September 23rd, 1971, Serial No. 00275

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ah john
i indicates
how we should practice or we should up
the worse
at what mark the a
he our practice
this is john this is john
so he
at measuring yesterday got my is
ah to plug this by think
another translation of from jana
jaw your a joy is stillness stills
our job is to think deeply think tip
so john it is
and thinking deeply
what just called joe joe joe is to stillness
door is sinking deep
so john my is or is that the through the parties
someone that is there may be someone fool think
ah to do that made the purpose of doing nothing is to be emptiness to be empty a to empty ourselves
ah it seems correct
it seems right but though
at the purpose of zen is not to empty ourselves
our to empty ourselves strictly speaking ace
i think deeply
is that the lives
ah clean
reality of life the realities of life
ah oui
take we have to think as long as life endures
so just sit from this point just sit deeds not and not merely just sit without thinking that thinking
without thinking is with sinkings this is very important
so john the stillness yeah it was just a dig on the contrary to the
but to the point as i have mentioned
to empty our ourselves is too
ah to realize that kelly's
the a solemn
the oddities survive what we have to think deeply
and do this
we have to realize that the lists
stillness stillness
the lips stilts
so there
the doesn't
has two aspects
of it's functions what is stillness galloway is dynamic being
on life
including this boss a both this function of doesn't sell record journal
call it we called emptying ourselves

ah anyway
down on a blue is
to be still
and to think deeply
yesterday as i mentioned
i think deeply is to see into the depths of life
based upon the stream of the changes
five tokens and says if you acquire
a one essence of dumber
he should be acquainted with it
ah who i'm through
he have to
our practice
this one essence of
what gives
stream of changes
string on chance
a stream of tinges is not merely idea he ordered to explain how how deep human being is based on
are these trim of the idea of not the scheme of for changes
on which everything is based
he never man
be right on be right on as if you are you you are right on the airplane
you cannot see new talent see how far how how far how quick we are moving you can't
you just realize these stillness this stillness
now also unlike can only airplane
now only you but everybody ah they're visually idea
the in the domain of the stream of changes
you can you can leave alone
everything must live together
you cannot do you cannot explain what is trans nc
it's free hot what is transit raise the stream of changes because you are you and of with everybody
right on right on stream of changes
right on an airplane
including others including airplane including atmospheres
all seats
so whatever you do
we have to do something you have to do something
on the airplanes with everybody's with everybody that five them master says you should do that than with universe we should do that and in the universe
you shouldn't do you tell an actor me utena do that then within your work you kept it is due to a few think so
they'll do it
strictly speaking you you and everybody are right on the airplane which is called the scheme of things is too
if so you have to do the zen in the universe with airplane with air with crowds with people's with sons
with me all circumstances
these stillness very stillness
there is just unburied the stillness
a within the within within the within being on airplanes
they still based
this is translates to serve as stream of changes wait you are right on the scheme on the changes
you can't see how how how much you are moving
and also this stillness is not the merely stillness
there is lots of variety of dynamic being
dynamic quantity of yourself and always beams people's and airplanes and all circumstances always all things some movie
it seems it seemed that
you are
you are safely on yet you are on airplane in stillness
but stillness is not merely stillness stillness must include dynamic quality of all beings
because everything everything is right on the schemes of the changes including airplane
when or when i went to we experience
how quick how quick everything everything is changing
you know with you encounter when you encounter some event
that time you realize what way instance if there is this hijack on the airplanes
you immediately feel something what
well strictly speaking even hijack his i'll come up our the friends you
but that the unfortunately hijack the a man
new unfortunately a man who is called hijacked because he has
he has he he has a pistol revolver
that's why you say oh he's hijack
he really a distinct
put the phone and for a no deal to against your chest see we can talk me to why
the of that time you say or
height hijacker hijacker who down

