April 1972 talk, Serial No. 00268

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ah on
they she says the tenable unattainable deaths of the practice can be was sedated
and the indescribable point can can be practiced
ah google do your daily show says
that is no trail that breeze to practice while you explained away
there is no twelve but that raised to explanation while you practice away
i think are
two points
what are in common is a to statements
why is that
georgie is to deeds
dumb to teach dumb
the other way is that georgie is to practice to actualize
so this point the conception of go is very different from that are kept switch you have thought
so i'll practice is to teach them
and to practice
ah or to teach the dharma is
to speak to speak something to speak something whatever you do
using six census
what's the categories of our a deed mouth
ah body mind
when you say something with mouth
the mouse
teach the them
but you do a show castro
tts dumb
and at the same time the parties comes into being same ten tennis
ah the two points so duty is to teach dumb goji is always to teach the numb
the second point is that georgie is to continuously continuously practice put it into practice
ah that's why cause on the master the attainable depths of the plant is can be elucidated
terrible unattainable
depths of the park this can be spoken

but anyway the
through there
the anyway your eyes your mouth your years your hands
all body or are all part of your body
but every time when you do something
they always speak of buddha
teach wanna stage
for instance
if you are
let's imagine you'd come to the dog sam
then you get to some youtube with the teacher about something
dang you understand so well and in a sense sometimes you will be happy sometimes you were house it was still have some doubt
well anyway in front of the teacher who said yes and stuff but woman when you go out the kevin
i understand
then you're in a sense you can detect to the teacher
it depicts imagine that imagine the person who sticker that said time
right after
he go out of the kevin

really wanted the tt said yes
think gospel
what did he mean what you mean by sticking out
the morning when when you go out of the cabin
we've done before i explain what does it mean
they've created
so this typically are you a generally speaking the deed what do you stick out and check the term
he's not a sir
not important a on so
he would just as take out a chip to stick out your tongue
nothing point
but according to the time and circumstances and men
any rate that's taking out the time stick something
before you expand what do you mean by that
to speak
taking out the term always speak something
you need it
when this point the show also the so if you do custom because so always speak of a bulletin the bar was same things
but there is some question why why the tongue sticking out the turn must stick buddha dumb
he this is very important point but it's not an easy to understand is why
but you can you can answer to the question how did you how did you stick out your ten yes you can
why why did but you can it's pretty high for you to explain
explain why is at this time sticking out in turn must speak of some
two hours
same same applies to the question why is it secondary buddha was bombing in world
and have to have to fix how to teach the buddha's teaching after his enlightenment he said that everything attains the night tomato
simultaneous the when he attended
a why did secondary wouldn't give the next step
i teach the his teacher
stick to speaking nonsense movies
if i may say that yeah are already human being
yeah already human be that's why somebody would a teach teaches his teaching
is the wire and why my why does my time with now
it can be exchanged for yard
why do you speak now
why do you listen to the lead to now
you can answer to this question if when they say
you are ready you are already here that's why i speak
now i'm already here that's why use listen to
he want of bar famous mountaineer in mountaineer
the team
my month climate mild climate
nineteen climate

mountain climbing
was asked by someone why did you why do why do you climbed mt
he said
well it's because mounting with mounting is over it
swine to climb the month and this is true yeah this is really too
why does the time sticking out the terms pick who would have done wrong if you are here
that's why can must speak something
why did the second minute buddha speaks to of a speech
he's a kitchen because you're getting already here
yeah he asked him
if you read there
then were daily stories
i think you will find though
the same stories say meaning same meaning of the story as a mission
why is this but their monster ask go from where are you do you come
the sale well i come to lie come to san francisco
what is this answer is not the real answer why like do you come why are you know here
how did you come you can explain yes come from san francisco by car
by a thing
by walk on foot
when it's pretty difficult why are huge yet
because if you take out the if you will be searched for this question a gamer dan through and through the origin of this question origin on you
we'll have to be traced back to
when used some events
what did you read through want to call it your monkey monkey the monkey monkey with kids the original are getting off the form of or are you to being a human being human commit
we have to come back back to them when each you know being of a man the code monkey
or i'm either

it's pretty hard to explain why i am even though you said yes yes sir a meager never let me maybe i can tell me to be here
the smell clear it's now clear as
then i as to what's what's left behind you
the always sir
something only
the miss something like it is question it is question always question
why and
why they come

