always sustain your life and educate yourself that's fun a terrible a table but it is true
israel to
when you face this paleo v own death you can it's absolutely sustain your life
then dog in the first receive this pain and death and birds
before you make completely wow or how beautiful or hotel rates whatever you say before you say crease set
then this the route always take off your idea and also at at the same time and at the same pants as t help your life
that's why the root of new abiding turn into it is it turned into buddhists aspect buddhist word because
it is very helpful for us that's why poorer accepted as a buddhist work as a of work
because don't get his personal food realize how great how great the root of more bodies
cause always and he is it is always teaching you sustain sustaining your life
no no room to escape
where you see something we the is it we see something
with you our eyes with your eyes in buddhism there are five kinds of eyes
why is fiscal eyes
second is heavenly eyes
the third s wisdom i visit i
it was is dumber i
fifth is buddha i
ah first is fiscal i
it is it is your eyes your eyes with whites you can't see something
i can see you are uncertain
you can see you at that time i think what what what is what is he doing
received it
something in someone say and that is colleagues or san say
but but nebulous i don't understand what it says it
saying is great but the i don't understand those fires said but he seems he seems just to sit without doing anything
spend taking it
it's with to
miss time
that's understanding that there is that is my understanding with my eyes physical eyes i see to it doesn't doing the us and it's best time that's all
ladies all right it is or it is also a part of my life the seeing something with my eyes that's okay
in a fancy we need we need to see something with my with fiscal eyes that's on
but actually okay in i think well what is he doing doesn't it seems to me that he wastes time but someone says
let's please read this book then someone give for zen buddhism game for some book
they are bitten by suzuki loss
then you come back to your home and week
then you will you you will get something more than what then in on
more than understanding through you are fiscal eyes
it seems to sense to you that nothing is wow something good
at that time you have for some doubt
what's now what is my eyes what is the front single
once fiscal eyes
there actually you can stay you can stay
at the level of on the one's physical eyes you can't
but you want to stay you want to stay voices you see if if i am rich man and really hot day i see the sun person who is very poor and like a bigger
why he's poor guy
then i am always in spain which well yeah
then someone some more cool guys tried to get in my house we don't get it
get up
daisy i want to stay at liverpool bittman basis
actually i can't i can't stay in the sphere of rich men which i created
diamond slots
because always something compare you compare you to see
more than knits man was unbeaten
if you can if you if you believe if you believe that you can stay for river
at the level of your on
you create
you are viewing like a frog who is who is enjoy who who enjoys his stay in the small well
but someday soon be a big flat comes in
you are small well with the water
water let you go out of that small well at that time you were the v supply why
it's too big for me trees that we combat pay for it
so no abiding completely kids off your ideas
there are many kinds of know abiding frat stones fire
a strong man strong animals
many people
many things
that that time you have for us are doubt what what is my eyes were is the function of my fiscal i that time you can open your eyes little bit
why don't you feel why
they you can see anything that a something something more than one than the expert your experience with you have had so far
that i is heavily i have are
then the faceless you can see the sont lay on raise raisins the sun
with your a fiscal eyes you can see them the ray of the sun that's top
how and then you'd think how one for it eats
and you can see the stars beautiful stars at night sky albion
well if you see the stars
ah we serve special telescope
through the telescope you can see something more than stars
you can see there
rotten things through the telescope
are using the telescope you can maker astromech observation
and find the
the movement of the heavenly bodies
when i was ten foot
the people that parents taught told the always beautiful tunes top stories
about the movie about the moon's
the moon's it's it says it says that the their ways to
at pure white rabbits
who all with of who always bonds rice know what he
rice keep
to offer to the moon
i plead how you then i hook up to always moon
at the thought that to rub pure white rabbit and those
but now you can't worry
and then look at your earth look at birth
that time earth is pretty look very real small then you think wow
hundred thousand billions people's leave now occupies that little small trace
date you think you have some doubt what i have been doing this we can commitment
are you crazy
i am always fighting with people
