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Hozan Sensei Let the Mystery Be

Mar 09, 2019

Ross Blum Cypress Tree in the Garden

Mar 02, 2019

Hozan Sensei Three Treasures Liberty Equality Fraternity

Feb 23, 2019

Sojun Roshi Denyo Roku 1 Shakyamuni Study Sesshin Day 1

Feb 16, 2019

Mary Duryee Taking Refuge

Feb 09, 2019

What Is Most Important For You In This Life

We are all creating the space together for people to have profound experience in zazen. Kind and unkind thoughts are opportunities to express the Buddha mind. Compassion towards wholesome and...

zazen, kind thoughts, practice, practicing compassion
Tenshin Reb Anderson Feb 02, 2019PMNo Abode Hermitage

What Is Most Important For You In This Life

Being clear about our ultimate concern. Remember, aspire, commit to, and train to realise this. The story of Tong-an and Liangshan: what is the business under the patched robe? Intimacy. Another...

Vow, eihei koso, Buddha mind, intimacy, sitting
Tenshin Reb Anderson Feb 02, 2019AMNo Abode Hermitage

Peter Overton Innermost Request

Feb 02, 2019

Kosei Laurie Senauke Three Turnings of the Wheel

Jan 26, 2019

Drifting Thoughts Stepping Back Temporal and Ethernal Mind

Jan 19, 2019

Hozan Alan Senauke Negative Capability Sesshin

Jan 12, 2019

Susan Marvin Zen Training

Jan 05, 2019

The New Coffin

Summary of the unrecorded morning talk. The practice of just sitting. Remembering stillness, letting go of 'what next.' Training to ready for this moment, and for death.

sitting, training, death, readiness
Tenshin Reb Anderson Dec 15, 2018PMNo Abode Hermitage

Ellen Webb Being Shuso and Learning to Say Yes

Dec 15, 2018

Jakusho Jed Appleman Way Seeking Mind 12 14 2018

Dec 14, 2018

Buddhas Enlightment Rohatsu Day 7

Dec 08, 2018

Mary Duryee This sesshin was Wonderlfully Done Rohatsu Day 6

Dec 07, 2018

Gerry Oliva Prowder of Many and Varied Opportunities To Experience and Penetrate the Arising and Cessation of Suffering Rohatsu Day 5

Dec 06, 2018

Merit Gathas by Robert Aitken The Dragon Who Never Sleeps Rohatsu Day 4

Dec 05, 2018

Hozan Alan Senauke Arousing the Thought of Enlightenment Rohatsu Day 3

Dec 04, 2018

Birth Death and Breath Rohatsu Day 2

Dec 03, 2018

Six Qualatative Factors as Applied to Zazen Rohatsu Day 1

Dec 02, 2018


Dec 01, 2018

Mary Mocine Introduction to Joshu

Nov 24, 2018

Compassion Flexibility the Victims of Paradise

Nov 17, 2018

The Hands And Eyes Of Avalokiteshvara

Compassion is the teaching of the Buddha. Stories of the different statues and scrolls at No Abode. Yunmen and Daowu, the thousand arms of Avalokiteshvara.

compassion, avalokiteshvara, teaching, Intimate transmission
Tenshin Reb Anderson Nov 10, 2018AMNo Abode Hermitage

Introduction To The Four Afflictions Of Self

Discussing afflictions of the mind where the self appears, as an opportunity to explore consciousness. The ignorance of the view that the self is operating the situation.

consciousness, self, affliction, mind
Tenshin Reb Anderson Nov 10, 2018PMNo Abode Hermitage

Shinsu Roberts Being Time

Nov 10, 2018

Hozan Alan Senauke Maylie Scott Bears the Unbearable Sesshin Close Aspects of Practice

Nov 03, 2018

Hozan Alan Senauke Calling Out Hungry Ghosts

Oct 27, 2018

Meghan Collins I See You Womens Sesshin

Oct 21, 2018

Silent Sitting and Social Action

All compounded phenomena are unworthy of confidence. Compassion to these unstable phenomena is our practice. Zen stories are about enacting awakening within social interactions. Attend to your body,...

compassion, interaction, training period, foundations of mindfulness
Tenshin Reb Anderson Oct 20, 2018PMNo Abode Hermitage

Silent Sitting and Social Action

Sitting in the world, we can't perceive the whole world; we sit in our dharma position, which changes all the time. Impermanence is Buddhism - this place is no abode..

dharma position, spiritual identity, impermanence, compassion
Tenshin Reb Anderson Oct 20, 2018AMNo Abode Hermitage

Judy Fleishman Resilience through Shared Grief

Oct 13, 2018

Gerri Oliva Tea Ladies and Their Mind Refreshing Teaching Sesshin Open Aspects of Practice

Oct 06, 2018

Kyogens Man Up in a Tree

Sep 29, 2018

Ryaku Fusatsu

Sep 22, 2018

Contemplating Torei Zenji's Vow

Everything is manifesting the path of the ancient buddhas, abiding together in their respective dharma positions. Abiding in this moment and being free of it, even if we think it is obstruction or that...

stillness, dharma position, obstruction, global warming
Tenshin Reb Anderson Sep 15, 2018PMNo Abode Hermitage

Compassion is a Conversation

A conversation is what we are doing together. Buddhas are sitting upright and still, in the midst of everything, having a conversation with silence. The story of his Nanchuan and his sickle. Meeting...

compassion, practicing stillness, global warming, koan
Tenshin Reb Anderson Sep 15, 2018AMNo Abode Hermitage

Mary Duryee Magnanimous View

Sep 15, 2018

Zazen Posture and the Problem of Touch

Sep 08, 2018

Adjusting Posture

Sep 07, 2018

Hozan Alan Senauke 8 Awarenesses of Great Beings Study Sesshin Part 1

Sep 01, 2018

Hozan Alan Senauke 8 Awarenesses of Great Beings Study Sesshin Part 2

Sep 01, 2018

Laurie Senauke Ending Racism

Aug 25, 2018

Megan Collins Questions of Old Age

Aug 18, 2018

The Womb of the Tathagata #5

Torei's vow; bowing in humility in the face of cruelty; meeting monsters with lovingkindness.

confession and repentance, lovingkindness, cruelty, practice
Tenshin Reb Anderson Aug 11, 2018PMNo Abode Hermitage

The Womb of the Tathagata #5

Meeting a teacher, asking about the teaching and listening to the teaching. Bodies and minds sitting silently and conversing.

conversation, teacher, compassion, listening
Tenshin Reb Anderson Aug 11, 2018AMNo Abode Hermitage

Baika Pratt Beating the Drum stereo

Aug 11, 2018

Universal Cosmic Stillness SESSHIN

Aug 04, 2018