December 5th, 1971, Serial No. 00218

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from today mood
the session five days a shame
actually this sashays
they important ah
they religious activity in zen monastery
ah because it is held
but the auspicious day or far
when the shakyamuni buddha attained enlightenment on december eighth
so during this session
they all monks
ah the
learn how to how to meet how to meet this auspicious occasion when checking we bought a tail light minute to send bass
then this issue is held ah a start for me december first i to savage
and as for the seventh december ah we make a rule not to sleep
then we will ah ah
ah well i
oh how far don
on the eighth
of december
so the
this issue ah make all monks
ah monks mind are settle on itself in peace
then realize
ah and then make or monks realize how to accept to accept this auspicious ocassion occasion when shakyamuni buddha attained enlightenment
wouldn't december eighth
so this is very important one on religious activities in the monastery
but the
the last session i remember that a explained what says she meant
hmm the purpose of sashing is not merely to attain
to attend to attend the one was religious activities ah
are you are we
are held annually on monthly why every other month
ah to make all students' minds settle on itself in peace
this is the purpose solve
ah session
ah day said means the piece to be peace in the verse
the during session we tried to make a we pass where for to polish
your practice for certain ah pity yard
hod and odd to get taste to get tased deeply of the assurance
and relaxation of our existence and ers simply speaking is ah peace as peacefulness peaceful mind
then before you try to understand what peaceful mind days while what peacefulness years
the important point is that we have to show we have to show the peaceful mind through the posture of your doesn't
so post or and
before you understand before you try to understand intellectually
because each verse years in here's a peaceful peaceful mind an online essence that's why we have to show first more the peaceful mind flu
the posture of yours as in
that's why there we put them strong emphasis on helping proper posture
the through your posture i can't stand what what do you are what you are very clearly
i understand clearly what you are through your post
oh what do you will be
oh what do you have been and stung because your posture telling me
tells me
so whatever whatever wherever you are
as long as the man in here's a peaceful mind in online essence we have to show first to war through your posture of your doesn't this is very important
throwing away throwing away everything throwing away everything it's easy to say throwing away everything
but actually it's pretty difficult very difficult to throw away everything
even though you practice zazen for five days shin seriously hot
i'm afraid no one no one throw away
everything want to have
then in some and zen monastery
during session they don't tent any suit for they don't turned that don't perform any his service but his service one answers in afternoon service or evening service
and a reluctant
they don't do they don't ever even election
now all day they had that they want to themselves just upset
just to set without tend to sudre without listening the lecture
because the main purpose of training session is how much how much you can throw away everything you can throw away everything went to have this is main purpose of zen
the not to understand something not to understand something
the a member of if surely member you should keep in mind that the main purposes session is how much you can make you can throw away
at five wherever you are important point is to sure
is to show the peaceful mind peaceful mind through the you have your through your body through your mind he says zazen this is pushed you over your dad said
but in zen center according to the custom where will have a tan suit her while we were half hour lecture
i'm afraid my lecture will disturb you kiss for mind
anyway according to their
our custom
i will give a lecture
this are during this training on this session
i would like to expand of for bows for bows
i think i have to look to ah you were turn this for bars sentient beings are numberless i vowed to save them
desires are inexhaustible a vowed to put an end to them
the tumblers are boundaries i vowed to must have them
the buddhist way is unsurpassable a bowed to attain it this is for bows for vows
someone asked me someone asked me and that possible as it possible to save all sentient being why is it possible to put me in put an end to their boundless desires doodles
now exhaustible delusion or desires
why is it possible to a tan to monster
the immense expense of dumber or buddhist buddha's teaching
we're ten bought us away
according to the common sense racing impossible
how to save or and been
team so i think for bar for bows are competitive far away from our daily life
wow it's in passport
how to save our seas being how to put an end to the all a exhaust from desires things up is it inexhaustible
the region
so you always i don't know how how do you how you feel
this for bars every town when you turned just turn sutra just you your mouth the move my feet moving
the knicks play some worse