ah this is and that's what i at that time you feel something new you feel something but you hate depends are you it is up to you feel you feel happy that i
or you feel sad and saw
in many in many way you feel something you feel something and data not stills students
sort of uneasiness
shut up and automation
no so
you know let's imagine you know
i think you are
notes some they often even the even now i always say my office think about what death is what is
i can't still a talent yet to enlighten myself because i can't understand what deaf ears
sometimes i see i imagine it came i do what death is wow
now i am always work very hard
do somthing hot why is it i have to work hard
in a minute i have to content and with the death
it's pretty hot it's pr to accept to death
ah in comfortableness
it's pretty hard
but absolutely strictly speaking it's imagine if someone shoot you with a revolver to the hijacker
how do you feel how do you feel about the death
i think someone i think god the deaf ears and if someone hit your head the big hammer bombs
at that time you you feel
that's all the moment we feel
this is there
did they're not suffering completely know something but if you think of the death
until the until you you come into current to be death you feel if you fit fear vegas care
when i stepped model for instance hijacker slowly in it'll stick to did nice
the not quit now really forward he had to slowly
nice to your test fish with see rising in a professional she can feel
yes very care
you know
it is pretty hard to wait for death pretty hot
clear because because we think what we cannot help but thinking of death with my head one defeat through is pretty hard
but the moment winner knife is a here that's all
that's all
the pilot
goes in
you feel you experience just a big shock
we then kathy you know something
that's why there must have set a date them when the death master
it is about to kill cut his neck by as a soldier he composed the poor
death is as if a festivals thunder cut them the breeze of spring spring grief
most something is smoke site of spring breeze convince
i think so i think so
but why do you are waiting for the death it's pretty hard it's pretty hard way you you are thinking of what death is why you are thinking of transparency it's pretty hard
it's pretty hard to accept have sent me
but actually we have to open our eyes we are already right on the streams of the changes
so what shall i look
just the all you have to the is just to receive big shock gums so at that time you say or it is death that's all right
you say always happy happiness that i
strictly speaking there is no amount of discussion happy birth or death not i see
or hijacker or great men
or president nixon
more doubtless emperor
whoa great zen master
all all human being zen master what president nixon or japanese emperor received this big shock military
but it's not something just spin breeze
if so please me lax
a piece
please stay right stay with
airplane with
in all
with destiny there is no better way
there is no better way to settle on yourself than to stay with airplane why you are on airplane that's all nothing
by if you think why you have thin why you think of what airframe what people
i tough time you can leave you can trust on a pupil maybe he's hedgehog
we would you can you can trust

so they why you would think of something
that plan you feel always an easy
you can trust or anything
but when will you are right on the airplane with dignity
it's mid which means
everything is right on the stream of the changes
you can accept equally he quite name
zen master or mother and father system brethren known a completely nanning
everything accept this the eyes span the allergies in life

this is the meaning of
the turns nc in breweries okay it that's fine
that's why dogan then says
if you are encounter one essence of activity
you should practice salaries this this
because you are already on right on the here page is no amount of discussion
when airplane may fall into the ground
well when hydro can't make appearances in front of you that's a map
all you have to the is
just on the apron with dignity
then when you when you encounter one essence of activity for instance hate a military make appearance you'll want to for what
it's so should accept you should practice death don't get didn't set cable
but it's not hijack is not special sense
even though i juggle tried to kill you the death is not state of things death is as if
a fuss uk's thunder cat those faint breeze not something
you all you have to do is just to experience big shock
within the big shock to his death
maybe you say you try to put the some idea on it it is called death it is called breath birth is too late
it's no name song that's it you said you always active top
then dog in and says when you encounter one is activity you should practice this tyrell that's all this is very important

this attitude
is a way to live in this world of on the basis of
one essence of dumb
which means
she's steam beer with ms to be right on the stream of changes since best away
the famous dem master said to us
ah life he is
like got like face life seems to get them
to a seems either to get
the zero marks or perfect marks
vito bags or perfect months
yeah the his life is life seems
i to get
or paradise
there is nothing between nothing which mediates between hell and paradise and this method
okay since scooping nothing
what the when there
whether hide your commits appeared suddenly in front wheel you scare you escape that time he is you say want to think guy a million don't don't let me die
please help me
but that is nobody to help you because hijacker stare at now only you everybody they don't know
if you move every murder of it

ha ha

why you say you're screaming please help me
god let me let me know and let me leave
it is you are it is to a man who is moving who is moving in health
i even when
if you know the this is fay good in the other day i met i used the word jesus christ you laughed
independent dealer we had we have for same worse was hackers second means a secondary buddha
what is always
the pride to usaid's the or is just article
what do you have to add to the not
ah voices rise when you call the lies she dabbed this comic
you have to put the all or call me
it is bay prior to your sense of call me
oh water is called missile or music
then chaka his second money border
then all is bright uses for you says to second libra and we call osaka
but we have that is
osaka is
i'm no good idols
our waste articles i use this article osaka

this is a check on dead a hand
which how come is
very great enlightened me
to whom
pay rate with pet this is so check
so damaged no nothing there is nothing wits mediate between you know we sat there and was happens nothing
when turnover completely was hacker riskless raised animals then the woman way you tower again this is chuck nightmare
there is nothing no media and up
no media
this is very important point kid
no medium
bible right
by whites you it's it's pet please help me

why is this if we were even enlightenment even the excuse even you excuse enlightenment