a black the wind

why are
yes i remember back


the point is so little


ah yes anyway
new eight
no purchase the wherever you do
with the ice your mouth and nose
the so are working since then
always teach
something about
the point
what i mean the bit or absence
the deed itself would you stick out your tongue
is lesley important but if you know
the time taken
circumstances men
you create some trouble between you and others
so i listened and i listened
why is it
that time hence
sticking out your tongue
i'm doing guess you must teach to the town
many people already
get there exist already
many people's adam
dating across the width you sell
the time sticking out your tongue must speak up something regardless of whether you like what site
why doesn't the mustard the attainable get some practice can be elucidated
paper rustling
if i say the same lot of soul whatever it is okay it is alright do as i like
i don't think so
because everything you as you like to do
must speak of something
do you to adults
if you ignore
debate important point
so called hi katie
and men
so you have to
a good kill off
okay to the circumstances
now according to the time and you're taping your men he had to stick up to tent
at that time the tongue sticking out your tongue won't make sense
which comes into being in nominee the rating with arrows
if you ignore the time on tightening the man
circumstances and stick stick out your time
it's eight you create trouble
are you close
that's why those on the master says indescribable point can be practiced
indescribable point
to be practiced
what is indescribable point
save time locating circumstances and man
seems to give a simple
say always all i am feed
when you make no and i don't want to get money
i can sleep anywhere
but absolute nurses simple
even the time ever circumstances particularly a man
are they confident
a component the factor of the time the circumstances
a human being
i'm a computer

they are they could consist of many conditions many reasons contrast is now when we windy not only one condition
i think nothing you are come to the tatar because has have like very much qatar circumstances of pass up
not goodies
stick to spitting now
like very much have one for please says how do you live oh yes cos i've been running for they have that well on the hot springs get it
less than thinks it's mass of good
the most of you want to stay test are why
asked to yourself well
i've got to reason that's why i want to stay here
they went to hospital
thank you like the mat circumstances has outlets play you stay here
i'm not going to say that leaves the his bat that's okay
whatever kind of listen you have a strong knives you stay here to stay here
but if you think cassandra circumstances and perseids very simple that's for you like you came as taking for my model model but too busy lives
what is going on in the city
then once and
by if you count the moment when you come here you will gradually find the fact that circumstances of karzai is not simple because you have to do that me
you have to do tend not to in which interprets
you have to get up to three thing
you will realize the fact that you've got to completely exhausted
the exhausting ten of can compel you get up
so please stay get well some kate stay in bed in a once you have stayed there sleep
for whatever you pick up the
even small detail with chapters in your daily lives
it is that existence it's existence it's not so simple as nice and simple
the why is second bullet says everything is produced by eaten on conditions of eternal campuses
very few but actually you don't understand this point because if you're confident if you're confident that with some difficulty
some difficulties
hey you see that mediate the something new then you try to get out the call so call them something comes from this point one four one condition
please get up i'm warning three o'clock
you find difficult
find some difficult to get up
when did you find the some reason cause of the difficulty the code to get up three o'clock
say that component factor component talked about the difficulty is based on to get up only one thing get up the accuracy a club i don't think so
one and that
let's look at your psychological situation for your mind very complicated
they come to get
what's five secondly what it says something or whatever everything is produced by conditions now one conditions many countries
but if you're confined if you are confident that the way that some difficulties you have to sit and many conditions number of conditions
i think it is a huge issue that you will take time
but you want actually want to get the solution immediately
it's impossible
despite the master says sometimes step by step walk step by step like walks com
there is truth is this is truth
everything is produced by many conditions
it's means that there are a number of postulated
number cause the to find to figure out solutions
not one customer
it means there
are number of times you have to spin
he honored to find solace
yeah is it means that the search for the tooth
i'll lead you to take time
more level
that's why second when you pull it says
getting is produced by conditions
not one idea
not to ideas not three ideas many conditions visible injuries
there you have to
can you have to take the best kid
circumstances katyn men
the from this point
when you tried to make me want to the stick out your tongue
you have to like to kill him
me i met
else to get up
i think it's means
it's nice
i think this point
indicates one
a ballistic complete revelations
a a back upon the buddha's teaching
the border devs a great suggestion to us first approved by
others credits and his presence
allen said
that's why your turn whatever you do a through your tongue through your costume
speak of them speak of dumb
you turn out that drives you turned
dr courage that
the lease other's existence
that's why you can speak that's by i can stick that's why check on when you were given a free
by secondly would explain the buddhist stuff
the truth of the human affairs world that fear
because you are here
and that's the same time you're here in a fire stick
you listening because i speak
it's means that
you must first wall approve of other's presence
you can have bad foods but knowledge display this too is that
it's means an attainable
ah depths of doctors can be illustrate
be to see other's presence first
there was shall i do
you shouldn't second you didn't inject yourself by yourself
if you need motto
the evaluation valuation
can you find others
what's failed
hey just
but in a common sense
he said oh yes i have four can keep very of the calculators and very good at the typing riders why don't you are why don't you use me
at your company
because i am very capable
but boring can you don't say that
first for you
he perceived the other's existence
you first war and secondary you make much of others evaluation
in a sense it's pr
but this is a tool
if you ignore this point about his create top

