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he said
crucial point
yeah otherwise ah what are and said a why wide the practice or zen buddhism
take care the based on
tinge it teaching
sort and nations are about bringing peace and harmony to the body in the money
hence think another that it's an addict translation regulating body
right rating
or controlling
the body
controlling the money
but i as i want to say ringing peace and harmony to the body
oh man
ah ah this is
but the most important
fundamental attitude toward a puppy simply want to
you're right
it aids and separated plants
and a's of the smallest ah
but simultaneously that smallest issue
extends into
w caption the work word
so i everything universe
come from
small smallest
and are you need
the bringing this says the practice are bringing peace and harmony to the body mine
so i mentioned what i do for you do that then when you mean
all have to get weed but this it's a simple expression just read because before or after or mill in the beginning in the middle in the end always the mine and
albums club scoping or something
so sad a very difficult wants to read
to do a show peace in harmony in the beginning in the middle in the end
from now on if you look at yourself you can see a clear
so this is our he a that simplest puppies simplest and practice in his work that's open to evan
everyone can i are bounced and the teachers were and also we have to maintain it for long for right from to live that's why an age where to forgot a small ft the issue in it's in this line and
the it is very difficult
to maintain small matter
no like for long run
without any sense of while any sense of or cross and cons and success and failure
it's very difficult but i need them for what
know why
never find the opportunity to build up a keep warm and have one years war
so everyone has a has to take responsibility for building up his triumph of war and peace in peace hum
so thought that is a our packed up
well when you do that then it says a base simple are a simple form habits we can do
but if you expand that spirit of that the into everyday life that in appeared many ways the show what you paid and having a meal watching taking care of garden wash the dishes
whatever you do you have to always base our what your page washing the dishes and peace and hung in a game with that in the bringing peace and harmony to the body and mind
how can i say so he said can do it
our dog in the dimensions say and the study a way with the body and mind
first one says we should study we should clarify we should study in the crowded by and study and the the way with body and mind the night with mine for
what we should know what we what kind of mind we should none
so he said first you should learn the way with the body my a were seeking my
one in mind what he did
so bodhicitta i mentioned in that weekend in the first vector i think it's a observation what it means to a body to the midst of the patient of impermanence in family
and if you worry and defend the impermanence in terms of significance of them entrance were not truly you can practice the lessons because there is no time to poke your head into the instance
for a function of the instance because ah and through that out the for a pumpkin of the essence a so
no room for him to mean anything any germination of us several ideas
the all you to the is just as room to that full function of for instance to free
that is called freedom and say impossible
ah so and that is the impairments thought if you the way understand did with impermanence simultaneously it is perhaps the lesson
that is what it's called the bodhicitta a rousing the body mind
her body mind very touched or of existence
next you mentioned that net if you have learned the way with ah i would say that intrinsic a pieces of intrinsic by
intrinsic trinsic nice bag pure cream
nature in terms of your understanding because if you judge net
okay at this point is you can hear the battery were down and we miss a few minutes at the turn and of know how that with challenged him to very sorry last forever
oh so jason is in and second if your feet of tape and starts again
pitcher in terms of your understanding because if you get nature's pupils and
simply you complete for get 'em
when a your mood is in with
a kid in depth of
so that's where don't to basement and that kind in samadhi or a ocean save some money he said and we can walk we can swim one suffice abortion simultaneity your feet hats five mom was it
the past reviews think it but it is exact nature and your primed canvas that it safe
so that's why dimensions can we have to study understand the buddha buddha mine as feeds one niche
then if you study the mind like this next you have to manifest mine with you buddy
video by
then the dog and think mentions that and the be in time he he says they're interesting things
ah so it's a raid as the whole world
you should perceive that each point each thing of this award is an individual i'm tie amaze with unanimous it let's think i'm at the universe or to whatever it
a selfies or raid as the forward the who are you what is that cell therapy already lord
you have been only raid in the universe that's why you can say ah
so there is arrayed and the whole word he should perceive that each point each thing of this word means traits birth individually distance is individual time means you can manifest through our from individual
a bot
that that means that you tube perceive that each point each thing of this whole world is an individual time the mutual not interference of this of things is like the mutual none interference of i'm so new to know
the interference of things i knew him
do not let me kill each other some to we can communicate because we are the anchor we drop and the depth of wash solving same place with just and he founded over the weekend mornings or not
it's already then that's why we can communicate and talk
that's where your bot become very calm and one of of capital or ocean my board
the is present on the subject war
the huge that why not the and at the next he said for this reason that is a or minds at the same time that it's a rather kind in the same mind thought each moment you have to at the each moment
you can be you can see the person that is a communication
ah the communication
there you have a good communication with a long called the communication you can see the blue flower blooming flower of the universe
the running from of universe
let you let you have a communicate with others will all thinking me then when you have a communication then communicate neutral communication that the route of the blue
that he mentioned here
so our next card wedding practice and achieving enlightenment are all so also like deaths the car debating club and achieving enlightenment are also like that
yesterday i mention about the isn't is instance okay
i bet if i took the filter that he as example
but a filter is so the probably madden filter in the car
but are fighting of the moment isn't as the excuse me fyodor at the instance of a moment a the impacting the moment is
no wife no day
but let me know they are a the instance with not and no idea of length and wigan
but let's say it is killed
then time passes passes through this filter then the eight or instant become big instance
now all we are office looking at the now looking at the air is the enemy isn't and competitive we forget him
vending machine
building which you have you put money in the top
there you can get but there a pepsi pepsico
novel that couple of know
the bottle cicada can get them the vending machine
so it's crazy and i put my shame from top and push the button the you can get them gets coil from the pack and then we enjoy
but are we don't get what's going on between
we said black box
with wrap up
because it's too fast and it was essence function at the superspy
it's impossible to think of it
but i think recently and in a bot and age we create a computer they sell computer they makes the aim of an infant be instance come very close very club
you can even have a black box between instant immediate it becomes be is that a idea of the computer
with the computer you can control the bot cemetery is computer get that information from the outside snow some from a circumstances then get that new
they keep their energies and the next moment computer gets any to the pot the constantly keep the board in red costs
so automatically it's going
idea of computer is merely cause and effect instant bit instant not separate
the computer knows they're welcome between so not much black box
so competitive that by computer be convince much
this month
human beings a human mind me was my but
but the move
because we know it instance it is sarkozy
look up
difficult impact
night if you pass road in a if you have the pearl function of this essence so called filter
then you really see clearly instance bit is the same thing
you can see the other day i masons if you pack is if you practice with a pure mind okay
poor concentration
the soccer doesn't let's see the oven in summer
if you do that then and someone perfect somebody you can see you can see the to situation
you you to zap
who create month club ideas and confusions would then and wow the blue one a day but if you've got
so you see the good summer you can see the good summer you can see the good concentration on yet and you can see the not the thoughts ideas
so a and ancient big is simultaneously you can see if you are if you do doesn't exactly in the perfect summer
the you can see clear
so dog and then it says was the people there really confused by if either one them
see confusions you are half the web by
so you have a lot of doubt but doesn't on then if you a clear bay perfect somebody's in dublin then you attached to it
whatever you see both of them can be seeing query but never had a touch to all you can do it just passed through his fit
the constantly from moment to moment you have to is woven next moment you have to pass through its moment instance this it doesn't always better than circle is can cut scum
then clearly you can see all
then you try you you shouldn't have either one
that the more you want your practice going well the more clearly you can see stinking side did you side of the sep
the how can you be whoop never removed if you tried to remove it it sir
it's lives come it makes you in bewilderment
a computer the band naturally you have to anyway
take take best care of doesn't as it is means doesn't pass through
for a function of monkeys that time they're not worry
that ideas
so from the beginning to end we have to continue practice is so that's why he says they'll get than men measures here a car debating impacts if you want to card where practice and if you want to achieve a document you have to practice
like this
then at that time our aim but sam sam see this see that sadly the principle of self bidding on so at that time if you pass through confronted this for function of islam you can see the serve in
by yeah
and universe in terms of the fact
some one time can you see stink itself nuts things but not totally you can your practice emotion is continue powerful is good that your app
they're they're not sure either one of them jumped up dumpster but this one see but if you continue powerful laptop what he says cog in bed
enlightenment is month of total manifestation of what for function of that
the is called polo dynamic watching
it's think they

