The Womb of the Tathagata #5

Given by Tenshin Reb Anderson at No Abode Hermitage on Saturday, August 11, 2018 -- (PM)
About this talk
Torei's vow; bowing in humility in the face of cruelty; meeting monsters with lovingkindness.
We just chatted up a follow written by. The leading disciple of Auckland's Angie. Snigs toward a Zen master Tory because he said something like that. Then. On each flash of thought Cool grow a lotus. Flower and I'm sure lotus flower. There will be a. City. Or finding the feel. Good he says he says maybe we change. Maybe a tape or charity but his wisdom. Was you have to do the best. Chicken so. Part of what is said in that chant is you know. Now he sees everything. Now as a student of time he sees everything. That is everything in the universe as a manifestation of the just who's. Going to talk to. You. So people might think well what about. Cruelty. Or about cruelty. So the form of the universe seems to sometimes have cruelty there. And then he also has but cruelty appearing it quivers I have to walk that's cruel. I thought I'd be cruel or. She's people who. Have been bought. And. So let's say after. This someone's been cruel to me. He said he said. I should silly bowed down and with humble language would record belief. That she he or she is a merciful operative. Who uses go for devices to emancipate me from. My own people we stick to who she. Say see someone who's been. Down to them. And with humble life the rich. Who relate to them. I have this thought this person is being cruel to me. Oh not bought. Taught to be cruel to me. If I practice this way as far. Be it good or they're telling me how to talk. To this. Other type. Of cruelty who is coming to me in the form of cruelty and I'm respecting the situation is one hundred it is a situation and then. Relating to this image of cruelty. In this way respectfully and humbly. A lotus flower blue. And there be a Buddha sitting there telling me how to talk to this person which would publicly continue to speak respectfully and humbly to this person. Not look down. Not look up to. Look maybe look at the Buddha was telling me how to relate to this person. Yes yes kitchen thank you for guiding me thank you for suggesting a how to talk to this. This cruelty how to speak to this cruel to thank you. Or. Injustice comes to the poorest. And I I I see this as the good. Giving me a skillful means. Saying. Can you. Can you relate to this with compassion how about this can you relate to this with compassion give you the respect for this. Can you be can do this. If I accept that offer and I practiced that way lawyers for. Their teaching children might say. Yeah left out person. And you might shot. Him I shall. Stop. You might stop them I shall know. But this is coming to humility this is not talking down to the person this is coming compassion. He said no and you're speaking for everybody including the Buddhas who are total you. Say no. Say stop. But there's a lot of other things you can say. Excuse me I have something better for your committee. Or you know that's beneath you. You can do better than that. When I talk with you. He could but it could be stopped it could be no. A lot of possibilities infinite possibilities. When you practice this way infinite possibilities are given to you. And because of the way you're related to this. You picked a good one not necessarily the best one just one among crossed perhaps several appropriate responses appropriate to what corporate to. Make sure all beings in. His wisdom. Would surely do this cruelty into wisdom. Or his cruel person into wisdom or the person who has seen cruelty and to listen to something. The practitioner who's being respectful and saying this is an opportunity for the Buddha Way one hundred over to you to kill this cruelty. Not an opportunity to look down not an opportunity to slander. Not enough opportunity to turn away from that not an opportunity to see such or lie about to night. But an opportunity to not do any of those things. And rather. Do something that will bring this person and that person and all people to be choosey to please have a compassionate response that's coming from this way of relating to this parents this offer tar in a corporate ideal way to relate to that much. Sure's everybody in the situation. Which might include which somebody might said you know I feel terrible about being so cruel I'm so sorry I was cruel and I'm so sorry I thank you for helping me see that. Without even accusing you that. You woke me up to my cruel acts. When I am awakening to my crew the facts this is the growth and wisdom. Of the people generally speaking the people who wake us up to our cruelty or people who are caught claim to us. For being cruel people disrespect just doesn't know because she just think oh I can screw an existing third they're being cruel they're just they're being disrespectful and they're still but. They're telling me how cruel they're stupid. The summit coming through the medicine cabinet and there is a cat so. Like remember Earth. Must remember not to leave the cat in hogs. Right at the end of the day because I want to trap caps or track records and I work with them. So this was an easy offer to. Do that no trouble from being compassionate to the cat. Good job guy. That cat didn't for you Do you realize what that cat was asking for it was Dr compassion and you could hear of it later. Or what about that. In. This brand new story. About. We can make shit we can rich. If this cast is good is wisdom we can we share the rest we can share. All beings if we relate to him as though all beings are offered as an opportunity. For. Reverence and really. Humble language. And a reverent belief. When you look at the person. They're given an opportunity to participate as well which again might take the form of. No no no no. But also become a form of I'm over here let's have lunch. Who knows what it will be. It might take a bus home I just hate it when you talk when you're cruel you really bugs me people are going to come in. You know. Could I take over. You know I've been cruel enough could I could I do it for you OK I think I can I think I can be more cruel than you would that be nice to me Missy and go ahead and use that you try to do it but maybe you're not too good at it so they sing to me and say you have a conversation with this whatever you want to call other talk in the form of a bully in the form of a brute in the forms of insane person you develop