April 1972 talk, Serial No. 00240

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in you
the midst of life after life or one hundred thousand corpus
is like the patient precious girl
the top not have to about
it is in the realm of life and death undifferentiated from the old miller
it is a joyful day because it is appalled guilty to enjoy to delight in itself
one flu lots each installation installation of doggy and doesn't know them models born goodison gay kids channel respect to hear bodies and minds more to see
see their innate nature
the enlightenment the buddhas and cheeky ah he's not leaving or coming but is unceasing the transmitted by gaudi each day
the a for each day is precious

hmm important things


as mason yesterday
you have to live our with buddha
i will will have to die
now with
was born
worked up
this is
it on point able to each of us
are you
try to understand what life is
a common gura they often cheaper and bucks to us
don't see see like in-depth objective
are you have to see life and death right been in the stream of like and death
yeah that was you are always right on the street i can stay
lives in depth
the wales enable the way to never man
right be on be right on that's in debt is
continually to practice
each them
up the story of each day
this is destiny

that's why
duncan says one day involved doggy the midst of life of to live for one hundred thousand cops
think was in yesterday
the he was born this world
carnegie's geese com
can we get out
then maybe i will die
cutting my own com
emma dough in a sense
i'm not though
he isn't
in delicate
our house
it looks like r m c d in good health
i looked say
maybe both being gentlemen
ah and looks like being pleased
whatever you say
i can't help seeing
my own come can get up
because my life when exists now here
thousands things
since beginning this past
this is my present life
then sometimes i think my life well i have to i will have to die kenny my camels
keep healthy
there's sometimes
the moment when i studied buddhism buddhist teaching documents show both go
a kind of com i have one
my best
media to think why com
i don't want die
want that i don't want to die
but that's but get a side
cannot escape i see i understand so well this is ultimately id worked a town as cage the death
so i see deduction that
the day is in my daily life anywhere and make every past there for to do that in
the tenth a secret
one on fire with zen master was asked to pay some money
how old are you oh am i'm seventy two years old
you're be in good health by forty eight
do you have some secret points with the you live wrong he said no i don't have any any any secret point to live long
oh i have to do is to be patient and leap
this work at all
this is right
said they said i don't like doesn't but while i have to do is to do that and with patients
it made me the wrong he said
have you ever heard this point before
this is true
then i met guy anyway i know so well you know this point to the still and i understand something is still something gimbal
then anyway i have to my he's going on why not backward anyway have to do that then to get up
when i have to give lectures given first session
whatever you think
these patients
need some time that i asked them why did to make every pass by for
what are going to give her two siblings patients
yeah that time i realize that dentists to something something
oh is com the into my mind
even though it is something white i will write to know who had to know what it is how much people respect the glory or not on my life have done it the field
what ahmed the people look down upon me
after death even after death
i want to know my brain the tomb he should know that
he said
i'm not true that's why i don't want to die
don't want that but after death and know so well that makes nothing
it's very difficult to me for me
then i asked to myself why they didn't give a pass fail to designed to tend to seek me
to give a to
it's been nice
this is my comment this is my car very strong com
yeah i think all you made some of you have the same cotton
this is com
then navy and and killed and canada until a face jeffrey the death
right now right ratio
yeah i will not
get out and make a week so
whatever kind of carbide have
the buddha as were and pickett it says
one day involve the injured
is like the precious jewel
so guests like know each day's very important
but we don't understand solar it's not so easy to understand how important each day one day is
in all day let's imagine how much you know how much you know what you are how much you know clearly your lives in past and present in combat
of course you know you and i know so well my eyes or your eyes in past in president injured
but even the path my rise in past in in future
dede no no understanding of my life in past in present and future
a something
create it
by my excuse by my excuse
is schools the needs a desk for study
if you see the desk you know so why is back
this desk how is it just destiny comes into being at present
you can know you can know by experience that the day and the fact woods and a fact which the task with zesty
not only by you can not only by the experience of your arm but also by experience of many kids past
the by any chance of countries numbers human being
then we know yes his desk
can call this table gives boy gets style keep