and then
they in turn solve the second point the point
the but not go he is
two parts
as in good doyle than muslim nations
that leaves no trail that leads to practice while you explain the way that is no trail that leads to explanation why you practice way
then if you understand
the mean is significantly so your deed will actually activities with your body your called by
all part of your by
how important their
understanding clearly the time okay than a man
then you do some you speak something of that time he was picking is complete
then you do doesn't
doesn't speak of for the town
ha because
the doesn't
all your life
and all others life and circumstances and time
it's not necessary to insert the selfishness idea of selfishness into
your activity
your practice
does do it so called second cousin
the other worse
don't lie speaking
your daily life was born issued to save others presence and
hey reputation to others a what evaluation
before you evaluate yourself by set
and then
someone give you
something or mind and my my you
cause anyone doubt just practice
that leads to make me complain
but nevertheless
you shouldn't have excess of self consciousness
that's why all the doyle exact muslim says there is no trail that leads to practice is why you explain the way when you expand the be retirement all you have to do is just change ten
there is no naming to put excess in excess
oh said crisis consciousness
yeah there was don't eat infatuated with
the evaluation
then by adults
through and new only have to do is just continue to practice
he can bleed and were made concrete or between get even a making fish
oh but anyway had a game must be there
in a temporary to call it didn't for in the villepin of many people there are here a minute they are many people
the even though i don't like figure
as long as i am a even china
in many people who has no such titles
look company and look to feedback
didn't at that time my evil quickly empty
kid think gradually i can live you can pick maybe some times i could create some top key and then and cut gay had for key to might be so i have to i have to be patient he got nicole's my ego and
peak emptied
this is the word or food and that reality erratic the safe third were
i'm first word
is the word of all reality
a practical fact into open or identified in perfect harmony

it is within d
ah which imprinting in flint
it is we did

continual effort continual effort
which bush then or and a man so called kentucky
try to try to empty themselves themselves
it is it is within the dynamic motions they now make moisten
created by bot and phenom
man called cut
m can themselves with each other
this is marius complete harmonious world
how to how to hunt harmonize
how to empty how to empty by then sarah and ketamine
this is question
then return to school in our sunday school there is to ideas why is mutual interdependence mutually interdependent second is mutual penetration into canopies
ah get
ah excessive it's excess of self consciousness
mommy when you get
some evaluation made by others
to take excessive pride in yourself
that time you don't forget the important point that
is no room to put
selfishness into practice itself
what's your free
do kenyan to do it

the by think sometimes how great a man who discover a zero
but let's imagine
how volume villa is
you a deal
the one two three four five
hundred thousand aliens come from the deal
and also
infinite infinite or minute

mom comes from

that's why i said something is no sign of effect
or you have to do is to sustain carefully
doesn't sell
without having without having them
ah happening
a decode it

we want to
human being has a tendency what they have they want to media they want to translate secret telegraph
you mean it
it's pretty hard to get the message that having with decoding
the other day i mentioned their about their face lifted woman knows doubt woman

they say the moment when you see their face lifted the woman
the decolonize
how great would exact thing he said well known issue surgery
how about great pop
put improvement
hundred percent
hundreds of
but she doesn't she doesn't feel so well
let's see mountains she left left immediately away without saying thank you
the next day
you will see the door the some mary
who has a nose job
is very conspicuous
how great it is
but the after running the lesson the bureau lessen the other with face lifted moon so you're prompted yeah he'll pretend you pretend that you don't know
but actually you noticed so well of course then you keep but that lady says
do you notice that do you not don't you notice anything different about me
how do you answer scripts wow
you are completely upset with magic ticket
you can say navy you're speaking will hurt
the this story i think he he is really important things
to late two x in the asked guy over employment
may give by impression
that her
the previews
appearance was dreadful when just works which was worse
but to a boy is unkind
for you you said that's why you said how great you know you're a decent your surgery
have may improved hundred percent
but it doesn't it doesn't make sense for her
but if the changes conspicuous for best
for complete the strike
don't say something extra
shit the you should say read simple a simple for instance my look great
at that time is the thank you
she will get the message with without have been and they decoded it
by human mind orphans like love from matthew
time fake
translate the secret telegram
wait you are admired the people you tried to doug
give a can make compliment to others ignoring a morning
the a human nature who is am too
be crazy about
translating secret terrible
for even though you if you want to say something to simple if you find great
display my great
like our children can say to him and say come roaring
that's when simply even though i am man with you my feeling was my i feel i don't feel so world this morning the children says good morning
i can't help
saying oh yes money so
zen buddhism kara's to know human nature etiquette working like human nature possessions
some time if you lead the them buddhism zen buddhism office they grow a human feelings
something like killing the cat
throwing the buddha infants tattoos street into the dark
but you should we should know first time taking a man and you want you don't give me
you use worse activities whatever coming from yourself what you are coming from your own niche
what empty