yeah they spoke to the of all walking
polk ebay muscle translated portable dynamic walking of know rk
them must the angle of gone said in night the whole works appear
in death the whole of up here
the in life or a all what's a pet or what me pull for function of east
in motion
that is called poor dynamic working
the no room to poke your head into the is cool
so what if the hon like with kovar paul month is taking them hair wash with when you live
men that bathroom when you die than that
that is what twelve month of city of form function for perfect oh
no one not even the i don't know but am i can can go to but if i can pay with
good money innovation i can perform
we come combine he can compute
have you done
their best and because nothing to pin down nothing could get it
that's why people don't want to tack black box that's what people try to find any way putting the money from the pub pushing the bottom getting the in all kept nicole from the bottom this is the dualistic war ignoring this platform wrap up myth
from function of the essence but everyone personally
that is called wilkinson can pour a dynamic working so what it right what is that you should think about this
what's on lately i think the of been pretty often how noisy she would be
you want situation situated near the man
peace walk or peace movement or whatever in pismo the off making noise or in you play in the plot in the of pie then they biology so whatever sciences and also eaten anything
how busy how voices we are
it's very difficult to pocket in please come
with combat
how do we practice deaths are the continuation war of fucking through the full function of the moment the didn't love them
isn't that sky had so if you need that an explanation of that a you don't understand it but if you understand this that the meaning of deep meaning of impermanence to go for bunch of passing through the full funding
one of the essence think you can understand the meaning of scan tab how important it is
why we have to continue to practice this from the beginning to end because we already have been tamed why thinking or feeling understanding of is dualistic
if you understand was seeing hearing journalistically you always do you decide
v anger ago
automatic monica
that is the this family according to one topless the the expression so go ignorance
the classroom to do it
so you will really understand how important can either is to from the beginning to end we have to start to a we have to begin we have to begin to anyway
train ourselves completed in a different way what is complete opposite to you to pay huge on lifestyle would jam packed that's why it's bad if your switch your attitude to i like that we are
that's when sitting sitting sitting there are
so ah
that's why dog and then matin sur
our borders sent out as as it's on one price said the missa
what jays and to say what she such thing
no on
logan been mentioned in the been born weren't the the all have a wonderful because what gave i'm a fan it says except and it found and pay on human aiken
the is unconditioned soup i'm an unsurpassed a state of existence
hmm he didn't say unconditioned
so i wouldn't tell the has a day one for method what it's a good one the method met wonderful mecca a and has they will be
and the past and i looked at sunday february in science
with the something somebody is something more than google back to
perfect good perfect good
that was a good is what has been mentioned via when you go over the body are valued when an instant million if you go of the dog body to call by value of a dualistic thing it isn't victims
that time casting of the band age you are not affected by such segmented distinction though if you are
and they one versa
in just have to the open to him
this is very young human agency
so called unconditionally method
now what is this is great you are not affected by and segmented and thanking me you are not affected by it
the that if you become free a sitcom reader
soco bringing peace and family to the body and mind right now