a conversation with them and because of the way you relate to you got to tell you how to talk. Guiding your speech in conversation and in a conversation. Everybody make sure just input is wisdom. This is an amazing ball. Of an amazing person. Who is. The Zen Master. This is a type of Zen master. He was very devoted. And very amazing he knew he had his father and his one of his folks here are some other ones too. Maybe. If somebody wants to tell you where you can look try to find more of his files and share. Anything with him. It's amazing we've heard. Now. We have approximately five point six billion years before the next Buddha comes. Round early so. We know I mean the last one was only two thousand five hundred years ago. Really really like in the beginning phases here we've got a lot of time to get ready. To make a good. Period this we're in the meantime we've practiced what the last with us which is the next one by the way the name of the next one is loving kindness. I see for the next Buddha we already know. What the Buddha. Maitreya Buddha. So get your loving kindness ready and start using it on all monsters and care terror for terrifying beings. Terrifying thoughts terrifying picks treat them in such a way that on each one of those flaws to a bootable teach and we will work together. To. Chief. Maturity. Or attain maturity who has witnessed that would that be just a part of. Me. Down or is it down the road or up or out up it's not him yes. I'm. Half can do can you tell us now where we could find some more his writing. Yeah. It's called Is it his his works are called his true translations one by a Japanese person and one by you can use his expression and American person in time clear. And yet once by a Japanese person but they're both evil I'm talking about even translations he's really Japanese and I think it was called he extinguished Bowl lamp. And one of has a comment or one of the big fat book which is towards him she's. Words which are served up quite a few balls up to here or quite a few vases. So if somebody wanted to. Hold it was we could have a collection of stories and evolves for us to be a bit is what I. Hear recommend either one more time periods or I don't but I would think you could look at the two. I would actually what I recommend is look at Bowl and find out who look at to find a book and then give us. Two sets of us if you want to do that or you are here millions. You're going to pay. By the way when you solve basically means darling's. Get our sample in practice get it working. Or you guys can write us to. Share with us. Just. Do you know for me. Or our home this is. The Green song. And by the end of that as black hole you know it nice and tight and when I buy out when I need to but I'm not I'm thinking Ah but I hear it then you know and listening to without emotion was doing it more and I'm going to. Claim I understand better than just giving me my Bach and I'm one really hope people can do that my boss and the Blues thank you for the US to suffer not just enjoy playing. And then we're done playing. And we can do the scary stuff. Here I move hominids around and watch him from I think you do get scarier. So play with his fears you have no with the violence enjoy them at some point. You make a commitment. And part of a commitment is that one should make a commitment that if you don't follow through you feel things that you don't feel when you haven't committed. If you want to make a commitment and then if you don't call it through you feel a certain way which is not is not comfortable because you promised you Vollard you committed and you didn't fall so this was some discomfort there but that discomfort is. The Central really making Buddhas. Before but you couldn't join the fall without that discomfort and then when you're done with practice it up with a bow. You can close on the word because that's the discomfort like when somebody. Is if somebody just shows you with Jewel or shows you something beautiful. You can enjoy it actually give it to you and you don't take care. If you're kind of embarrassed. Somebody gives you something is this you want to take care of this and you said yes and don't you just like you are so kind to me and I can take care to get you gain. And that's part of that's part of what it takes. What it takes to become a Buddha. Is to feel that sorrow which is called repentance and the other one is. If if well first of all even if you don't first I think. There could be two parts first of all they give it two and they give you forty percent. And you don't take care if you're embarrassed next one issue you aspire to practice or you know cause for and then you feel a different kind of pain which is. He treat you and this activity so all here with me relationship the discomfort we feel when we don't take care of gifts or even a team which you really appreciate and can achieve we should really appreciate that this country has some deep wish we should tell people about beforehand. So part of this process of making these finals has to end he said You people are mature enough to know let's review I'm just going to be some discomfort. And without the discomfort we eat we avoid. Something in the spot in the process. Or even that well he's not happy with me everybody where you walk. That back you might be cross that we come back to what is thing this morning actually we already have his wisdom. We already have it fully but we don't realize it because we have some attachments and some views like we think maybe I did uncomfortable if I promise to do something I didn't follow through to might be and also I don't want to become attached to not being uncomfortable. I'm afraid of the pains of samsara. Yes. And so in order to realize that you're already are doing that you have to promise at some point and and be willing to feel what it's like when you promise and don't follow through. And that will be part. Of being the person you already are. The person you already are. He's well he was the best of buddies with them but if you don't want to if you want to avoid how you feel after you probably was in the way you mean a person you are and this can be hard for you to realize that you already have or his wish to hurt or to accept his wisdom we have separate cars would be neat and not a boy part of me. What part of me is important part of his wisdom. And so many people are many people are practicing the precepts quite well but have not promised