October 3rd, 1971, Serial No. 00061

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no ah yesterday
i food
a or something is
vega totally
or stubbornness

our party
the book audacious ask asked marks
self centered and challenged to brings the joy of heaven itself but it is like shooting in our at the sky
little text
says do so just saw who fair
johnson or sarah
sure ten cool
two soul and really is to stay to stay on for his form or frame fame
hmm verso from in this respect juice or is
to set the frame to to set the frame what to make up to make a fence to make a frame anyway
ah this is do so this book ah says self centered self center
ah so anyway do
the man
ah has the tendency of
i'm making a fence or of fame immediately the every time when whatever you do
this is do so
or self according to best translation
as the over good rumford's and musk says the we a man like cars
ah ah like about made by a thick skin when just called stubbornness
it is called gum p hey in job case can be hey guy his stubbornness bouquet is that belt made by a thick skin
something must have says we a man
ah like are hurting keeping the a bug confer she sees
that twelve expression
put a bug of faces they just day he always says you should wash your back of for faces again and again numerous the the back of a faces
in front of you
please wash and a camera kid but they didn't understand what is the bulk of physics
anyway this is ah into soul
ah yes
if you need their think old testament
day i think in the tub too far
tap the three a smooth thirty three chapter a third chapter of the genesis i think you will find events to installing new
ah know day
let's you know so well but this story or barter adam and eve
our the room twin know the anyway got created
god creates adam and eve as a man and as a woman
then the got the jehovah god
ha said to them don't eat the fruit on a tree
for very interested in eating that fruit that fruit because the it's very good very good for food
then she tried she ate the fruit
and also she shared it with hit her has been autom
the moment when they ate the fruit
that they noticed the realize that their eyes are open
they will that can they were very spread the thorough something you know they will be surprised at rue seed
adam noticed to be nicht
so far he didn't know he didn't know that the moment when he ate the fruit he noticed he is route wow
dan if pick up a name
what's kind of leave but barely know
well of freak
he pick her up the been know
pick leaves
and made to get a sword together
me or would you call lawyer roy in covering for themselves for himself lying in no way
growth nine crash
take a feel rude it

ah this is all story
and then this is
the already do this is all eaten
for a man to be against the commandment of god
this is first time it was first time for me
this is all origin k of blue against the common commandment to the god
come to me
ah but he tried to consider this story this is the interstate story it's not merely the old story not marry old story
a day
the moment when they ate eight they ate the fruit
i noticed that they are neat and so lives together and mater not in clause for themselves immediate it leads to set to fame to make a frame to make of face
it's immediately for themselves
then when when do we went did we mate said to cut set your fame or fence you know pay
far away with thousand years ago more thousand years ago

you know buddhism in buddhism ah
the they didn't explain when we make such a face
are they said the sector faces a made beginning leslie beginning leslie were beginning less
ah no excuse me at the beginning less
the beginning with force of making such a fence or frame

ah that's fi the

the the in the verse of the confessions we say the all the in the calmer ever committed by us since road
on account of my beginning less greed anger and fully born of my body mounts and thought

anyway the nobody knows when we make when we make this face which is called components which is called vigor tie

if it is sir
beginning less
it is if we ate it makes if we make too big a guy since the beginning less
of the pound
i think we will will have to practice you
a wanted to
eliminate eliminate this v guattari
ah endlessly endlessly
so that fi
the four noble truths
ah is considered
a so noodle last time we always stayed with truce the view that the kinds of for something's as well as the way the raise to enlightenment are innumerable


a thinking or buddhism
a his three same story
answer they the story with two cars in the old testament
the man a man who has committed a crimes
ah is running away or his way
i came across
a fear a few years animal
is chasing after him
on his way to run away
he noticed that the deli's
a bit well
so he tries to hide himself
by descending into a well by moon so
mine's going down the size
the as he descends into a wow
he noticed and he notices
to opened his mouth in the bottom of the wealth
he was play surprised wow
so he try hard he try hard to court
the vines
so as not to fall into the bottom of the well