but now fine fine i find do more bigger than earth
how little how small and is
at that time you feel sad wow
we'll be sad
then that's fi the shell company porter says everything is transmigration transmit great been rated
the thing is empty
even though you believe how wonderful the earth where you live in is
the moment when you go out to
go out of the atmosphere
you to realize you realize that how more the earth where you live me is

now only the boot according to not only buddhism but also the according to the physics and
by on
at any other science
they teach you
they teach you that everything is completely emptiness yes they did they tell you
physics tell you everything is completely empty
then they said
the base nothing
why you practices it why do you practice settings
have you seen matthew
the more you can see the new face
through the heavenly eyes
through the telescope
the more you
what would you call
in permanent pump up impairment
with your eyes with your eyes you read the book he they you think of how one resigned and the you can here then xavi is on its feet
completely crush you class to for you as them
because doesn't always create a some trouble for it
if you put it into practice this is true
for everything nothing's emptiness
all of us including me are like a frog
see something with the hour mark with our eyes can be wow wonderful you know i enjoy very much next moment it can see or something else more than your experience you have had so far day he was prize
then you try to want to the practice then frog come to the qatar and sit
they a frog completely experience
experience his life based on emptiness emptiness completely infamous

yes this is true
you can learn you can run many things at the college through the
grade school junior high school in senior high school and college what are you scott
what did you get
are you satisfied yourself
with your study
why you have lots of nice why you feel something from it
something on satisfactory
we're at that time feel everything it's nothing
then you want to really want to live these parties
by yourself escaping from the society escaping dropping off the school
then living in keep mountains nc by yourself isolated from completely source society or your friend your parents
this is a person for experience through the heavenly eyes
pink hair from the ice really wonderfully there are many many people for who is called hebrew the i
then he enjoyed the enjoy their stay stay in the mounting and the a practice
but nevertheless no abiding takes off their ideas
the practice i swear practiced by himself completely isolated from others human beings and live just with a nature
it's singing burned
some deliverance how one
i'm sorry
i'm not abiding immediately takes off his ideas
and then that time he feels and satisfactory but where is practicing
the woman way he come back to the city was
the ice packs i need something
this is this is the first step which he finds that with eyes
in the in terms of emptiness
as the visit of physics physicist and by biologists east
why biologist
they they do that
that is
then they are baby that
then they do as they want to do
i'm sorry but that the root of the body text
without reserve
you read it
and then they need something what what his wife grace life
then they can they start to open their eyes
i need some it so there is something chic they they find they start to find derives the airlines that there is something more than emptiness
wait they have understand understood
something emptiness he is something more than my aniston movie so then they need they think a nice touches then come back again cause i'll set
the second time we will come back to the tulsa you feel something different
a free falling making the students or american students he's going to the pan
dear first time there they experience they feel so good from not mastery particularly eight manistee to feel so good because the circumstances is completely different from month
a make united states beta a com
they seemed a bird
many people to sit
one second time they come back to the a monastery the ave a surprise at seeing different fates many feet
sometimes they thought this they see the monks clinton the add to the manas feats eating the cookies many cookies
then the stylish they start to suffer where his practice
respect inside

but anyway you come back to the hazara the study
so then
at that time you can smooth as the in you can devise that there is something more something something big bigger than
a bigger experience than that which you have had before
add to the level off
the understanding would just call everything is emptiness something like that so maybe we need you think maybe we need
something which make weight guide human being to live in peace in peace
not to live by individuals
according to the pool of individual lessons the individuals
so they you can you can find the whole pictures of human life which is even the dmv amish dem amish
it is cold and is called the wisdom is it is called what would you call that just saw in gently just saw his real reality real reality they destroy his real reality to the
you can find what's the human life is like