them. They're not really into it yet. But even though they are better than me but it is some of us some other people are not too good to process what had problems the. Very nature it came and also promising gives people an opportunity have a conversation with you. If you're practicing priest if they have a promise to practice through. People don't feel invited to talk to you if you want. But if you promise to see if you promise to be kind he said. I talk to you about what you just said be on. Be. So we it's that's difficult area that he you know there's something about us that. Yeah it's something about. Yes. And that the way we are being that way is is what has which is was. There something about we want to do something we commit to it if you don't both room there's no problem and that's the way we are we're already that way but if you don't practice it you know. My granddaughter you know. She. She who soon leaves public swimming pools. And she was raped. And she told him only to be he she was. As they said she was beside herself with remorse she was like. She just he was just she coughed soldier. But she had. Done it was like a very hard for a little girl to feel. It's a barely able to stand how bad she go do in. His heart. But also it's so beautiful that she actually really bad about him and she wasn't getting punished for anybody she has felt really bad. As you can do something about is this part of. We were. We were not beings like about us kind of are so sure. We're not really that way but some people really have a hard time waking up to that very difficult something to really feel bad about being cruel. On here. It's hard for all of us to feel bad. About being on. Awful we all have our own. You can get better at it. But the way to get better at is pressure or heard over and over rule the great Beings of ones who he. Not living in accord with the aspiration over and over all. Make it more welcoming give more patient with make it more tender with the more loving a home of the pain not the core of where we want to be. So the more you practice that the more you can balance the more you practice the more likely you are. He gently tips it with you you stop making mistakes Well actually you start noticing what you even notice before you may stop seeing. That you used to do. But then you start to notice when she even noticed before and that he may stop those when you notice ones that you didn't notice before said and this fine. Analysts and in our chant. Of doing it in our ceremony of confession of repentance we receive the precepts after we do that before she returns we say to people now Audie even after realizing good will you continue this truthful practice of confession repentance is a war but does have to continue the budgets have to be Buddha. That's what it is it's an end to this practice is Michael Gambon good cooks miserable. Person and yes. Well not really varying right. Right. Very. Far or not really like I was but yet we believe logically that. Like my granddaughter going to China this what about that. Whole day that. My granddaughter is not ready to take the volves she's too little. She's not she's been she's done time for she needs what she needs now is several years of that kind of disclosure. And receiving compassion for. She needs that she needs to say she's sorry quite a few times and she'll feel that sorrow and show it to her mother and her grandfather. Over and over again realize every time I'm sure this. This repentance this sorrow remark. Here who say my mistake every time I do that I can back off. That's the reality of the process the more you confessed and the more you love your kids. And you have to see that. For many years before you get her to move before you really should. Take the leap. And make a commitment which is going to give you new pains that you can happen really kid so I would say if someone was like that said think we need to we need to have more comfort is that if you do practice confession and repentance you're going to be rewarded for it. By the by the Buddhist compassion I remember when I was a kid if. You actually enjoyed Laurel and Hardy movies. You know the room for improvement. There are there from your home country or. Anywhere that. I don't have big hairy bush or or your Scottish have anything with. Yeah anyway I think they're from the I think they were born on that island. And one time in one of the stories. It's getting late but anyway I'm going this story is one of the movies. Wall in Hardy's with spouses who went to some kind of convention. They went to the convention someplace. And they were carrying on with you know dancing ladies and stuff right. But somehow there was a some kind of. Video Video filming of this just so just so conventions they went to and their wife somehow Saddam who is real they saw their husbands coordinating with all these scantily clad. Ladies. And. Then when they got back home the waves in front of them said What would you do you do in this vacation and. I think one of them Mr heard it said I didn't I wasn't involved in that. And the other one. Went when his wife asked him what she said you were you involved in what we could do if you. Use your sketches are going to happen he said Honesty is the best policy is not and he said. Sorry I do I was but I wasn't balkanizing. And he got rewarded with love. Mr Hardee did did not tell the Chief he said night nothing to do with. You were warned a. Lot of them. So yeah I think that's a good point that we should we think that the preceptors who are giving. Teachings for people to commit to be careful not to give them to people who have not experience. That they can fester shook hands and be loved not loved because of your shortcomings but love because you know Heidi we should love people who don't know we do we do love them we should practice loving people who are telling us about their shortcomings so if you so they can do it more. I don't know I think that that's really where it's at is to shun our shortcomings and we're not typical to them to witness that with loving with love and kindness with eyes of compassion sort of doing more and more and dissuade him not to where the root partition comes that's what we just want right. So it's pretty far out I don't. Want to talk about who would think it's true. I I really happy that people are raising is want to talk more but if he is. Past the time when he said The sun was up we graciously into one of our favorite songs.