the surrealism the eagles ideas about the sige
must keep with things a she buddha says you should give a few ideas for immediate do you think or a ship keep up throw away ideas or
you can't do that worked
it'll buy you
because each of us has
something so called comet
hey maybe bullet
can cut off we immediately he goes out of them he weighed but they kept with discuss a kid a kid i think a long time
i fluffed time song
so i suffered
whenever you call me was he on t teacher was in case
i haven't come to you as it meant
so long i thought life
have we take out sorry
so do it
that's the for is very important
but they look at the work
people always tried to give up for ideas image or that's why it's make a three it's creates
another new trouble
let the mountain discussing the united nations
what's wrong
you are right
where is the right idea where it's the right bad idea is to are
do you
of fact
helping said
oh that's why i i always i am making a rude to talk about buddhism buddhist teachings
who's teaching it's very helpful for you
whatever happens he otherwise would have to to let me look at myself in a completely different and from different than
but why i tried to
the look at myself in terms on my viewpoint i can't see clearly for i am
it looks like i am overstaying in the stinky room
the fishy fishy whew
i can smell fishy some time may have to get out
yeah wow this room have stinky
so i always can make a rule to speak about buddhists teach
what a stitching make me kind into completely a different word ah has witness
i am not saying that what i did is right game what i did is something wrong i know so well what i did is something good and not solver where it doesn't matter whether or not a good key
important point is with each other look at it from complete different and
the buddhist teaching of helps me out
you say something out what the means to plunge into with his world if if wherever you go the some live versions since their region
a plunging into he said
it seems
the other day i get nation in passing
situation situation been situation
i used the example it took a sample assembly
if you understand and him with ideas it's a assembly
the it make you confused but amazing assembly is impossible situation with you can't get out now it was say what you are born this one is to say what you are pretty with people
which means you are you are completely brought up
code human being in the water
since impossible work possible situation
and people human want to kill have some kind of your life kick
it's a say ouch
two times is clean and online
then but it's figured that time you are always women and moment your empty then someone where you are empty the everybody
pay or this pet to you while you so please work i will give you some policing
you see to sue
i don't mean am not saying perdition easy to put
so people recognize you who you are weight you are empty
it's not so easy for you but don't
we to live is to be lived yeah they are meant to live is to be lived
with by address
it is to try to eat
it's more room to escape
this is a source of mutual interdependence to interdependence
want more i get is a mutual penetration
the mutual penetration is ah
it is a person seen from its or his own function
in terms of immense capability we each other are empty
for instance get a seat and seed has
a certain functions kept vague
see it has capability weights
grow it
so called grass
in terms of the capability of the seat
is completely empty
the capability of the grass is empty
when seed was growth as grass
grass is grass empty the cap vat of the seek
since idea of mewtwo penetration
lovers in terms of the capability we each other or emptied
your the earth the wait you use your capability completely flee fleet
you need the others
you need others foods capability is emptied
can stand

he ordered to make the see growth
we need a possibility we need a possibility of crying
growing of the grass growth grass so-called grass
when the grass seed grows as grass see some pips

like has to take pan
hey we like
oh i'm sorry not independent interdependent in
johnson interdependent nothing in

a independent and live independently
such to quit work
most of us
not move
our to be whatever you can
i know
the same time

this psi
you know he
he needs some manner which you have to experience gave you life he's not motto for explanation but they have to anyways
so in terms of our capability of by a b
a and b buff ah always interdependent to
in terms of the capability of the on
see and glass
into the pin
also in terms of
r a and b
a and b are completely interdependent
if you if a and b want to be one to be independent
they have to be interdependent in other words they have to they have to be emptied by each other
ah the also in terms of the capability of and be too

