You Have to Save Your Own Life

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You have to save your own life.

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So the points. I've been trying to save. Your life. Your life for you. I thought you had somebody. I could. Go but nobody. But you could. Do looks pretty good. You could. Paint and hard it. Can go one of the great. Benefits of. Giving us the capacity to have difficulties. During a break. Up for a friend. Actually. A car came from any direction. And. Take a. Break. First. She spoke. Crank. She. Still. Can't take care of herself. Could. She. She still. She had a. Six. Because. It turned. Out. He had a. Fatal heart condition that he didn't. Make a. Treatment for. The Go. Challenge. So. This is actually one things we're studying. How to. Practice. Writing it. That you know we think if I do the right thing everything will be OK I won't. I won't have a difficulty it. Is a beautiful. DOCTOR. She's a doctor and. People. She takes care. Of her. Adopted. Mother had disappeared after having drug problems. Good fortune. Undergoing a transformation. So. I just think it's. Right and. Can give me for twenty years she was a female impersonator. Dressed up to be. Good. For twenty years. She was straight. She. Was a picture. It's time for me to start. Liking to do. I just. Say I went to bed. With. A good street. People instead. Fifteen people. Sitting. At one point you. Get. So. And then he became. Three. I found out she did serious. About ninety ninety she told me that. She would eat and eat. And she used to go to India. Studied Hindi. And write which it's. So. Upsetting that she'd. Get with all these people starving. And she didn't know what to do. So she went. It said. You had too much resistance. Tell you. She tried. To figure out what to do. And. She did. But. She decided to do it. So she started keeping. Writing. What happened while she didn't. Know what happened and she. And she started. All the painful feelings. It took four years. But. She stated she. Which nobody could tell. You couldn't kill. The case you. Would still be. Very all over. It's about a solar day. And she's looking at the grass. And appreciating. She said. If you want what. Precious Life. And no one else can. He. I like somebody. I can tell you not to trouble me. While precious life. The potato but personally. And we. Can. Share with that. Particular. Wording. To get some sort of. Attention. To people. Being. Interested in the relationship. Between a change in being able to connect with. Just a simple. Read. So. It's. One of the things they do people trying to tell me think. From you take your brains you can tell it's like what. People are it's good to get involved. But I'm going to be. So. Last year wait is ten or eleven. And he said Wait you're not kidding you need to. Stand. And a wave came. To me. That teacher does not like me. It's fingerprints he was. Since responsibility. Can this is just. Working out. It's another. Way. It's. So family it's starting to get. It's like. I said I just said young man. I can't tell you about being too close to. You but believe a ball and you're going to be stating this for it's nineteen he's got you know we have a lot of time to study. You know you may be studying instead you're stating for a lot of years. If you can just work period or study. What you know and your interest you're like. Oh please. Oh please we're in this for the log Oh. We have a few more years. If. So there's no hurry. You know I I I just you know. Work in progress. My one. Life. I will work out. Anyway. Me. Being. How I feel being here. Everyone gets to do. What was said. This being. Made it. Is being spoken here. It. Is being spoken here in your heart you. Can. Stand. Here because something is spoken. To people behind in. A way to. Listen. To. Your heart calling for. Security stated it's starting to start in yourself. It's starting. Short time together will encourage you to find things to do it's. Going to find things. To share your. Ick. Let's put it. Tonight you want to do you can. Tell you what to do and. When you're doing. And. Going to walk. Again. If you're. Going to walk one step at each breath the pain. Still. Ship to wake. Think. It's. Just a straight unit circle along this one and. So. Just going to walk for a few minutes. We'll hear.