then the next i want to say that then not a desert meaning of them in the in the king some money
because if you read this or the product will see don't understand know what it means
so i think now if you listen to this maybe you feel you taste villepin
to sit cross legged is to make a leap
straight away transcending the entire world and find oneself exceedingly sublime within the corners of the water and effects
hurt if you said then immediately to make a leap straight away
transcending the entire world and finding yourself
exceedingly exceedingly subprime within the quarters of the words and picture
that it's a curved if you sit down immediately you can book young the entire world this one or the other words on a and b effient wait you can be pm because you get a passport
you are right in the middle of and the for of other you know essence so you can go beyond what is it and that time you can find yourself how sublime you are
what what he said the self a selfie
if you have flu this essence you are you
sadly though you don't know what it is so you you can go beyond
as them must says it's hockey watching the penn says that his cell becomes surfing and settle itself in the sack i didn't understand because he didn't expand
if so
and cells
itself in the south
south kitsap
therapy is a maze a you are you you'd have to be you you are doing
that time you are you will completely settled us have in fact exactly
so that is called then he said but i didn't understand it
but exactly why you can throw yourself into sad because you can go beyond into the war a e and c and a each words
then you can tell yourself in fell means you are acting you are you're in wilton the bullet than fifth two cor unum not if pieces oh
intrinsic mine so you can become black power
the next he said to sit across the leg is to trump over the heads of heretics and devil regions and become the person with the within the bullets and the patriots inmost please with cent
ah to sick the crab leg is to trample over the heads of the heretics and devil mittens thought i think of revenue you are if you sit down you become
he's former
kristen credit him for his know what if the too much you can we go beyond ideal heretic woods and the ideal got me an idea of preference anybody you can do
and then when you do that what will you are you become the person within the borders and patriarch in was princess
the saints
so you become a person but are you are you but you're not heel new or that if you're in with the would of nonsense
oh you a born
next that he says for transcending the highest the heights of the birds and the asia there is only this one dumps then next when you become water bay natural you are trying to to it but if you continue to love and come
continually putting to death for punting of the incident finally will be the tray no trace you leave no trace of the would have become bullets and ancestors
so finally was left
one done
you are moving out of the universe
one number two
so that's why he says transcending had used to sing hey it's highest heights way to whatever you say highest the spiritual life you can win no trace of highest heights some spiritual life
because you continually have voted for punctual me essence know absolutely to poker head into it
but there is only the only this damn that is called data that is called one right for the is called from
that therefore buddhists and patriots practice it that and they never exert efforts elsewhere
that's why would and crafted the stuff
there is not new
you understand
he me
that's all gonna gonna say today
tomorrow i want to stay or spread the net night
the who could
so today i think i want to say meaning that wise of the is important
you can take it velvet and then we can individually we can practice this one but with we are person who longed to the group group with minimis all many beings that's why next we have his
when you practice together they're not right people pulling up by egoistic fence that's why is a roots in western quite next question is how to deal with a roof the eighth spirit of night
then mild how to see not
with just quite different from newton sense

