December 4th, 1971, Serial No. 00288

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doesn't sound like Katagiri, no date, no case: someone reading letter by Richard Baker

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twelve years
since security
came to united states
he came my name t m in the name team to deny
it came to san francisco nineteen sixty three
since then
hmm if
have now been ways this a situation for about eight years
this morning he passed away
in theory nothing to tell you

i understand
so well
about your here
as said it was his disciples students
ananda succumbing to the disciples
name island
the best of site
amount of ten
davis decided to have second quarter
he was always ways to come to know wherever kimiko if you might go
when this point
oh and be he
i took good care of
secondly to directly
ah any other people than any other people
he could take to kill off second will tomorrow
as his teacher
the better than any other people any other disciples
hmm that history
i learned that on the i'm under crime
so much
what i mean younger people
the history
his crying
shake the earth and him
i understand so well
when i
then my master passed away
i want seen san francisco
i couldn't go back to the pin
listeners good
this massacre
it is not a good disciple
unfortunately you are in san francisco why ain't
prompt space
some chaos
when i became
ah same trieste
my master gave me
a name is vishal last name
and zealand so well my name lease they knew
ah it i mean the patience
that time i was base price the looking that see my name the patients
ah as on the action and kid it
at that time muster explained
but my name
my dumber and the brothers
ah was named dyson a big mind dick more
he said it mind is the same week as the patients
he said
then pick my or big patients ah
in one of bar put his technical terms wait i have first time round
some far i didn't it didn't have any idea about buddhism
dubai even attempted to throw even how to do that and didn't know that
the moment or way he gave me a name they knew that time i round first time
police book buddhism buddhist taking got term big pieces he also did
is a mind
comes from a dobbins
ah what seems tense or token big mind is unanimous mine
ah he his memorial service or returned it
after sutra
maybe he's
buddha nature
grade nine mos joyful
compressing make minds
to the country to the people
to living be all the babies
dogs are
three kinds of mind mentioned by duncan
when he is jaiswal mind
secondly nice possibly the mind
son is nine summer
a joyful mind is
to enjoy yourself
to be
whenever you maybe
what i've kind of occupation follow
what i have a type of life you follow

of course the appearance as long as we are human being
it's pretty hard for us to escape from suffering
your song

the life itself must settle on itself
the basis of a joyful mind
i'm go mind this
to establish to established to set up
the truth wherever you may be
this is joyfulness
our tokens and you
goggins and his practice buddhist practice far on this principle
of their life
based on joyfulness
to come many buddha many patriots dawkins
day and dabbed concentrate on how to set up the truths
dear mark in their lives in others' lives
in all living beings

he also they described in they put emphasis on
the possibility
certain i do we anybody we can set up the truth wherever you may be
this is joyfulness
without looking upward for to delight to the left
should settle the south oneself
this is doubtful mind
second is
rawson is all the old man's mind literally meaning
voicing his compassionate way
i'm questioning my niece
the affectionate
frame of human mind
what he'll be
what should share ways already been beats
frame of
a parent parents mind
as if they concentrate on taking care of their children
at the expense it's pace of the alive
for this
we need
the line was smart
none was mind this big moment
the security
always show me what mine is
can never give he never gave me
a sort of word
never give you
he always gave gave me nothing's nothing's naughty word know met
and days he said
you are named
the pieces
that's all he said honours you are always get patients
the a patient
has made for find meaning in buddhism
if you are not common sense if you and gold patience
you feel the patience makes makes you arrive smaller smaller smaller
because something suppress your life then you bear you must be and feel that
so the practice of patience is not something like that
the patience is
don't forget to forget
anything to forget anything whatever you do particularly with you do good
you should forget yourself
the patience is to forget to yourself whatever you do you do particularly when you do good
this is patients
it's mass easy
so suggest that fire understand how can i see gave nothing
naughty word no merit out of whatever i do i did
nothing's davies said new a big pieces
nine was minus the save me as the pieces and beneath
look at the suki noisy smiling
i think everybody
or when
hi everybody feel
of belief when he meet he met was
the itself with a day
at tends to talk with him for our own time was short period of time

noice his mind
mate the human beings mind open
before he started to speak
this is a important point this is big mind is is
if you read second many buddhist history
be wild elephant
i'm up to attack to the shakyamuni buddha on right
that time
moment when the elephant
so we a new poorer
he stopped
right in front of the second one in poorer and my santa
when he said
the terror attack in the second
this is to this is really too
it's not destroy his nonstop
before the for a second in poorer
in on
took was swabbed
he ordered to fight
elephant it's not mrs
everybody feel
save in the same way form some joyce
he accepts anybody
christian buddhist nun buddhist non christian and christian
when can really do any just that to me the richest man
we have there
he was very willing to accept
hey body said
many tourists
i've practiced these three kinds of mind
nice man must mind
joyful mind
it is cold the sat for practice
you can put them into practice when you do us in
within within the trucks says in you can shop
the sweet kinds of
my human mind
buddha mind
to sit with joyfulness with among in mind
he must be compassionate impersonate to yours sent to life
he must be joyful
for you it doesn't it just going on right now right
you must be jealous he wanted to take care of yourself buddhists says in
the same as a buddha work
why haven't you do
does see kinds of mind
ah absolutely
to follow suit ulysses principle of his life
what should it you we are
right them
since she
until funeral service will be held twelfth
you call it yourself while more
losing trade
and thus peachy else