i think most of people was to people ah believe that vows for vowels are completely very far away from my daily life
but it is very big mistake miss enlist is good
the sentient beings and numbers today ah ha briefly briefly i explain the full bars are briefly did
down from next the to from tomorrow a will explain in detail one by one or one but one by one
the num the number of a first verse is sentient beings are numberless i vowed to say more sentient beings i vowed to say save them
eighteen prize it implies that the buddhist compression buddhists compression
put us compass they consider considerably feeling to consider live feeding to all sentient beings to all sentient be
moreover you do whatever you do for instance you do that they in here
i don't know how many people what they are one hundred people
in gathered at the same place and contests
that climb the a tumors
each of was give give up consider their feelings to others to honours

before you scare you attach to your own viewpoints
this is bordered compressions
l reverse the all sentient being or all human beings possess his mother nature in in an ally essence it was born on h m sewing have to take care of now only you but or
so to all all be all sentient being all people

this is buddhist compression
the second the desires are inexhaustible i vowed to put an end to them
ah if so
did if human being and places buddha-nature in online essence
we have to make every pass by and for to give consider feeling to all session be
because everything exist
the buddhist expert immense expanse of booze compression

the n word or buddhist compression how to live how to live important point is how to live how to behave yourself
in daily life indeed as a man has a man
and that time desires are inexhaustible you will find
you will find how many kids that need diversion you have
you do to know you would do you know inexhaustible exact for each of us now on you eat mres possesses a exhaustible diligence
how to take care of this the him

the if you realize if few realize if you have you have inexhaustible delusions
on any cost you have to this train this train yourself
to control not know ah
on this train there
elise train yourself to be operated upon by this inexhaustible delusion the anyway he ordered to a ordered to
act according to the buddha's teaching according to the buddhist snip golden age according to booger buddhists compressions
and this is the rules
this is moves this is principles
then the buddha's teaching our according to the buddha's teaching here we have to we have to restrain we have to control ourselves
not to be operated upon by exhaust all theologians desires
why do you practice zazen why do you practice satin and dogging out for his big question
it all sentient being possesses boot image why buena why do why do buddha and patriarchs practices as then
practice thousand
on this is second this is this is the meaning what second verse tells us
if you realize if you realize how input how valuable each verse exist in this world based on buddhist compression
as next step you can we help
this training yourself not to be operated upon by exhaustible the regents desires
the third the dumbest or boundaries i vowed to must have them
a damn that's a bonus i vowed to muscle them
the buddha teaches science always you should do this and that

sometimes roads cars and no jakarta it shall come on in buddha explained that to what to fears
according to the according to the principle of trail correlation or for nabu truth why eight ford right path

in danvers buddha's teachings
and then if those are those buddhist teachings are
something which
what drive human being to reach
right the shores night shores
a proper shores the other shores
the versatile we have to receive accept it accept then and put them into plucked his first war before you try
try to understand in children
the got on the idea whether you don't understand why do not miss so the idea whether you like or dislike
why is than see if you do then
if you do that then
the as mentioned way awful as long as you sit on allow the christian
you devote yourself wholeheartedly
to plunge it into zazi itself this is a important we before you understand the for you and you try to understand what 's as he is or what what useful
well i tell you please have a proper question
new you said all why
why from from fascia is important for the does it
you think oh that's okay wrong by around when the even though i'm i do that and with wrong by against k
why why the proportion is important you ask you asked yourself immediate access and then next moment you tried to do zazen in terms of your viewpoint like this
the next moment i tried to crack the your posture
you do at with the next moment
if i ask you why but this posting very high not natural boss he said maybe
when it's not for plush
this is i think you believe this is not your posture
but this i idea this is the idea the understood by the your viewpoint

foma viewpoint the deceased so right portion in this is not your question
from the weirdest part viewpoint desist from natural post because browse brand is circulated smoothly of peace point in
buckley's straight had this straight
no thought
not too much as kiss
by if you do this doesn't the thought many fans coming up on my brain
oh you play it's very difficult to make them come down and go down
does he is that he is to make your thought and to make your the thought
and don't they
in get down on not come up
by if you do doesn't exist in terms of your viewpoint
many thought is coming up
because this poacher already diffract in your delusions
your the basic attitude of your life
so if the teacher says praised have a proper posture why don't you plunge into and grasp it will that no complain you
this is important you
no hold it keep it
and then through this through holding this dumber the instructions given by teacher or buddha or patriarchs
you have to learn songs in what the proper pushchairs what the right show your hand what lined portrait like whale breathing
even though i explain that this breathing this way's the right
as you take grieve
it's really impossible to extreme right whale taking baby inward
of course i can't give some suggestion you know
to do like the to do this to do that
and then you grasp it do you hold them and then put them into plug this say
immediately and through this
practical use you can now what the proper way of breathing proper way of having the proper by a having the problem or a straight back