then anyway
we can understand
the our lives and past the present egypt
how can you understand
what's part of your by
can you understand past present shit
the present and past present and future would you are thinking about what you are thinking
the rounds to belong to we're was part of your body
you hit
the set and through your head you can arrange your experience
what's they are completely chaos
and you a names you tried to manage to arrange then
you know what this is my that the feast my eyes in past infancy
so the past present and future with people are worth you are thinking young to your hip
wait wait we're our past prison
the teacher what are what you are thinking
the realm of your brain and also make you play
you pay us here at present
also still the presence or what do you acid
then this person
so anyway the path and present and future a flavors triple worth of the past present future are in than now unhip now you get
this is cold pressed the fifth card
what are also
that this president is a native before is still also the sort of current confession with you are fit
but to the present yeah it was the limit present a the on the present or what do you acid numbers before you think of the present
david present a absolutely in that now get
when i was before you think you are here your life is he right here
so the twice and says look at so far as any
that look at the power of it before you think
he so in this dimension there are many things exist cake for animals burnt human being
before you think there are many thing
many things
from this point for this point anymore
is completely equal to he will be
the all existing the same dimension
as shouldn't be
but this dimension is a christian questionable because this dimension is based on what
this is still some still sunset
there's some
human being that dimension on a weight the bird animals inside the human being exist
equality in a equality
it's still cord some time
but question is that we always smith and understand we we take up his son sarah for the beauty
that's why you look at the bird and nature and animals either how does
d snake burned
what yes is the vegas if you're incompatible with human game because unfortunately human being this or nourish nervous to know more than from south they want to know one one
on something more than two five
this is not
this cold in the same reason
the task of speaking
then the even to train if a bird in iraq the firm believer exist
by what according to what
the same dimension the cold since up
the other words a so called instant yeast
bert lived instance according to the instant live on thursday live on impasse of the instinct
but why is that why did the lived birds lives they've begun for for human being because they don't know what that something special like or issue like our knowledge the agency of the brain
what human being to this
because birds and animals are rocks and trees are completely
drawn into the full sub to into since up
if you are grown into the front side you don't know
he don't know what since i you can't do
the birds and animals in the rocks livers are completely drawn into from some into the same dimension in would many things exist in car
but why why they all were fighting each other in the same dimension
why everything existence equity because this dimension is based on sunset still south
the time but
but they don't have any doubt just fact according to the in egypt
they don't think they don't have any doubt that by human being unfortunately she was being take the the bird rights for beautiful yellow rose from to me human being misunderstand
know that you're being taken instant empowers the instincts and life according to the instinct for a beaut
at his point

for instance if you are
ah in the room in a room
i filled with the fishy smell
does think of a fish
and also you are completely fish or last issue
are completely official
then some to meet you
you stinker you stinker and should but you don't know
it's mainly you are completely drawn into the fish you are
that was if you are grown into an instant and of a distinct you don't know we don't know what the in empowers of the instinct it how much how much the instinct rushed toward you
how much does give a great infant influence
do you have monster instinct is and the outside influence
how much you are
how much you are under side infants
the cold instant
don't know that just is due to the here
then talking says if he want to get out of longing and crazy crazy
you tried to be intimate way longings and greed
three in to be intimate with them is very important
to get intimate with
craving right
ah longs
you have to get out and look at stinky smell
why he she smoke
one outside
that time you can clear total picture of can keep fishy worked
that's right to get internet
the don't say logging doesn't say doesn't say you should be wrong into that instinct
the should be intimate with instant means sometimes have to get up and look up
it is and that time how much a much you are an outside influence the goal visited new york
then yeah wow
the you put i have something shifted that