i think go
we always expect
sort of medium woodchucks which equipped exist between health and
heaven paradise
i am seeking for the truth
i am sitting for the truth
what is truth
you know did during second war were you most sober kamikaze yeah claims many people went to them many people are right on the county
and fell into the death
but they all believe
the truth
for the sake of
for the sake of depend for the sake of tooth
take off the pupils
they have to the had to dot
the if you tried to the study philosophy smurf some of well for us we need you why hide it curves it's okay
then you'll find some desperation through the study of philosophy
but maybe you see you may say
i want to die for the sake of the truth
maybe so
a few practices are then and find enlightenment
it is okay i it is okay to commit suicide with doesn't mean can you say so
i want to dive with servant
but it is that the event in his nothing
two thieves not something like that to v not the so and not the awkward
in its function in its function
if you attain liked mint the cac enlightenment he says enlightenment
then you should attain to you should follow the preschool my life please because i can i am enlightened men
maybe second meaningful for the said no way
but am talking about different dimensions came from the second a buddha
voices ah lately even in japan or the two three years ago i went back to japan
that time the students of commissar university
guide to the the violent
he ordered to
he ordered to insist on their freedom
add the campus
and university of kansas justice and freedom
and mind the for a card it says we need freedoms we need freedoms i think free that good him
free will
the in the beginning they believe
they believe the tooth a wet everybody everybody are based on
it is called justice or field
and then they insist on how important justice or freedom ah
but in a day couple of days you know week
the are very interested in violent because people don't want some people don't accept the in there are no
at the people don't pay meditation to the a voice
then he tried to get violent
the beginning
they got they believe the tooth on which everything is based this is liam nice
same as to be said you're the experience of the event
that he liked the cigarette
well after that
let's imagine it's as then enlightenment gradually turn into something
what is called violent
this is too
then said zazi is best
tourism is best
christianity is not a good
it is sort of violent
so violent
but in the beginning you will vary from the bottom of your heart you believe buddha you blame experience observing
what is called freedom or justice that's okay but after that
enlightenment or truth or justice
terry in tooth turn into their something called violent before you are aware of it

salsa to via infected justice of freedom such a enlightenment
ah still in the domain of health name will help in the domain or below zero zero zero on nick
kidnap above the zeal
the new media office where i went
what so get there if he had from fee cold winter everything fits
whatever whatever experience
you lied to men or good or bad
what precepts
oh god we're justice freedom

if you are
if you turn them into something
what does call her violent
you are man who lives lives in the domain will help below zero
the moment wait you are crisis of yourself who is struggling in the domain of the hell the men was the below zero but you want to get out from there
and try hi
they are last you reach entrance of the hill
the for the but in front of the entrance in front of the influence of the health till it's nothing this man
if you want to go boy
the rise that game is just heaven power a song
no candy candy
deeds cat
maybe your justices yes maybe saw your justice the is right in right
your idea a your idea of freedom is maybe right
nothing's nothing right that
in front of in front of entrance of the hill
if you realize if you realize yourself who is struggling in the domain of the health media you have to go into the heaven directory cows
no excuse money kids
but you say always i got there i saw many multi-national challenges

secondly for a full body sat was coming down from the heavens
i say i do ask always say

then famous famous phrase to said to the old mouth way of odd woman for it is about to debt die that's okay don't worry fees have please practice implication on the buddhist knee continue
so i said always to sit
vomit everything and throw them away and just returned to use of them and thought
as dog than says if you are encountered one essence of what tv
all you have to do is just to practice this point guess
when you do with you encountered one essence of the when
oh you have to be is to practice of him at all
but the moment when you realize
a variety of thought variety of beautifully imagination or whatever
you expect and constancy something something which save ourselves from this problem
in buddhism the yeah there are just adjusted number one or tense or case is that are no extra numbers between one or ten
let's tell but this is true this is true
but we're always expecting well please give me the number two
then next moment you've got the differently experience please give me number three
oh well if you want
a well if you want
but consider can see that again what it is
are you sure i i used sure that the number three number two completely serious save yourself from his travels i don't think so
i don't think so
you are a number one right on the number one
the number one save yourself
save you from your skype troubles that's all and then i give a number two at that time you can understand well yeah
yes i understand at that time it is not number one number ten
heaven help
then they must says
have a prop for so
and concentrate on doing doesn't
about your up but you here
but your mind well yes i understand
yes but
what you mean by having the person
xavi is a posture for post diving
you think so
where'd you meet
what is useful
because your mind always seeking number two of three in of for you
because you are overthinking of sleuthing you
without right being on airplanes you always looking at airplane wow what a day i think i'm scared i'm afraid to to be on to be on the airplane because
lp is
have to fall into the ground any times anyway
i don't want to die
office soon you're looking at
instead all right being on mp it's pretty hot
so the question is not more of how in
oh what is what is of avail
two or not or whether it is of avail
to keep right posture in doesn't
or not does matter
zen muster the point out always just one essence
be right on be right on
get back on
we write our your life
the right on the when be right on one essence of activity
when they agree with debbie
whatever happens many thought come beautifully imagination pounds
hi gonna happens appear appears in front of you