then done our boundaries i vowed to must have them master them is not to master them is not to master language wanting language
to muster is
to hold it to find it into it
the candidates all whether you understand or not
this is master this is mask
two master is to case that to get tased deeply of the something the posthow you hand your head you back new printing
then next to the fourth is the buddhists way is unsurpassable i vowed to attaining
the buddhist ways unsurpassable
and bowed to attain it
when you follow when you follow the above mentioned before above mentioned
the as dogan than says
the moment when you practice zazen
the them are empower you to be free from the attachment or delusions or
this question

some buddhist ways and tabs a sub possible a bound to attain when you have to learn when you when you know this is better way to attain basic attitude in life
what to promote you arrive to create your life
in better condition
you tried to jump into you tried to plunge into it
and the prime the your
the flower the flower is blooming
this is freedom this is freedom freedom doesn't exist apart from yourself
freedom a exist always within yourself

then this is or the just a brief explanation of while full bows
do what is law what is why why we have to wow what we have to how wow

actually there let's imagine internet the imagine the children a child

who is asking for asks who asks mother his mother
something he ordered to satisfy himself

but i don't know exactly you i don't know exactly what happens allowing him anyway just chowed are crying
then the mother
show us some candy before him
no contagious
and give it to him
the immediately
this town and the town
now what
green broadway and mother
i think this is
a thorough our principle of movement which a child possesses

no matter how she
ah he asked he asked mother
importunate lee
he ordered to satisfy himself
if he cannot satisfy himself he cried all he has to do is just to cry
a moment mothers give for cancel candy to him
he's stopped crying and started to smile
i think this is our a principal for movement to but shared town to possesses
how about the doubt
can you stop crying if i showed the candy
what you are not when you don't satisfy yourself
i don't think you don't
he don't stop for crying
i don't think you stop here some crime
because you are not
not tired
when you see the tired of ways crime
next moment though for a full stops crying
when the mother where his mother day for gives a some candy to him
you tried to look look down upon the town he is child
i am a dot

but in all
leaflet the point self
even a not is like a town
like a town
when you met meat when you see the person for you fool me you hate
a emotionally emotional problem come up the military
and then you try to avoid into
avoid him
the new tried to you don't you try to not to speak with him
when you see some some prison foam you you love
you are really infatuated with your own pleasure
and speaking speaking speaking
with enjoy with joy
in the middle of the middle of the your own prettier
we you speak with the person whom you love
the prison for me you hate can't come come up to you
you stop for you stop laughing and emotional problem hatred coming up
hey getaway

it looks like a tired

and they're always
of course for a doubt the of course a dog none has learned many things etiquette don't society educate how to how to behave in the society
now how to speak with others in in pride not not implied

how to live how to live in zen center with together
you know that
then you you live in the senate with together looks like good looks like good
a word
a word you are looks you are completely like a time
he ordered to satisfy yourself you always sick for some up an object
an object by watch our with watch with what do you aren't satisfied
so just candy suggests an another said
charles so delicious food
for jars or brown rice or such as white rice

ah whatever whatever kind of food whatever kind of from at things i give you
i think they will give some bridges some and give happiness to you just a for a while
duration or were eating the delicious food in duration of a meeting some rubbers you own roberts
meeting those and puzzle for for me you love
the next moment when the when the sun prison for me you hague comes emit energy your the your attitude is completely turn off it
then you will you figure out there is some trouble

the always be our mind mind is acting to the object to an object with what you are satisfied

but em buddhism
not in buddhism if you want to a make your mind and settle on itself in peace

we have to find some peacefulness a peacefulness within the or yourself within the yourself
without an object object what you are expecting he honored to make you treasure a please what happy
why you seek for the some object
i'll reject what do i expecting outside
can never be the you you never figure out
a peacefulness
a you alive a based on the peacefulness

