Resilience through Shared Grief

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turn our hearts round shy and ah does openness
a gang of sing it again list them than if you want let's try it turn our hearts around just listen shy on us urban the
don't try okay and one and two and one
two hearts rather shy now does open so the i don't know why i don't know if it's just us or if this is just a thing but which is a little behind the be so
just whatever it is you know imagine you're in your car you know year whatever it is and just you know in the old days of the records you can turn tweak tweak it a little so that it
hey tell
gonna clap it out anyone who wants to clap
turn our hearts rather shy now does
turn our hearts
the great okay now the here's the improv part and we did this with a community okay you can imagine the kinds of things to people are going through and
that we're going through right now so i hadn't really you know go deep for a moment if you want to close your eyes and just really
really take root in what something that's hard for you right now whether it's you know your own personal story or something you've encountered in the world and your family locally
and town in this country
the planet
and as you listen
maybe ask yourself and what's hard about that
go deeper

so we can go beneath sort of this on a new vocabulary of feelings are bad bad scared
to really what hurts
what's hard
and if your eyes are closed to know to open them
and just
a word or two of just
what is that that you want to let go off
that's so hard
and if you're so move to just call it out just like you know popcorn popping up
no pressure just naturally call it out
breaking apart
kel i can add to that shame

so that we can include all of those
maybe it's not a precise fit but how to say
pain and so here's how this park cause
we can actually choose three
so if pain is one aspect of that of all that you heard how would you bring all those together
let's have two more words than include all that what you just heard named if pain is one aspect of that would put a couple others
suffering okay
separation great okay here's here's or this marcos
go pay in try that out there
a let go of suffering that girl suffering like cause separation the cursor
issues every one
and now we're going to bring on something that
hopeful part with the same some things what do you want to bring on when you want to bring into the room into this world
joy what else
okay how about joy trust compassion so called response bring
bring entre
bring on com passion
every one
and clap it out to not hearts rather
not as opener
ah turn our hearts
i'm shy as or better serve three's a charm
turn our hearts
sigh as openness
oh the army and then they're great and that
that's resilience that's what resilient sounds like it is joyful it is trusting it is compassionate and it includes everything includes all of us
it just seemed so amazing to me
so i'm noticing the time and you know as with many things
you know what is it
what's that line about 'em you know are you make a plan but god has other plans or something like that anyway
so i did have a second story and mind of course which i just like to just like to read
which is a q and cannons messenger
the few surgeon was a twenty one year old monk when his beloved teacher died he was distraught and wandered aimlessly praying to ken on the bodhisattva of compassion his mother was so worried about him that she has signed a servant to surreptitiously follow him one day if you came to a bridge and
so myself into the water and i just want to say as you're listening to this story just notice what it's like to listen to it having kept into as we just did into joy and trust and compassion just noticed as anything shifted since the last difficult story
we were encountering so one day if you came to a bridge and thought i will throw myself into the water if my life is spared it will be proof of the bodhisattva cannons protection and if not at least i will be good fish food in either case canon will not fail me
just as he was about to leap off the servant appeared caught his arm and gave him message from his mother it would be filial to harm your body enlightenment will have its proper day please persevere it did not jump off the bridge instead he returned to the capital to pay his respects to is
peter reminds me of an old lie know it is the jewish story but it's some in everything's in the town says a lot of ways to to read a story tell a story in other guy writes to his parents and first the dad opens the ladder and it says mom dad i'm broke send money your son
and the father goes
i you know what a what have you know what a good for nothing how rude would remain in i'm not sending in anything and the mobsters wait a minute wait a minute you don't know how to read that that that's not what he said let me see that letter and she opens it and she says
mom tad i'm broke i need money send some
your son it goes right now that he's asked like a match it was present them some money so you know it's like that so here here we are you know tapped into joy and trust and compassion and are reading this this this story which in some ways you know as i read it anyway it's like high you know just the facts ma'am kind of ten
selling of i mean seriously he went to he went to the bridge and he had all this sort of clever stuff about you know fish food and whatever
ah you know who's who's telling the story who whose voice
and you know what was the town of of his mom when when she had this these words to say and you know what what occurred to me is
ah because in the end you know it's not about whether these stories actually happened and stuff like that but it's really how how does it land with me and with you
which was oh i could so relate to how it is to be going through something incredibly painful and confusing and everything else anxiety producing terrifying even and just go into some kind of you know rationalization
if logic spinning of ah well you know if i jump off this bridge either be fish food or i you know that than the and then
from seemingly out of nowhere in oh someone appears
says something basically as simple as hey i really love you and it would break my heart if you did this thing where are you
cause i'm right here i'm right here and i need you to persevere because we're in this together is kind of hear his mom even though
the way she said it might very well have been completely straightforward because that's how it is and maybe that's their relationship such a straight talk wow what a gift
to really been met in such a moment to
speak through her servant to her son with a great trust in his capacity as kiss a good tommy in her crazy seemingly denial crazed grief that actually is right there
and this is what we do together
and this is what we're gonna continue this afternoon with something called the jesus or ceremony
we do this once a year
and it's a time to honor loved ones who have died
and very briefly a jesus was the bodhisattva of great vows and embodies the energy of the earth to anchor
and to come home to
so i wanted to close with a poem by real con
the great
the crate zen fellow who
in all his wild wandering ways and to me who has this sort of i don't know if it's exactly androgynous or gender inclusive ambiguous fluid way
somehow somehow very sensuous and his expression
tivo's great bow
our vow
when i see the misery of those in this world their sadness becomes mine
oh that this monk's robe or wide enough to gather up all the suffering people
in this floating world
nothing makes me more happy
then the vow to save everyone
and i'm noticing that we only have a few minutes
oh okay so my clock is slow so can on
an eq and kiss a good time me and jizo are telling us
time's up
time for a change
time for love
thank you are