he's i'm sorry i completely get tired
and food into the bottom of their well
from he fails he was to the mouth of the vipers and suffers his death
so he tries hard to hold
the vipers but that time he found in founder to mice one right
and the black
wooing vines lying the route the vines
why not now would and roots had their the okay you can find out there there anyway
him biting me he write the to revise mice and vita vines
the woman he find he noticed that the to mice
ruining the vines
it's the same time she noticed a bee hive from watch of force a drop of honey
so he takes and pay interest in
ah eating this honey
so he can you start to eat for getting all the dangers he it he eats
i drop of honey
the same faith
i think it is lots of fun and it is a thing it is failing to eat a drop of honey
going to going down in a row
where advised goals
in size
the thigh he tried to eat
this is true this is rachel than a day i went to the safe way
the shopping
by myself and that time on
when now when they
when in
ah the same fe
the a mother
i'll break the cowed
i think of a musty three or four years girls
i ran out of the safeway
that time of the little child didn't noticed
the the ross that there was a curve
nearest now curve is a little higher than lord
ah the brother
a rock
in a little far distance from the her child
the same route they see fell down into the wall our right they she's to assume bursted out cry then mother turn back
oh look at this baby and new town
without saying anything just like this
the moment when mother tongue back looking at her
the this bury the tad a tad start crying stops crying
and that that while i thought oh why did why the shader start for crime
hey that's maybe second a central minutes several minutes later she stopped crying
and then
she she grasp something then she said mommy
i got the penny two pennies
i mean i got to parents
but mother i didn't pay much attention to it to pennies and to her children to
but problem was that the she made it to live there and rationally into the fairway and as to into the same fe and then at that time mother said where are you going mother the name the tad sarah i will go
to get the gum
from the small muscle you know the small machine you put the ball penny and
you've got to
gone to guns
then that time my group the and the mother
the mother rook the and me
and both a smile
very quick very quick
the scammers in vega chi
israel quick in movement
sudan's to find the money our money
grasp it was snowing or
should get the gum
i must go back to the same way and we did didn't get the gun read it as she left very quick

this is a fake this is a frame
this is a frame that to everybody me
everybody makes immediately
lauren a roaming very fast it's pretty hard to get rid of it

so study or took a courtesy in the old testament is not merely all the stories
from the question in a tomato off and it's a model it's very important matter which the men in our days
is always confront to with this got tommy
but from this from bigger pie phone these fabulous
you will enjoy yourself
to have
nigga tony
the woman went in for into the ground
find the companies and burbank to the safeway and get the gum
from small mercy
are there are lots of fun it's me display ice lot
i think loco dice you know so well by that that's why we could i says that self taste and serve center ted charity bruins the joy of heaven itself
maybe so

this is the do so do so
with joe cause leak on text
those are more safe it is i'm gibbons gibbons
which is one of four six kinds of practice for body software with discord the six panel meters
the arm gibbons
is to give something to others
now under material things not only things but spiritually you tried to give us something

why is this ah
i'm making bow
all paying respect and saw to others
the dumbest now only in japan but also in united states dumbest are they interested in ah
the asking the people
forum they are supposed to pay the best respect to you know
they always ask you you
for my you supposed to pay grade the best to respect to
the independent one a for day one of the japanese said well i paid the best the priests up with respect to
a entertainers
i named before like your body but japanese in into tenants
the other day i found that i lead the magazines united states on for their maple magazines that journalists as contain the same way to the people young generation that down donations said i paid the best to respect to wire
day actor gangway don't like
it is okay no i don't moods bad and don't erase okay
but the in japan where there one of the companies said and is packed i respect whitley to one of entertainers
well that's good
but i want to i want to ask him why
then i think the probably he may say wow
he's or she's great entertainer why because he's a high highest the highest pay cats
pay taxes
oh the highest tax payers i highest tax payers
when you you can pay best to respect to him
they said here she is great what's great
she said she said the aca is that the highest taxpayers

the other day that one for students are said they're cut again you wait well what is great so i was very surprised that there listening listening to this marks a month so what's great
he said the wrong you become larose
boss block
before why she to stay

it's fun but this is true
you are great i think you know why because sera rossi you become more you get the title of receive ba de bois before you get to the title of rossi just like to
make the sutton to sidebar
i thought

the it is called self centered fatality
it is called sales centers charity
now always social happens in your mind
what what goes beyond control
damn bar debar

and second the second
the second fire
the six practices for body sagged v a's
ah precepts precepts
the precept is always questionable for us you ask always what put his precepts
they you are you right you are deceived or nation
circular circulation give you are the sixteen precept prohibited percents while can much
so why too much crystal
why are you doing a show tinting the precept to work too much present
the first precept is not to kill okay
then he tried to always clear at not to kill and access taking a nod to on a piece of paper in the boonies buddha says not to kill

then are you always follow you tried to follow the your life according to the noise
first says not to kill
not to steal something like that for instance when you get up early morning and she'll get up early morning folkrock then next second is wash your face and so is go to vendo by for twenties and then next
do thousand
then next kid the next breakfast
that didn't try to follow your life
then the the same was to be set of the falling the precept to verve in the precept to look at the not first not to kill
sometimes rat make appearance the infernal view that
but lately she you look at the notes what what to do it says not to kill well what should i do
so i let you go was main the to kill
the cathode not to kill well i shouldn't killing
but already met lots has gone to disappeared
miss moment mosquitoes makes appearance
your ants the mosquitoes
what can i don't look at the paper note well what's not to kill well mr kill
but after looking at and right
you look the and through scandal but mosquito has gone
them mosquito transfer to another person and grooms a person's arms
the skill over there
see you are very interesting in what he's doing
immediately he exists or urine not breweries