so the important point is that
we have to we have to live our lives
our with
the calmness on tranquillity
what they're gonna it
whatever happens
in every place where you mingle

the to an advance something to advance something is not too
and doesn't mean that does
ah mateo
some more and of life
surrounded by matteo or modern civilization
to advances that a man himself and vans man himself walk i had even one step
with tranquility with peacefulness
if so and rootless you was sick for some object
with watch you may be you may be satisfied
or you which you are expecting always
in your mind
you never find peace for peacefulness new you never find trunk way
what to bring you to and ones to walk ahead one step before one step

so important point is
that to have to find
the strong spirit oh a standing date
in the really are they are present right now right here
only your foot mean your foot
i don't know what they're strong spirit of standing on earth wind your foot
yes i don't know one ns
but this is very important and and then everybody can do so everyone can do so

and then when you find when you find the the attitude to in life
based on standing or funding from re on earth
with you for on foot on your own foot
the least some direction tell his direction in dennis there there is suggestion input direction to go
this funding this standing firmly on earth with your foot is to give some suggestion in which direction to go
how to go to back or to go to the right to go to the left or towards their head
the direction in life is important direction in my face ms ms to walk ahead to walk ahead bravely without disappear without a disk
pair of course as long as we're a human being sometimes you are confronted with her despair and was tom despair
now when a when with you can't wait you are confronted with difficult and like of despair
and they you are you are haste where haste to get something you to get something were to drive yourself to go ahead it's to rate it's too late

gonna solve you whether you like or dislike and the experience of despair despair comes up to you without reserve

the such is life such as human life if so if so from now on from now on in the the ante on the present this is important how to how to stand on we have to learn how to stand up firmly
this dignified to spell it of standing up on earth with your foot
the fact some suggestion in which direction to go
yeah how to go how to what in which direction touche
to to do and to go how to behave

if you think for us some object which are with what you are satisfied

there is no one wants that is no one lungs

ordinary person who has very strong increments

enjoys his own rife
based on
external object we will watch he is he may be satisfied
know what is the expecting

the bodhisattva doesn't have such an object the external object when with what
he may be satisfied
but he has an advance he has an events
oliver's he is one afternoon he is continuously working ahead
with take new fine spirit
in standing on a

the vow is bow is
to seek to seek something to seek something
which make you stand up when to make you stand up firmly on earth
without seeking for the external object your stern object with what did you may be satisfied
the attitude what you trying to sink
some strong spirit the strong dignified spirit in life
seek for within yourself in word
this is wow this is well then this person this person for try to seek for t strong spirit find the spirit
in word
is called bodhisattva
he said

our bodies hotter the always says our bodies heart for it
boys had is has always
at a once and once what is subtler nose in what direction to go moment after moment
it ms to stand up to live blindly
without being neglectful
oh his own life any life
this is bodhisattva
where were you are you tried to leave you live in that way this is wow this is wow
because bow is vey important when me when he needs


the you for question

you understand what the valleys
if you don't understand please ask me
no question

no one seemed to be accepting the way
simple sadly
oh sometimes simple sometimes not simple
i know it means on you that
ah he everything gods simply
then is no problem
so the street there strictly speaking all you have to do is just to do simply that's all but this simple is
this simple means
beyond the concession was simple or not simple
this simple it to accept something simple
simply is to strung up in firmly on earth
i can't explain it
because you how to test it by yourself
they can explain what war is
but they can't i can taste when water yes
unless i can tend to the bus cough
unless i can drink a cup of water
solve cost simple is right simple as light for instance that wherever you go walking standing or if you want to drink of water
you just don't you just go to get the cup of water and this is a practice also in the you think so
if everything exists that simple
i think so according to the dawkins or buddhists whale rife according to the prince and piss poor wow
oh you have to do is to go get water if you feel thirsty
this is practice
to go the in the process in the process of going there process of getting the water everything practice
it is okay to in to go just to go there and get the flu get water and drink that's all
i don't think so on the fat girl found actual fact is very complicated because you have already body and mind okay
that's why you have to practice with your body and mind and body and mind has have already exhaust more diligence exhaust from jersey exhausted from designers
he it to a owner to reveal the simple practice we want to get to cup water
important point is how to how to put it into practice as a true practice
so that's why you have to taste so what simple is
otherwise it is not necessary to practice zazen why do you practice as it
walking sleeping is as in sleeping is a practice
you it's now necessary to practices and on and on its tell me why don't you sleeping in bed
thinking his practice and then then buddhism says walking or standing sitting on the sleeping or proactive that's nice
why don't you sleep
instead of practice zarin
why do you plugged sassy
you know now only you ever buy it is this important thing is simple but why do we practice
everything everybody possesses smoother major why we have to practice

