October 31st, 1972, Serial No. 00344

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ah model case number two

padres ways
body down the and the emperor on
de and
consider this
the emperor who have the young as good body download
what is the ultimate principle of the holy truth
damone said body done said
vast emptiness and nothing more holy
the emperor as again
who is he then that conference me
body down the said i don't know
the emperor failed to understand
thereby body dam across to the liver for in the temple and spent nine years they're sitting at the war
this is whole story
this is bay famous story
i see you know so well
in brooklyn fare go
this story is this story is in the first the first modern case
by enjoy your local
it is second case
i'll consider this the emperor of the day on ask a body dumber
what is the ultimate principle of the holy truths body dumb said vast emptiness and nothing holy the emperor's asked again who is he then that conference me
body down the sets i don't know
the emperor failed to understand their by done no close to deliver for shorting the temple and spend nine years they're sitting at the wall


or this our modern case
a wants to tell us
what is
by you what is the volume
what is the supreme value in life

it's not so easy to understand want to the value is what's the most
the want to the supreme value is like
it's not so easy
if it is if it should be easy for us to understand it
they wouldn't exist boras patriarchs who had who had practiced so long

how can you how can you understand the supreme value in life

i think
the nature all personality otherwise
the personal clocked by the personal character
you have to understand it
what is personal trout
what's kind of personal character
is it
by what kind of personal character can you understand did this to claim by you
this pin and
the personal character
is called buddha
you must cultivate your personal counter
as the buddha at the bottom
that time you can stop what
supreme value is like

that's the point what this story
tells us

the intro of the young as could dump body damn waste ultimate principle of the holy tools
our emperor who have the leon
was made famous emperor in tyner for lived
four hundred sixty five to five forty six

oh it is said that bodhi dama went to timer
in five hundred and twenty years so salt
the body down went to tenor
the buddhism was
transmitted boris was there already
this through
in china was very famous
the garden as
body starter
body sought to by emperor
the buddhist empire
so he knows so well what bullies mix

he heard
body damn came to come to you there america economic to tyler
not bodied i'm and group
hurt the body done come to
so he really wanted to see
who body dummy is

because he spent
his wife to practice and study buddhism
a long years
buddhist priest and buddhist test
pretty dress
immediately computer ask polly dumber
i have
help buddhism for wrong ears
building temple helping the buddhist priest bullies raymond's a woman
what profit what profit me
body done with says nothing

him and then on that time she he was he is slightly confused
if there is nothing to get after studying and practicing buddhism helping the buddhist claimants and a woman's and priest and priestess and building the temples
helping the bullets the organization
whatever kind of activity a half

what what's the purpose of the bullies
he's very confused when it's bodies
dang emperor ask what it is the ultimate principle of horny tools

police they've seen famous
novelist know breast
in japan
named ah salsa keen nuts me
ah you can read one of his works
it was already translated into english
one of his works
title title of that title of one of wishes works his mind
there are he wrought of

practice zen buddhism
in eighteen ninety four
under the famous been dies a mustard named chuck foil you'll also know should sign shock
was about to
inaccuracy in kamakura
a single time before he practiced to zen buddhism under the check soil under the guidance of teacher named chuck fine he practiced he had practiced several time and the guidance of different
teachers in japan

ah because
this writer
has rotted troubles
yeah his life
day in day out
he tried to get out he tried to get out his troubles

in darkness at night
his thinking
i want to get up i want to get out
and day he fell he feels that his mind
leary autonomy
a nice
he really hate to see his mind he felt that his mind is very weak
probable colored
i is unstable a terrible mind

then he feels
a thought of oppression sort of pressure sort of pressure
like kissing his test
his heart
he always fears are soil or patients
so anyway she want to get out this a sense of oppression
an actual way in actual way
because a sense of oppression is really actual the are practical not to conceptual intellectual

but other time the more he tried to he tried to get out of this trouble
the more
how would you call
a mistake a mistake what did he made in past
a witnessed corps of creating troubles
his father separated from his actual daily life

the other words
he doesn't have
any room he doesn't have any room to reflect and point himself
who makes every possible effort to see what the cause of this trouble is like
what he wants is just to get out get out that the trouble
what he conference in everyday life
so at that time he doesn't cares he doesn't have no mean to think to put himself on others before he think before anyway she doesn't have any room to think others
his life is completely encompassed by the principle of eagerness individualism

i doubt he tried to find some way q
to get out that way actual troubles without looking and without written and the cause of this troubles
but it's pretty hard for him to get up

no matter how difficult no matter how he find it difficult to get rid of this trouble
something should be done he feels he feels something should be done right now
he order to create a new rife life