so from this point birds and fish are rotten treat
have assisted the according to an a it
but this is it understanding of this instinct a little different from a conceptual instinct what human game things because human games that can instinct what are what you are thinking a when computer they could do not
but the bird and unrest of fish and rocks and livers use completely to thank you
that's why you feel how the
but they are die according to the sunset
some far a not for special concessions from foreign a something
oh trust he
touch it
or sticky sticky
so far if something's the money
fourteen in tampa
getting started
persistence up
the if you're drawn into something for him
in a tomorrow
he can start get up
if you don't have completely if few if you give
if you don't have for any noise agency on the plane sits kinds of sniff know top kitt
chopper you can leave how carefully
i'm fortunate i'm sorry for the or of
that's already agency of substances and there out
laptop that
that's simple
then the human but in the fence give norris is a precious because give knowledge
turn the life of based on ancient into the
understanding deeply into she will be
other earth
they get married agency of six fences or eighth his consciousness nessus
try to know tried to know clearly some nothing clearly try to know something clearly
based on
not in fact based on nothing muddy or for the dump
sticky patches
the case freedom this is leaving
and since freedom me them is doesn't it doesn't exist fall out too far to find a way phone foam out
the human
to know
to know something going beyond
live with tiers we've reading by the sea south
even though you're rice is into suicide
where's birds
rob tree
henderson was concerned from
to very first of all it seems to me the treasure is much closer to instinct then it is to reason
and secondly that with human beings because we are the most extraordinary thing that has developed on display a year lease tend to always make a big deal of ourselves was nowhere something
special isn't that wonderful and i volunteer as i see this in buddhism in all the religions i don't really believe i don't think that people more special than beer more or have any more
well i just love lucy
yes sir
cc same time
our word
i agree i agree with me but try to look at again little present wakes you are
see the always create something special
almost clear sentences
you the small detail would you think that small detail is not the important that the des moines to tell is very important
that's why we know you're gay
human beings some free competent
that's why would i always teach buddha's teaching
since so
twenty five hundred years ago
don't like so much since up
get a hand at the same time
the office clear since our
as well as bird
and rock trees
if you ignore this since i you can't rape
can't wait
the important point is how much you have my you turned see into
the a reality so cold get reality of your eyes
based on the since hot
it smells or is it smart things even though you understand all yes assistance or sincerity something the stinky or as well as patio or fussy in the money something that and then did use summary is
completely nothing money fussy dunk a summary is is completely transparent
smarty penetrate you and trees and birds
beavers science news all universe says explanation of smile didn't use now
i understand from work
maybe some of you understand so but but but kenneth but still i am in fact to
ask questions but i am still in the sunset that's fine but he sat by his be very careful to practice with pieces
but muslim case for we are we if you understand so far would you choose to marry or yes the side i obtain writing music they don't a team like me you are poor man
that's christian
even though you understand since our with sincerity is what buddha-nature is what the duchess is
that you continually what caffeine your eyes based on since up
because if you are ignored since are you can't live technique
you have to take care of it since our because the fire is buddha as in farah turn your life into good
since i've convinced you have to the world so-called buddha
but the woman with your understand since our you samadi by what by not samadhi south know buddha nature itself by yes then you are
deeply infatuated you are completely wrong too
since i again
why generalization of inaccurate
this is staying put
by realization of nachman by realisation of something good and bad you simply can't use should be keeping mine keep in mind that we are asked to be drawn into so far again fucking
this is it
then that's why the buddha and pity access the this is com know this is buddhist card bullish signal game this is prettier this is carmen which not only you but all ktx
at five ktr practice continue on the whatever kind of com they have the all you have
is accurately i that we can defeat from since i completely
what is it this is the way off
key of instant tea
just hundred
and just want nike after money rules that solar to tell that it's not going away to give flip phone since i
then taking a continually taking care of guilty of each day
because of much you know your rights the past present he did
you can you know so well your past in the sheep in past yes you know
but wait it
the present
now how much can you know the your life infant
yes you can know is it it
this year this history business itself
then the question how much you know how much i know my life in past the present insurgent
he's hip ratio
the phone number is one day
one day
when was the moment
only we can know is just one day
gets one day in this one day town diversify your life is quickly vivify
which you cannot understand catch you with your hand you a ahead
but before you understand one day is typified
the reality which one day is typified is completely different farm life based on instinct
so far
because that's why to community buddha says don't touch the to sarah don't touch the buddha
touch the buddha touch to the sensor but
then raced race a way to live
based on the complete liberation
in each day
why don't you see it
by one day in bargaining gorgeous and medicine right of the right for hundred thousand copies each the right is like the precious jewel
when teams bay he pointed a fish is joe
it is in the realm of life and death and differentiated from the old mirror
this way or this way
to be right on the stream of life and death and differentiated buddha
with fanciful s
continually to practice slightly off one day one day monday
and from this one day you can understand your life in past infant
how in fundamental my life past it's to industry
so in the of tom picture right
this one day is
his team or far continuation of know continuation
all you have to the ace to
completely concentrate on taking care of each day
what's all this each day penetrate your life and past pacing in fit
this said because this is too because through this practice you can not can know we can know the your life and past infant and present

if your understanding this point it is a joyful day because it is a pow guilty to enjoy to delight in south
dodgy is
practice served performed by
buddha pigeons

a wonderful that's the inspiration of duty and does not know that now the borough of buddhist and pigeons channeled respect their bodies and minds nor perceive here unique nature
if you don't understand how important how precious the guilty of ej is
don't escape what his mind the town is packed patriots mountain
also you cannot respect their own mind
own life
have to continually hit

ah why do you have such to question because you have isn't feel the successes
the don't have
there's to slip according to the instant that's all that's why i said birds and bugs livers are completely absolutely wrong interpret just i used the word drawn to be drawn to
into the river
you are struggle but that that is title
but the birds struggled for the his knife according to the just instinct but do you struggle for your life according to this instinct and also associates
he's agency of six senses

oh yes on animals and all the instinct to have for six senses but the they don't know
he don't know the presence of their six census because they are completely drawn into the six senses they are always sufficient
smell for successes the almost constant