yeah no wish
santa isn't that
part of our human life he sent will sometimes feel despair
how can we meet

when you
i think god please strictly speaking in turn so buddha size there is
no despair and it's no despair you know
so will you create to disappear you can meet disappear
this is to this is true
who create who create disappear who create prayer and who create suffer from creates pensive miss
when they will you create ah
there is despair and is disband

an essence there is no disappear
no pressure no despair no no snow years wise
beautiful of the same beautiful
akshay out share is in beautiful
no thought
no sound no noise
why can you oh why do you why do you experience despair

the question

a lot of history
no alone a you know me
no adams
no no
a woman
the hello
change names
which say
exhausted as well
the time
the as way and mass and massimo ah kee

preceding ah further
i'd like to make remarks a little
more as to
the a bot
as conclusion from my love yes last night
the show gorgonzola whoo

the a chapter
and more to explanation ah to explanation on how to practice
tideway spindle bundle why and why

the bend or his practice bender his practice on buddhists way what is
him for instance her
on on the know what is literally meaning is ah story some you know that but in this case are on the practice on the practice of bought us away
ah in the been door
they someone asked the dogon zheng jie
can one game night mint by this is as in
even if one trains in this
degenerate age and evil world
can one game like to meant by this doesn't even if one practices in this degenerate age an evil world
the dogon zingy our answer to this question
have teachers argue about name and form of the dog treats the to teaching does not differentiate the three p lots of shows all months
anybody for cactuses well inevitable it inevitably gain enlightenment
in the crack tree transmitted right role you can always enjoy the rare treasure of your own house
those who practice know whether enlightenment has been attained just as one who drinks water and laws personally whether it is called the war warm
the other teachings argue about the name and informed of the doubt train the true teaching that's none to differentiate the three period of show zaw much
ah i showed them months acer
a subtle will the up the idea on
the classification of age of the buddha's death buddhist die
ah show or months or is the three pills after buddhists
ah first one is sure i saw more the pity on all right as dumb is the pity on criollo when buddhist doctrines practices and enlightenment all we exist this is the
pity on all right to stammer
this is first age after the death it wrong a bad one thousand ear
the last and last for one thousand years
the second one is
the jaw law the is the petiole when bot doctrine and practice practice is still exist but there is no longer any enlightenment that is why it is called it initiation initiate
one of the teachings this is second one
so why is the pr
on the last teachings means the pre-order when doctoring along is still alive but there is neither practice nor enlightenment
after these are three euros
ah the doctrine and so vanishes
so this is the idea of classification or age after buddha's death
oh then some are asking combined gain enlightenment by this the then if we have one practices in this ah degenerate and age and even word
degenerate age or evil weren't ah prize imply the i think the last in the third our classification wage after the death wouldn't last
ah would last for three thousand year
this is an law
dogan then says that d other teachings argue about the name
and form the top trends the to teaching does not differentiate the three players also showed all months
so the from this point out practice has nothing to do with the classification wage after the death buddha's death
can anybody who practices will inevitably are attain enlightenment
in the correct tree transmitted right to law
you can always enjoy the rail trail you're on your own house this is very important point in the crack true transmitted right role
ah the internet he says and
and then pumping miss a single transmission single transmission of buddha's teaching buddha's teaching or single transmission of the truth truth
in the single transmission on the tools you can always enjoyed a rare treasure of your own house and
the process mass now translate the
some the word jewel in in originale original text
our into english as the word as use a using the word enjoy enjoy it
i enjoy in this case enjoys
ah and
to make used to make use
and to make use of something free in on this train definitely in earth to put something
to a practical use practical use freely
and this train totally
this is enjoyed only in original turkish it says a duo jute ms to receive to receive your ms to function to function
then the to accept the to receive something and to put it put it into practical use really in on this trail lightly
without any obstacles and
now what what can you what can you enjoy what can you enjoy
the dawkins and says you to always enjoyed the rare treasure all your own house and rare trader
ah real treasure of your own house
the in the
the cons ziggy
they in the last sentence dog and then says by through a the through practice doesn't
the door all don't have betrayed your house always self is open