how how in what attitude we live our lives with adults
this is wisdom eyes
then but nevertheless then you want to stay you want to stay tassajara
as far as your circumstances permit and want i don't want to go back to san francisco police they're mistaking it's ha
because you're afraid to go back to us at san francisco because san francisco is be
you know
out of ways
that i don't wait baby life busy life
you can feel you arrive with strong confidence
you are always our fate so please let me stay here
but em side sometimes if you are if you don't have a so much money tree skirt
going to make money and come back
britney not abiding takes off
a few ideas
inside it
this is true
the with the wisdom eyes
this wisdom dust states within yourself
it doesn't work it doesn't works toward adults was alice
wisdom is just within yourself so you want to keep it
you want to keep your what within yourself you that's why you always afraid to go out please let me and me stay here
but anyway
unfortunately or fortunately the loot the truths of law abiding takes off your idea they got
that time you have to learn something
the city life out a way busy life from the outweigh busy life
then at that time you will find
you will find that others how busy others are what are you
you are very quiet
do as compare as compared with arrows
then you were very one you feel so good but on the other hand you'll realize how busy i was ah how to answer
they you want you feel have to help them
have to help them have to have
he said you say to others why don't you come to their to cassandra and sit with us
but they don't like
then they ask you what why
what what i have what should i do in tulsa you say say say
the thing
then they ask you what it says it
they say well i don't know

in city life you can learn something
something bigger biggest scale
bigger aspect in life
more than before
at that time your eyes is court dumb my eyes to mice
nevertheless and sign or biting it takes off your eyes and that time you fuels sort of enlightenment yes i feel and how great i am
the woman as compares with adults
one wonderful way out
but inside
completely the truth of no abiding kicks off your ideas
wait is called dumb my eyes which is go enlightenment
voices while in japan there
the one of four friends
had the a pet
of the cat
a cat as a pet his was pay belief
then as one day i visited his house
they kept their when we have the we had a dinner the cat
and just sit by the table
sometimes he or he lived his he tried he tried to poke his neck like this
this because his ways good smell
exists but he didn't that he didn't take it take some food then i said how great how wonderful this cat is
because he is a very good behavior
he cannot he knows very good months
then she said the the our friends said yes
he thought he tried he he prides himself on how great my cats
but imagine this point this point
after i left i left his house
how the magic how
do he how does he teach him teach your cat
galion day at
you cats always set by the table then when every time when he had meal the exists that time
exhibit a del toro
next mine and so that
they not get he trained exit don't
dana last he's he he mustered very good minute
what is good where it's good manners
and then
the he when the moment when the cats go out of his his masters loop whole house then visit to the next door visit next door to his house and find fish let's imagine what what does
what this cat do
ticket run out
this is a cat
in this is pet cats cannot tell to stay
cannot stay at level of
a certain i fixed idea good manner
given by his master of its hitting his head don't
toronto that dunlap
yes you can you can be a complete me
broken broken in
they good category
said that
ben on did it says the way which he was a typhoon the her parents always
put her in front of a tv that time tv shows said you should be good
as you'd be good
like are in paris now we help her to the program
sesame street sesame street is very good
why do
but her parents always put the her right in front of the tv and a one tb say you should be good
so what
when she didn't understand what
why but always i'm conscious advertisement
the into her gray to be good
you people
then last wave see growth or the she is completely good
but actually inside the headset the root of law a pilot
this idea to what is good where is bad
because everybody title def by themselves without having the late rachel with adults
legend with the adults
completely it seemed possible
even a cat even though you are absolutely broken you by your parents should be good you should be good
through there
kind of sort of a hybrid
you can stay there you can't stay here
because everything is based on the law abiding
gatherers you have you have you are entitled to live
in the fear of freedom freedom countries he
this money is one for students said to me
i laughed
his parents and of want him wanted him to be right
then the parents always said to him he should be right it should be right issue should write a computer game
but actually he doesn't want that he doesn't want but parents always say that it should be writing be right
then last
the before he he he was a way of