a new point of view in life
a new point on view in knife is not something what
you can listen to it with your mouth with your head
he thinks
he has to listen to it with might haha
then he thinks i have to make my horror i make my mind strong
then he got good ideas
then is very good
very good enough to make his mind mickey's hero strong
then he decide
to go to practice
under the guidance of then teacher
because at that time
zang is
great religion
what never was and man
to give
the reputation and assurance of one's existence
if so
i have to i have to he has to practice zazen
even though he was his absence he is absence of his office for ten days for twenty days he doesn't matter
it's he is really like make the student
give up everything and packed sand that's pretty nice
anyway he went
but he
allowed than temple
a young monk was
about twenty eight years old
take seem to his room please come this way
now room was very empty
then please make make and make us our home
it was the season
when he went
a it was the season was the winter
the room was very aimed and just one small hipparchus thought
no heroes
he immediately feels
ron dennis wow
he didn't understand why i came here
and then he thought i did something wrong
i did three two one
but this monk was very calm
with smile
tell it's nothing so cause stiff stiffness
vase moves he's actually very smooth
risk this way please make yourself on all
then he left
in a ten minutes and fifteen minutes he can map to his room and said
larose wanted to see you please
follow me
they have followed this young monk
then he see
he said
in front of their rush you
was she said welcome here
and first fall
you try to think try to think

one before his and giggles
means which means the self
who was born prior to his
prior to the birth of his of his parents
try to think for self prior the birth of his parents

he he didn't have any ideas to think in what direction he should think
he didn't know how to answer to this question can just say yes yes rashi day you left
at that time it is not there it is not she
regularly i think twice a day
the most of time
he had to sit in his room along
he felt a sort of duty
thinking of self prior to the birth of his parents
then you thinking thinking thinking every day day after day
ah but he didn't understand

one day
the young monk asked him again please
come to the law is slow
because like he wanted to see you
think he walked he went to see him
callings samantha samantha to this question but he didn't how he doesn't have any answers to guess chris but he had he had to do
then he tried to get some month
then he explained what it is like
that time plus she said

your answer is vey general
and everyone what anyone who can study buddhism
answer to this question like you
your answer doesn't come from
your mind you hello
he was really upset
by anyway
he feels still big duties to think of it
the more he make a pathway for to think the boy he feels
that he has done something wrong
and then he said the his works
he said
i am a stomachache i have a stomachache now
that's why i come to zen temple to find the method of remedy

then i asked i just i went to see the them master the master give me give me some remedy the mess of don't lemony it is that self prior to the birth of the his parents what does it mean by that

keanu some medical treatment anyway
but that's answered that medical treatment given by the them master is completely fall out
possible for me to think
it seems ridiculous

but after that
anyway for ten days
he tried to stay in the temple
at last
he cannot he cannot be patience
to practice so then
to think of
thank you decide to leave the temp
and before he leaves temple
the young monk
pick same takes him to see to the righteous wrong
saying by

dang that our last
of the story
he said
deflecting appoint himself
he said
and this is he this is he
who cannot go through the gate
you cannot
ignore the existence of freedom for can't ignore the existence of god gate
oh he can do is
does to stan stand up
before the gate
and kill
a date
is dark
the day become night until the day become right
this is conclusion okay stones conclusion of his practice
this is he who cannot go through the gate
no food cannot nor a food cannot
ignore the existence of gate
but all he can do is
just to stand up before the gate
in front of the gate
until the day become night


this gate is
eagle he as

disney is
this man cannot go through his eagle
nor can ignore the existence of eagle
oh he can do is just to stand up
in front this eagle until the day becomes night
he complete big collapsed he he craps in front of the gate

because he's see he sees big eagle good cake on his
the more you think the corn the more he found he find big eagles
so-called gate
he's not
he's now play enough to break this gate and go through this gate
not enough blame
to ignore
the existence of
eagle looking at facing confronting ego a game them again

he just crops

he expect he expects
some way
to make his mind strong to make a is hara strong
but after practice there is nothing to make his mind to make a holiday strong
he always he cannot help
hitting his forehead against his big egos

and then
and this is okay this is okay
this is one way one of ways
to live one's life
then at that time
you will find some dead end
this is a person riker
kingdom shunning who is founder of since school

his since i'm always fanuc stand up in front of gate
can tell that they become night
and killed that they've become night means for a symptom
he has to he have to rely upon amitabha buddha
throwing away his ego
plunging into amitabha buddha

but then
what is sin

ah well known fact
a buddhist scholar says in his book
in spite of its growing popularity in the west
it is unfortunately still easier to say that zen buddhism is not done to define what it is
for it is not a religion or philosophy not psychology or science
let's say what i said
according to him to his understanding zen buddhism is now run it notes philosophy now say courage now science
what i said according to his understanding then is a way of regulation
which means getting rid of the troubles like you confront everyday life
what you mean a way of revelation a gruelling levitan
it also free psychology of science
is your corn
it will depend on all of you whether zen buddhism won't develop in united states
your she'll think this is very important ten buddhism is religion or philosophy psychology or science or and bully buddhism is not really do not fast enough science not say college
the would is is a way of revelation
what do you think about this this is very important
big corn


