Sesshin Lecture: Genjo-Koan, Paragraphs 1–2

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Sokoji on Wednesday, May 25, 1966
About this talk
Wednesday, May 25, 1966, 1 PM or 6 PM LECTURE Sokoji, San Francisco
Source: Original City Center tape. Verbatim transcript by Adam Tinkham and Bill Redican (2/21/02). The dates of various lectures for the “Genjo-koan” series at Sokoji are inaccurate. Based on the sequence of paragraphs Suzuki commented upon, as well as comments such as, “We have already finished the first paragraph,” the following sequence is suggested: SR-66-05-25 (Paragraphs 1-2); SR-66-05-26 (Paragraphs 5-13); SR-66-03-13-A (Paragraphs 1-3); SR-66-06-19-B (Paragraphs 7-9); SR-66-06-19-D (Paragraphs 11-13); SR-66-06-19-A (Paragraphs 1-11, recapitulation). The “Genjo-koan” was also discussed in the later series of lectures Suzuki gave at Tassajara in 1967 (for which no tapes are currently available): SR-67-08-21 (Paragraphs 6 and 9-11); SR-67-08-23 (Paragraphs 12-14); SR-67-08-20 (Paragraphs 15-18). Suzuki also commented on “Genjo-koan” briefly in a 1971 lecture: SR-71-07-24. 1The date is suspect. On the original tape it was listed as Saturday, 5/25/66. But 5/25/66 was a Wednesday. No sesshins were listed in Wind Bell for May, 1966. This is probably the first lecture in Suzuki's 1966 series of lectures on “Genjo-koan” given at Sokoji. For the probable sequence, please see the end of this lecture. 2Suzuki is commenting on Eihei Dogen's Shobogenzo “Genjo-koan,” following the translation by Kazuaki Tanahashi with Robert Aitken that appeared in: (1) Shobogenzo Genjo Koan: An Analytic Study (unpublished manuscript, San Francisco Zen Center); (2) Wind Bell, 1967, VI (2-4), pp. 60-62, and (3) the [Honolulu] Diamond Sangha [Newsletter]. *** File name: 66-05-25: Sesshin Lecture: Genjo-Koan, Paragraphs 1–2 (Verbatim)