can but we are sometimes that is sometimes we can get out
you can get up
data mag mount fuji is very beautiful that's why many people weren't and climb the mountain
of course i'm putting a fence gate in a sense are getting some christian why the duo crime you have to climb mount because if you climbed the mountain you'll get tired
do why well you say on mountain trying to find the mountain is will
then you climb the mountain
but on the only when on the on on the the when you climb the mountain
it scares me when you climbed a mountain month for the i think you understand what the mountain is a though sometimes you have to get up to ninety i don't like you turned to research what's the monkey is
now you have to if you want to the crown the monkey have to decide to what money is what the circumstances some monkey will happen
if you grow maybe you weren't that
by the disaster
the yeah to sometimes you get out there look at the market and then you will find and as new form of the build wow have you
concerning the rating with their
all circumstances surrounding mount fuji
but when you were trying the marquis of course you can experience directly directly or you turn to with a month for the the active
but this is still one side ideas then some time you have to get up
then look at the monkey ha ha ha beautiful me if you want a crime and monkey you have to see them you have to study the mountain but that month

so human being turn get up this is made for a good for us the fortunately we can get out and sometimes unfortunate the unfortunate is unfortunate
but because can wait you get out the mounting
and you did
beauty of the mountain with you can see the objectively is total picture of month fuzzy that's innocent mistake if you want to know a target of the mountains and times yet to climb climate
so i used that get drawn into and to be intimately to get intimate my face
compassionate with compassionate feeling to try to mate with month it
even though you get tired will have to he tried to crime sometimes even though you don't write you tried to get up
this is the way of being intimate with
mt fuji
the being intimate with instant
i'm thinking

scuse me to continue to experience in this


i didn't understand that

the tv



you no
the concrete is picking rains said the get up he said you tried to get out sometimes but
if you would take their and something as of of for the and for the example than and example with think it's a got sometimes you misunderstand the main point
through the example
so to get intimate is
hmm not get out get out
i mean sir
it's counted to use manage
you tried to show the diffuse married right now this is to get up
you tried to show them to choose my would you do then this is get out and it was this is to be intimate instant calaveras
dig this intimate with instinct is
to to to be able to understand
clear total picture of instant
through that
as saudis
in the here and now
keep throwing away conception of good than bad the was just taking care of one day each day
this is get out the same thing it doesn't seem to get up but this is best away
now what you think get out what to think is to move something to move something from one place to another he's not get up
it is still something there is still something sticky and muddy
i can get out why haven't know
immediately is our sauce and south
the moment when you say how wow how wonderful it is
never you in turn to the from zara again
so know that moves something from one side to on its way second moon to the says middleweight middle ways what i'm at his heels
who awareness of egypt
this is get up that's why doddington says throw away
thank you good back just set
but if you get out you can't
cause you quote from trump's but in concrete way of life anyway
sometimes you have to get up as as i mentioned if you want to know for a picture of the mount fuji
of course you have to get out a month wiki and see mt fuji object but at that time don't eat month for the as hope
when you see month for the debt this is create he says yeah
cause the is the cause of creating trouble
that's why when you say the month for the object to me saying how you phrase that can please don't be drawn into it careful
sometimes you tried to experience month for the in different direction
can try to me see the total to was mount fuji
employers to see if you see me from this
think seven form of for can do you see from this angle little bit different for it
you see back
how did for it is to see me in front how visit
even a buddha statue the if you're trying to the poorest statue don't see that just in fact
sometimes you should see the buddha statue from the different angle
how can they room for ah the wow
he's crying now
i have a buddha carved by her one my friend ghana day i mention that right buddha statue are trying if you see that just in fun of color this guy
but if you see this from decent have you a he feels and he was with state in time i'm finished
you have to see
something from different am
it is painful

could doubt

my doubt is already something we to create
so your doubt is no doubt keep sending off his tenth no doubt no no no no yes
so yeah to the take care of the doubt yes time
but you should know we should know there is another doubt another form of dad called know that
the code doubt being in pure situation
without being in a again which you are not afflicted by doubt
because you know many things exist doubt instinct why moistens came in the same commission person roxy say it
then don't be drawn into
try to what if you have free if you see the doubt about this stuff okay time
keep it warm
then like car him
kitchen natalie and ticket
like a ticking
what is so
one keep her ex one
gary has hatched
when rates hatched
that's that is no doubt
because that out these complete alive the that
saying a pupil

if you see anything in instinct moisten
it's not easy but the step-by-step
even i kept kicking the the ticket
one one a keep the or eight one
the according to the giorgio each day
if you grow at this point
it's impossible for her to hit by a hat
have to do citizen anything
time to run
ah i can keep you warm
do it is hat
since its way
men is hubs in is nothing stinky money
cause is arafat
maybe the problem was
need a president selects the in comparing the animal world where the world of humans this inevitably invites value judgment