he become a he comes right oh already
but his true nature his true nature is always leave relating free
because he's a minute
as where are the others as whereas pins as well as his brothers and sisters as well as
president nixon's
the same things
then he started to suffer yeah this to
no are biting takes off
a certain fixed idea you should be right
even though he could he'd become he become good writer
it's pretty hot

we are
completely entitled to rape in this world we didn't the liberation k freedom which is called worse the root of know about the k
you can make a choice you can make a choice of what to do what to do

and you can do anything what to do
they used their masons
now then this is a zambia its moments smoke smoke man
someone got the movie to see the movie is channeled the ten
at my at the commissar university we had to thousand class cause some some then of we really have the it it is quiet subject
because to the whole life to fit then on he augments escape from this cause but he takes he did they take the discourse he ordered to you know he ordered to take her the unit
but they don't they don't sit the eastern when the when the time comes to set
the go out to the university and got to see the movie
thank god to see the movie movie make movies do it
the other guy said nintendo
the same
many men and men will be men
and pickpockets meant
made he can do it
whatever you want
don't fart don't cry yourself too much on what you are doing a an xin they've got great same rest
can see that next moment smoke
smoke me
six moment and drunk beer wine with skins
relax completely
even though when the time com to do that
you can do everything you can do anything would you want
right now right you
so it's looks like on great great
sweats a crate you can make up anything
with one things one things which is called craig
you can make a buddha you can make the then you can make a movie you can make a smoking drinking
that's why as mason yesterday the poor if the boss the buddha and devil
are completely based on one essence of face one is which is called great
go sort of cray
the the independent the right after second world war
young students college students respected so much to
the one of bar the body sarcomas country
what keys national one national treasures very beautiful touch
the it's face is woman's face enhance the slender fingers give exists you know that you notice few statue review
then he always tell and day out went to that temple and pay respect to be costume
whenever he enjoyed his life while he
was confronted with difficulties he always staying there their everyday we went to the temple now respect expected this body bodysuit
at last
he great broke thus the body such as fingers and took it
he would do it
it's very funny you it's incredible but this is true
your the earth you look at the body sadness
stared at the body sad faced exists
all this
what he that with face cried to be dumped me two know now
fit get that what is it
it was a few roquette if you look at whatever the body sagged with face or buddhist face oh buddha or bodhisattva you look at
forearms exists graduation
new buddha have a horn
a good at
try his face into beautiful faith his face
instead of the object which should be respected
before you are aware of buddha's face turn into
great the engraved to give arms occurs wrong teeth
yes this is true
then he always everyday he paid homage pay homage to this buddha statue
alas he took it took the one phoenix
at that time this poorly such title is not object what he has to pay homage and the buddha as a body so it is already beautiful ready
a coat
it's turn into beautiful ready they can take it
it's funny
by at least two
this is done my eyes keep
the mice
you can you can save you can control you can save yourself concretely eat your daily life you know so well what wisdom is what the buddha is what zazi is with the a hit
there you can teach you can speak what's emptiness is like you can this is true but actually you cannot save or sense you'll be you cannot save others yourself
in concrete daily life
something something wrong happens
then you need resort this is a size
that's why we have two very careful to take care of your daily life
hey kev
when the stand did this whole
try to consider one by one
fiscal eyes
in the each each level of the eyes
it's the it's consider again and again what happens
here from the eyes and wisdom eyes and done my eyes done my in the acts of level of dumb i you can attain enlightenment
it is called inc show me sad if kate of enlightenment you can t
county then it must have you are making men kit
it's not enough it's now good enough
for now from this level you have to your practice start
this is beginners it is beginners web
because the enlightenment must share with yourself and with others weight save yourself and others from there something in their daily life
concrete me not obstruct with are not in our shrug way
concretely if somebody's show their troubles there you have to save the west side
it's pretty difficult even though you understand what wisdom know i speak as i get reluctance many times
you looks correctly understand completely