chen have
enchantment j or your channel like out a and when

the man

the hmm yeah
the march alone
there was no answer them
it's impossible
what might know
won't feel cracking it for him
if you and ten point i am hoping for fields
if you are ewing who feels you are you in
he didn't
ah you there
well yes no nonsense of there is no you
even though you can't say that it's know you but because you are you okay but are you are going and that time you are you aim but the
you cannot say you are not there you are there but if you are you lying when you are
the who you you are you i'm they said the asked
if we say who flew my night
do you in the future
what him
no item from you

let's divide the your corn

you smoke less than intuition
so jeff is doing
is that why you remembered for their intrusion you have an if you refer to something that is perceived to be listening
ah isn't would but i am i e is here whenever
is the reference to experience if your arches in the city
you are exactly going through non dualistic work
it sat
i thought you can expense but when you experience it is normal your is an
because he founded do this
it because there is a i and my object the gold bar none you live
a man you'll lives together or they often
it's not on and nine with it
we all know gonna stick it is
that's when he said of buddha aren't the buddha know
get function is a tip
not knowing
not knowing
wood and i'm not knowing moved
or internet
then then once
business on anger
experience them
happy was for
and it was hoping you like emmylou a salad goes away yesterday afternoon
the tomorrow what if they won't cost you can but sometimes you cannot kid
sometimes you can take better
according to your five senses
so many with but better beyond five senses anyway
from company
oh hello
who knows is now for knowledge but the there is a subjectivity exactly but if you become if if subjectivity becomes subjectivity perfect when we don't know what is it something kevin
that's why in the concentration if you're really jump into the origin and same perfectly hundred percent perfect fit you don't know who you are just the three emotions
but a kinds of natal was separated that that economize bot favour ocean
should you
it it to me is that if you
yeah that was it some that again it just never comes back
all you can do is because never did anything and you have to this incident is different from that moment when you have a specific
therefore i feel i have detonated this infant emerging that

so if you that that's what this is it seems to be simple but it's bad bitch
which that practice has lots of meaning there that's why there are many of practices coming up in ah there you have to practice of legal residence at night sarah
and also if there is a many pains come to enter this moment and support your ad for this is a moment in the infant expand into every direction so the him
that's when if you continue maintain his practice clearly you can see parameter of the universe
as a bullet or the one
check something at you
did you said yesterday you said to know that's what from the incident it's possible to understand you
i'm starting some idea like but was emma
europe use the
read reception
the cetera
but juristic that idea understanding i give wisdom and compassion is on an appointment
a tourist in it's important
but it is not good enough so that's why and is that them is with them is napster give you is not kidding