then the look at the pit and woods first said buddha says not to kill but kind of gay says
it is okay to kill the most keen on works look at the not it is okay to kill the carry on like fish

it's pretty hard if you find your life in that way
at the same time the eyeglass you are confused
because you finally arrive office take root and rights what buddha says not to kill night to still

anyway i will have to explain about precepts there someday but de no i don't have enough time to explain a precept

then you
i tried i ask you why why is it you observe the precept probably you may say or i want i don't want the hill i want i don't want to go to the hill
i want to go to the heaven
that's why i want i want to observe the precepts

a through tried to follow your life according to the not
now always can be something in there is something what to make appearance in front of your life
i don't want to go to the hell that's fry i want to observe the precept
i don't want to kill mosquito borne says not to kill
it is okay to kill the mosquitoes because cut a gay said it's okay to kill something like that
always simple their you

i'm writing to our observe the precept
wherever you go wherever you go to the hell to the heaven
even though you you will get any minutes
found the practice of observing the precept why don't you just follow the precept
if you do then
you know he doesn't expect influencing why don't you just do it doesn't
what is very important enough

the food is
our patients
the practice of patient
the dem master says stay with your pain in doesn't
so you must be patients must be perseverance
in the practice of zazen staying with a p
that time love that's it maybe to stay if if i am patient if i am a persevered and
staying where the pain
something will happen right car
the enlightenment smaller enlightenment or broken item mint a small hallucination or decrease in the partner
or going through imagination or for brody central or camera bodies actor
on the angry ago face so for anna hearts are many thought you you it's expect something
they must says you should stay with be well maybe she has some reason why he has to say maybe so for you you expect from reason
say you three are plucked we will hard you work hard
staying with paying then you for a moment and pay is gone why is good you know
you feel for good won't pay cons
next moment very true quality comes up to you
a wonderful
then next moment
beautiful can body circles come down from the heaven
come on this way
the county's there were a decision right to and make us up
next moment there i'll give fates the our had to be the i will face
the hundred allah had hundred five hundred our hard to breathe the i will face come up to and said come on while at it's not unite
many a stooge who i don't want to go there
this is i thought this is a practice of the perseverance what do you try to follow that
why don't you just stay with on to staying with pain
whoever comes
bernice saw come on brody cent were really beautiful face the come up to and say c'mon
gasquet just doesn't
next woman the i'm five hundred donna huts with ugly face cameras come up to and said come on this way
why don't you doing that then you just two inch as it

this is fay important

if you expect to from the in from patience

maybe you can you try you can
this year i'll risk risk your life todos us and you know
you can cook day ah
you can the deserving hods for wrong time as if your brown was cashed in from though in removed from the bones and muscles while crushed
by you have what
maybe you can do that
a termly enlightenment it is true
but why do you expect something why you why are there is something
in crew to a school skillet
you cannot become buddha
the broader always to set whatever happens for we ever comes up
body hardware on our hearts
well better or president nixon
was garages
we have accounts

this is very important
when the them must affairs stem with a pain to stay with a p

ah the first is the practice aware of what


i think the the effort in buddhism
the the attitude knife as i mentioned
ever cans whatever happens

honolulu the precepts
will result in nothing

isn't though you go to the hell it will know you got to the heaven
they have to make every possible effort
to just follow
no doesn't
this is the true meaning of effort

the fifth the is the practice of zazen

the thing is the practice of oh how did miss
mindfulness without expecting anything
if you do doesn't and have to go to the hell you tried to go to the hell
lifts us in

you don't expect to go to the hell to go to the haven't
does does it

and the fix is the practice or wisdom
if you attain night mint
you are they did did in attaining enlightenment
there was one for monks for a cane a to meet and unloading die school
in a monastery
the console always
ah he's great proud
because he attained enlightenment and got to don't scientific studies state from the masters
go over so
he's proud a ten enlightenment in didn't die temple
every time whenever he guide the new monk
always he said a attending like first voice said i had the enlightenment in then concise and monastery
what about you it doesn't need
he was disease now looms as in the of his coat
he always
and the show
the protocol of the third key to enlightenment
are ready for you do a few the shoulders pluto card of the certificate i don't as in for three years i do as in for five years you can't throw the native the to knit nature of yourself because poor
carla or this covered with you would you
we're already you are all covered with a poor car in i attained enlightenment
look through mask
you can put on any time you turn to refine any time
if you don't want you can pull aside if you want you can put it a keenly not too many