this rider like a am
he did many things
for the buddhists for the studying for the sake of studying and practicing them bodies bodies

but she doesn't understand
actually he's very famous in china at that time
he's cold body sagged were empire
he's called buddha empire
many people pay respect to cute
according to hit body doubles
it seems ridiculous
because he didn't understand what bot body switches
because he asked what is the ultimate principle
of the holy tooth

in the small extra small intention
exclusion not been teaching in the small exe extension
no expense
the small expense
this writer or and po try to seek
buddhism he ordered to get rid off some trouble in order to get something
after practicing
but whatever whatever you seek wherever you think think
is really ridiculous
according to the border
because all what writers this riders an emperor will try to seek
is done is done in the small expense

then body dumb says vast emptiness and nothing holy
vast emptiness

means the world you live is fast in the vast expanse
well be
beyond the imagination
beyond your expectation

perversely emptiness minced in this case it for it

you know you quantity
what is the for it

there are not human being in this ward helping companies
marshall peep
the other day i mention
they're all
you think they all exist in the word so called the buddha

the quality what you have thought usually is
something which you tried to make something plane
a taking some something from die higher place
and put it into law place
it is called a quiet
make something play
taking something taking something from higher place and put it
into law place
then you think this is a quiet
i don't think so
if if
every it is freedom or vast emptiness
you are living like or dislike and imperil
even though you think i can make it plain

is still some trouble
this equality
as seen in the duality opposite to
that's why you try to take something from the higher place
a higher place is something seen from dualistic idea
opposite to roar place that's why you have to take something from the higher place and put it in the wrong place
it is not freedom
it is not real actions so call liberation so call a quiet
in buddhism equality is

higher praise itself is a quiet it
bro price
is a quality in its
expanse in its word
hey let's try understand is when this is very important
hi appraise it is also equality key
in its own ward
is a equality
this new motto of discriminations compute a quite low price and the role place is equality
in need in its own what

at a gay is man came
bob is matt
kathleen is men

then word that time you can't find a quiet
i am man you a man
but if you say the if you if you call me a cup of tea
capecchi the present so for discriminations that sort of war the word of discrimination or his same priest or years japanese
oh he's so the nice panties scaring american he's becoming a mag

and then if you find something something wrong on me
hey could you
why don't you credit
because use them much
taking something taken something wrong
higher praise so cause same praise zen master and it in the word of person for cord zen student came
ain't you want to you weren't you like of you like i inquiry
zen students or them as the equality of course then insist on the quiet no discrimination that's right
then gather day i mentioned
some one on for stood in the hit for teachers
this is pretty good for me

cut the key this man
is completely free
completely free you are completely free
you aren't man not make
you aren't men i am a man
at that time let's imagine the war consisting of these men
men men men men mit
all a man be completely for
but before we are act to see we are very curious of seeing
something in appearance before you try to see you try you make every possible effort to see new meaning of a quiet
a man so court man
that's trouble
the employees came in buddhism
who if i am forever this mayor's women were interact doesn't matter
this man is
this man himself is completely free equal in it's in his own world key
it is call at that time he is called man
before you tried to give a certain form to him dampness or currently or zen priest and fun

adult and says code you are kohei cage or t here
kojo means a higher place
higher price is
hi a place itself is in a quiet
in its own ward
page one tier here
lol place in itself is inequality in its own world

when you walk in the kitchen
you have a lot of shelf
a pedal made by the would
he's all right to put to be put on the higher
higher place on the shelf
because even though for us
on the ground
it's not easy to blake to be broken
hey okay
but grass or something which is breakable
should be put in law place
because cup itself is a quality in its own word
if so you have to take best care of the cup as a camp before you compare with at what

if you see something
whatever zen buddhism
like mint
the enlightenment you think is something opposite to the delusions

as long as you think enlightenment like this in the dualistic work
opposite to collusion
you are really like this nighters an imperial
you always hit
your forehead against the big gate

enlightenment in buddhism
lightman itself is in a quiet if on war
gluten itself is a party and its on word
from this point the whole region is not something you hate
thinking in your date and thinking we usually
the region is also free
yeah the world's division is your life
so in the true meaning of fire a poor the freedom
we have to take care of enlightenment and gruden in the same way the same way
at that time you can understand what enlightenment his
but you usually always tried to take something from the division
and it
into in the world v nightmare and make it the of play
and then at that time it is called freedom i don't think so
as long as you see something into elastic idea you cannot get rid of components and with others
immediately you compare something with others
and that time yeah you can't help taking something from the higher praise and put it into law place
and then you believe it if required i don't think so
through and through higher place itself is in a quiet and its own were wrong place in itself is also a quiet in its own work
do you see
in this way through and through that time you can take best care and higher place as a higher place your tummy take best care of roar place as a role place
mike grass like a pedal
made by what

that is vast emptiness
there is nothing nothing holy
am dude i am ordinary uninviting