so there is something there is something which make both a and b exist
how to exist
it is called interdependence independence
by entered in the world of interdependence
the we are always empty see each other so you think well if so where is so there is a improve our village c lindsay impact
but you can't explain very the income with
what do you can say is when you understand this litigation between the two it and be
who is who are interdependent completely free
that word is the word were into decay infallibility is there now between two
but if you think of
the interdependence
idealistic guy
it's pretty hot police impound wage because interdependence always empty
but when you understand through and through
through and through yeah ra's the mail mail of you a and b
is veils of a and be are thoroughly penetrated
yeah there was a and b are completely interdependent
that time
that time there is in in photography by complete realization of tooth of interdependence
since since realizes
so the through the intact of sense you can we explain you can understand
how in what the situation a people live into the until theory of interdependence you can play through the into intact and sense but after that is in photography he says question it
after the theory of interdependence you have to pack
excuse me otherwise the moment when you confront rave
completely upset
you will complete here for download
can get up
but theory can explain like the death is what do you are defense yes
the the duncan says even though you write the dragons so you always it's thing how nice struggle use then one day true dragon appears you can for them
right through the practice we have to get taste of into in photography

i if i get onto it
changing really
ah to show up
this was not
really not
make think i can be happening in a way that i really
the other hand patches good
yeah so dependent i'm listening to certain people that might be somebody
right next to me is changing various probably i just listened to them become hadn't not that one
then they make stay
he so star
a down to write i get power to can let you can
one person
i listened to all sam
all group
become when you might are interdependent with oh
then doesn't matter who nights nothing makes mistake
the whole keeps go
you can be carried along by it
how to carry it along
what be with this house we understand

hmm how actually
we are you know a word
t our lives
like car
hide and seek it i am sick
a to
of course
we need
to watch carefully what happens you know daily eyes between two
sometimes you have to putt hit
sometimes sour patch the hole
but important point is
don't pat the had to quickly don't pass the hit roughly
don't pack today call immediately
don't punch them whole wheat so rough crafts
before pad the whole before like i was here before partly your head
we have to do it there are many things what we have to do
two preparation were there are many things many things so called revelation for doing from
the this preparation this regulation make you look at sea into middle deep depth
in other words the word
it is the place is the place where
the people who leaves interdependency interdependent this place is
in the dynamic situation and the teachers not idealistic started place static situation
whatever happens mistake or a successful and success succeed
in all the of caught sometimes we need them
take to kill off a mistake take
we need to figure out once the core
to create
the mistake between the two
but we have to look at carefully and before doing something
we had there is something
what do we have to prepare for it for patio for party the hit putting the head
this preparation
he never you to see into depth life which is called interdependence dependence one
they entered dependence is going on in the big word people are what it's called dumb nature nature primal nature itself that's all
where is called chalky according to our some type of sutra show his nature try and mom primal nature key is rising
time will need to writing
independent interdependent where people live together in peace is going on
the we got on the word in the going on endor
primal nature right
so in a single on school it is called that word is called ah

show me to call center
wasn't hurt but by return up with
so why vital tunnel raise a big including role interdependence he
if you a threat and and you understand so like to plan to annapolis buddha
oh what use the difference between mutual interdependence and mutual penetration
talk about
ah a thing itself what exist in the plane dimension in the plane dimension is interdependent he was was diversion to meet you okay
the such a thing itself a thing itself
thing itself exist interdependency hey this is mutual interdependence none other ways mewtwo penetration is
the cap really which a thing itself versus
our lives interdependent
mtn themselves each other

it sounds to me
that is a almost like condition each other

the pedigree

who that transmits something from buddha to this
this we are we each other are empty
not anyway

scares me
don't we asked visits are reduce their teacher don't we fill up
before you fill up you tried to fill up you are already live here
this is view distance know there was it is the place where you are arrives completely flip this is empty

do you read this situation maybe you sometimes you have to pass the front he have to you have to go through some process
sometimes pitcher
by empty
sometimes you tried to fill up
tom don't fill up

anyway once let me talk
about different location the your question about to christian that
mewtwo into dependencies
they never m m as in kentucky key
cut again
must be
our empty must be empty
ten solve
ah in terms of mutual interdependence if you if i want if cut the gay want to live with you filled with fear
interdependent mutual penetration is
the i have some cab waiting so called teach see the cold priest zen priest
why you have some cavity so-called students in some key
so in terms of mutual penetration
the capability so called teacher must be emptied by the can be the you have for corn student
that time the my cupboard really
have relation close relation between teacher and students
if i stick to my capabilities so called teacher i office said he was students why don't you bow me he
so the come command products
don't like a cat hey doc
cat exists
everyday you doing he
since so
i lost you are completely broken yet
hey gentle cat
but it is not to do the and students
it is not the real to to the between the students and teacher
because you have heard you you are human be
he you have some can really do
so before a hit your head
the first for have to that kept really so called teacher must be
mt ee
they show