and you can
used freely the rare treasures in this treasure house
he doesn't
don't get them says doesn't enable men
to open the door of the treasure how's would she possesses and use
the all kind of trade deal did use the treasurer's rare treasures
in this trade your house
free any time in every place
so in this the bundle bundle up talking dingy or souls tell us you can always enjoy the rare trio of your own house you can always accept fine figure out
you can be aware of trigger real treasure and use it freely and unrestrained deadly
no also
and to enjoy to accept to to receive and use
the trigger rare treasure of your own house
has nothing to do ways
the classification wage after the death
every in this even in the
degenerate age or in the a world
so i think
the important point is that
they will have to make care we pass by effort constantly you forever
to seek
for this rare treasure all we are all house
what do you will what you will find out when you will be aware of it would you will you that free and only stringently the goddess of whatever age you
you may exist even in the degenerate of age or in the even world

this is very important to seek for
why we have to pluck is nothing
and purpose old practices observing is
to find to be aware all to be aware of
the existence or rare treasure of your own house
and being able to to use at free and unrestrained likley
this is main purpose of our practice
and to seek this rare treasure of your own house is to take vow to take by

the boonies me is not there's some of teachings
spoken by check or money border
in correspondence with
the age
they chose all the pto at all shows low a pity on all though whole a pity on all not paul did generate age
in correspondence way a modern age
f buddhism is spoken buys boot into a buddhism is spoken by shakyamuni buddha
in attempt to in in an attempt to
adapt itself to circumstances to age
to politico to the policy of nation
the thought all thought and the thought the impression a wow a day

it will try car candy
what is even to the child who is cry
a seemingly so to ready to as as your doubt trends or principle
we'll give you a great instructions to you
but the moment when does something t jess
infernal new
age changes circumstances change
you miss something and then what you don't know what to do
yeah i don't know what
what to do with yourself
ah the i use a to parties sir
i used to plug this greider now high school in my high school
i mentioned before i thank you
the i practice their primary grade of primarily
in the high school
it twice a week or three times a week
i used to practice hard to control rider it
but the first cause for the beginners
how to practice again and again just to stride on the ground nut not to not to make your grind are high in the air just deciding to strike
david doubt do you have to practice in his writing on the ground
this is first pick first costs for the beginner
i thought oh that's very simple you
then i'll write to know grader
if i know myself
i hold myself ready to start i have to say anything all right let's start
so they weren't person they kept a whole too far rope
the behind me behind her gliders
so as not to let it goes
okay the key is always concentrating on holiday like this
no the about the twenty three students
whoa the rubber role
in front of the glider
then the moment when i say everything all right it stopped
the leader says
are you ready
start to walk
let's start nets walk the people about twenty students
scott too scared to walk
about the ferry steps one two three one two three alleys steps but valleys steps
just in the middle of the stamps and thirty steps grinders three those one
three them suddenly would
this scared at that time what one out
oh an important point is i have to always keep in mind what is the the nation designation
what is my designation so before before i before i make mice i make sure
that i hold myself was ready to start i have to tell their readers my months is pine tree before my marks is pine trail before then data says okay
then students walked stop who aspired to walk
now i always concentrate on you are looking at the pine tree team because there is my remark
then the thirty steps data says never go drifting the hand nicht im texas then riders start to sweat sign boat
moment the i had to face the vase tongue
hey why
it frightened me and very frightened me into conclusions
the moment i forgot where is my mark
when it's my a
it's too late
because the the moment when i am aware of when as my mom already there i poured i pulled control reverence towards me next is ten guidance hot swag
hi nia wow
would they could then next moment a push them good for whatever

everything mr
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