it is not dare try moving of using the wisdom
even though you attain lied to me even though you're not obtain item and
why don't you guiding why don't you take him kill off new monks
this is pretty good

this is so approx the twice as you put to the name of for puts the name and ten center called body sudden how both datasets lindell they bodhisattvas
but someone someone could criticize
zen center
ah particularly circular kanye
a circulation and cut again makes the root for money the doesn't
by saying the in
what do you think about it
maybe so movie song i did security and i security the i think it is so
thirty years since he came he came to united states so for thirteen years he has fought southend
i have thought the then in four k ears anyway
so i did what we sell always do doesn't deserve it
are many people come to the zen center that can participate in session please gimme and forty dollars
but let's imagine k s possible to make lots of money saying doesn't
it's really ridiculous scene
two the zinc is unprofitable
how also the those who are interested in taking dancing all a ploy
maybe out for forty dunno but because he have a princess or any i have to participate in session so you have forty does if we pay if i take some forty dollars from you you don't have anything any worried they were when you
have to get the hitchhike
the doors so our roles for in interesting in zaza now they put
but someone says skin lotion i make a lot of money to buy saying that doesn't it's ridiculous you
if i want to do if i want to make money i give a for sale in doesn't give denver for holding the position zen priest
who right to get the find a very good job
and i will not run a big business
i think it's better than and st it's better than the thing disease in

ah but forever or whatever the people criticize the zen sarah doesn't fit all the way a severe reach
because they get to the big building and cause hard to
in appearance maybe we have for some money but there are actually we are very poor
they don't know exactly how pro we are
man that's okay that's okay wherever whatever they say
we have to continues to continuously christians us in
even though you don't give me the money
the participating in the session
we have to continuously say place to jersey
even the normally comes to zinsser
a wolf dooms us i'm by myself
this is our practice kate
what you to keep in mind that there is always something what makes appears in clique rotel spirit
yes is an abacus
using the abacus
one press ruiz equal terms well i would do that then
a fucking well done you little bring
a great tranquillity to you well
i won't do that site

this is this is the practice what do we have to eliminate to throw away
at any cost

tom time consciously or sometimes unclear to see it makes appearance
because a goes beyond our control
maybe it'll take you so wrong to eliminate
maybe forever

why even though the practice even the practice doesn't
lecture and it doesn't eliminate
ross bonus were bigger tiny
important point is that
we will continuously dues us and
at that time that this practice is
true practice to practice
we have through this point

what is like shooting in ottawa and the sky
the with all the all energy
you try to expect something from doesn't from the armed gangs from the patients from the precepts

this is as if you should you showed should it i will add the sky
it is in the you shoot the animal at the sky with almighty

the this our roof for down to the ground
amazing before day in the story of the monkey
who had the strong haughty spirit
the buddha says
not monkey said i can i can fry to the end of the space
buddha says try that
so with all his my energy he food to the end of the space
then that time he noticed to pick four paws in front of him so he put the brake then find out this is maybe it can be it seems the end of space
so he was very happy new
and that time she should hate she thought i should left a proof to be here to be in the end of the space think you could mark the banner woods or for course that says with a brush
the afternoon put some putting the marks and in the bottom of the for paws
the bruno says little mooncake
i'm sure i'm sure to date at the end of the space said yes yes am the this poor doesn't look at this marks
are you sure yes
in so
ah this monkey said
i am about to come back to their children word right now
then he woman when he about he is about to move there
oh four paws for stones
and his body was completely covered with the first pause and she didn't move it puts why
help help
i'm looking upward he found that he found a buddhist face while or you are buddha yes i am bored
the buddha says what's a model with you well please help me i can't root for it
the he looked at loan amount exists
in front paws
right to bombs the his body
then that taking he noticed that for ports are brutal suffer fingers in a pool us for years why this is of hands yes this is my hands
but monkey with a monkey in foot
he thought i read at the end of the space but you are just in my hands that's all
they you tried to shoot you try to shoot an hour at the sky with the all images
encounter to spill it
just bought a hit
yeah in andrews it's ms that
whatever you do in curtail spirit
is not much values
then compared with infinity infinity
in the light of the buddhist word put afford these huge

that's fine dollars hold hold the monkeys are no monkeys in his hand
he can get rid of buddhist sense but hesc to a team spirit thought wow i can alienate at the end of the space

then that's why the dogan than says stroll away
the purpose of the practice our practice is to throw away this spirit curricula to spell it
uk italian
the purpose of religion the purchase our morality

when talking then says control to throw away his
to become infinite infinite
k infinite
to throw away is identical with infinity
so we have to out the practice of law practices to faraway this point
chevron is bigger time
which i nap man
ah to believe himself that he reached he can lead at the end of the space
ah continuously we have to practice in that way this is painful if so you understand what the practices what do your life is