this is true this is true
a through this practice
you understand you understand the
your life
who has a tendency of seeking
a medium sort of candy
two three four five six
if you ignore the this truth
truth has just number one or number ten
that it's nothing which mediate between the two
are you going i do you want to go to the hell or heaven
if you want to go to heaven
you are you should be right on right on
the through this practice you you can see tried to see again your life
who is and kinds of the seeking for number two of the field and fought five and song
you can accept that
through the parties through the practice of a being right on
one essence of a tv
you can be arise
the stillness bates tillis trunk way
boy then found the word of the stillness and tranquillity tried to see again your life who is struggling for seeking expecting number two number three number four and song
you can see a whole pictures
that time you say a heart
then you two thousand ah purefoy imagination of nobody sat coms our you
please go ahead
all i have to do is to do that
many thoughts come ah and thought pumps
all i have to do is just do something he's quiet
so the yesterday i read the poem
are composed by a grudge them
in one birds first verse is what does a snail dispute with his horns about

if you don't
i realize this tune as tranquillity on weights everything is based
which is called transparency or that steam on change if you are right on the team of take you've experienced just stillness tranquil
with all peoples with all pupils
now on the you with all people with units including airplane including whole universe
but if you don't understand this point
you always troubling chasing after or i don't want i want i i want that you might remember they don't want the tracks so them anymore
i have to practice i have has study hard because i have to give lecture in english
this is always a man who is struggling below zero he wants
in the help
if you understand this stillness or trunk way
what means that you are right on airplane
right on transit
you can be eyes true essence the the essence the essence of stillness trunk way and can see again your eyes
wait you have struggled for seeking many things chasing after or escaping from it
that with smile with a smile ah
this body d is are dependent on our fleet fire print by then let's says he
he enjoy himself according to wealth and poverty
okay that time that thoughts come
ugly face of the other hat comes for his command his way when you are when you have when you practice invocation of rural voters name
right before you are about to die
you you trapped the implication bonus name man knows no necklace right before you are bored to death guy you practices or them
that time timer the alchemy face of fire on a hat comes a few in a month this way
have we take you to paradise that time he said
didn't yet more said i do
but buddha says please continue to practice
next time
very beautiful face of condom body sad but can come up comes up to you and say come on his way maybe can put sat with a more beautiful than the other had so i will like to go with here with him but society
oh hey that
but whatever whatever comes comes up to you
all i have to do is just do something
being right on the stream of the death that's all
ten month death
that's why you say he enjoy he enjoys himself according to wealth or poverty a web cams to you
well okay
all he has to do is just do us
without a pounds housing is out without
the sui
poverty comes
ah poverty cuffs
he doesn't chase after more money ah poverty comes

who is he who is he who is meant we experience in that way
prom says he is caught an idiot
who is not laughing who is not laughing with his open mouth
what month
in our case when the beautiful face of the kind of body fat mckay cannes up to you you enjoy vehement way it's a big love with the opening miles ah ha
enjoy very much you loved love with opening marks
then i'll be facing were a had comes up to you make a fence or
this is man for his code intelligent kit kennedy
wise men
nothing enlightened
then he had grabbed and says he is called an idiot from is not laughing with of new mass
just how that's all
and the body com a hug
how can face of for our had comes and says command
we understand this self
he thought
even though you yourself struggle for something
the their needs a self who is not bluffing with
you are opening mouth
doesn't ha ha
pains counts
then just sucks succession of practicing their then is getting on
you call me rushing ah
but the itself
cool lives below zero in the mail or below zero
expecting and you
the absolutely strictly speaking
the self who live in the domain of heaven
says just ah who is not laughing with open mouth
you call me say
this selfies fame
this this stuff is
this self
is called
sometimes enlightened man
it is called
tom poti watch tennis
on in one whatever you say that's okay
then next time next moment this self
in his daily life
it is called wisdom
through this self by this self
we have to handle your life
which wisdom
so wisdom and the tranquillity donna
existant simultaneously
as if they are they were inside and outside
it looks like a cloth suit
the inside or outside on the clause your suit
when you put on we have to put on a cloth including inside and outside it's impossible to put on just
outside eating pass
if you realize the stillness this self
itself is already working vividly new day
this is wisdom says
so john or wisdom never man to settle
himself on self
moment month
the domain of one essence of packets one essence of tv
and practices
that's all
says so then says
a new viral disease called like mint
says true nature it is rural nature